AirAsia is a cheat! So is Tony Fernandez!

Last year in 2011 Air Asia had ordered 100 planes from Airbus Company and the shares went viral –  RM3.68 and more but this year Air Asia shares had dropped drastically to RM2.53 per share even after Tony Fernandez announced the Airbus order of another 100 planes. It looks like the public is extremely aware of the con-job performing by Tony Fernandez. Look at this chart carefully – the market watch report.


It’s a sign of distress that Air Asia not just facing the wrath from the public unsatisfying over its latest scamming businesses conducted by Air Asia which is now worldly renowned.

The market watcher on STAR website permanently displayed Air Asia’s share at RM2.78. Isn’t this evidence of cheat by Air Asia’s group CEO Tony Fernandez who’s also the board of director for STAR publication? Now everyone could be cheated.


The actual share prices for Air Asia as at 31st December 2012 is?


Truly Tony Fernandez is a dick head who only knows how to cheat!

No one in Australia can be cheated or misled especially the Australian’s effective enforcement that Melbourne Federal Court imposed a huge fine of Aussie dollars 300,000 on Air Asia and Air Asia X for its misleading website information cheating its customers concealing the charges of taxes.

Now Everyone Can be Cheated and how to cheat Customer? Tony Mother Fucker Fernandez will answer with his middle finger to all his customers who claimed for refund with Air Asia.


Try claiming for refund with Air Asia – you will be exhausted with all the pushing around formula designed by Air Asia Group CEO Tony Mother Fucker Fernandez. He makes sure you will give up with all the hurdles he places for your to go through until you learn your lesson that never tried to claim for refund with Air Asia ever again.


The solid reason behind this fluctuated chart on Air Asia’s shares performance is that it keeps dropping by the angry customers who’re also the shareholders that would not trust anymore on Tony Fernandez and Air Asia over their scamming businesses deals. It’s always the saying you can cheat your customer once but never for twice. Having you learned the lesson yet Tony boy? How’s your court cases (huge cases) going? It’s about to explode Air Asia’s pocket soon. Our wish for good luck to Tony boy yeah if you could survive in 2013.

Air Asia’s airfares to Johore Bahru has been on the rising mode lately. Last year was this figure with regular fare at RM72.00;


Look at next year 2013 airfares for Johore Bahru


Air Asia has increased its airfares quietly at the rates of 10% percent per year but the salaries and wages for his workers has yet be increased since 1997. A con man is always the con-man. Even he has to con his workers by scheduling them the longest working hours on earth anyone could find in any companies. Our commentator informed us Air Asia’s cabin crew have to work for 140 hours in a month.

Isn’t this already violating the Malaysian employment act where workers can reached most of 39 hours per week for non-shift category worker?

The amount of working hours for cabin crew is already exceeded 24 hours in a month and yet it’s condoned by the Ministry of Human Resource who keep busy in getting NUFAM the not so secret but open ballot to cheat for recognition with MAS. The world now is watching on how the corrupted Ministry of Human Resource and his even more corrupted cougar minister gonna destroy the Malaysian workers part by part in Malaysia by provoking the Malaysian workers at this time when the election is so very near.

Mr. Prime Minister; isn’t that crystal clear these two ministers of yours are sabotaging the ruling coalition for the upcoming election? Better do something fast by removing these moles from the Parliament by first suspending their ministerial duties until further notice before a group of workers are on the street on strike on the day of the 13th Election.

Not only Air Asia is a cheat but the Ministry of Human Resources too is a cheat collaborating with Tony Fernandez provoking all Malaysian workers pursuing wildcat strikes within Malaysia before the upcoming Election.

The history on wildcat strikes in 1979 by the workers of Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) that resulted in the government DE-registered the trade union of airlines employees; allowing only one trade union for foreign airlines employees and one in-house union for MAS employees that sealed the last amendment for Industrial Relations Act in 1980.


Ushering a successful new year 2013 for Malaysia Airlines and its workers. For the DON; we know you’re always our loyal reader but we urge to stop the internal politic fights before you get to destroy Malaysia Airlines more. We are watching you closely and your duty bound is no longer the national duty so be very sensitive with human capital.

Stay tuned with Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more unbelievable stories from the inside of Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia and wishing all our readers and subscribers a very prosperous 2013 new year ahead.


MAS HR Director Zahrah Zaid collaborates with Tony Fernandez to destroy Malaysia Airlines – Part II

Today, we’re gonna tell the world of MAS management that has not been able focus in delivering good results as a result of its internal political coercion under the influences of Tony Fernandez. Already MAS has been mismanaged and the intervention by the Ministry of Human Resource did not help MAS at all and it got no better but even worse than before.

And today also in Malaysia Airlines; there are two strong TOP management – one is siding the DON and the other grows fraternity with Ahmad Jauhari a.k.a. the Faraway yet clueless CEO of the century. As a result of MAS forever being mismanaged style; the Director of Human Resources Zahrah Zaid took the opportunity to advance quietly by granting NUFAM to secure a seat in Malaysia Airlines to break apart the fraternity on the 8 Unions and Associations avenging for Tony Fernandez.

We are well-informed that Zahrah Zaid had ordered her close aid Fauzi Mahayudin to sign a memorandum with NUFAM on MAS’s capacity funding NUFAM recruiting MAS cabin crew as members. This NUFAM upcoming activity if funded by MAS would cost MAS easily as high as RM50,000 or more.

The NUFAM bulls is paid RM5,000 each a month by the barbarous Tony Fernandez for executing the task to subdue the in-house Union part by part with the help from the bent politicians such as Maznah Mazlan and S. Subramaniam together involving the Director of Trade Union Affairs department.

In Malaysia, it is not unknown by the public that S. Subramaniam is the fan of corruption activity. At any time, just name the price you shall get your task accomplished by asshole assisted by his deputy cougar minister who sees no future with the ruling party and getting set to frog leaping on to the other opposition side if the winning chances is higher on the opposition fence.

The evidence extracted from our reader published below for the public viewing where the letter below signed by Mr. Lipas man whose English is atrociously broken full of grammatical errors. It’s a shame such is a leader possesses broken English in writing.


The misappropriating funds over MAFAA and NUFAM’s accounts by Mr. Lipas man and his right hand BULLMAN must be reported to MACC – Malaysia Anti-Corruption Centre. We’ve received information a few of NUFAM members have lodged reports with MACC on the account of misappropriating funds by Mr. Lipas man. Lawfully, those who have information on this breach of trust should have rendered MACC full cooperation and if failing in doing so; one could be subjected to an arrest for aiding in the heinous crime committed by Mr. Lipas man. Our reliable resources informed that most of NUFAM excos are ca-hooting with Mr. Lipas man for outrageously spending on NUFAM funds freely.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies suggest the authority should also investigate both Maznah Mazlan and S. Subramaniam for collaborating with the barbarous Tony Fernandez to destroy the workers’ terms and conditions.

Stay tuned to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more insight news.

MAS HR Director Zahrah Zaid collaborates with Tony Fernandez to destroy Malaysia Airlines – Part I

Many have agreed that women are great leaders but let’s see what Zahrah Zaid can do for Malaysia Airlines especially for its worker.

The recruit of Zahrah Zaid as Director of Human Resource by Tony Fernandez during MAS & Air Asia share swap/collaboration which lasted for 8 months was to end the unbreakable in-house union formed by the ruling party – The UMNO. The cancellation on the collaboration between MAS and Air Asia by the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was to save the entire MAS workers from losing their job security with the National Carrier after a memorandum from its 8 MAS Unions and Associations reached the Malaysian Prime Minister. It was the gift of livelihood for MAS workers when the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak officially cancelled MAS & Air Asia share swap/collaboration on May 1, 2012.

Zahrah Zaid; submissively is loyal to Tony Fernandez and their employer-employee relationship remains a stronger synergy despite the end of the collaboration between MAS and Air Asia. As her background is in majoring in the Industrial Relations; she collaborates with the deputy Ministry of Human Resources combined joining forces with the Director General of Trade Union and under a specific directive from Tony Fernandez; Zahrah Zaid on behalf of Malaysia Airlines shall grant NUFAM a seat in Malaysia Airlines for representing MAS cabin crew that is set for February 2013.

As the director of human resource for Malaysia Airlines; she bears the responsibility on development for workers’ direction and her given directives shall be beneficial for Malaysia Airlines and its workers in overall.

Notwithstanding, we’ve discovered the registered NATIONAL UNION i.e. NUFAM is to destroy Malaysia Airlines’s main revenue which is its cabin services. This we believe is the strategy to kill Malaysia Airlines part by part. As alerted by our commentator the spies of the opposition formed NUFAM to end the UMNO supporters.

In MAS Engineering division; the strategy on depriving its human assets – the loyal MAS engineering experts have just begun. The divide and rule strategy is now being adopted in MAS Engineering division to conquer the workers’ rights from reaching its legal platform. The pushing away of MAS best engineering workers have gradually contributed lessor revenue for Malaysia Airlines. The revenue was drastically dropped from half billion ringgit to only a few millions a year. This we believe is the job of Tony Fernandez masterminding a destructive plan for Malaysia Airlines so that Air Asia can survive from the painful competition when Malindo Airways comes into the play by March 2013.

Malaysia Airlines under Ahmad Jauhari – Mr. Faraway Clueless man is still very much clueless joined in streaky directions so forth. In spite of that clueless and streaky directions; Malaysia Airlines continues to prosper with its cabin services that the world is looking forward to have and try for an inflight dining with Malaysian Hospitality.

However, Malaysia Airlines is strong in its revenues generating program where the cabin services are mysteriously world sought-after despite MAS poorest performance in its share prices. WE hope to see a gradual improvement in its share prices.

Zahrah Zaid is a woman of all evils. The one that will destroy MAS cabin services by pressuring MAS cabin crew to accept NUFAM whether they like it or not. With NUFAM bearing low cost terms and conditions for MAS cabin crew; it will destroy MAS best cabin services.

The NUFAM is of no saint as been produced here. Misappropriating funds by Mr. Lipas man of MAFAA and NUFAM account have not been lodged to the police. Notwithstanding, we’ve discovered the registered NATIONAL UNION i.e. NUFAM is to destroy one of the Malaysia Airlines’ main revenue which is its cabin services. This we believe is the strategy to kill Malaysia Airlines part by part. As alerted by our commentator the spies of the opposition formed NUFAM to end the UMNO supporters. We have valid reason to believe the deputy Minister of Human Resource is anti-UMNO and has agreed together with the Minister of Human Resource to collaborating with Tony Fernandez in lowering the overhead cost for Air Asia by transforming a new rules and regulations for cabin crew in Malaysia where transport is one of the main agenda that is off the bargains in the future.


The religious group should have thrown stone on them for KHALWAT! Unfortunately, Mr. Lipas man is protected by the deputy Cougar Minister of Human Remains

The practice in Air Asia for twin sharing rooms could be imposed by Zahrah Zaid to embarrass Malaysia Airlines sabotaging the membership with Oneworld team with lower terms and conditions for its workers where gradual withdrawal from Oneworld is imminent for Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies believe the MEN-IN-BLACK in Khazanah must act righteously for the benefits of the National Airlines by removing all rats evil-sent by Tony Fernandez. The rats from Air Asia are Group CEO MAS Engineering; Group CEO Ahmad Jauhari; Director of Human Resource Zahrah Zaid the evil woman.

Finally we’ve also uncovered the real identity of the fake doctor Don who’s cooking a plan out for himself.

The truth is we’ve received information on Dr. Don who’s purely an willy old fox who once said MAS & Air Asia collaboration is a national tragedy but look at himself; he’s more than a tragedy for Malaysia Airlines cooking up secret plan on how to wind up Malaysia Airlines by provoking its workers to strike. We also discovered he was responsible for the wildcat strike in the seventies which terminated all Pilots and Engineers and over 500 cabin crew and catering workers. A man who praises Islam but cultivate otherwise – a drinker who goes for clubbing even at his age near 60 years old. A drunkard board of director and a meddler in MAS daily routines. For the public information; he’s ca-hooting with several executives to provoke MAS unions to go on strike so he could De-register Malaysia Airlines just like the philosophy he adopted decades ago.


Is this a curse for Malaysia Airlines to have such leaderships? How could Malaysia Airlines be improved with this massive internal politics? And where is the unions leaders? Are they still sleeping or hiding or gutless to go all out for MAS workers? The idea of having an union for a big organization is to protect the workers from being victimized by the management politics.

Stay tuned with Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for up-close and personal true stories on Malaysia Airlines. Next – update on AirAsia scammy businesses – Air Asia is a cheat!

NUFAM – A national union formed by Tony Fernandez to conquer Malaysia Airlines

Atlas, we’ve uncovered the ulterior motive of NUFAM a.k.a. The Troublemaker and the Gangster Flight Attendants led by Mr. Lipas man is to control Malaysia Airlines flight operations. Mr. Lipas man who’s the President of NUFAM does not seem able to lead with his current hot ass under scrutiny by the public and many of his own members.

The unscrupulous Tony Fernandez who wanted to manipulate the National Carrier had lost the control on Malaysia Airlines via the cancelled share swap strategy now is unscrupulously orchestrating NUFAM to control Malaysia Airlines. The exchange deal is Mr. Lipas man gets to live luxury lifestyle as long as MAS workers are under his lead. Here’s more evidence of MAS-Ly-WOOD (Malaysian Hollywood) lifestyle Mr. Lipas relishing with his home-wrecker bitch exploiting from its members’ monthly fees.


Mr. Lipas man relishes NUFAM’s collection whilst his home-wrecker bitch combined the extra for her clothing and make up!

mailMr. and Mrs. NUFAM showering each other lovey-dovey moments!

Loads of mwahhhhhhh…. mail

mail mailmail

Last November, the local daily Sun Newspaper reported that Air Asia’s right-to-fly has only been extended by six months until next March 2013 because of an audit by regulators found ‘some issues’ indicating shortcoming in Air Asia’s  flight operations rules and practices including flawed communication between the Pilots and flight operations, an outdated manual and flight operations not keeping in the manual.

We’ve been well-informed by our reliable resources as soon as the regulators started questioning Air Asia’s flight operations practices; Tony Fernandez sent Mr. Lipas man to approach the Director General of DCA to jeopardize Malaysia Airlines current practices by feeding one-sided information on MAS cabin crew’s present practices of high fatigue level grossly increased among MAS cabin crew and to build closer rapport on Tony Fernandez’s behalf.

Last few weeks weren’t smooth for Tony Fernandez who’s cracking his head on how to get Air Asia’s shares blooming and prosperous for Air Asia’s angry sharesholders. Take a good look at this manipulation in the recent market.


Air Asia’s closing prices was RM2.70 at 18:45 on December 10th 2012 but the indicator on the stock market watcher READ RM2.750 (???). Aren’t this crystal-clear an act of manipulation?

Before Air Asia’s stock prices start crashing from this;


To this state and lower;


Tony Fernandez will desperately need to get control of Malaysia Airlines to buy his next order of 100 more Airbus planes to forcibly pressure the regulators especially DCA to renew Air Asia’s right-to-fly license before March 2013. What’s gonna be his next step?

The next instruction as given by Tony Fernandez is that by hook or by crook NUFAM must conquer MAS cabin crew so AirAsia can control Malaysia Airlines. The day to conquer MALAYSIA AIRLINES will set on 19th December 2012 with the help from bent politicians such as Dato Maznah Mazlan and Director General of Trade Union. This manipulation will lead to NUFAM taking away MAS cabin crew’s rights to negotiate for MAS cabin crew for a lower terms and conditions as urgently required for Air Asia to expand and buying more Airbus planes. We have strong reason to believe this corrupted practice involved monetary for certain beneficial person.

523290_10152021443930611_1328511618_nTransparency under the leader who simply can’t keep his private part intact inside his pants and transparency under a leader who’s swallowing all collection for NUFAM?

We thought there’s already a union for MAS cabin crew and why NUFAM needs to represent MAS cabin crew only when it’s supposedly a national union for all cabin crew in Malaysia? Parking budget airlines and commercial airlines under NUFAM will bear a budget airlines’ package for the cabin crew working in Malaysia. Simply put, NUFAM will not be beneficial for all cabin crew when it imposes the budget airlines terms and conditions for all cabin crew. There are too many budget airlines in Malaysia and only one National Carrier that has premium terms and conditions.


Can a crooked leader who sleeps around with other people’s wives provide MAS cabin crew the transparency? Or is it for swallowing MAS cabin crew’s bigger memberships’ fees in the name of transparency for Mr. Lipas???


   Or to sustain a high maintenance for his home-wrecker that looks like a lady-boy!!!

Money………….money………and it’s money talking here for Mr. Lipas man. The keyword here that NUFAM quotes ‘to unite all cabin crew in the airlines’ is the evidence for dissenting all cabin crew in Malaysia and breaking them apart from its safety coverage. To those who work as cabin crew in Malaysia; NUFAM is a collaboration between the Ministry of Human Resource and Tony Fernandez where later when NUFAM successfully conquering all airlines; a 30% of the cabin crew under NUFAM will be easily terminated by MOHR without further referring their rights to be heard in the Industrial Court.

NUFAM is both a collaboration between Ministry of Human Resource and Tony Fernandez to also fix an unfair employment terms and conditions with priority for MAS cabin crew. Do not be conned by NUFAM fake and misleading advertisement. And the premeditated result as we’ve been informed will be that NUFAM shall be granted the rights by Dato Maznah Mazlan and Director General of Trade Union to represent Malaysia Airlines cabin crew with or without the consent from Malaysia Airlines. Once NUFAM controls MAS cabin crew – the world’s renowned best cabin crew; Air Asia will control MAS flight operations and vice versa. Then say bye-bye to best cabin crew services in Malaysia.

If Malaysia Airlines wants to continuously successful in its MH hospitality code practice; it will need to break-free and away from NUFAM and Air Asia Tony Fernandez. Malaysia Airlines should engage its MAS UNIONS and Associations to oversee this fateful event. Let’s see what can these 8 MAS unions and associations do for Malaysia Airlines once again.

Stay tuned to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies JV with AirAsiafamilies for more updates on the scammy businesses by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.

AirAsia scams – More expensive than budget airlines competitors – Part II

Everyone can fly?

Yup! That’s true!

For AirAsia – Everyone “too” can be misled with its promising advertisement such as this one!


Everybody now can be deceived by Air Asia as there ain’t any laws protecting the victims (the passengers) for easily falling for Air Asia’s crafty low-cost business strategy.

Already the fact is Air Asia’s AOC is expiring in April 2013 for not complying with regulatory requirement.


Air Asia under Tony the mother fucker continues to deceive the public by tempting them to buy more online tickets into those destinations that Air Asia could not be flying after March 2013. Such advertisement patently is an evidence showcasing Air Asia is drawing to an end deluding the public of its safety performance which now arousing an internal ongoing investigation by the regulator to whether the Malaysian authority should continue approving Air Asia’s flying license for another 2 years or not at all.

It’s a sign of distressed where Air Asia is drenching in huge debts worldwide!!!

Do you know that Air Asia has the best scamming strategy in the world resemble the model adopted by the European Air Asia – The most hated Low Cost Airlines Ryannair? Air Asia had scammed the Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad over millions of ringgit on the aviation tax alone where the Air Asia’s passengers already prepaid during their early bird booking period. So much of scamming business strategy inside Air Asia could be sign of an ongoing economic crisis that the Asia’s largest Low Cost Carrier – Air Asia comports.

Look at the above distressed signage – FREE SEATS by Air Asia. Which seat is really FREE? A technically brilliant swindling strategy. Our investigation concluded there’s technically zero FREE seats but merely the scam to tempt the innocent travelers of their sweats and bloods to book their holiday in prepaid method where Air Asia may not be flying to after next year. You’re STILL PAYING for ALL SEATS!!!

Another trick from Air Asia!

AA3Air Asia Refund Scam has been created by vigilantes for the purpose of informing the innocent travelers – just NOT BY US. The comparison airfares between Air Asia and another Full Service Carrier shows us the real value of Air Asia. Here’s one sample for public viewing;


This airfare above is not inclusive of the “+++++” yet and after “++++” the actual fares is here below!

AA2Air Asia

Air Asia without promo fares is MORE EXPENSIVE than Full SERVICE AIRLINES. Added with its difference is it’s without “FREE” INFLIGHT SERVICES AND “FREE” BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE. So it’s true that Air Asia is more expensive than the other Premium Airlines and here is the evidence.

AA1The Premium Airlines

The misconception we have on Air Asia is its concept of Low Cost Model where we’ve been fooled by Air Asia of its LOW COST AIRFARES which ain’t any low cost at all. It’s truly higher cost than the Premium Airlines. So do you still think Air Asia is that CHEAP and of a LOWER COST?

Should we allow Air Asia to continue MISLEADING us?

We repeat – Air Asia’s AOC is expiring in March 2013 and might not be extended pending its internal investigation by the regulator – Department of Civil Aviation on its obsolete flight safety manual and the operation. Some anonymous postings alerting us some pilots in Air Asia are under the series of medical treatment after a prolong high stressed and burned out. Most recently; the regulator has been alerted of high fatiguing level among its Pilots and Engineering for long working hours – isn’t that violating the land laws? 


We do not believe the regulator is doing any good jobs with weightiest investigation on Air Asia’s safety compliance within the regulatory requirement.  Rumor has it the regulator acted out of irrational. Nevertheless, we decline to rumor mongering and we hope the regulator is not B.O.T.  (The sound of the pronunciation will give you the hint)

Whilst we keep receiving many threats from Tony The Mother Fucker for defaming his BIG ASS reputation; we decided to teach him the lessons that he will never forget his whole life.

Starting from weeks ago; we’re traveling with Air Asia domestically and regionally to a few destinations taking some photos and videos from the inside of Air Asia’s planes. We could tell the world it’s pretty scary when flying with Air Asia these days and we had to keep changing the plane for at least 4 times in one flight. The first plane gave us impression it had engine problem or perhaps it was weather microcosm .

Much to our surprise it was also the Pilot that was feeling indisposed that day stepped down from the scheduled flight. That it went with our flight being further delayed. We boarded the another plane where this second plane took us a surprise on another engine problem and the third plane had both technicality problem and the crew member showed “unwell” grimaces after long hours inside in the plane. The last plane was alright but it had already delayed our flight and now we’re suing Air Asia for real. So see you Tony Boy in the court pretty soon.

Stay tuned to malaysiaairlinesfamilies with more updates on what’s going inside Air Asia – awesome revelations!

Tony Fernandez making a come back to Malaysia Airlines with the help of bent politicians and a few of MAS top management and workers – Part 4

Every step we made and every post we delivered on this topic had caught not just the nationwide attention; also the journalists from the international forums. We believe this topic isn’t any longer just a national issue for the Prime Minister of Malaysia to review the employment of GLC’s CEO who’s now patently a pure breed of MEN-IN-RED for AirAsia.

Taking the seriousness of the Breach Of Trust (BOT) conducted by its CEO in “Tarzanna” whose the managing director or you can call it “The AirAsia Orchestra group” playing AirAsia symphony louder than the thunderstorm these days crying for survivability in the dying hours of legislative hands.

The CEO also the Managing Director for TARZANNA is branded THE UNSCRUPULOUS AMOKH. Again he’s ignoring the Prime Minister’s way in managing the TARZANNA for the good of Malaysians. Lately, he is found quietly collaborating again with Tony Fernandez over the issue of MAHB – Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad. First it was MAS and AirAsia share swap smelly foot deals and now it could be AirAsia and MAHB share swap deals in the cooking pot by Amokh and Tony Fernandez.

An article written by ABITW here structurally making senses for all Malaysians to follow through and ponder;

Amokh ignores Najib as PRIME MINISTER with Syed Feisal’s appointment!

Is it more important for Amokh to please Tun Dol than Najib?

The business papers reported yesterday that Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad (MAHB) announced the appointment of brother to Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar, Dato Syed Faisal Albar to be an Independent Director of MAHB.

This is fueling speculation that Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad will end his one year extension as Managing Dirrefctor and will be replaced by Syed Faisal.

The name Syed Faisal is sickening to the stomach. It reminded us of his arrogant and incompetence Arab tak sedar diri brother, Syed Hamid during the reign of terror of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. He lost Batu Putih island to Singapore and interfere to apply ISA on a reporter.

Syed Feisal is himself of questionable integrity and capability.

Doesn’t Khazanah Nasional CEO, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar realised that he is not working for Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi any more?

Thus, why is he still bringing people that was part of the evil triumvirate of Kalimullah-Kamaluddin-Khary into important position? Or is this Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop in his elements?

An incompetent legacy of the ERA;

Since Tun Dol resigned, this is not the first time Amokh is sticking to the cronies of the old regime that wrecked havoc to the Malaysian aviation industry. It is now left to Najib to put the pieces together and attempt a turnaround of MAS.

Amokh had engineered a heavily lop-sided “merger” between MAS and Air Asia that favour of Tony Fernandez-led Air Asia.

Air Asia was a beneficiary of crony capitalism involving Khairy and Dato Zaki Zahid who together with Tony F redid the cabinet-approved National Airline Rationalisation plan. By the following Monday, Tun Dol announced a different plan on the instruction of Khairy and Zaki.

Despite that move resulted in Air Asia taking over MAS routes and Amokh claimed he fought tooth and nail with Tony F for constantly “sailang” MAS, the MAS-Air Asia “merger” only indicate Amokh have a problem realising that the Prime Minister is no more Tun Dol but Dato Najib.

The fact that Dato Najib has set the precedent at IMDB to only bring in professionals and capable people on the Board of Directors and management, it raises issue on Amokh’s tendency to bring in his cronies, particularly incompetent ones.

In the MAS-Air Asia “merger” he gave his partner in their firm Bina Fikir, Danny Yusof that failed in the WAU exercise of MAS, a leading role.

Amokh kept his failed MCKK classmate, Dato Harun Johari who repeated his failure at Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) to Khazanah new start-up involving agriculture. Even in area of logistic which is supposed to be his core competency at Shell, Harun failed also.

There are also failures retained as Executives Directors Amokh One is Tengku Dato Azmil who failed at MAS. Then there is Hisham Hamdan, the former Sime Darby’s executive who bombed in the privatisation of IJN and Qatar deal.

Syed Feisal and the evil Kalimullah in their heydays under Tun Dol regime

With regard to the new appointment at MAHB, Syed Faisal is not politically and capability wise appropriate.  He still remain within Kalimullah’s circle of evil.

Despite New Straits Times withdrawing their lawsuit against blogger and former Malay Mail editor, Dato Ahiruddin Attan@ Rockybru, Syed Faisal remain with opposition backing The Malaysian Insider (TMI) owner, Kalimullah in their lawsuit against Rocky.

For an opposition backing portal, TMI still provide space for Tun Dol, Khairy and those within the Kalimullah-Kamaluddin-Khairy triumvirate.

Najib is quite aware and Raja Petra’s Wikileak expose that reported Singapore believed Najib and Rosmah involvement in the murder of Altantunya and it can only speculated their intelligence operative, Kalimullah fed them with such information.

There are sources believing that Kalimullah was not merely feeding Singapore’s intel but was instrumental in masterminding the frameup of Najib and Rosmah together with political personalities in the opposition and in UMNO.

Many things ain’t right about him…something is not right about the Syed Feisal’s expected appointment as CEO.

“It is a mystery why Khazanah Holdngs Bhd appointed a corporate has-been like Syed Faisal into Malaysia Airports. He did fairly when he was the CEO of NTSP Bhd. Then he joined Pos Malaysia Bhd. However, when DRB-Hicom took over Pos Malaysia, Syed Faisal was not retained.

Its a demonstration that Syed Faisal is not recognized as a corporate-wizard by Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary.

The Sun Biz story is right. Why would Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar appoint a corporate has been like Syed Faisal, who has no relevant experience in airport operations or airlines into Malaysia Airports?
Unless, there is something non kosher in the play.”

Claiming to be at odd with Tony Fernandez, but wants to be in same bed  

There are several suspicions that Amokh wants to oust Bashir out for several reasons.

One, Amokh is still in co-hort with Tony F, who has been having a war of words with Bashir on Airport tax and other issues. The mother fucker cannot get his way with other airports in the region so there is no reason why MAHB should succumb to his ranting.

Two, Amokh could be subtly collaborating to sabotage a Najib-endorsed initiative, Malindo Airways that serve to counter Tony Fernandez’s threat and sabotage attempt on KLIA2 and is a win-win partnership between Malaysian and Indonesian interests.

Thirdly, placing Syed Faisal as CEO would help Tony F fulfill his dream of building and managing his own dream Airport complex and “steal” revenue away from MAHB.

Fourth, if not, Syed Feisal would oblige to allow Tony Fernandez to build his Sepang headquarter taller than the airport control tower so that Air Asia can stand out their brand and a safety hazard.

Fifth, it is no secret that Azman wants Khazanah to be in the same bed with Tony Fernandez.

By this appointment, Amokh is ignoring the PM’s wishes to move up in the learning curve in the area of corporate governance as set at IMDB.

He continues with his cronyism practices by appointing those with personal links to himself, particularly his MCKK Alma Mater or those linked to the Tun Dol regime.

Not only that, he maintain a closed guarded secret fraternity of management, incompetents from outside  Khazanah and con-sultans in the same manner as the “skull and dagger” fraternity of George Bush’s Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity at Yale University.

Is Amokh sabotaging the Government to help Pakatan Rakyat takeover?

If he is, then Amokh should be swiftly removed even before general election is over and sent back to UBS to do dog shit analysis of stocks.

Malaysiaairlinesfamiliessay the Prime Minister must end this pain that causes by the unscrupulous corporate figures orchestrated by Tony Fernandez and the AMOKH.

The MACC should also be investigating on why AMOKH has Tony Fernandez in his best interest. Mr. Prime Minister, it’s urgent to rid off the moles inside your camps – it’s your judgment calls Mr. Prime Minister.

Do stay tuned to malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more update on how AirAsia scams its passengers?

The super fool MAS CEO – Ahmad Jauhari – Part I

MAS stock falls 16%, analysts doubt financing capabilities

Presenna Nambiar

PETALING JAYA (Nov 29, 2012):

“We were taken by surprise on the rights issue proposal. It indicates that MAS may have issues securing financing to meet the group’s huge near-term capital requirement amounting to RM9 billion,” Alliance Research Sdn Bhd said in a report yesterday.

“We believe investors will be jittery of such a large cash call amid continued operating losses.
“While the cash call will help to address the short-term funding requirement and liquidity needs, it does little to address the losses at the operating level.”

Malaysia Airlines’ (MAS) stock fell more than 16% on news that it is yet again seeking capital injection from major shareholder, Khazanah Nasional Bhd and cancelling 90 sen of its par value.
The national airline, which was the most actively traded counter yesterday, saw more than RM560 million of its market capitalisation wiped out at the end of trading activities.

The stock closed 17 sen down at 84 sen, with some 77.2 million shares done.

MAS had on Tuesday announced plans to have a rights issue to raise up to RM3.1 billion for working capital (RM1.3 billion), capital expenditure (RM987 million) and repay borrowings (RM777 million).
It also plans to shave off its share premium account in a bid to cut its accumulated losses, buy back 10 Boeing 737-400s originally on lease for RM64 million to meet network requirements prior to the delivery of its new 737-800 fleet and to save on high maintenance costs it would need to incur to deliver the planes back to its lessor in mint condition.

Analysts are still cautious on the MAS turnaround story, despite it beating the consensus target on core losses, overshadowed by another rights issue and a reduction in par value of its shares from RM1 per share to 10 sen a share.

The airline registered a small operating profit of RM3.9 million on revenue of RM3.3 billion for the third quarter ended Sept 30 2012 due to lower jet fuel prices and fuel consumption as a result of a 7% year-on-year reduction in capacity available-seat-kilometre (ASK) and better utilisation of newer and more fuel-efficient aircraft.

“We were taken by surprise on the rights issue proposal. It indicates that MAS may have issues securing financing to meet the group’s huge near-term capital requirement amounting to RM9 billion,” Alliance Research Sdn Bhd said in a report yesterday.

“We believe investors will be jittery of such a large cash call amid continued operating losses.
“While the cash call will help to address the short-term funding requirement and liquidity needs, it does little to address the losses at the operating level.”

Alliance opined that based on the indicative issue price of 60 sen as disclosed in the company’s announcement, the proposed rights issue will be at a steep discount to current price, while the dilution is enormous given its expectation of a 3-for-2 rights issue in order to raise RM3.1 billion.
The cash call is the third by MAS since 2007.

MAS raised RM1.55 billion and RM2.67 billion from its rights issue in 2007 and 2009 respectively, to finance new aircraft and pare down debts.

HwangDBS Vickers Research Sdn Bhd said there is execution risk in MAS trying to turn around its business, and the aviation landscape in Malaysia will become more competitive with the emergence of Malindo Airways next year.

The research firm has trimmed its FY12 core net loss forecast to RM567 million from RM961 million previously, after raising MAS’ passenger load factor from 70% to 75%.

HwangDBS is expecting MAS to register stronger performance in the fourth quarter of 2012 due to the year-end holidays.

Kenanga Research said with the new fleet in operation, MAS will be able to make a meaningful turnaround.

The airline is to receive 12 new 737-800s and three new A330-300s in 2013. It has already added 14 737-800s, eight A330-300s and four A380s to its fleet since 2010.

Kenanga is raising its FY12 estimate higher by 30% from a RM764 million net loss and RM1.2 billion revenue previously, with a new RM482 million core net profit target for FY13 estimate, as it expects MAS to be able to recover its yield and get a higher load via the new fleet.

“In the near term, any positive share price movement is likely to be muted due to the negative sentiment on its proposed capital reduction and rights issue announcement,” it added.

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