Who screwed Malaysia Airlines? It’s the BABI man behind it but the tax payers did not stop blaming the Men In Black in Khazanah too!!!

Please reinstate Firefly Jet Operations and kick OUT Tony Fernandez and Maznah Mazlan who sabotaging Malaysia Airlines and Firefly




Malaysia Airlines have gangster Flight Attendants a.k.a. The NUFAM Troublemaker – Part I

Once upon a time, a group of MAS Cabin Crew a.k.a. NON UNION FLIGHT ATTENDANT for MAS was officially registered and approved by Maznah Mazlan from the UMNO wing who holds the position of Deputy Minister of Human Resource (Human Remains).

She is sanctioned by the Evil Kutty’s feeble-minded son “Mukhriz” under the specific directive from Tony Fernandez of AirAsia. Among this unscrupulous group and its partisans – the gangster Flight Attendants, a relative of Maznah Mazlan who’s one of MAS cabin crew has been involved in feeding an impartial lopsided information that filled of vengeance to the Ministry of HUMAN REMAINS to overthrow all MAS Unions and Malaysia Airlines operations centre.

Thanks to the cougar Minister and her stupidity along with her lopsided judgment for having created NUFAM to screw Malaysians Cabin Crew and soon the same fate would bestow upon AirAsia Cabin Crew !

NUFAM was planned prior to the share swap deal after a series of secret rendezvous between Tony Fernandez and the head of MAFAA – Ismail Nasarudin a.k.a. THE LIPAS MAN (in this picture).

The LIPAS man is smiling as his pocket grows fatter and fatter after some gullible Cabin Crew filled HUNDREDS of RINGGIT into Ismail Nasarudin’s personal banking account!

The LIPAS man says “Thank you for paying my expenses STUPID AirAsia CABIN CREW”

We believe Tony Fernandez’s informal hush-hush meeting with Anwar Ibrahim that was arranged by the big boy Bashah Aziz were to discuss on how to break up UMNO using UMNO to kill UMNO in the next upcoming PRU-13 election.

These crooks in NUFAM were thinking by getting close to Tony Fernandez, they could have been promoted to managers BUT they did not realize Tony Fernandez is very capable in using MAS Cabin Crew to kill each other just like how Tony did to the Prime Minister with the help of Anwar Ibrahim.

The share swap deal was one of the strategies used to annihilate the UMNO group doctrine-d by Evil Kutty. It was a suicidal planning for UMNO to have allowed AirAsia corporate espionages stepped inside Malaysia Airlines as it is the initial phase of UMNO destruction.

Guessing Evil Kutty is still crazy to be in power even after he stepped down from all government posts. Greedy senile old Evil Kutty can never rest until he is sure his son with feeble-minded Mukhriz is set to be our future Prime Minister. Holding a post in the Ministry of Finance is equally entitled an individual to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. So all Malaysians must pray hard that Mukhriz will not win the next election.

Malaysians must unite to vote wisely for the right people to stay in the Parliament. We do not believe Anwar Ibrahim should be made the next Prime Minister because he had been planning the killing of UMNO group using UMNO’s Evil Kutty and Tony Fernandez. Not forgetting the link connected by the big boy Bashah Aziz linking the D_ _ in the involvement of  such arrangement that resorted to the share swap deal being dodged by the Men In the Black suit.

MAS recently has been awarded as the best cabin crew. Understandably, it must be hard being accepted by Tony Fernandez. Hard broken and shattered all over the island of Indonesia we presume?

Well……the only way to shatter MAS Cabin Crew from being the best and world renowned cabin crew is to break them up splitting into “disgruntled worker filled with anger” by the work of NUFAM. Don’t you think so Mr. Ahmad Jauhari?

Here’s how NUFAM strategizes it in Malaysia Airlines WITH an open forum moderated by a Lady Gangster – Yusniza Yusof instructed by the Lipas man. It’s a common sense that via this forum can there be loads of malicious, bitterness and spitefulness that can be as cancerous as venom to pollute MAS cabin crew. NUFAM is to disorganize Malaysia Airlines and to back up AirAsia Corporate Espionages – Azhari Dahlan and Aminudin Zakaria  to sign out MAE to AirAsia’s proxies.

Well stated NUFAM crooks!!! Your meaning of eradicating job victimization and to help elevate the profession to the highest level with the Government must be “To eradicate the rights to have a decent employment with Malaysia Airlines by adopting a shorter term of employment – Early Retirement Cabin Crew Posts where possible promotion for MAS cabin crew climbing ladder with the UMNO group scheming to gradually taking over the government position”. Now NUFAM wanna take over MAS unions and in the future, they wanna take over the GOVERNMENT??? You gotta be kidding!!!

So who’s that lady “Gangster” the moderator for NUFAM open FORUM?

We had some people monitoring her movement recently and it looks like she is good at performing a lip massage service for the Lipas man. Pardon us in Malaysiairlinesfamilies for our transparency. Well…….try picturing what we meant!!!

Back to AirAsia Corporate Espionages that are Azhari Dahlan and Aminudin Zakaria; they must tender their resignation with Malaysia Airlines immediately or you will face our wrath in exposing your unscrupulous “signing of MAS contracts” to the world.

The UMNO group must wake up and read this loud and clear message; we meant business and here’s one strong voice from this BOLEH-LAND;

“There are reports that TF (F***king Thief) is plotting to make a comeback to destroy MAS. This time even more severe to revenge against the employees who have successfully (through their unions) forced him to abort his grand plan of taking over MAS and dishonourably showed him the exist. He is cock-sure that BN will retain Putra Jaya after GE13 for him to make the comeback. He though by diverting to Jakarta, he could hide his evil skin but the Indonesian LCCs namely Lion Air, Srivijaya Air, Mandala and many others have vowed to discipline him and will make sure he could not do what he has been doing at this whim and fancy in Bolihland be repeated in Indonesia. He could get away with all his nonsense only in Bolihland because some evil puppet masters are behind him. That is why even MAHB could not discipline him but not the Indonesians who are waiting for him to make the first move. Hopefully if PR took control, will this pest be got rid off for good.”

If the Prime Minister of Malaysia can cancel away the share swap deal, can he also authorize for the arrest of TF and gangsters/partisans?   YES, we believe the Prime Minister can do by overruling the senile Evil Kutty and stop protecting the wrong-doers from continuously campaigning aggressively against UMNO.

How can your supporters back you up if you condoned wrong-doings in this bolihland?

We’ll be back on our next episode FOR Tony Fernandez’s laundering money businesses and more STORIES on NUFAM’s gangster flight attendants. Stay informed with Malaysiaairlinesfamilies.

Tony Fernandez – a bad tribute to the Olympic Games 2012

It was a bad tribute to the Olympic Games 2012 cause A BIG FAT GREEDY PIG was  seen carrying the Olympic torch. It was a moment of WORLD’s TRAGEDY when we saw the Olympic torch was carried by a famous UGLY Pirate from Air Asia whose a.k.a. THE STINKY BIG FAT LIAR and his name is Tony Fernandez from Air Asia.

We believe Tony Fernandez torching the Olympic opening was a bad tribute to Olympic Games 2012 because our Malaysians athletes will not win GOLD for the country.

The Devil who likes 666

Tony Fernandez was born a bastard and today he would be showing to the world how bastard behaves in the public. His left his BASTARD trade mark and trails in Malaysia Airlines for Ahmad Jauhari to clean up from the scratch.

Tony Fernandez was a con man who sold pirated CDs at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur and embarked into a musical industry we believe was to smuggle more pirated CDs of his own supply using a musical industry company’s logo. A lot of people did not realize until at one point of time, the musical industry have had been hit hard with piracy.

Running away from the musical industry after making lucrative bucks was the BASTARD first ideology to venture into buying over the trouble companies that included Air Asia for RM1.

Today, the bastard Tony Fernandez has ventured into Indonesia to buy more trouble companies such as Batavia Air that was struggling with many domestic competitors because Tony Fernandez is blacklisted by the Malaysian’s market for swindling the government to take over Malaysia Airlines which then had the Firefly – a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines crippled in competing with AirAsia in the domestic segmented markets.

How ridiculously cheap is AirAsia share prices? 

Richard Branson has sold his AirAsia 10% shares for USD21 millions because we believe he sold it at par value. So AirAsia shares is not truly RM3.41 as listed in Malaysian market because its par value is only 34.1 cents (ringgit).

Recalling the shares swap that was approved by Dr. Evil Kutty of which a ten percent of AirAsia shares were exchanged with RM2 billions worth of MAS shares – an estimation in USD666 millions. The figure (666) makes us believe the share swap deal was negotiated by  a devil named Tony Fernandez.

Tony Fernandez has been well-exposed by many bloggers including ours in Malaysia and he is now blacklisted nationwide by all Malaysians for having defaulted payment for aviation taxes.

For this reason, Tony Fernandez needs to breathe and start a new leaf in the land of Indonesia. WE believe he carries with his trademark to screw the Indonesian’s competitors by conquering the whole of Indonesian’s markets and eventually also to own all Indonesian’s airlines to carve his trademark “AirAsia – Tony Fernandez” into all Indonesian heads. We thought he may as well tattoo on all Indonesians’s forehead his name Tony Fernandez so to make it easier for him to run his illegal businesses such as smuggling Ecstasy into Indonesia with the help from his co-existed sleeping partner – the Big Boy Bashah A. Aziz who has a very strong link with Deputy _ _???

So, Mr. Prime Minister, do know who is your enemy in your region.

The under-educated Tony Fernandez has the pattern to always making false announcement through the Malaysian media such as STAR. He recently told the local press that AirAsia will buy 76.95 percent stake of Batavia Air this year and the rest by 2013. He was then corrected by the Indonesia government after the Indonesians side declared the Malaysia-based AirAsia will own 49 percent of Batavia Air while its Indonesian unit will control 51 percent in order to comply with Indonesian ownership rules.

Back to the reason of why Richard Branson sold off his 10% shares in AirAsia. It was because AirAsia has insufficient fund to even pay back the down-payment of large aircraft orders that was last made by Tony Fernandez in Paris in 2011. The yearly revenue AirAsia-Malaysia has been making is only RM4 billions (USD1.2 billions) and the accumulative debts inherited by Tony Fernandez is currently estimated at RM57 billions (USD19 billions).

With AirAsia current yearly revenues, it will need 19 years to repay back its loan to CIMB and clear all debts. Hence, the share swap deal with MAS was inevitable. With the cancellation of MAS/AirAsia share swap deal by the Malaysian Prime Minister, Tony Fernandez has had no choice but to have relocated its headquarter to Indonesia to improve its AirAsia group earnings through buying over Batavia Air for a fresh start and eventually is to control the market in Indonesia by gradually buying over any Indonesia’s trouble airlines.

We all know Tony Fernandez does not own AirAsia anymore because Daim the blood sucker has bought all of the shares from Tune Air Group. And the mere reason that Tony Fernandez has to be STILL the CEO for group AirAsia is because he incurs all of these huge debts for Daim the BloodSucker and so he has to make more money by increasing AirAsia group’s earning to repay all of the debts Tony Fernandez has incurred for AirAsia before he is to be let off from AirAsia by Daim the Blood Sucker Vampire.

Daim the Blood Sucker is smart and owns Tony Fernandez for now because he has all dirty records belong to Tony Fernandez.

Per se, all Malaysia Airlines workers got to be prepared for another come back episode by Tony Fernandez to fulfill his three big DREAMS that are;

(1)  Tony Fernandez is to own the Ferrari sport club and he now owns Caterham Club.

(2)  Tony Fernandez is to own a football club which at present is Queen Park Ranger and if he has more funds, he would’ve gone for better club.

(3)  Tony Fernandez final dream is to own a National Premium Service Carrier that is Malaysia Airlines.

To MAS workers, we have FORE-warned you and you shall not let your guard down to stay vigilant and be vigilante about the existence of NUFAM – it is a backup plan to bring back Tony Fernandez by linking the top management to Tony Fernandez so to be able to collaborate once again.

The NUFAM a.k.a. MAFAA are aggressive to have more members with mandate to take over MAS unions by inciting hatred among MAS workers instigating disgruntlement, vexation and anger within MAS workplace.

Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for our next episode on how Tony Fernandez does money laundry illegal business to improve his group’s earnings and why NUFAM is of relevance to Tony Fernandez’s future “comeback” to Malaysia Airlines!!!

Are you real Ahmad Jauhari? Prove to us your sincerity to Malaysia Airlines

Dear Ahmad Jauhari,

Today we have stumbled upon an email from our reader and it read:-

Dear Colleagues,

Integrity at the Workplace

Becoming The Preferred Premium Carrier not only sets high benchmarks for product and service delivery to our guests but also requires us to uphold integrity at the work place. Integrity is a priority for Malaysia Airlines, and requires everyone’s commitment to understand and uphold. Transparency and doing the right thing for the Company, the right way, so that we can move forward together to turnaround our Company is important.

With your support, together we can build a healthy working culture of high integrity in Malaysia Airlines to protect our reputation and strengthen our Company.

Thank you.

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies wish to congratulate you for finally dropping your previous hats and come clean and together fully supportive in rebuilding Malaysia Airlines; reshaping it to a greater height.

However, to convince us you’re that really sincere in this reshaping (we’ve heard too much of transforming and didn’t like that word anymore); you gotta remove Azhari Dahlan, Hayati Dato Ali and Zaiton Shaari immediately from holding any positions in Malaysia Airlines.

Perhaps, you could put Hayati Dato Ali as Stewardess for a start for she was stealing the credits from many others. We have readers written to us branding her as the empty talking can. Let’s see if Hayati can survive as Stewardess.

Zaiton Shaari is well known among her own colleagues whom has no back bone and always plays politics backstabbing her own colleagues whilst removing MAS staff benefits quietly. She is also popularly known as MAS Rhinoceros that has no mercy for MAS workers.

Simply put, Zaiton and Hayati have no compassions for MAS workers. Therefore they should be gone with the wind for good.

MAS management have failed because most of them have no compassions towards other MAS workers just like both Zaiton Rhinocerous and Hayati Dato Ali.

Speaking about Azhari Dahlan, he has no absolute business left in Malaysia Airlines since he had been parachuted from Air Asia by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.

To reward you in return, we are ready to support your leadership by advertising Malaysia Airlines and Firefly on our blog.

Our blog comes with very high traffic from all over the world. We usually get 150 to sometimes as high as 700 comments on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate all because most of them were coming from NUFAM a.k.a. MAFAA under the disguise of many different names using the same IP address. Some comments were from your disgruntled employees which we find an absolute irrelevancy to our postings. As such, it was all contained.

Prove to us you are for Malaysia Airlines all the way.  ^Y^

Ahmad Jauhari should’ve known better with REBRANDING; it bleeds MAS consistently!

This article is reproduced from YB Wee Choo Keong’s blog for our fans and followers about MAS inside story. The saddest part is with the new faces of new management; MAS continues to declare losses in each quarter. Rebranding supposedly is a strategy to cease bleeding but it did not work the way Ahmad Jauhari wanted it. Perhaps, the new set of MAS management should be more proactive, efficient and competent.

YB Wee has written about the original logo/livery and corporate colour of MAS that was established on 1 October 1972.

MAS is founded in 1947 as Malayan Airways. on 1st October 1972, it changed its name to Malaysian Airline System (MAS).  MAS is the nation’s flag carrier that owned by the government of Malaysia with majority of golden shares.  MAS operates flights at its first base in Kuala Lumpur International Airport based in Subang with its secondary based was in Kota Kinabalu.

For the newcomers; referring to Ahmad Jauhari and those few hybrids (Tony Fernandez’s gangseters) in Khazanah, please take note that the original corporate colour of MAS was bright RED. Therefore, red was never an exclusive colour to another airline as claimed and supported by those hybrids in MAS and Khazanah.

The re-branding was decided by those little hybrids who inclined towards AirAsia and Tony Fernandez’s strategy to cost killing MAS workers late last year or early part of 2012 and subsequently “rubber stamped” APPROVED in May 2012 by the Board who were the Tony Fernandez’s gangsters.

That hybrid board must explain to the tax payers what was wrong with the original logo of MAS that signifying the true Malaysian Hospitality. And Ahmad Jauhari must explain on behalf of the board how possible that MAS could be turnaround-ed with the new re-branding exercise and its pale blue corporate colour?

By changing the original MAS logo and its corporate colour to BLUE is totally unnecessary especially at a time when MAS is still BLEEDING.  The said thoughtless decision should have been rejected by the Board of Directors of MAS as there was no consultation with the stakeholders before the hybrid board embarked on such decision without sound justification except for pleasing their ex “MASTER” – Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun.

Changing the corporate colour and re-branding have cost millions of Ringgit and without the Board prior approval, it is a serious act of offense and the culprits who made that decisions should have been made to personally be liable for the total cost of the re-branding exercise. Instead of taking disciplinary actions against the culprits, the Board have been sleeping on it and perhaps sweeping under the carpet as if it was an one time off offense.

Below are the five objectives which MAS was established in 1972:

  1. To provide the people of Malaysia with an efficient and profitable air transport system which enhances the standing of the Nation and the policy of its Government.
  2. To develop an efficient domestic service within Malaysia which directly links Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia and contributes to the economic and social integration of the country as a whole.
  3. To provide simultaneously competitive and profitable international services in South East Asia which support Malaysia’s trade, tourists and other activities.
  4. To select, train and develop personal using the most up to date and appropriate managerial techniques.
  5. To contribute meaningful to national aspirations and foster an organization which is harmony with the multi-racial objectives of Malaysia.

The rubber stamping MAS Board of Directors must examine themselves whether all their rubber stamping decisions have met with the above original five MAS main objectives. Until this day, MAS top management and/or the Board still refuse to reveal the total cost for MAS current re-branding exercise.

YB Wee said he will table all the questions to the Minister of Finance to inform the members of the Parliament of which those hybrids in favor of Tony Fernandez had made the decision for the re-branding of MAS without revealing the actual cost. YB Wee said “Let’s see how those little Napoleon in MAS and Khazanah are going to cover up again.”

Mr. Prime Minister, Malaysiaairlinesfamilies urge you to step up fast to crack the hybrids gangsters from destroying MAS any deeper. Those inefficient crooks must be charged for their conspiracy to destroy the nation’s flag carrier.

NUFAM a.k.a. MAFAA uses lies and cheats to accomplish their hidden agendas inside MAS – Part II

A lot has been and had been said by NUFAM a.k.a. MAFAA about their establishment. In our investigations, we simplified the whole she-bang of NUFAM is that they were instigated to upgrade to National Union with hidden agendas to continue the legacy that left by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.

What could be that LEGACY being left by Tony Fernandez? Well, simply put, it is a strategy to downgrade the terms and conditions of another group of workers so to KILL an employment opportunity. It’s a long story to be told but let’s us connect you to a few culprits behind this establishment.

In the beginning, we’ve exposed the mastermind behind Tony Fernandez is Dr. Evil Kutty who seems to do anything just to save his imbecile son who almost went bankrupt whilst running his business. Dr. Evil Kutty’s son that is Mukhriz is not as bright as his other son whose a business man driving luxury cars in the town.

Everyone in town do not like Mukhriz because of his father – Dr. Evil Kutty and so this future of next Evil Kutty will need to get hold of some independent organizations especially the NGOs to get into securing a political post to sustain the livelihood for his father and family.  In Malaysia, simply put – without a political involvement, a businessman cannot be like the “DONALD TRUMP” who can own a big empire of business.

This reminds us of one big boy vizly Bashah Aziz who once were a successful businessman in the 90s because of Dr. Evil Kutty. When Dr. Evil Kutty were given the ultimatum to step down as Malaysia Prime Minister by the former President of United States – George Bush; the baton to carry on the independency was then passed to the Bodowi who actually blocked the big boy gang Bashah Aziz from dealing his business in Malaysia and this had led the big boy being blacklisted by most bankers in Malaysia.

Today the big boy has become the negotiator for business dealings between Malaysia and overseas counterpart. One of the tasks given to the big boy was to close a deal with Malaysia Airlines where bribes were one of the ways to get into MAS to sign a big contract with big boy.

Knowing business isn’t good for the big boy; he then has resorted to meddle in Malaysia political arena by arranging a meeting between Anwar Ibrahim and Tony Fernandez prior to the share swap deal that was dodged by the MIB in Khazanah (MIB – Men In Black).

The big boy isn’t playing with politics between the two prominent figures but also playing as CON-sultant prescribing the best antidote for Malaysia Airlines that is to adopt his introductory business transformation strategy which he could sell to MAS for millions. The big boy became the negotiator for Tony Fernandez and linking Tony Fernandez to the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

That way, the big boy can even introduce more and more crooks who have funds to screw the government linked companies for over a peanut of fees. Whatta desperado?

Both the big boy and Tony Fernandez were seen golfing together before the share swap deal was dodged. The big boy isn’t just a big boy but a big CON-man who sells Ecstasy pills to Tony Fernandez helping him providing the supplies to the needy.

At this point of time, the big boy makes a few bucks surviving from selling Ecstasy pills and all the introductory fees collected from some overseas businessmen who wanted to invest in Malaysia by linking them to the Deputy Prime Minister’s department.

Tony Fernandez had been discussing about Malaysia Airlines issues with the big boy and finally got some links to MAS workers directly where the big boy played a very big part by introducing the co-founder of NUFAM who at that time is the President of MAFAA. How did the big boy get to know this Ismail Lipas?

Well! Ismail Lipas is the brother-in-law of Mukhriz’s school mate – Mazlan M. Through Mazlan, a close friend of the big boy, there Bashah Aziz had introduced them to Tony Fernandez. Mukhriz and the big boy together with Mazlan M are schoolmates.

The plan for this secret rendezvous was to get rid of Tengku Azmil who had been the obstacles in controlling MAS contracts away from the big boy who’d has been trying to find ways to get into MAS management to get a piece of deal for a piece of bribery fees. That is what the big boy does all the times and it’s the fees he pays for each successful deals and each successful introductory to the DPM’s department, he receives a few bucks from the overseas investors.

So the links between Mukhriz, Bashah Aziz and Mazlan and Ismail Nasarudin a.k.a. Ismail Lipas, are not that so simple. The Lipas continues to get the big boy – a consultant’s ideas on how to get into MAS so to get his pockets improved with 5000 cabin crew swimming to fill it for him with monthly dues for MAFAA’s fees that is RM15.00 per month. Imagines 5000 x RM15 = RM75,000 per month. What a great deal!

So why wouldn’t the big boy be of help to Ismail Lipas? Simply put, the deal was to get big boy to be introduced to MAS top management for a piece of contract – MAS transformation plans and accommodation for Air Crew. This is a promise by Ismail Lipas if the big boy contributes his CON-sultant ideas for NUFAM.

For the public information, the big boy is sharing his office with NUFAM in KL Sentral. It is a virtual office with secretariat address and telephone services. The rental ranges from RM300 onwards per month.  Now we know the big boy isn’t a millionaire as he claimed so far because a millionaire would’ve owned a big building and not renting a virtual office for his business and this Ismail Lipas is collaborating with Tony Fernandez through the big boy. They meet occasionally at KL Sentral to avoid publicity recognizing them being together where the Big Boy will pass instructions from Tony Fernandez to the LIPAS man.

This is a real organized crime by the big boy and NUFAM a.k.a. MAFAA inside Malaysia Airlines.

Now back to Mukhriz, what would he get in this links? We’ll let you pondering a while………but do stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for load of untold story!!!

AirAsia deal with Batavia Air may be cancelled by the Indonesian Government!

The Indonesian government may cancel the acquisition of local airline Batavia Air by Malaysian airline, AirAsia Berhard, and its Indonesian partner, if the transaction breaches the ownership limit imposed on foreign companies in national airlines, a top government official has said.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies suggested the Indonesian Government should not only contemplate to cancel the deal between AirAsia and Batavia Air but should also perusing to terminate Tony Fernandez’s permanent resident permit too before Indonesia becomes the island for Tony Fernandez to toying his illegal business in Indonesia.

The Transportation Ministry’s air transportation director general, Herry Bhakti Gumay, said AirAsia Berhard and its partner in the acquisition, PT Fersindo Nusaperkasa, had yet to report their acquisition to the ministry.

AirAsia and its Indonesian partner Fersindo, owner of a 51 percent stake in Indonesia AirAsia (IAA), signed an agreement on Thursday to buy Metro Batavia, the owner of Batavia Air, for US$80 million (Rp 756 billion).

“We will give Batavia, AirAsia Berhard and Fersindo Nusaperkasa one month to report their plan to us. We will cancel the acquisition process if Indonesia is not the majority shareholder,” Herry told reporters.

Herry said the ministry would not hesitate to “revoke Batavia Air’s SIUAU [flight permit]”.

According to the acquisition plan, AirAsia would own a 49 percent stake in Metro, while Fersindo would hold the remaining 51 percent in order to comply with Indonesian ownership rules.

Seventy-six percent of the shares are due to be purchased this year and the remainder by 2013.

Herry said, however, that the ownership status of Fersindo, which controls 51 percent of AirAsia’s Indonesian subsidiary IAA, remained unclear.

“They will not be able to execute their plan if they do not report clear information to us,” he added.

Previously, AirAsia Group’s CEO, Tony Fernandez, had said in a statement that the Batavia Air acquisition was a fantastic opportunity for AirAsia to accelerate its growth plans in one of the most exciting aviation markets in Asia; and that it further underlined its belief in the growth potential of Indonesia’s aviation sector.

Even though analysts might see the acquisition in a negative way, Tony said the partnership would help both companies to grow.

“This is a good marriage because Batavia Air is the jewel of Indonesia. We hope we can build something very special here; to increase tourism in Indonesia, and help more Indonesians to fly,” Tony told reporters at a conference.

Batavia Air’s president director, Yudiawan Tansari, said the company would maintain its name and its mid-range service after the acquisition.

Aviation expert and former investigator at the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT), Hana Simatupang, said the acquisition showed the growing dominance of foreign airlines in the national aviation industry.

The Batavia acquisition comes hot on the heels of Tiger Airway’s takeover of Mandala Air earlier this year.

“This is what I’m afraid of. Foreign airlines, through their subsidiaries, will come to control domestic airlines because they [domestic airlines] have failed to professionally manage their businesses,” Hana told The Jakarta Post.