MAS HR Director Zahrah Zaid collaborates with Tony Fernandez to destroy Malaysia Airlines – Part II

Today, we’re gonna tell the world of MAS management that has not been able focus in delivering good results as a result of its internal political coercion under the influences of Tony Fernandez. Already MAS has been mismanaged and the intervention by the Ministry of Human Resource did not help MAS at all and it got no better but even worse than before.

And today also in Malaysia Airlines; there are two strong TOP management – one is siding the DON and the other grows fraternity with Ahmad Jauhari a.k.a. the Faraway yet clueless CEO of the century. As a result of MAS forever being mismanaged style; the Director of Human Resources Zahrah Zaid took the opportunity to advance quietly by granting NUFAM to secure a seat in Malaysia Airlines to break apart the fraternity on the 8 Unions and Associations avenging for Tony Fernandez.

We are well-informed that Zahrah Zaid had ordered her close aid Fauzi Mahayudin to sign a memorandum with NUFAM on MAS’s capacity funding NUFAM recruiting MAS cabin crew as members. This NUFAM upcoming activity if funded by MAS would cost MAS easily as high as RM50,000 or more.

The NUFAM bulls is paid RM5,000 each a month by the barbarous Tony Fernandez for executing the task to subdue the in-house Union part by part with the help from the bent politicians such as Maznah Mazlan and S. Subramaniam together involving the Director of Trade Union Affairs department.

In Malaysia, it is not unknown by the public that S. Subramaniam is the fan of corruption activity. At any time, just name the price you shall get your task accomplished by asshole assisted by his deputy cougar minister who sees no future with the ruling party and getting set to frog leaping on to the other opposition side if the winning chances is higher on the opposition fence.

The evidence extracted from our reader published below for the public viewing where the letter below signed by Mr. Lipas man whose English is atrociously broken full of grammatical errors. It’s a shame such is a leader possesses broken English in writing.


The misappropriating funds over MAFAA and NUFAM’s accounts by Mr. Lipas man and his right hand BULLMAN must be reported to MACC – Malaysia Anti-Corruption Centre. We’ve received information a few of NUFAM members have lodged reports with MACC on the account of misappropriating funds by Mr. Lipas man. Lawfully, those who have information on this breach of trust should have rendered MACC full cooperation and if failing in doing so; one could be subjected to an arrest for aiding in the heinous crime committed by Mr. Lipas man. Our reliable resources informed that most of NUFAM excos are ca-hooting with Mr. Lipas man for outrageously spending on NUFAM funds freely.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies suggest the authority should also investigate both Maznah Mazlan and S. Subramaniam for collaborating with the barbarous Tony Fernandez to destroy the workers’ terms and conditions.

Stay tuned to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more insight news.


7 thoughts on “MAS HR Director Zahrah Zaid collaborates with Tony Fernandez to destroy Malaysia Airlines – Part II

    Urgent 28th December 2012

    Protest Against Secret Ballot Exercise On MAS Cabin Crew & Claim of Recognition By National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (NUFAM)

    MASEU has been informed or given to understand that NUFAM has been registered and had sought recognition from Malaysia Airlines (MAS) to represent its cabin crew.

    MASEU is of the view that it is highly improper or right for recognition to be given by Malaysian Airlines to entertain NUFAM’s claim for recognition due to the following reasons:-

    (1) A “general recognition” had long been accorded by MAS to MASEU as a general body to represent its non-executive employees including its cabin crew (i.e. graded staff) since the establishment of MASEU as an in-house union in 1979, after the Airlines Employees’ Union, Peninsular Malaya (AEU), (which represented most of Malaysia Airlines’ employees including those of foreign airlines that operated to Peninsular Malaysia) was deregistered.

    (2) Giving recognition to two unions to represent the crew is not in the spirit of good industrial relations and would cause industrial disharmony among the cabin crew who are members of MASEU and members of NUFAM. This will conflict with the objective of the Industrial Relations Act 1967.

    (3) MASEU cabin crew are well represented for 33 years in its central Committee since 1979 and currently is represented by four duly elected Cabin Crew. MASEU had successfully concluded Collective Agreement (CA) covering all its graded employees including cabin crew from the time of its establishment including the 2012 CA which MASEU had concluded with MAS on 12.12.2012.

    After almost one year, we are puzzled to receive a circular via MH internal mail dated 20th December 2012 from Secretary General of NUFAM to MAS Cabin Crew that NUFAM and MAS have signed a Voting Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which will allow the National Union of Flight Attendant (i.e. NUFAM) to conduct a secret ballot exercise in MAS and this secret ballot exercise will determine whether NUFAM will be allowed to manage MAS Cabin Crew’s CA.

    MASEU protest to the proposed secret ballot exercise and MASEU request that the following action be taken by the Industrial Relations Department:-

    a) To permit MAS not to entertain any claim of recognition by NUFAM to representatives cabin crew members on the grounds given above and it is improper for MAS to sign a Voting MOU with NUFAM on 19th December 2012 especially when there is already an existing in-house union i.e. MASEU that governs MAS Cabin Crew’s CA successful for 33 years,

    b) To seek the good office of Director General of Trade Union / Minister of Human Resources to direct the NUFAM to amend its constitution to prohibit MAS cabin crew to join NUFAM on the ground that there is IN EXISTENCE an in-house trade union to represent MAS cabin crew, as evident from the Collective Agreements concluded with MAS SINCE 1979 and WHICH had been taken cognizance by the Industrial Court,

    c) To advise the Director General of Trade Union to withdraw or cancel the certificate OF registration of NUFAM, under Section 15 (2)(a) of the Trade Unions Act 1959 (Act 262) as MASEU has the largest number of MAS employees as members of MASEU if NUFAM refuses to amend its constitution,

    d) To cancel the proposed secret ballot exercise involving MAS Cabin Crew, as by allowing this exercise, would cause a conflict of interests or division of loyalty among MAS Cabin Crew, who are members of MASEU if they are invited to participate in the secret ballot.

    e) To advise MAS to revoke the Voting MOU where MAS and NUFAM signed on 19th December 2012 as this contravenes Article 8 of the Collective Agreement (CA) between MAS and MASEU. An extract of Article 8 is reproduced below:-


    The company recognized the Union as the sole collective negotiating body representing its permanent employees in Peninsular Malaysia referred to in the Employees Classification Table set out in Schedule IV.”

    MASEU views this matter seriously as the action of MAS management in signing the Voting MOU is tantamount to inducing MASEU Cabin Crew to refrain or resign to be a member of MASEU and this contravenes Section 5.1. (e) of the Industrial Relations Act 1967 which is reproduced below:-


    5.1. No employer or trade union of employers, and no person acting on behalf of an employer or such trade union shall:-

    (e) Induce a person to refrain from becoming or to cease to be a member or officer of a trade union by conferring or offering to confer any advantage on or by procuring or offering to procure any advantage for any person.”

    MASEU believe that since the registration of NUFAM was under political pressure, we also believe that the secret ballot exercise is subsequently under political pressure to grant recognition to NUFAM to represent MAS Cabin Crew is an attempt to annihilate sustainability/survival of MASEU. This practice is highly undesirable and bad for fostering good industrial relations.

    MASEU object strongly to the stand of the Ministry action and demand the Ministry to act rightly within the legal framework of the Industrial Relations Act 1967 and the Trade Union Act to foster good industrial relations in not only MAS but in the Country.

    MASEU further believe if such practice is condoned or continued, it would encourage other categories of MAS graded employees to form another National Union in MAS, which would not be in the interest of MAS and its employees.

    MASEU request that DG industrial Relations and DG Trade Union to take immediate action to accede to our request.

    please help MAS cos dep mOHR forced MAS to sign mOU with NUFAM. thanks

  2. Previously not long after the share-swap, cabin crews on contract, notably flying the 737, were forced to sign permanent contract that requires them to work in Golden Lounge (GL) 3 weeks a month with the rest of the month flying, if not they will be terminated. The reason they gave was that the company has too much crews, which in actual fact was totally wrong.

    With working hours ranging from 8-12 a day and getting paid just RM2/hr not to mention losing their flying allowance, many experienced award-winning crews decided to leave for foreign airlines that appreciate them more. I heard at one time, there were as many as 50 people quitting together. However some continued to being “tortured” in GL. Other senior crews were offered unpaid leave for 1 to 2 years.

    With lack of crews flying, flight were often dispatched with one, or even two cabin crews down (ie 738 only having 4 instead of 6 crews). Yes, the plane can depart legally, but the remaining 4 crews have to do the duty that’s supposed to be completed by 6, and is very tiring when they’re doing 3 to 4 sectors a day or 12 hours a day. IMO, it’s a hazard to have all of them fatigue crews on the same flight!

    That was 6 months ago, these two months MAS has been adding additional flights to all around Asia and Australia and the situation with the lack of crew has obviously becoming even worse. Not only are crew over-working, they couldn’t apply any of the leave.

    Just recently there is an ad stating that MAS is recruiting stewardess. Finally. However, what happen to the cabin crew working in GL, will they return and fly full time now?

    Why not retain the fully trained and experienced crews instead of screwing up their contract and forcing them to leave?

    Who in HR is responsible for these mess?

    Why is MASEU not fighting for the rights of these “part time” cabin crew?

  3. Hey crew, not long after share swap many contract crew got terminated cos of misconducts. Indian crew got terminated cos Tony instructed it before he resigned. Keep clean during this difficult time or else termination is your choice as staff not just crew. Your info is Twisted. Crew gotpaid 8/9/10/11 per hour starting from zero hr compared to those days with 8onwards after the 8th hour. R u really MAS crew? Or just another NUFAM twister again? Just resign if you cannot follow company’s progress. Those 50 resigned left cos NUFAM provoked them and now they regretted in Air Asia fly 140 hrs a month on daily flights. They all resigned from NUFAM also. How come you didnt know? MAS has difference t&c and no one is forced to sign any document. Some crew dun want to cog back from GL but the company asked them to go back flying cos GL is temporary. How come you didnt tell all here? Dun complain about work you dunno how many people r unemployed.

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