Mr. Prime Minister YAB Najib Razak – S.O.S Please SAVE Malaysia Airlines

Many have written about Air Asia’s hypocrite and stinky, and stingy bastard boss Tony Fernandez who does not possess the intelligence to sustain his budget airlines. As a result of his defective judgment, Tony Fernandez has contributed to Air Asia going down the drain.

Article retrieved from MAS TROUBLESHOOTERS
The share swap was the bureaucratic conspiracy which we’ve written many moons ago and is a plot with well-designed planning to sabotage and destroy Malaysia and its subsidiaries by first killing off FIREFLY; the only painful competitor to Air Asia in Malaysia.

The PARIAH i.e. Tony Fernandez got his armies that were Ahmad Jauhari, Danny Rashdan, Azhari Dahlan, Rozman, Amin, Zakiah, Shane Nolan, Zahrah Zaid, Rohana (Board of Directors) and quiet a few more whose names were protected from Malaysia Airlines board of directors; to execute the plans carefully and stalling the progressive transformation plans for Malaysia Airlines.

As MAS Troubleshooters wrote “The armies are on “search and destroy missions” to force MAS swallowing poison pills so that MAS will become sicker, redundant and will not be able to compete in the segmented market with Air Asia in Malaysia for at least 10 years to 20 years down on the road.

The list of conspiracy and sabotages for bleeding MAS to death are;

  • Killing off FireFly B737-400/800 Jet Services since it is directly  competing with AirAsia as a low cost community carrier and AirAsia has taken over some of Firefly routes.
  • Cut/Stopped MAS profitable routes (Bandung, Surabaya, Sydney etc) so that AirAsia can take over the routes and mounting additional flights for AirAsia. The rakyat had no choice but to pay whatever price AirAsia has put in this monopoly markets.
  • Re-scheduled/re-timed MAS flight to odd hours (Hong Kong, Beijing etc) making ways for AirAsia to take the prime slots and causing MAS seat’s load factors dived into smaller aircraft.
  • Signed the so called an AAX’s 35,000 passengers re-accommodation at  a very low fare.  MAS lost out at least MYR 1000 per AAX’s passengers carried and lost of sale able seats that would have been the full paying MAS passengers.
  • Logo and re-branding, con-sultan fee’s paid, aircrafts re-painting of more then 115 aircrafts which have cost at least MYR 900,000.00 per aircraft that requires down time of at least 10 days.

It will cost a whooping MYR 100 millions. Lost of aircraft utilization will cost money too to MAS. Luckily the change of logo and re-branding were restricted to A380. Even that will still cost money for the respraying of the 6 A380 aircrafts!

  • QPR sponsor worth MYR 10 million when Ahmad Jauhari is crying MAS is bleeding.
  • A380 seats were re-configurated at the wimp and fancy of the Pariah which had cost MAS at least MYR 4 million per ship set . With 6 units of A380 has been ordered , this will add an additional cost of MYR 24 million to MAS and the “old seats” to be scrapped.
  • The A380 ferry (joy rides) flight from Toulouse to Kuala Lumpur with some joy riders on board who are not related at all to the ferry flight formalities, incurring additional cost of sending them to Toulouse , hotels , daily allowances and lost of sale-able commercial seats, Kuala Lumpur – London and Kuala Lumpur – Paris .
  • Lost of UN UNIFIL Lebanon lucrative charter flight to AAX. Giving an excuse of MAS don’t have any aircraft available to do it where’s else many aircraft laying idle due to routes cut and excess cabin crews had to be deployed to Golden Lounge to work.
  • Lost of FireFly ATR 75-200 maintenance contract to SAE.
  • Lost of Batavia Air and Lion Air B737-300/400 maintenance contract to AIROD.
  • The would be B777 seat and IFE retrofit worth at least MYR 150 million for all 15 unit MAS B777. This B777 will be phased out in 3 years time yet a retrofit is initiated and as it is the seat and IFE served its purpose well.
  • B737-800 steel brakes changes to carbon brakes which cost millions. AJ had issued a direct LOI/LA to one of carbon brakes manufacturer without going thru’ a normal company procurement procedure and WITHOUT Board approvals!!!

Using a carbon brakes is only economical if you use it since day one you buy the aircraft. Now MAS got to buy the new carbon brakes and discard/throw away/scrap the steel brakes inventory worth millions and MAS got to change tyre type from radial to bias tyre!!!

  • Two weeks ago in London Farnborough airshow,  AJ signed a MYR 5 billion contract for A380 Trent 900 Engine Total Care Maintenance Program with RR for as long as MAS is flying this A380 aircraft . No engineering and financial evaluation was carried out and NO BOARD approval sought. All decide by the TRIO , AJ , Azhari and Amin.
  • Approximately 3 years ago MAS/PMB had sold 17 unit of their B737-400 classic aircraft to AAR and MAS leased it back (Sale and Leased Back ) from AAR until such time that all MAS new B737-800NG is delivered as replacement.

Two weeks ago , during Farnborough Air show in London too, MAS Airlines Engineering Group (AEG) and someone had signed an agreement with AAR to purchase back 6 unit of this B737-400 classics.

The surprising deal is that the purchase price per aircraft is MYR 19.8 million (USD 6.4 mil). The market price is only USD 2.5 million (MYR 7.75 mill) each . (Pls refer for aircraft prices)

MAS is paying 2.5 times more then the market price !!!  AND what is the logical explanation buying back this junk ??

MAS will be milked by a whooping MYR 118.8 millions for this deal. As usual no engineering and financial evaluation was carried out and NO BOARD approval sought. All decide only by two persons and one of whom is an ex GE Man.

  • Early this month (July), against all MAS procurement procedure and the first one in MAS history, Azhari had issued an LOI (Letter Of Intent) to LHT a contract worth MYR 500 million for the A330 Aircraft Component Support PBTH (Power By The Hour) , knowing that there is other bidders who had offered a lower price then LHT .

Azhari is the first CEO of MAE (MAS Aerospace Engineering) history who issue LOI without Board Approval.

He doesn’t have such authority, only tender department who can issue LOI/LA after BOD had approved it.

A wrong procurement procedure, Azhari will bull doze this A330 LHT contract during this coming BTC (Board Tender Meeting) on Wednesday / 25 July 2012. He will try to shove it to the BOD throat.

  • In the making, Azhari and Amin is now trying to do something about the B737-400 engine CFM56-7 PBTH (Power By The Hour) contract worth at least MYR 1.5 billion (minimum 10 years contract)( more then 200 engines) and source said it may be a direct nego again. One can expect where it will go. Just think who is maker.
  • In the making think,Azhari and Amin is trying to figure out who will get the B737-800 / B777 / A380 / B747-400 APU maintenance contract worth more then a 1 billion ringgit . A total of more then 150 units of APU (Auxillary Power Unit) is to be contract out for maintenance soon.

With 18 on the list above , My dear PM and BOD of MAS and Tan Sri chairman, YB YB , you must not stand still while MAS being screwed to death. MAS is BLEEDING to death ok!

This will be the way to kill MAS as MAS be will be liable and inherit a long term high engineering operating cost, too high to sustain the business for at least the next 10-20 next years from now , how MAS will survive like this ?

A procurement manual is there to be followed so the tender and bidding is carried out in a transparent manner,how come one person or a TRIO are allowed to decide on this multi billion ringgit contract.

At least least 3 bidders must participate to make the bidding process to be an advantage to MAS bottom line. Direct negotiation is suicidal!!

The remaining parachuted fellows are the share suap parasites and should leave MAS, so much damaged done in the last 11 months.

Mr. Prime Minister and MAS board of directors, please sack Ahmad Jauhari, Amin and Azhari – the TRIO.  We believe the TRIO is up to sabotage UMNO upcoming election because they know this sabotage will leak out to the public.  Please do it asap. 

The Board of directors should have reported such suspicious activity brewing inside MAS by the PARIAH Tony Fernandez and Ahmad Jauhari (The TRIO) and let the police investigate whilst pending termination of their contract of service.


Great news for Malaysians – Now Air Asia to give refund for delay!

The delay practice by AirAsia has been well evaluated by the Tribunal Consumer Court after a minister’s private secretary initiated his demand for a full refund from AirAsia.

The serves a great wake up call for Malaysians who’ve been patronizing AirAsia’s worst ever service in the world but still got away with award being the BEST LOW CARE Airlines in the region. We doubt if the award was actually a purchased possibility to regain AirAsia’s unstable position after it relocated its Headquarters to Indonesia that provides more freedom and space for AirAsia’s CEOs Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Pirate (Beranun) to exploit workers’ rights in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a well-known country that has not really well-developed yet and it’s rather easy to practice like “Pirates and Thieves” strategy where you could steal the wealth from the poorest. However, Malaysia as a whole is of no any differences especially among the crooked and bent politicians where Evil Kutty is involved. This former Prime Minister of Malaysia is no saint himself.

Our resources revealed it is Tony Fernandez’s idea to delay all AirAsia’s flights except its returning flight from Singapore. AirAsia’s Singapore bound for Kuala Lumpur’s flight must not be delayed as that is to avoid paying for heavy parking fees.  

Tony Fernandez’s costing strategy include accumulating all passengers from the scheduled flight on to the next flight to save AirAsia’s operating costs. His target is at least 90% of passengers must be filled in one flight before the aircraft is released for departure.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies said WELL DONE to the Private Secretary to Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob who recently won a claim against low-CARE carrier AirAsia that taught AirAsia a lesson for delaying flights at its whims and fancies.

8-HOUR HOLD-UP: Minister’s aide had to cancel official trip to Medan


Mohd Zoolishan Ahmad, private secretary

His claim was a refund for his flight, which was delayed for more than  eight hours. Mohd Zoolishan Ahmad made the claim after his flight to Medan, Indonesia, for official business was delayed twice.

“It was scheduled to depart at 1.40pm, but I received a text message at 12.20pm stating that the flight was delayed to 8.40pm.

“I arrived at the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal at 7.45pm and was told  the flight was further delayed to 10.45pm,” he said yesterday.

He said the  attendant could not confirm the actual time  the flight would take off and  did not state the reason for the delay.

“I was told not to make the journey as it was already late, so I left immediately after,” he said,  adding that he was supposed to accompany the minister at Medan for a two-day official trip.

Tribunal president Rehana Abdul Razak ordered AirAsia to refund  the plane ticket worth RM646.

Zoolishan said  he wanted to exercise his rights as a consumer and  urged those  who had similar experiences to make  a claim at the tribunal.

An AirAsia representative  apologised  and explained that the delay was due to technical problems.

Up to 54 claims were made against AirAsia in the tribunal last year.

Read more: AirAsia to give refund for delay – General – New Straits Times

Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more news about Tony Fernandez and his AirAsia.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is finalizing our Collaboration Agreement with AirAsiafamilies to expose Tony Fernandez and Evil Kutty of their wrong doings in this aviation industry. 

The legacy of BUNGLING Management – breaking news over the leak of information by Ahmad Jauhari

MAS current CEO displays his chauvinism in controlling the media circulations among MAS workers internally and externally. The latest flicker by Ahmad Jauhari a.k.a. Tony Fernandez’s disciple is the manifest of the passengers list for 80 redundant middle and top management personnel who were on the insensibility duty travel at the disbursement of Malaysia Airlines. This we meant the reimbursement of the travelling expenses.

Ahmad Jauhari is sphering against MAS workers for becoming more transparent of MAS management daily business in his depicts over the evidence of redundancy mentality in the management that proved their lazes and lounges of their enjoyment having spent days away from their desk just to experience the new arrival of first A380 aircraft under the pretense “on behalf” of Malaysia Airlines and our tax-payers.

In spite of understanding that MAS is still over bleeding with expensive contracts, vendors and heavy remuneration of top management including the Executive Directorateship; the obliviousness of rebuilding trust in Malaysia Airlines continues its legacy till this very day.

Malaysia Airlines is so well renowned of its obliviousness in managing efficiently and we brand it “The Legacy of Bungling Management”.

Malaysia Airlines is so cursed to have this bungling management led by Ahmad Jauhari who sat with clueless plan since last September.

If we recalled this unmistakably never did any successful and renowned corporate company in Malaysia had openly published any leaks of information until Ahmad Jauhari took over the throne.

Is it MAS workers or was it Ahmad Jauhari? Whom do we think the leak were or is?

Ahmad Jauhari said it is a breach of confidentiality to leak out passengers list. We say, so is Ahmad Jauhari increases his dis-harmonization domain within Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies said it is a breach of code of ethics by AJ to have allowed 80 management personnel included him to be idled away from their workplace for a sinful luxury travel experiences at the disbursement of Malaysia Airlines. This we meant the overseas’ allowances again; so who’s paying for it?

Idling from work is a fallacious and unsound practice if supposedly Malaysia Airlines management should be putting in effort to turn around the company at every possible angle as quickly as possible.

We believe AJ has been portraying himself as SAVIOR figurine at the same time as CLUELESS as UNSOUND he is; nitpicking MAS workers finding his next scapegoat from the lower paid range for the responsibility of the leaking of information of his fallacious acts and abusive of powers.

His email threatened an action against those who found guilty will be subjected to dismissal. We assume instant dismissal of another strategy to dismissing MAS workers in large.

Blocking Internet access for MAS workers was his first move after bloggers started publishing transparently of the insightful events.

Internet is a step towards cultivating intelligence and development for growth and improvement. AJ stopped it blocking towards cultivating primeval growth and archaic (outdated) structure. So generally nurturing BUNGLING Corporative Agents.

As if, it were affecting the privacy of those management personnel of their travelling itinerary of which that can be proven of their idling dexterities that could have been the whole cause of responsibility in the bleeding of the company.

Here we’ve pointed out the roots of Malaysia Airlines management and we believe it is an interesting finding since the outburst of the published passengers list by YB Wee Choo Keong.

The investigation to be conducted should be on why it had been condoned in the first place? And not the retributive measures of the leaking information to the public for mere intention providing transparency.

The leak was for transparency and a clear louder message to the Prime Minister of all the wrong doings inside Malaysia Airlines. The investigation ordered by AJ is to find the scapegoat for the management to crucify in the name of VENGENCE.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies urge MAS workers to compile evidence for their own protection before another victim of the lower paid is burned on his plate at his whims and fancies.

There had never been any airliners in the world that would have done something like this lazing the turnaround work, idling from workplace on a sinful luxury traveling experience under MAS.

It is only Malaysia Airlines that is so cursed.

In the name of JUSTICE and FAIRNESS, the ABUSIVE CEO Ahmad Jauhari should be found guilty and be dismissed effectively to set good exemplary of good governance in Malaysia Airlines.

His acts of retributive does not make him any better leader but An Avenger – AA Stylo Mylo.

Deputy news editor B.K. Sidhu wonders if Thai International Airways which will take delivery of its first A380 soon will have big-enough first-class seats like that of MAS’ A380.

Had it been the manifest of the legitimate paying passengers, it would not have been exposed.

Another said: “I am wondering why (MAS) top management is not stopping for a while to analyse why his people are resorting to venting their views and frustrations through the blogs … there are many valid messages that it should take heed from. Instead, they are resorting to threats and running down the staff who choose to express their views on the blogs. This is akin to slaughtering the messengers while ignoring the messages.”

There is always a reason for an action and it’s good to look at views from the other side. For MAS, now is the crucial time to rebuild and get back to normality. It needs everyone’s support so that it can make money to sustain its operations.

For all to work together harmoniously, there is a need to build trust, understanding and transparency. So long there is no harmonisation, the venting will go on.

It is like building a relationship it requires honesty, forgiveness, communications, trust, passion and patience. Using a bazooka may not be the right tool, changing the mindset may just be the tool.

Mr. Prime Minister, shouldn’t Ahmad Jauhari be replaced with a better leader for better MAS?

Tony Fernandez is a stinky HYPOCRITE and Monopolist – Part II

The Low Class Airliner/Operator – Tony Fernandez who has the habit of bolting quickly from places and the three musketeers a.k.a. Evil Kutty and his blood vampire brother and sister Bee Ending Ruling Party Specialist will prove to Malaysian the real story behind AirAsia and AirAsia X. Here is the article from the very famous blogger – The Big Dog Dot Com.

It is disturbing for a significant shareholder of one of the world’s most popular low cost carrier, who is also the most arrogant and manipulative airline personality to take airport GLC MAHB down in his own blog. Especially after his newly appointed CEO Aireen Omar did exactly that so well in her first month in office and Fernandes already got The Star doing half of his battles via the mainstream media instead through proper channels, all these while.

Malaysians need to know.

First of all, KLIA2 is about 250,000 sq metres of state of the art low cost carrier terminal in the world, with an annex mall for passengers’ needs and comfort. The RM 4 billion construction would have 68 aerobridges, a brand new air control tower, more tarmac spaces for aircraft parking space and a third 4,000 metres runaway. There would be ample parking spaces and an attached integrated transportation terminal for coaches, taxis and a station for the ERL extended service, that would run from KL Sentral via Main Terminal Building, KLIA.

It is designed to cater up to 45 million passengers per annum, in comfort, efficiency, security and somewhat, style. And that is at the cost of RM 1,500.00 psf.

Secondly, that is the lowest cost of developing and constructing such an airport facility. If only Fernandes could be so fair and professional enough to make an honest comparison to any airports with equivalent facility that has just been built or in the process of being built. Just for comparison, the 350,000 sq metres Terminal 5 in London Heathrow was built at a cost of £4.2 billion. That is without the cost of a third runaway and second air control tower. Squared of to KLIA’ 2′s size, that is £ 3 billion or in today’s exchange rate, RM 15 billion, which is about RM 4,000 psf. Chap Lek Kok’s intention for a third runaway is estimated to cost USD 1 billion.

This appeared on Star Biz as part of the English daily to help Fernandes campaign against MAHB

Thirdly, let us remind about how Fernandes during the ‘Level Four Boys’ dark-reign of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s weak administration (coincidentally, which provided so much room and opportunity for AirAsia to grow to what it is today at the expense of national carrier Malaysia Airlines with specific instructions such as the ‘Airline Rationalisation Plan’ of May 2006), rode on Sime Darby for the ‘Labu Airport Project’.

Resilience and perseverance, the bloggers were lucky to manage to get the project shot down.

Fourthly, AirAsia was actually an integral part of the working committee for the development of KLIA 2. However, Fernandes played ‘rough and extremely unfair’ to use the media which include mainstream media to go after MAHB when his whims and fancies didn’t actually go how he wanted. That is probably includegetting rid of MAHB MD Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid and got himself in, just like how he got Khazanah Holdings Bhd. for the eight-and-three-quarter-months short lived and now miserably failed ‘Malaysia Airlines-AirAsia shareswap’.

Fifthly, Malaysians needed to be reminded that the moment Fernandes got his greedy hands into Malaysia Airlines, he started to devour into the national carrier. A month after his entrance into Malaysia Airlines BOD and as a member of the Exco, he got the national carrier to be suckered of RM 18 million for sponsorship of his private venture into the bottom rung of Barclays Premier League, Queen’s Park Rangers.

The AirAsia campaign against MAHB

Sixth point, is Fernandes actually campaigned for Malaysian public to go against MAHB increase on the airport tax last December, short of starting an ‘Airport Spring’. In fact, they actually smeared MAHB. They even got most popular English daily The Star to do part of their dirty work.

Friday December 2, 2011

AirAsia: Stop harassing our staff


PETALING JAYA: AirAsia has issued an official warning letter toMalaysia Airports Holding Berhad (MAHB) for allegedly harassing its staff.

The company’s commercial director Jasmine Leeclaimed MAHB had told airline staff to remove the “Say No to Airport Tax Increase” stickers on their uniform. She claimed that the airport operator also removed posters at their sales counters at LCCT.

“They even went to the check-in counters and told our staff not to wear the stickers and to stop sticking them on passengers’ boarding passes.

“We have sent an official warning letter to request that MAHB’s officers stop unlawfully obstructing our staff from doing their jobs,” she said, adding that the incident occurred from around 10am until lunchtime yesterday.

AirAsia is protesting against the decision by MAHB to increase the airport tax by RM7 and RM14 at five airports nationwide which took effect yesterday.

The airports are Langkawi International Airport, Penang International Airport, Kuching International Airport, Terminal 2, Kota Kinabalu International Air­port and the low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT) at KLIA.

Lee also alleged that MAHB confiscated security tags from some staff working in restricted areas.

“This incident will not deter us. We will continue to wear the stickers tomorrow and will put back the posters,” she said.

AirAsia CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes later tweeted: “Malay­sian airport staff tearing down our posters and taking away airport passes of our staff. And using intimidation. Can someone tell them this is Malaysia and not a police state.”

MAHB senior general manager for operations Datuk Azmi Murad, who was present during the incident, denied any harassment or intimidation took place but admitted they removed the posters.

“They were putting the posters in public areas and we took them down. Imagine if anyone could just walk in and start putting posters everywhere,” he said.

AirAsia has taken a full-page advertisement in The Star, urging the public to call MAHB and give their opinion on the increase in airport tax.

“AirAsia views this increase as not justified as the current airport facilities are not up to par,” said the advertisement.


Malaysians needed to be reminded that AirAsia did at one time owe Malaysia Airports RM 106 million for airport taxes collected from passengers, but they did not actually pay up for services they utilized. When MAHB wanted to take them to court, Fernandes actually used his ‘political clout card’ to stop the process.

The seventh point is that when AirAsia first started, Fernandes played the ‘victim’ card the rubbished Malaysia Airlines every opportunity he could. That is not withstanding that Malaysia Airlines extended a lot of professional courtesy when they didn’t have too. An immediate example is that this uncouth behaviour made Malaysia Airlines under Idris Jala withdrew inter-airline privilege to Fernandes where the latter could enjoy First Class on Malaysia Airlines at discounted rate.

Then when many Malaysians are convinced that AirAsia is the ‘victim’ and Malaysia Airlines is the ‘evil’, Fernandes trained his guns towards Malaysia Airports. All these consistent ‘demonisation’and rubbishing via ‘playing the victim card’ is no different against Oppositions’ strategy of ‘Politics of Hatred’.

The eighth point is that even though more air travelers prefer low cost and cheaper alternatives to premium air service, that doesn’t mean they want lesser comfort, security and/or amenities. The growth in the demand for these operations only will result to cheaper travels (provided that fuel prices doesn’t go up substantially) where the demand for airport and ground handling operations must correspond to the growth of traffic. Thus, better airport terminals would be required to handle the demand and maintain efficiency.

The ninth point is that Malaysians must know that when Air Asia was sitting with the MAHB team to develop the KLIA 2, they actually wanted a single level terminal and did not want a fully automated baggage carousel system and aerobridge. All of these are necessary for passengers’ comfort, security and airport operations and ground handling efficiency. Especially if they are handling 80% of 68 pier contact points at any one time and making the 45 million passengers per annum operation a reality.

Managing 125, 000 passengers and an average of 20kgs of baggages per passengers require an efficient and fully automated system. That was what KLIA2 was designed towards.

The tenth point is that if Fernandes wants to move AirAsia operations to Jakarta, then it is his prerogative. This is the second time he had this ‘threat’. The first was April last year. The demand for low cost carrier would still be healthy even AirAsia moved its operation elsewhere and KLIA now becomes a service destination instead of a hub. In fact, the void left by AirAsia could be filled by Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia Airline’s own low cost carrier (which Fernandes tried to hard to ‘kill’) FireFly and a third option, liberalize the market and allow for more homegrown low cost carriers to serve domestic and regional routes. Presently, Firefly already started serving PEN-KBR and JHB-KBR routes and making a comeback in certain popular sectors. Then market would get the best and consumers would not settle for “Second best”, if taking Fernandes’s antics all these while into consideration.

Our eleventh point is that AirAsia was taken to court by Australian regulators for failing to make good of its promises, which is actually false and hidden advertising.

Australian regulator files lawsuit against AirAsia

AFP NewsAFP News – Tue, Jan 24, 2012

AirAsia was slapped with a lawsuit by Australian regulators accusing the Asian budget carrier of failing to disclose the full price of fares on its website.

The Malaysia-based airline, which flies international services out of Australia from the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth, with Sydney to be added from April, was named in documents lodged at the Federal Court in Melbourne on Tuesday.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the country’s consumer watchdog, claims some fares sold on AirAsia’s website do not display prices inclusive of all taxes, duties, fees and other charges.

“Businesses that choose to advertise a part of the price of a particular product or service must also prominently specify a single total price,” it said in a media release.

The regulator alleged the fares relate to flights from Melbourne to cities including London, New Delhi, and Hangzhou in China, from the Gold Coast to Ho Chi Minh City and from Perth to places such as Taipei and Phuket in Thailand.

The matter is listed to be heard on March 2 with the watchdog seeking an injunction “to restrain AirAsia from engaging in misleading conduct in the future”.

It also wants a court order “that AirAsia publish corrective notices on its websites regarding the conduct”.

AirAsia could not immediately be reached for comment.


The twelfth point is that all Fernandes’s antics should be lumped into one basket and him and his ventures be taken in a bigger picture perspective. When the directive for the ‘Airline Rationalisation Plan’ of May 2006 was issued, Malaysia Airlines had to surrender most of the domestic routes between Semenanjung, Sabah and Sarawak to AirAsia. Part of that is the Rural Air Service, which Fernandes created FAX to serve the national service. FAX not only cannibalised these services, they took the RM 50 million subsidy and did not deliver. After serious Sabah and Sarawak Governments’ complaints, Federal Government asked Malaysia Airlines to take it back.

All these routes and operations were used to expand market confidence for AirAsia, which it used to expand regional operations and finance for the ambitious A320 acquisitions. After the RAS was taken away, Fernandes used FAX to launch the AIr Asia X where Fernandes wanted to compete for Malaysia Airline’s intercontinental destinations. Part of the original deal for Air Asia was the low cost carrier is allowed to grow and serve destinations and routes previously not served by Malaysia Airlines, be it domestic, regional or international. The greed sets in and AAX set to go for lucrative Malaysia Airlines routes such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney and Jeddah.

Tony Fernandes and Sir Richard Branson, at the launch of AAX. Branson then was a shareholder of AXX, along with Riong Kali

The thirteenth point is that Fernandes ventures had not always been without manipulation. Case in point is his Formula 1 team, which he wanted to dub as ’1 Malaysia Team’ and later ‘Lotus’. After a legal battle, Fernandes had to settle to call his below average Formula 1 team as ‘Caterham’.

The fourteenth point is that after failing to get his ‘Labu Airport’ Fernandes, tried to get Penang International Airport as his low cost carrier hub. That failed too. Ii is believed that they are trying to ride on Perak State Government and get his dedicated low cost carrier airport built in somewhere in north Perak.

Our Fifteenth point is that if Fernandes could in the past had no qualms what so ever to consistently rubbish GLCs like Malaysia Airlines and MAHB to Malaysians using mainstream media, the ‘Thirteen Million Plus Ringgit” question is would he done the same when he got AirAsia nestled elsewhere outside the country?

After all, he created the impression in the minds of many that Air Asia today was about his and his team’s handwork and ingenious thinking and other people, especially those who did more than that they were willing to do, were made expendable of and those who were stepped on for Fernandes to achieve his goals, are not part of his success story.

Malaysians need to all these. Fernandes is a marketing man. He understand business psychology. He also understand the power of media and he made no qualms about manipulation facts via mainstream media to achieve his objectives. That is by far, as the British call it ‘sportsmanship’ or ‘fair play’. Probably in his years in England, Fernandes didn’t actually get to play rugby; a barbaric game played by gentlemen. Likely, he didn’t get to play cricket too.

That’s is most probably why we saw and still seeing all these low class gluttony-games on play.


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Weed killing

That is most probably the best solution for NST and the Group now. That is the solution that we here in BigDogDotCom see, to the problems highlighted by ABITW and commentary by Supremo-Bloggo-Journo Datuk Rocky.

Kill the weed. It is not about just changing the Group Managing Editor. Many in strategic position needed to be weeded out as well. NST Group saw the changing of this post already twice in the past three years post-regime-change with PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s patronage of Riong Kali’s dark-years of the English daily officially ended. However, some of Riong Kali’s ghastly dark agents still ‘roam’ freely in the halls of NST news and editorial chambers.

Strong personalities with strategic view on where to take, how and what roles NST could play to assist Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s leadership and sending the right messages. The qualifications must include having the necessary mainstream print media experience.

It is glory days, for the common persons on the street NST is the most preferred referral point in English for the right information. More importantly, it is provided not only the right information but the right tone and angle. Then, it was the English daily of choice even for the ‘market’.

During the dark reign of Riong Kali and his disciples, they did a good job to bring the position if not the credibility of NST down. This include using the editorial column to lie. At the same time and space, they did a good job of making many to distrust the leadership of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah and his cronies.

We need personalities is the likes of Col. Nathan R Jessopto do the right thing. Provide strong and respected leadership and tell the right stories, in the right tone and at the right time. Tell the right stories where it matters. Deliver the mandate. Bring back the confidence towards the government and its policies. In the past, we have talked about NST being aimless and should stop reinventing themselves in turfs that don’t really matter and instead, it should bring in the results.

One needs to kill the weed before the right vegetables or flowers on the same bed could grow. Of course, having the right fertilizer is pertinent.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies urge all bloggers to start blogging against this need to kill the weed before the right vegetables or flowers of the same bed could grow bigger. Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more updates!  

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NUFAM acting for Tony Fernandez is overthrowing MASEU in Malaysia Airlines

Wow!!!!!!!! The word is just so true that Tony Fernandez had indeed instructed NUFAM to overthrow MASEU from Malaysia Airlines. This is now surfacing day by day.

We’ve got a letter sent by NUFAM President undercover as SATAY MAS ( – IP Address with the assistance rendering from a few ministers. Let’s check it out if such is true whether the ministries in the Parliament is helping NUFAM a.k.a. MAFAA formed under the instruction of Tony Fernandez to pull out MAS cabin crew from MAS Unions’ coverage.

We saw the intended political reason is to pull out MAS crew from being governed by MASEU of the terms and conditions for MAS crew that still providing transportation for MAS cabin crew.

Satay Mas wrote :

Now read the letter sent by NUFAM.

From: NUFAM – National Union of Flight Attendants

Date: July 1 2012 4:57:51 PM GMT+08:00


Malaysiaairlinesfamilies wondered if the address for the ministers have been correctly delivered or just for showing off only……hmmm…!!! How about the other side of the ministers? Have they received such memorandum from NUFAM to MAS CEO – Ahmad Jauhari a.k.a. Tony Fernandez’s disciple. 

How about MAS CEO – Ahmad Jauhari and MAS management – Zahrah Zaid? Did they really receive the memorandum from NUFAM’s Secretariat sent via email? 

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies thanked our readers for your cooperation and information regarding the actual email address for Ahmad Jauhari and Zahrah Zaid. Here is for the public information – Ahmad Jauhari email is and Zahrah Zaid is So it is well explained this email by NUFAM is bullshit and this is the evidence of NUFAM bullshitting its members.

Subject: Memorandum To MAS MD (The bullshit memorandum that never reached Ahmad Jauhari)

Dear Mr Ahmad Jauhari,

The National Union of Flight Attendants NUFAM is urging you as MAS MD/CEO to take immediate action on the followings:

1.         That the company must revert all 900 Cabin Crew who were forcefully deployed to Golden Lounge since June 2012 immediately;

2.         Ceased all deployment exercise and negotiations in terms of Cabin Crew working conditions with immediate effect between MASEU and the company;

3.         MAS Management terminates the contract and services of all the tenders that is linked to the personal interest of MAS management;

4.         The National Union and its members is also calling the resignation of MAS Human Capital Executive Vice President, Human Capital Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President of In Flight Services and the MAS Cabin Crew Manager with immediate effect.

This is due to the allegations of corruptions, which was posted by Members of Parliament recently.

The call for resignation of those who are managing the crew members issues are also in negligence in their duty of care for the Cabin Crew and abused of their office powers.

The deployment of 900 Cabin Crew to Golden Lounge have been recognized as breached of their employment contract against the 900 employees and MAS Human Capital have breached the Collective Agreement without proper consultation with the employees and the National Union.

The National Union NUFAM is serving the company 7 days notice which by if no response is given to the National Union within such time, the members of the National Union will not hesitate to file a decision that may effect the company’s current position.

We hope that the company will co-operate to acknowledge the National Union’s urgent request to the above.

Thank you.

National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (NUFAM)

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies say let’s find out who are the Secretariat of NUFAM in our next postings Part II of this thread.

CC:    YB Dato Hj Ahmad Bin Hj Maslan – Tim. Menteri Di Dalam Jabatan Perdana Menteri

Timbalan Menteri Sumber Manusia
 – YB Datuk Seri Azalina Othman – MP Pengerang, Johor

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies say the Timbalan Menteri Sumber Manusia is still the stupid Scooby Doo weirdo Dato Mazlan Maznah and not Datuk Seri Azalina Othman. 

Ahli Jawatankuasa Gabungan NGO Malaysia (GNM)

President NUFAM

Secretary General NUFAM

Vice President NUFAM

Union Executives Members

Strangely, Malaysiaairlinesfamilies found out the email was sent by the Secretariat National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (NUFAM); who are they? Does it mean the NUFAM gangsters a.k.a. The new Johnny Fernandez replacing Danny Nanny do not have a bit of guts to reveal their name when sending emails to MAS CEO? 

The email above was delivered to MAS CEO copied to Ministers and the NUFAM gangsters itself. So we wonder who are the sender? WOW!!! That’s obviously a cowardice act and such coward attitude has now become Tony Fernandez’ new game changing experience using his newly spotted NUFAM gangsters. Let’s us digg more and find out what’s really happening inside Malaysia Airlines. For a start, we should be interviewing some guys inside MAS unions. 

People stay tune for far more exciting news from Malaysiaairlinesfamilies!!!