Why MAS keep failing all the time?

When the stupid-doer is appointed to sit on the upper management; we get to see MAS keep failing all the time. Don’t we?

MAS is a national airlines that keep employing the dumbest upper management – the stupid management that create stupid rules and regulations.

Who would make such stupid rules and regulations? Only the stupid idiot will create a stupid dead-end rules and regulations. It’s always about UN-interesting projects or stupid projects with non-flexible working hours and pay less overtime hours. No transparency to some extent in those UN-interesting projects and backstabbing teamwork or shall we say “Stealing Credit Cultures or Credit Theft is widely praised”?

This type of management is called highly unqualified staff, lower maturity in terms of people management; critical visions with struggling products and poor managing skills.

Agreed? Yeah; we couldn’t be more agreeable than disagreeable. However; the question is that why it has to be only those stupid fools get appointed to sit on the upper management?

Where is the intelligent management? Intelligent is as intelligent does but at MAS upper management level – it’s assholers who get the chance screwing up as always!

Leading people effectively requires not just a good head on one’s shoulders but a good heart and a considerate tongue.

Particularly the CEO has to be extremely bright; open and honest with employees than the typical apple polisher who “spins” everything and falsifying all numbers to garner the support and extension for his employment contract from the shareholders and stakeholders.

A company with a lot of smart people will not do stupid rules because reasonable people cultivate good community for growth with lots of career opportunities that compensates with good package and benefits and a hospitable work-life balance.

The relation between employer and employee is build on trust is no longer found in MAS under the leadership of Ahmad Jauhari. Today; its CEO successfully created culture that is unhealthy with the fixed-up strategy on employees to garner support. Whitewashing all workplace misconducts or sweeping it under the carpet as it has always been is not the best way to grow within the company.

Devoid of politics and together striving for the best is not an option for MAS staff entirely. Almost everyone in every divisions are scheming for promotion via CREDIT THEFT. Such negative environment only ends with DEAD-WOOD expanding inside via the unhealthy growing culture.

The logical statement – happy staff will continue to work harder to make the company an even greater success. Where do we think for an unhappy staff will land in such an unhealthy culture?

The management team has zero visions towards the future of MAS and ultimately the staff are not valued and appreciated. Zero compensation being rewarded to those who entitled to it. In fact, those hard working staff are deprived of their dues and salaries increment. They were in fact cheated of their dues under the pretext of restructuring programs and streamlining processes.

Except for the upper management whose salaries grew fatter than previously but its managing strategy keep failing due to politics becoming an option to survive in that “UPPER” position. Henceforward; MAS became the heaviest top management that is likely to collapse at any time with unsustainable structure.

A professional management cannot sustain with a bottomless structure. Is that so clear the visionary by Ahmad Jauhari is driving a bottomless structure with unsustainable future?

The consulting area proves a con-job with growing pains being overstretched within the middle management by the lackadaisical attitude and over-optimistic project estimation.

The ownership of responsibility lies in an invisible party – for example; when a credit is discovered; everyone seized to be the one who did it but when a problem is exposed; everyone pointed their finger around the table living in denial they were in the wrong but calling the other irrelevant party to suck up the failure as their responsibility towards MAS.

This is all done in the faith of KPI – Key Performance Indicators.

Effective airline planning relies on its CEO ability to balance the industrious harmony with employee satisfaction; customer satisfaction and the complex constraints in every aspect of business. Increase employee and customer satisfaction by disengaging the internal politics is the way out for a trouble airline.

Whilst the internal problem in MAS is not being tackled at professional level; MAS CEO is playing fire with fire influencing the Minister of Human Resource to push for the national union for cabin crew with ulterior motive for his team to enable a restructuring of the current terms and conditions to the bottom or parallel of a low-cost airline.

This plan by Ahmad Jauhari is highly recommended by his selected consultants. Employing a cheaper labour to replace the well-renowned MAS cabin crew’s hospitality is to divert all MAS loyal passengers to AirAsia; thus gradually diminishing MAS as the preferred airlines.

MAS staff and middle management must understand the underlying strategy is to outsource all of MAS staff including the middle managerial staff in phases.

Dolefully; a new company has been formed by Ahmad Jauhari to lease its new staff for MAS in due time once the national union took its precedence to represent its members.

Be warned people and be observant to your own cause. Nowadays; money can buy a talking union for the sake of vendor-ship and dark future.

Stay tuned to our next episode!


AirAsia runs Malaysia Airlines with defective management skills – Episode 4

Extreme Prejudice is the code for AirAsia on its active campaign annihilating Malaysia Airlines.

AirAsia, a low-cost airline is trying to survive from the global fuel hikes has resorted to deploying its most loyal espionage into demolishing the national airlines – Malaysia Airlines.

As exposed in our previous Episode 1, 2 and 3; here is the evidence of AirAsia that runs Malaysia Airlines with defective management skills;-

On August 23rd this year, the Airfreight forwarders in Malaysia are seeking compensation and a refund on terminal charges following what is said to be the worst service disruption in the history of the MAS Advanced Cargo Centre at the KL International Airport in Sepang, involving cargo from 27 flights.

In an Aug 20, 2013 letter, of which a copy was obtained by SunBiz, to Malaysia Airlines’ cargo arm, Airfreight Forwarders Association of Malaysia (Afam) chairman Walter Culas told MASKargo Sdn Bhd that it was seeking compensation and an immediate improvement in service levels. This follows an incident which saw a complete shutdown of import services at its centre last Friday due to a shortage of workers.

Culas stated that after 6pm on Friday there was a complete no show of foreign labour at the front line as well as reduced workers turning up for work in the import breakdown area.

“As a result, there was a complete shutdown of import activities at the Advanced Cargo Centre as there was no staff to perform cargo breakdown and retrieval activities,” he said in the letter.

When contacted by SunBiz, Culas said import breakdown could not be performed on 27 flights.

“This unacceptable situation meant that our forwarders had to wait long hours at the Advanced Cargo Centre to retrieve their inbound shipments. This resulted in total productivity loss,” he added.

He said forwarders could not carry out their Customs clearance process as well as make deliveries to their customers.

“The customers also were furious as delays were affecting their production processes especially those who practice “just in time” manufacturing,” he said in the letter. All cargo could only be cleared by Sunday morning, Walter said, a two-day delay.

Describing the incident as a “fiasco of no-show”, he said the lack of workers also affected export and transhippment cargo. The exact amount of cargo affected could not be determined as at press time.

Culas told SunBiz that warehouse handling was a crucial part of cargo operations and should not be outsourced.

“It especially should not be handled by foreign workers who are unskilled. MASKargo should instead takeover and build the skill within the group itself,” he said.

Warehouse handling at the Advanced Cargo Centre is currently outsourced to Kumpulan SF Powertech Sdn Bhd a company majority-owned by Kumpulan SF Bersatu Holdings Sdn Bhd and three other individuals namely, Abdul Talib Yacob, Jamaliyah Mohd Ambia and Norita Mohd Tahir.

It has been reported that the contract worth RM10.8 million runs until October this year.

MASKargo is one of two licensed government warehouse operators. The other company is KL Airport Services Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of DRB-Hicom Bhd.

In response, MASKargo CEO Mohd Yunus Idris told SunBiz that while there was an issue with workers at the cargo terminal last Friday, minimal services were affected.

He said two freighter flights were delayed because of the incident.

“The vendor concerned will be taken to task as per the agreement in the contract between them and MASKargo.”

Yunus defended the use of foreign workers, saying they are involved in manual job activities and are managed and supervised by technically competent supervisor and managers.

He said the outsourcing of warehouse handling is a practise since its operations at the old Subang airport in 1994.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is going all out exposing the scams by Tony Fernandez who leads his specific instructions designed for MAS Aerospace & Enginnering CEO – Azahari Dahlan and MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari together with MAS Human Resource Director Zaharah Zaid to insure MAS clients will further be successively suing Malaysia Airlines for each delay on MAS Cargo functions.

Following the 23rd August’s incident; MAS Cargo CEO – Azahari Botak Dahlan continued his disruptive planning for Malaysia Airlines with his third consecutive delays on 10th September; also in this year – MAS Cargo ops once again at standstill;-

Air freight forwarders operating out of the KL International Airport in Sepang faced major delays for the third time this year at the MAS Advanced Cargo Centre on Sept 10, prompting the the Airfreight Forwarders Association of Malaysia (Afam) to once again write to operator MASkargo Sdn Bhd to complain.

In a letter dated Sept 17, 2013, a copy of which was obtained by SunBiz, Afam chairman Walter Culas said it saw a complete standstill of cargo operations at the import and export truck bays at the MAS cargo centre on Sept 10, 2013.

It attributed the service failure to a walkout staged by foreign labourers employed by the vendor.

As a result of the walk-out, no shipment could be moved in and out of the import and export bays.

Culas said foreign labourers employed by the vendor, who operates the forklifts at the import and export bays, had staged a walkout at 7pm on Sept 10 as a show of protest for not receiving their salaries.

According to the association, this was the third major incident involving a walk-out by Powertech’s employees. The first incident was said to have taken place on Jan 12 and the second on Aug 16.

In an interview last month, MASkargo CEO Mohd Yunus Idris told SunBiz that the Aug 16 walk-out incident by the vendor’s employees was caused by what it called a “banking account failure”.

“We are completely disappointed with this state of affairs as we, the freight forwarders, are made to suffer because of the failure of other parties who are not within our control.

“We believe that MASkargo has however the ability to influence or rectify the situation as the vendor is appointed by them directly. Why are we made to suffer because of other party’s mismanagement?” Afam’s Culas said in the letter, which was copied to the ministries of international trade and industry and transport and Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya.

Culas said the delays have led forwarders to wait long hours at the cargo centre to retrieve their inbound shipments, resulting in productivity loss.

“This also meant that the forwarders could not carry out their Customs clearance process as well as make deliveries to their customers. The customers also were furious as delays were affecting their production processes, especially those who practise “just-in-time” manufacturing,” he added.

The walk-out also affected the export operations as there were no export bins provided nor were there any forklift drivers to handle the shipments during this period.

“As a result, final acceptance could not be performed as final reweigh procedures could not be carried out. This caused a massive jam at the export dock when dozens of trucks could not unload their shipments. They had to wait there for hours until after midnight due to this walk-out,” Culas wrote.

Afam is also seeking refunds on terminal charges as well as compensation to the forwarders affected from MASkargo.

The other question is why such jobs are given to vendors and who owns the vendors? Who called for the vendor staff walked-out? We believe it has connection to Azahari Dahlan; Ahmad Jauhari and Zaharah Zzzz the sleeping “Pig” who employs Hayati Dato’ Ali who were the vendors appoint-er before she was chased out from MAS airport functions.

Did Azahari systematically delay MAS flights to disrupt MAS cargo functions simultaneously? If such is true; we have just witnessed a workplace FIXED-UP program designed by Tony Fernandez and his proxies – Ahmad Jauhari; Azahari Dahlan and Zaharah Zzzz.

Is it STILL not evident for MAS Shareholders and can’t we see through who’s not capable of running Malaysia Airlines? Is it STILL not crystal clear of the indicative patterns by Ahmad Jauhari that is truly working for Tony Fernandez?

STILL; are MAS staff blinded by the colors of these EVIL musketeers – Ahmad Jauhari; Azahari Botak and Zaharah Zzzz.

Once again; Ahmad Jauhari is paid to see through MAS; a truly destroyed company before he ventures into AirAsia as the next possible adviser or board of director.

Be warned “people” who work for Malaysia Airlines that you’re not safe – even the board of directors are not safe in this game-changing ploy.

The delays are plotted to divert MAS clients towards signing with Tony Fernandez’s new cargo business deals via its proxies.

Stay tuned people for more stories on the defective management led by Ahmad Jauhari.

AirAsia runs Malaysia Airlines with defective management skills – Episode 3

Previously, as exposed in our Episode 1 and Episode 2 on how carefully and insidious that AirAsia has its invasion into Malaysia Airlines despite the failed share-swapping strategy that was then cancelled by the Malaysian Prime Minister.

Our intention is to expose stealthy plans by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to the public of his tryst on the sly.

Earlier; Tony has his most loyal workers to provide him the most accurate account of the progress inside Malaysia Airlines on weekly basis after the dodgy swap deal was axed. We have sufficient evidence to believe that Ahmad Jauhari, Azahari Dahlan and Zaharah Zaid are paid in top dollars to sabotage the workers starting from the engineers section and the associations that includes the unions.

Through this tactic; Tony Fernandez appears to have corrupted most or all workers in engineering and cargo functions.

Today; Malaysia Airlines has just lost its engineering division.  Workers appear to be afraid voicing out their concerns. Clients are being successively lost and therefore the airlines’ revenue has decreased from RM5 billion to only RM2 billion per annum.

AirAsia invades Malaysia Airlines

It frequently appears that lately Malaysia Airlines’ flights are systematically delayed by its MAS engineering and cargo CEO – Azahari Dahlan in order to detract Malaysia Airlines loyal passengers. Consistently; the affected passengers from the planned delaying flights do not receive compensation for expenditure (accommodation or otherwise) incurred through the delay. We believe this is part of an underlying plan to divert MAS passengers towards AirAsia.

AirAsia’s proxy working in Malaysia Airlines to destroy the airlines for Tony Fernandez

Ever since Azahari Dahlan is the appointed CEO for MAS engineering & cargo functions whilst Ahmad Jauhari is the appointed CEO for Malaysia Airlines; the airlines never had a peaceful operation such as engine on fire; emergency landing; nanny upgrading to first class stories or free first class tickets for Tony Fernandez and his partner Kamarudin Meranun or the Sultan of Lanun (The Pirate King) and MAS flights commonly on re-timing recklessness of all in which it was incurring most costs than saving costs for Malaysia Airlines.

All of the occurrences were never a coincidental memoir. We believe Ahmad Jauhari and Azahari Dahlan together staged it all closely with Zaharah Zaid for avenging Tony Fernandez’s survivability take-off plan that was foiled by MAS workers.

There is currently less work in engineering section which would have justified Azahari Dahlan declaring redundancy of excess workers in that section to Ahmad Jauhari – MAS CEO and Managing Director. The engineering workers on top of lessor work provided under Azahari Dahlan – the proxy of AirAsia; nowadays are being screened thoroughly of their workplace behavior and adherence to MAS rules and regulations is tightly monitored.

Fixing-up workers has now become fashionable under Ahmad Jauhari’s clueless leadership. Anyone could be fixed-up and bribery for “unfixing” the affected worker or “whitewash” records of workplace misconduct is now popular practice for Ahmad Jauhari – MAS clueless CEO as “cash” leveraging black income opportunity to his few selected managers in engineering, cabin crew and functions division.
Oddly, MAS flight crew is not in the fixing-up program list.

Already Ahmad Jauhari’s term is expiring; he continues with Zaharah Zaid to implement such plot destroying the entire airlines slowly but steadily.

We have reliable sources informed us Ahmad Jauhari has been lobbying for an extension of his tenure through the provision of false reports and declaration to the shareholders of Malaysia Airlines that the airlines is stabilizing and performing well in preventing its aviation business from plummeting further despite MAS shares is below USD 0.30.

However, we remember precisely that the day Ahmad Jauhari boarded Malaysia Airlines; its airlines’ shares was below USD 0.70 compared to nowadays that it barely could sustain but fluctuating at around USD 0.10.

The shares speak THE TRUTH

The truth lies on the price of MAS shares where the secret is Ahmad Jauhari is destroying Malaysia Airlines gradually but progressively.  The only chance Ahmad Jauhari has is to get all MAS Unions & Associations to support him fully but unfortunately; he has no support among all workers except Azahari Dahlan; Zaharah Zaid and her co-conspirator Mr. Fauzi and those directors and managers who are in the same ploy to fix-up workers.

The truth is Ahmad Jauhari is fixing up Malaysia Airlines with the verge to delisting of Malaysia Airlines with intention to cease Malaysia Airlines’ rights to purchase new aircraft and the privileges getting easy soft loans from bankers.

MH – Musnah Harapan is real by Ahmad Jauhari – the evil descendant of LUCIFIER’s family

So is Ahmad Jauhari looking high and low for us? Try finding us as NEMO swimming in Texan’s sea. You might see us there Mr. AJ the Idiot! And cheers to Ahmad Jauhari for his permanent retirement ship! ADIEUS DUMBASS!

Let’s see what UMNO’s council have to say about you Mr. AJ the Idiot?

Umno supreme council member Datuk Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi said MAS managing director and group chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya must accept full responsibility by resigning. He urged Ahmad Jauhari to pay the RM10 million fine imposed on the national carrier by the Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) from his pocket.Puad said AirAsia, which was fined the same amount, should be made to pay more as it was the bigger beneficiary of the deal, which was ruled as unlawful by MyCC for being monopolistic.

“AirAsia, without a doubt, stands to benefit more from the share swap deal than MAS.

Tony (AirAsia group chief executive offi cer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes) is a staunch supporter of the deal, which saw an exodus of MAS workers to AirAsia.

“I can’t ask Tony to step down but in my opinion, MyCC should impose a higher fine on AirAsia.”

Stating his case for Ahmad Jauhari’s dismissal, Puad said “Ahmad Jauhari had shown that he is incapable of leading.“

He should step down immediately or the government should not renew his contract, which is expected to expire this month.

“Everybody was taken aback when MAS was fined. We understand that a consultant was hired for the swap deal and we know that consultants are there for the sole purpose of making profits.”

“Ahmad Jauhari should have spotted any weaknesses in the deal and objected to the consultant on the deal’s viability,” Puad told Business Times yesterday.

Ahmad Jauhari was appointed to spearhead MAS on September 14 2011 and his contract is believed to expire this month.

Earlier this month, MyCC – a unit under the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry – fined MAS and AirAsia for violating the Competition Act 2010.

They were found to have breached Section 4(2)(b) of the Act by entering into a Comprehensive Collaboration Framework agreement in August 2011.

The deal saw Khazanah Nasional Bhd, which owns 69 per cent of MAS, having a 10 per cent stake in AirAsia. In turn, Tune Air Sdn Bhd, AirAsia’s controlling shareholder, was given a 20 per cent stake in MAS.

The deal was called off in May 2012 following heavy political and union pressure.

Stay tuned to us for more updates on Malaysia Airlines’ defective management skills. Next upcoming episode we would be introducing some thoughts on how Malaysia Airlines could transform its defective management.