Air Asia is a cheat – Part 3 “Now Everyone can buy Air Asia’s tickets but cannot fly”

AirAsia suspends daily flights to Colombo

Air Asia a.k.a. the No-frills airlines also a.k.a. the Low Caste Carrier (LCC) will be withdrawing daily flights from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo, Sri Lanka effective February 26, 2013 due to commercial reasons.

Endangering the public’s safety is Air Asia’s priority.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies say it is obviously crystal clear that Air Asia is scrapping its daily flight from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo vice-versa due to its impending AOC that’s expiring in March 2013 which may not be extended for the good of the public.

It said that affected passengers have a choice to move their flights to an earlier date, to or from Kuala Lumpur or Colombo. This is without any extra charges, subject to availability of seats or they will be offered a credit shell for the value they paid, with validity of three months or a full refund.

Air Asia passengers who are affected by the withdrawal of this route will be offered options to alleviate any inconvenience that might occur and each affected passenger will be notified via their registered member email account, as well as an SMS notification of the route termination. Air Asia’s customer service staff will also notify each affected guest via phone on the options available to them.

Air Asia will also be cancelling its daily flights to Clarke; Philippine for the very same reason.


And Air Asia’s share prices start dropping fast from 2.93




Do you know that Air Asia stop paying out dividend to shareholders since 2007?



Air Asia’s net Financing Cash flow (FCF) from 2007 to 2011 (above)

We could probably be wrong; however judging from its escalating present internal politics inside Air Asia – we do believe Air Asia will not survive in term of its lifespan that has reached the peak of mountain “Chapter 11”.

Air Asia is running out of cash-pumping strategy to sustain its unprofitable low cost business which has bigger plan to become the largest Low Caste Carrier (LCC) in Asia Pacific Region. It looks to us Air Asia is gonna falling hard and failing many shareholders.

It’s called BOOMERANG….Tony boy!

The remaining shareholders of Air Asia should have learned from the rich Knight who left Air Asia earlier even before Air Asia start soaking into massive debts with Tony Boy unsound strategy in buying Airbus planes with no place to dump and no airlines to buy from Air Asia – Group Tune Air.

Tony Boy has cracked his head by pumping more cash and more borrowings to improve Air Asia’s share prices that had crashed much since Malindo Airways exits. This sounds like Tony boy got shaken by Malindo Airways. Whilst Air Asia is paying bits of its peanut to its workers; Tony Fernandez continues rewarding himself a better pay of RM2 million increased from his RM7 million to RM9 million in 2011.

TFremunationDoes he really care for his workers? 

Tony Fernandez has the habit to fix dead salaries for Air Asia’s workers.


Figure 1

The average salaries and wages including of bonuses and allowances for each worker is at RM4,000++ per month. This figure taken for total workers in Air Asia is  from Tony’s blog where he claimed that Air Asia has 9,000 workers since 2011. Mathematically, the Air Asia financial statement for 2011 agreed with a take home pay of more than RM4,000 for each worker of Air Asia.


Air Asia has fast track promotion. Unfortunately those promotion pathetically do not come with an increment. If you’ve worked for Air Asia since 1997 – your salary will still be remained stagnant based on the last drawn salary as of year 1997.

Tony boy claimed Air Asia is doing well. The figure 1 above proves otherwise (passenger seats). The passenger seats had only 7% improvement despite Firefly was terminated by Tony boy after he became MAS board of director during the share-swap with Malaysia Airlines. Though the share swap between Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia is over; Tony Fernandez will not give up on Malaysia Airlines to another new owner.

On the contrary, the figure below proven different but real story of Air Asia which Tony Fernandez claimed otherwise that Air Asia is doing well. Rather he’s reluctant to reveal the number of dormant companies within the Group Air Asia that significantly establishing the facts on Air Asia isn’t performing well at all.



Only seven out of twelve subsidiaries of Air Asia is still in operating modes. That’s less than 60% of survivability not including Group Tune Air that have more airplanes to sell without the buyers.

Served you well Tony Boy and you certainly deserve this cause of effect for cheating the public.

Stay tuned to malaysiaairlinesfamilies more updates on Air Asia’s scammy businesses.


Child missing – Please help searching for William Yau Zhen Zhong


William Yau Zhen Zhong (poster above) went missing on 16th January 2013. He’s been missing for six days now since last Wednesday last seen at Putra Heights area. We urge our Malaysian readers to spread out this urgently on the lookout for this boy.

Please also pass the word around that everyone is looking for him. This will put pressure on anyone who may have taken him. Also pass the word around that in Malaysia kidnapping warrants a mandatory death sentence. This information too may help to frighten people and release the boy unharmed.

There are people who are going around abducting young kids. The last case was the little Indian boy who went missing when he went to a nearby shop to buy something.

Hope the Police would study these cases carefully and if the perpetrator is the same, then please do something about this. The person who abducted Nurin Jazlin and the other young girls has never been caught.

Please call 012-2197133 if you saw this boy

NUFAM brewing plans for MAS cabin crew

Behind NUFAM is Tony Fernandez. The evil man who instructed the stupid lipas man to organize against MAS workers burying the strong foothold for MAS cabin crew leaving them without the blanket.

NUFAM is brewing an alternative plan for Tony Fernandez to make his comeback avenging against MAS workers for having overthrown him out as MAS board of director. The evil plan designed for Mr. Lipas man is to execute via his recruited NUFAM soldiers disorganizing MAS cabin crew separating them into two group of workers as orchestrated by DON the willy old fox.

The question is how did the DON the willy old fox get involve in this organized crime? Perhaps it is just DON the hungry fox waiting in line to share a piece of the big fat pie.

DON, DON, DON, we have confirmation that your doctorate-ship is fake and was a purchased item. Isn’t that a crime to use a fake doctorate-ship certificate? Better run before the authority get into checking your background too.

For our readers information – Whilst Ahmad Jauhari is sleeping and forever in clueless state; DON become the consultant for NUFAM assisted by his right hand man – Mr. John Engkatasu. DON is seeking an alternate downgrade to become the next CEO of Malaysia Airlines forcing Ahmad Jauhari opting his early withdrawal from Malaysia Airlines. It’s all about power craziness now brewing inside MAS hottest pot.

As informed by our readers – Mr. John Engkatasu will be retiring in this year; however the DON is going to extend his retirement age to 80 years allowing him to screwing and brewing hot assess inside Malaysia Airlines.

Whilst DON is orchestrating the exit of strong foothold inside Malaysia Airlines that protect thousand of jobs for MAS workers; NUFAM on the other side is brewing poisons domestically and internationally with the advice provided by Zahrah the evil director of Human Resources. We are in the know Zahrah Zaid does not have a degree in Industrial Relation. At the time she had the interview with MAS recruitment department she simply said she has a background in Industrial Relation that fooled Malaysia Airlines management but approved personally by Tony Fernandez.

DON is the consultant whilst the ZORO Zahrah Zaid is the director for NUFAM’s every piece of action. The symphony orchestrated by NUFAM is going all out to bury the only in-house union paving ways for Tony Fernandez to crawl back slowly to MAS to save Air Asia. The training for more NUFAM combative is aggressively encouraged by Tony Fernandez with pennies compensating the time spent and the promising reward for Mr. Lipas man.


The manipulation of NUFAM election also very encouraged by both Maznah Mazlan and the paymaster. Look at this NUFAM “No-Secret” Ballot Paper.



Do we remember Mr. Lipas man is working for Tony Fernandez?


Even Tony Fernandez has left MAS as board of director – Mr. Lipas man is still very much intact communicating with him via the third-party and the sponsorship continues till this very day for NUFAM to execute Air Asia’s masterpiece plan to eat Malaysia Airlines burying it alive.


Mr. Lipas man is truly a man who screws many men’s wife and girlfriend too. However; does he also screw Maznah Mazlan for the approval of NUFAM certificate?


We are still investigating the new low-caste terms and conditions that has been laid down by Tony Fernandez for Mr. Lipas man to fool MAS cabin crew where NUFAM will change for greater heights. We have information NUFAM will metamorphose a lower package for cabin crew in Malaysia. Certain grade in Malaysia Airlines would be very happy as the budget for cabin crew would be reduced tremendously.

The initial planning for Air Asia to take over Malaysia Airlines was to sustain Air Asia’s survivability in this region. The proof of Air Asia in-sustainability rose in 2008 where the fiscal year earning dropped drastically (2 billion ringgit loss) complemented with lower revenue of less than 3 billion ringgit and higher debts of 7 billion ringgit.


Air Asia’s debt rose higher by a billion ringgit to 8 billion ringgit from 7 billion ringgit within a year’s window.



Air Asia’s cash flow badly managed since 2007. Henceforth; the only way is to have a bigger revenue corporate to bail out its bad balance sheet. During the share-swap with Malaysia Airlines in 2011; Air Asia’s cash flow suddenly increased to 2 billion ringgit whilst Malaysia Airlines declared a huge 2.52 billion ringgit loss. Air Asia subsequently has its assets increased to another 2.5 billion with its debts reduced substantially by 2 billion ringgit. AA15

The cancellation of the share-swap demanded by MAS unions was to save Malaysia Airlines. We say well done MAS unions and the Prime Minister of Malaysia for saving Malaysia Airlines. The eminent impact on Air Asia after the share swap was cancelled by the Malaysian Prime Minister is the relocation of Air Asia’s headquarter to Indonesia for running away from paying taxes to Malaysian government.

Let’s hope Air Asia’s AOC will only be extended for another 6 months by DCA after March 2013 to prove more of Air Asia’s upcoming failure. Please stay tuned to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for our next posting.

AirAsia is a Cheat so is Tony Fernandez – Part 2

ask cheating airasia

Air Asia is a bloody cheating low-caste airlines. The frustration by the public flyers have gone viral since Air Asia commenced Incheon flight. A reader who’s also the Air Asia’s passenger shared with us their Air Asia’s flight of horror and fright with terror experience.

Air Asia X Flight D7 from Kuala Lumpur to Incheon; Seoul were always on delayed mode of more than 10 hours. It looks pretty clear Air Asia’s planes are facing a lot of engine problems particularly Air Asia always guarantee late payment for its airplane maintenance services and its specialty nowadays includes flight delay and unworthy treatment.

Now Every Air Asia Flight is Delayed and Everyone Can be RUDE!!!

The only low-caste airlines that guarantee FLIGHT DELAY in the Asia-Pacific region.

The chronology services by Air Asia

D7 2686 scheduled to depart on 23:00 and estimated to arrive next day at Incheon International Airport at 06:00.

At 23:00 – The Captain of the flight announced a delay was due to route change that required the plane to upload more tonnes of fuel given the valid reason that no approval from ATP for clearance to fly over Taipei.

At 00:00 midnight – The Captain further announced another route required the uplifting of a bit more fuel for the plane.

At 01:00 (am) the next day whilst the plane was waiting at the runway for take-off – The Captain made another announcement that there was clearance from Taipei.

At 01:30 am – The Captain parked the plane at the terminal and at 01:50 am all passengers were required to disembark by the Captain.

At 02:30 am – After 3 hours of having stranded inside the plane; the passengers were finally allowed to disembark to the Terminal. Everyone rushed to rest room and purchased food and drinks.

At 03:30 am – Only cold croissant and cold mineral water being distributed to some of the stranded passengers.

At 04:00 am – Some Korean passengers started requesting for blankets be given to their children but Air Asia gave the excuse the plane will be taking off at 05:00 am.

At 05:00 am – New announcement by Air Asia that the plane is rescheduled for departure by 07:30 am.

At 06:00 am – Two of the passengers cancelled their Air Asia flight and left the Terminal.

At 07:00 am – Air Asia’s Manager assuring the passengers of the plane will be leaving by 07:30 am but we were still hanging loose at the terminal. A minute later another Air Asia’s Manager approached us and assured that Air Asia could extend our flight to another day but will not be compensating for our food and accommodation.

At 07:30 am – The stranded passengers had been required to board the plane.

At 08:00 am – Air Asia X’s plane pushed back but parked in the middle of nowhere with only 2 cabin crew on board. One stupid cabin crew sat in the front part of the plane and the other one sat behind the red curtain started laughing and joking.

At 08:20 am – One of the passengers got up from his seat and approached the cabin crew to find out what went wrong and why the plane is not taking off yet? The cabin crew told him there was no pilot and the other new cabin crew said they just arrived from Delhi to take over this flight. The new cabin crew said Tony Fernandez asked them to board all stranded passengers and to sit inside the plane just to show that Air Asia X is taking off shortly. The other crew member said there was no pilot in the cockpit and he had been instructed to push back the plane to the middle of the airport.  Although he declined to comment further; it was very clear that Air Asia had the airplane moved without a qualified Pilot on board.

At 09:20 am – The plane finally took for Incheon – Korea.

The stranded passengers were very frustrated of the delaying tactics employed by Air Asia. The passengers were have to tolerate the rude treatment and rowdy behavior extended by Air Asia’s workers.  There was a disagreement between two of the passengers which one of the stranded passengers had recorded it was then threatened and browbeaten by Air Asia’s security officer.

Air Asia X’s CEO did not make any attempt to reach out to its customers nor compensating all Air Asia’s stranded passengers for the horror flight experience and terror fright from its Security department and the ordeal those passengers suffered at the wicked hands of Air Asia.

Neither was there any official apology for the delay. We’ve found out someone in Air Asia inefficiently forgotten to ask for clearance to fly over Taipei Air Space which further delayed Air Asia’s flight.

We hope this horror flight and terror fright could be shared with your readers. Was it worthy to go through all the hassles and high stress at the price of a low-caste airfares? Our answer is all the above. A resounding NO and UNWORTHY to travel with Air Asia; NEVER EVER again.

Shall we see what is the authority doing about this especially the DCA of Malaysia? Flying license for Air Asia is expiring on March 2013 and we know very well that Tony Fernandez will be buying loads of goodies for the authority to clear Air Asia’s unaudited safety operation for the last 15 years. We won’t be surprised if the authority will extend Air Asia’s license to cheat for another 20 years on the next license renewal.

Do it right Mr. Authority or else we get to report you to the higher authority.

Stay tuned to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies and AirAsiafamilies for more unbelievable stories yet to be revealed to the public.