How Tony Fernandez waving to his fans? Our message for Tony Fucker and his gangsters

This is our twenty-second post since we start blogging about MAS and Air Asia. We have been investigating intensively on this subject – the collaboration between MAS and Air Asia that only reaps benefits for improving Air Asia group’s earning.   Consequently, we have also become the full time Private Investigators for MAS and Air Asia.

“TOUGH” is the word we can describe on becoming the Private Investigator but ‘SATISFIED’ it is when we blogged our full investigations.  The information that we have gathered certainly has to be accurate or we will get thousands “BOO(s)” from Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.

Has Tony Fernandez ever ponder why we have turned into an Investigator cum blogger?

We doubt he is really bother because he has very thick skin and he thought by doing what he has been doing, nobody dares to really touch him and that also, nobody knows what Tony Fernandez is really up to.  Well! Tony Fernandez is very wrong if he really thinks that way because we care about the National Airlines.

Seriously, our way expressing our extreme concerns for Malaysia Airlines is through blogging truthfully.  And we will not going to stop until the Collaboration between MAS and Air Asia is pullout officially.

Mr. Prime Minister, MAS workers do not agree with this Collaboration between MAS and Air Asia.  Please do something for the sake of our country and the national Airlines.

We will not allow the trademark of Tony Fernandez and his gangsters sabotaging Malaysia Airlines and sacking MAS loyal workers who have worked very hard to sustain the National Airlines.

Tony Fernandez said openly “I am a thief and I rob MAS but nobody dares to touch me”.

Mr. Prime Minister, Tony Fernandez claimed nobody dares to touch him.  Did he mean that includes you too?  Prove to us Toni is wrong.

STEALING WEALTH IS A CRIME Do you understand this moral words, Mr. Tony Fucker?  

Let us counsel Mr. Tony Fucker a little – You’re an asshole and will always be remembered as the asshole that all Malaysians now know about and probably the world now has recognized you being the CRIMINAL for robbing rich airlines and screwing airlines workers.  Perhaps, there are people who may be sympathizing with your struggles in saving Air Asia but stealing wealth is still a crime.  A crime is never a blessing act.

Where is your morale?  It looks like your mom did not educate you the humanity and morality subjects.

As we all now are fully aware that Tony Fernandez and his gangsters have become the criminal in robbing rich airlines, we ask the readers and bloggers to watch out for more of their plots on “Airlines Heist” in other ASEAN country via corrupting the high-level officials and politicians like how he has plotted the MAS heist.  MAS Cargo and MRO are his targets to increase Air Asia yearly revenue.

In plain sight, Tony Fernandez is stealing MAS CARGO AND MAS MRO for his Air Asia group under our nose!!!!!!!

One of our readers has quoted, “It is amazing how a highly reputable airline can be placed in such a predicament as MAS is now in? The only reason why MAS has to cut its ROME sector is to allow Air Asia it’s pursuit to land in Milan instead. Absolutely unbelievable!!! MAS is being butchered for the sake of Air Asia.”

Yup!  You spotted it and well-said.  Tony Fernandez and his gangsters have orchestrated the whole episode-illustrating MAS not generating revenue in order to reduce its destinations into Europe with intention paving ways for Air Asia to generate some revenue so that Air Asia could pay back the loans to CIMB bank.  This has been authorized by Nasir of CIMB bank executed by Johnny Fernandez (Danny Rash-Dan) making ways for Air Asia finding revenues to pay back their loans to the bank.

Remember that CIMB bank is the broker for the collaboration between MAS and Air Asia?

Read :

So how Johnny Fernandez also called Danny Rash-Dan did it?

Johnny Fernandez is appointed as Commercial Director of Sales, which means he oversees the air ticket sales for Malaysia Airlines.  For the last decade, European routes were all the while generating revenues for Malaysia Airlines and the frequencies were increased to daily basis with the passengers’ load that were at least above 80%.

Since the collaboration between MAS and Air Asia, an overnight decision is  made for Malaysia Airlines to cut those “used to be most profitable routes” by MAS board of directors who are actually the Air Asia board of directors.

Tony Fernandez holds many positions including a new profession that is robbing rich airlines and his part-time occupation still remains as salesman for Airbus Industry; that means he will keep buying more Airbus aircrafts in coming months.

For the public information, Tony Fernandez has a dream to conquer ASEAN Civil Aviation Industry, the LCC and FSC Airlines upholding monopoly strategy and exploiting the workers’ rights under the nose of the public.  This is because Tony thinks the public is the fool who never learns.

The fools that never learn are Tony Fernandez’s fans who keep praising him like the god of Air Asia. 

How Tony Fernandez waving to his fans?

People, Tony Fernandez is waving at you “Come let me cheat you flying with low safety priority aircrafts because Air Asia is low cost airlines and let us overcharge you more and more hidden charges because you people are ignorant of your rights.”

Tony Fernandez loves employing the young and gullible toadying (apple polisher) because he loves being flattered all the times.

Not long ago, we actually spotted Tony Fernandez copycats the long legacy of hand waving style from the Queen Elizabeth II of England.

We take a look at how Queen Elizabeth of England most significant waving moments.  Queen Elizabeth is one of the world’s more recognizable waving people as reported by CNN.   As the Queen will be passing her waving duty soon to her new daughter-in-law, Tony Fernandez now copycats Queen Elizabeth’s long legacy hand-waving gesture and waved to his fans as if he’s “The Queen Of England”.

Hey, Toni (Tony Fernandez), you think you are the Queen of England  la?  Awwww….whatta pathetic copycat!  We also know you copycat Frank ISRAEL

Stay tune for more revelations…..we will also blog MAS top management’s attitude and their stupidity.


How a reputable and respectable Tun Dr. Mahathir run his country?

For many decades, people in Malaysia do not realize how this highly respectable longest serving former Prime Minister of Malaysia had his country run using share swap strategy.

“We will story you later in our next episode on how Tun. Dr. Mahathir’ did share swap to wallop the local bank to aid his trouble company and his hidden agenda to give his blessing in this Collaboration Agreement for MAS and Air Asia“.

Remember the Renung Company?  It owed Bank Bumiputra loads of loans and how did a troubled company like RENUNG can end up owning Bank Bumiputra (currently is CIMB)?

But before we get into that short story, we like to inform the public we have received a very reliable information that Tun Daim has been given FULL authority to run all GLCs companies in which he is selling it piece by piece accomplishing full released of GLCs to outsiders by year 2015.

So, Mr. Barisan National ruling party, are you still there governing the country?  Hey, wakey wakey Barisan National team, time to be alert and reinforce all country laws.

Many years ago, RENUNG, a reputable company was doing very well until it landed into Tun Dr. Mahathir’s hand.  Some kind of siphoning strategy plausibly was being used at that time.

RENUNG then started to borrow more and more money from Bank Bumiputra but was unable to remit the loans payment on time and it frustrated the Bank Bumiputra so the share swap was used as payment measures just like what did happen to Tajudin Ramli when he was asked to leave MAS but selling his remaining MAS shares at RM8 although MAS shares at that time was only below RM4.  Tajudin Ramli’s exit was an open share swap that many people didn’t realize but the only difference was that the transaction was perhaps in monetary form.

This share swap strategy was supposed only be used in Malaysia only when an established public listing company cannot afford to pay back its huge loans.  So RENUNG went into share-swapping (buying) at higher rates than the published rates which also means Bank Bumiputra had no other choice but allowed it to clear its top listed bad-debts.

Bank Bumiputra inevitably was sort of got conned for buying higher shares to clear its bad debts without realizing that such share swap had ended up Tun Dr. Mahathir ventured and schemed into owning Bank Bumiputra.

Do you guys and gals NOW see that clearly?  

That is Tun Dr. Mahathir, the most respectable and reputable public figure we have ever known in this land of Malaysia.

Many bloggers have started to realize Tun Dr. Mahathir is not what we all think who he is. Despite his contribution to making Malaysia a quite well known country in the world, Tun Dr. Mahathir has his darker side too.

We urge bloggers out there to start blogging about what Tun Dr. Mahathir had done in the past so that we know that SHARE SWAP is to eat into our competitor quickly and this share swap between MAS and Air Asia is not just a blessing by Tun Dr. Mahathir, the share swap must have got him larger shares in MAS too.

No free lunch in this world and everything is done with ulterior motive for Tun Dr. Mahathir to slither into controlling Malaysia Airlines and MAS so revive his army to control the country once again through his son.

We once have admired Tun Dr. Mahathir but today we would say this to you….

Tun Dr. Mahathir, you are a disgusting public figure and a criminal who masterminded the eating into another public company for your own benefits.  You are nothing but a trouble for Malaysia.  Please leave MALAYSIA for good.

Please read this blog by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad – (Supporting MH/AK) in which he has admitted MAS has been cheated by Air Asia.

“I have been asked why I support bringing MAS and Air Asia together. Don’t I know that it is a bad deal; that MAS has been cheated by Air Asia?”  by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

So basically, any companies that has Tun Dr. Mahathir’s involvement is practically a bankrupt company because Tun Dr. Mahathir is a politician and never was a business acumen.  With the help from the corrupted Tony Fernandez and his gangster, he can do it better exactly the phrase we hear all the times – MALAYSIA   MEMANG   B O L E H!  


Tony Fernandez quoted to many, “JENG    JENG    JENG    JENG!, we are taking over MAS”.  The question is who is he to take over MAS? Hmm?


We assume MAHATHIR MOHAMAD is a great fan of monopoly game.  The resolution to all this Mahathir’s Cronism is to ban SHARE SWAP and to have a strictest control over the KL BURSA or else it will push away foreign investments as long as Tony Fernandez and his gangsters together with Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad have the shares in Malaysia.

So, Mr. Prime Minister, do your very best!

Stay tune for next episode on how Tony Fernandez waving to his fans?

MAS/AA Collaboration Agreement is masterpiece work by the “Three Malaysian Musketeers”

The three musketeers that are Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Tun Daim Zainuddin and Tan Sri Rafidah binti Abdul Aziz and together with Tony Fernandez and his gangsters were colluding to strategically sabotaging Malaysia Airlines by provoking Malaysia Airlines workers and the people of Malaysia against voting for Barisan National who are still leading by Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak with their high priority secret agenda which is to replace the present Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak with Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir Mohamad (Tun Dr. Mahathir’s third son) as the next Malaysia Prime Minister like how they have masterminded the transition for Collaboration Agreement between MAS and AirAsia that would be reaping benefits and contribute positively for AirAsia group’s earnings.  We believe the three musketeers are also the main largest shareholders in AirAsia.

Note : Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathis Mohamad is the present Deputy Minister of Malaysia International Trade and Industry.

We have also investigated that AirAsia shares are not even worth a 10 cents each.  With the backing from the three musketeers manipulating Air Asia’s shares in the Malaysia market so to continue selling it’s shares above RM3.00.

We have many reasons to believe the three musketeers and Tony Fernandez and his gangsters are paying the consultant to fabricate the stability of Air Asia’s current performance to sustain it’s shares at RM3.00 and above.

Air Asia X have been cutting out routes to London, Orly-Paris, Delhi-India and Mumbai because they have insufficient monetary to fund the operations into these destinations like what had happened to the sponsorships for Queen Park Rangers which Tony Fernandez and Danny Rash Dan did utilize Malaysia Airlines’ fund to sponsor QPR that had cost Malaysia Airlines RM9 million in total as admitted by Danny Rash Dan in his briefings to MAS workers. But the declaration to the public over the sponsorship for QPR was RM18 million as per instruction given by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters. This is evidence of fabricating false accounts for Malaysia Airlines just like what Tony Fernandez and his gangsters have been doing in Air Asia to deceive the public of its performance.

Evidence of broad daylight heist plot by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters – Part III

In our previous post, we wrote about MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement is a bureaucratic conspiracy; in which our investigation had revealed the planning of  MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement took place in London had included the secret planning to rig the stock exchange for MAS and Air Asia before the secret share swap were successfully signed.

It is a similar strategy used during Tun Dr. Mahathir’s era when he was still the former Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The difference this time is that Tony Fernandez has tricked Khazanah by using secret share swap to gain entry into Malaysia Airlines before discussing on any Collaboration Agreements with Malaysia Airlines to become the higher authority that has the power in decision making.

“We will story you later in our next episode on how Tun. Dr. Mahathir’ did share swap to wallop the local bank to aid his trouble company and his hidden agenda to give his blessing in this Collaboration Agreement for MAS and Air Asia“.

While the Prime Minister aims at merging MAS and Air Asia, the three musketeers colluded with Tony Fernandez and his Johnny Fernandez also known as Danny Rash Dan are gaining possessions of Malaysia Airlines.

We have written about the 6 steps that were already executed by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to rob complete of Malaysia Airlines using its acquaintance appointed as board of directors for Malaysia Airlines. With the formation of the new board of directors of Malaysia Airlines, it also means that Air Asia now has two boards of directors in Malaysia. One board of directors is in Air Asia itself and the other board of directors is in Malaysia Airlines.

It now becomes very clear the new Malaysia Airlines board of directors is no longer functioning for Malaysia Airlines at all because they are executing the plans for Malaysia Airlines on behalf of Air Asia. This is already a breached of both international anti-trust laws and the fiduciary duty of the appointed board of directors for Malaysia Airlines.

Let’s us find out how this group of Air Asia board of directors camouflaged as MAS board of directors carrying out their fiduciary duty in functioning for Air Asia by deciding the move to cut MAS routes making way for Air Asia to operate routes that MAS has suspended or terminated recently.

Via the collaboration plans, all MAS trunk routes and Firefly significant routes will be passed over to Air Asia. Particularly, the domestic routes that previously operated by Firefly such like Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching are now being covered by Air Asia from KLCCT after Tony Fernandez and his gangsters under Khazanah’s instruction had killed completely of Firefly operated from KLIA and leaving Firefly only able to operating from Subang Airport.

It is distinctly well defined in this Collaboration Agreement that is to help Air Asia to sustain its growth and tapping out Malaysia Airlines’ FAT QUICK CASH to pay out Air Asia’s huge debts to SAVE AIR ASIA.

After closing down Firefly KLIA base, Air Asia demanded Malaysia Airlines to stop flying into its significant routes such as Bandung, Suraubaya, Kota Kinabalu, Johor Bahru, Langkawi, Penang and all MAS trunk routes so that Air Asia can increase its airfares for these destinations.

Our reliable sources have informed us that before the Collaboration Agreement has taken place in London after Tengku Azmil announced his genius sustainable future plans for Malaysia Airlines competing with Air Asia for the benefit of the public; there were two spies (Dato Bernard Francis, the former Sales Directors for Malaysia Airlines and Tan Sri Munir Majid, the former Chairman for Malaysia Airlines) who were the corporate espionages feeding secret information belonged to Malaysia Airlines to Air Asia’s CEO and had carried out Air Asia’s instruction to fare higher of MAS airfares in order for Air Asia to raise their airfares. The report was surrendered to Tengku Azmil in which it resulted to both Bernard Francis and Munir Majid was then asked to resign from Malaysia Airlines.

Three months after the Collaboration Agreement existed, we then have the confirmation of its existence that is only for Air Asia’s survival and to diminish Malaysia Airlines completely except to allow Malaysia Airlines to survive as a small unit under Malaysia Airlines group of company.


Now the final nail (last step) by Tony Fernandez and his corporate gangsters is to kill the Malaysia Airlines employees via the collaboration planning that has been laid down by the Malaysia Airlines board of directors (who are actually board of directors for Air Asia) demanding MAS workers to resign voluntarily and to re-join the new units or the subsidiaries after their resignation with Malaysia Airlines with the intention of making them the contract workers without union representation in order to harass them with pressure using bullying tactics until they leave Malaysia Airlines on their own accord. This sounds very familiar like human cannibalizing strategy being adopted by Raja Azura (EVP of Human Corpse Division) who has no degree in Human Resources practices.

Our findings also discovered that some divisions would be given a 3 months’ notice to leave Malaysia Airlines. The MAStroubleshooter’s blog has revealed one of associations for Malaysia Airlines representing the managerial level has been fanning Ahmad Jauhari and Danny’s ass-es for favorable terms and conditions.

Oh MY GOSH! It’s disgusting. Come and try fanning our ass because we are heating up now. Shame on you MAS association! You people have no morale value other than carrying balls in Malaysia Airlines.

Let’s story about the tools that Tony Fernandez is using inside Malaysia Airlines to affect the impact on MAS workers.

The tools that is currently available in Malaysia Airlines for Tony Fernandez and his corporate gangsters is to use MAFAA – Malaysia Airlines Flight Attendant Association and AMALAE – Association of Malaysia Airlines License Aircrafts Engineers to form National Unions for Cabin Crew and License Engineers to assist Tony Fernandez and his corporate gangsters in lessening the terms and conditions for Cabin Crew and License Engineers for Malaysia Airlines.

So MAFAA members better be very careful of its President who is also a Cabin Crew of Malaysia Airlines with his current rank as “Chief Stewardess” as he is involved with Tony Fernandez holding secret meetings on how to kill MAS Cabin Crew via the forming of NUFAM through the ministers to dictate the terms and conditions for MAS Cabin Crew because Tony Fernandez has said many times that MAS Cabin Crew are spoilt brats.

The person who is helping MAFAA and AMALAE to form National Union for Cabin Crew and License Aircraft Engineers is Tony Fernandez. We have been informed that when NUFAM exists, MAS Cabin Crew will be in trouble securing their employment opportunity. Our investigation have disclosed that MAFAA exists only for self-interest and probably assisting in expanding Tony Fernandez’s bribery practice of which it is the reason for MAFAA showing very supportive of the Collaboration Agreement from the beginning.


The breaking of Malaysia Airlines into small units and subsidiaries; and asking Malaysia Airlines workers to resign and re-join the new subsidiaries are all the TRADEMARK of TONY FERNANDEZ who is making sure MAS workers will lose all their current benefits, cutting out from union representations pressuring them to resign voluntarily whenever Air Asia needs to cut jobs. The strategy to trick MAS workers to resign voluntarily is by giving empty promises that they will be recruited into the new subsidiaries with a better remuneration which in reality is to avoid paying retrenchment (VSS) benefits to MAS workers.

How Tony Fernandez and his gangster make decisions for Malaysia Airlines?

Here are the steps laid down by Tony Fernandez and his corporate gangsters for MAS workers.

They have made the following decisions for Malaysia Airlines and its workers:-

(a) They have given instructions for all employees based in Subang to shift to KLIA in order to make money renting out the Subang building to outsiders for Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to strengthen their monetary gains with immediate effect. This is also to force those workers who cannot cope with the current standard of living transporting to KLIA and SZB (home) to resign under duress.

(b) They have given instructions that all employees must resign before joining the new units or subsidiaries.

This is already a violation of the Collective Agreement and the Employment Act;

(c) They have given instructions not to allow employees to be represented by current unions and associations by signing the new terms and conditions of service.

This is a violation of the Labor Laws;

(d) They gave instruction to give 3 months’ notice of termination to certain group of workers represented by unions and associations.

This is another violation of the Labor Laws;

(e) They have given instruction to harass all MAS workers after they have re-joined the new units or subsidiaries by bullying them giving tough time so that they would resign voluntarily.

This is the violation of the Labor Laws and the Human Rights. The reason for forcing MAS workers to resign voluntarily is to ensure the whole organization is free of workers that have the tendency to form unions.

(f) They gave instruction to Malaysia Airlines to recruit Air Asia managers who are specialized in harassing employees with intention to create the psychological bullying in the workplace ensuring they resign on voluntary basis eventually.

This is a violation of human rights and is also an occupational hazard that is widely recognized worldwide by ICAO.

(g) They gave instruction to Malaysia Airlines to recruit Air Asia managers who are specialized to harass employees with intention to avoid paying retrenchment benefits.

This is a violation of the current Collective Agreement and the Industrial Relations Act.

(h) They gave instruction not to allow unions to exist in the new units and subsidiaries.

This is a violation to ILO Convention 98 and the Malaysia Trade Union Act.

(i) They have given instructions to remove all current benefits covering Malaysia Airlines employees through unfair Collective Agreement Bargaining (CBA). This means Tony Fernandez and his gangsters will bulldoze all Collective Agreement and bilateral MOUs.

This is a violation of the Collective Agreement and Human Rights.

(j) They gave instruction to use the services of MAFAA and AMALAE to destabilize MAS unions and associations.

This is a violation of Human Rights.

(k) They gave instruction to use the services of MAFAA and AMALAE to reduce the benefits for cabin crew, license engineers and aircraft technicians.

This is violation of human rights, collective agreement and industrial relations act.

Tony Fernandez says he practices bribery for smoother operations – “a violation of corruption act”

We rephrase again that Tony Fernandez and his gangsters are actually not the law-abiding citizens. Tony Fernandez has admitted in one of his town-hall briefings that he practices bribery as his business strategy to gain the upper hand to control the business. This is being done locally and worldwide in any of his business dealing activities.

There is reason to believe this bribery practice has been used to bribe certain group of people to gain entry into Malaysia Airlines as board of directors to rob it in front of the Government and the People of Malaysia through his arrogance and without shame.

Tony Fernandez proudly announced to his Johore Bahru staff that now he has killed Firefly after Firefly is prohibited from operating Jet services from Johor Bahru to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu vice versa.

The question is whether Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Daim Zainuddin (The Three Musketeers) who assisted Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to gain position as board of directors in Malaysia Airlines are also responsible collaborating with him to rob the national airlines?

We are still investigating if it is true that the “Three Musketeers” are responsible for the heist plot by Tony Fernandez and his assistant, Danny Rash Dan and Air Asia acquaintance who camouflaged as board of directors for Malaysia Airlines.

For the public knowledge, the monthly turnover for wages in Malaysia Airlines is only RM100 million a month that is less than 10% of Malaysia Airlines’ total yearly revenue. Robbing rich airlines is more profitable for Tony Fernandez and his gangsters because it is easy money and easy way to make a living.

To Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad,

You were responsible to building the nation and now, you are probably responsible and conspired in the collaboration to destroy your own country. You are shameful public figure if it really involves you.

We have robbers and thieves in Malaysia corporate companies. Don’t be surprise Malaysia is full of MAFIA soon with the help of ex-politicians.

So Mr. Prime Minister, when are we going to take action against these thugs (the sampah masyarakat)?

So, MAS unions and associations, when are we going to strike back against Air Asia’s robbers?

Evidence of broad daylight heist plot by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters – Part II

We know many are anxiously waiting for the second series of our report on this MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement. To recap, we have published the following heist being plotted by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters inside Malaysia Airlines;

1. AirAsia acquaintance camouflaging as Malaysia Airlines board of directors

2. Threatening board of directors of Malaysia Airlines

3. Plotting heist in MAS to finance AirAsia

4. Forming two accounting books for Malaysia Airlines

5. Malaysia Airlines only exits on paper

6. Breaking up Malaysia Airlines and killing Firefly

What we are going to tell you in our report is the steps proper that has been laid down by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to rob complete of Malaysia Airlines and to kill its workers with agenda to replace all of them with AirAsia workers. But first, in this report, we would want to inform the public and the world that Tony Fernandez is a bad paymaster. He has many nicknames including “Short-Changer”.

Ever heard of the word “Short-Changer”? We had never heard of it until we know Tony Fernandez who is so dishonest with pays to his workers. This man should be ashamed of his deceitful manner and he is such a disgraceful human being in this land of Malaysia.

Many have already known that Tony Fernandez and his partner, Kamarudin Meranun have defaulted payment in many countries including Hong Kong, Singapore and in his own country, Malaysia. We have received information that the world aviation authority is also investigating him and his partner, Kamarudin Meranun for defaulting aviation tax worldwide.

Do you know “Low Cost Carrier” cannot survive long in the civil aviation industry?

Professional analysts has analyzed that Low Cost Carrier will not survive for too long if they fared too low of its airfares that were below its operating costs. Particularly with airfares of RM9.90 from KLCCT to Penang, it’s impossible to profit a cent from such low airfares. Even taxi fares are almost RM250 for a trip from KL to Penang.

Let us tell you “Why Tony Fernandez and his gangsters desperately needed to take over Malaysia Airlines?”

Here’s the actual story. Since 5 years ago, Air Asia has fared its air ticket prices far too low below its cost and whether they did make money or not, we would not know but what we know is that they now have financial difficulties to pay Airbus the penalty for deferment of aircrafts delivery and the downpayment for the order of additional 200 NEO aircrafts that amounted to USD700 millions is still outstanding since March 2011.

USD700 millions is equivalent to Ringgit Malaysia 2.27 billions.  That is RM2.27 billions of outstanding amount for only the downpayment to Airbus Company.  What about the penalty for deferment of Airbus aircrafts delivery?

That’s not a big amount but a huge amount that Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun have unsoundly invested. With those large purchases of another 200 NEO aircrafts by Tony Fernandez, he has unsoundly increased AirAsia’s capital commitment to nearly RM58 billions.

Why is there a need to defer aircrafts delivery by Tony Fernandez? Look around the KLCCT, any more parking bays for new aircrafts?

So now we know AirAsia has many dues to pay; presumably RM8.4 billions penalty per year paying to Airbus Company “probably” until year 2016 of which it meets with expiry date of the MAS/AirAsia collaboration agreement that ends in year 2016 too. What a coincidence!

Is it crystal clear for us to see the future of this Collaboration Agreement?  Mr. Prime Minister, do you copy this? 

Now for the public record, Air Asia has yearly revenue of only RM4 billion as compared to Malaysia Airlines’ yearly revenue of up to RM15 billions.  And AirAsia with such a small revenue company has already increased its Capital Commitment to RM57.4 billion and above.

Under such circumstances, Air Asia will need to rob Malaysia Airlines of its “FAT CASH FLOW”  to settle the fine imposed by Airbus Company in order to save Tony Fernandez of his face value and his unsound mind complementing his shopping spree’s habit in the purchased of 200 NEO aircrafts in Paris last year.

Probably, he thought by beating the target of purchasing up to 500 Airbus aircrafts from Airbus Company would make him the future board of director for Airbus Industry.

Is that not what Tony Fernandez is aiming at becoming the board of directors for Airbus Industry?

Tony Fernandez says, “I am a thief, I also rob MAS and nobody dares to touch me”.  

Even the money collected from airport tax that belongs to Malaysia Government is not paid back to the Government. What else he is capable of not doing?

Short-changing his workers has been his priority since the inception of AirAsia under his management teams. AirAsia’s workers are suffering silently and they can’t do anything because they fear Tony Fernandez more than they fear the Malaysian authority.

Tony Fernandez is not a law-abiding citizen. He doesn’t follow Human Rights Laws, Trade Union Laws, Industrial Harmony Regulations and he continuously depriving his workers in AirAsia and now he continues spreading his diseases into Malaysia Airlines violating the universal laws and even the instructions given by MAS new Chairman are not being adhered to.

Tony Fernandez must know that it is the Malaysia Prime Minister’s instructions being passed down to MAS new Chairman for re-structuring Malaysia Airlines to save the airlines and not for him and his gangsters to commit their heist inside Malaysia Airlines.

Will the Malaysian Government going to watch how Tony Fernandez and his gangsters gang-raped and committed heist in Malaysia Airlines? We urge the Government to take quick action putting him behind bars for violating human rights and the land laws before Tony Fernandez declares Malaysia Airlines bankrupt in July 2012, to buy it over with a price of RM1 only.

So now Tony Fernandez is also known as Mr. 1 ringgit only man. He would find ways to bankrupt a company and buys it over with RM1 – what a 1malaysia can do!

Tony Fernandez and his gangsters are traitors and the Pirates of Malaysia Caribbean!

Malaysia really    B O L E H !

Will be continued and stay tune for Part III – Evidence of broad daylight heist plot by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters – Danny Rashdan and THREE MUSKETEERS and  his steps laid down on the table to kill MAS workers.

Evidence of broad daylight heist plot by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters – Part I

The aftermath of the Collaboration Agreement pioneered for MAS/AirAsia by the Malaysian bureaucratic is to reap benefits for AirAsia and to contribute positively to AirAsia group’s earnings that has been written clearly in the Collaboration Agreement between MAS/AAX and AirAsia which signed by Tune Air and Khazanah on August 9th, 2011. 

If the Malaysian Government is not careful, this MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement may cause huge defaulted loans by those MAS workers, who are at the threshold of losing their employment opportunity under Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.  This factor may also chase away the Foreign Direct Investors (FDI) from investing in Malaysia and may be the root cause to an imminent downfall for Barisan National team and the collapse of Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak’s ruling party.

We have received emails from the public informing us Tony Fernandez and his gangs are acting like a gangster in Malaysia Airlines assisted by his right hand man identified as “Johnny Fernandez”, the spy for Tony Fernandez also famously known as DANNY RASHDAN – pronounced as “Rash” (Skin “rash”) “Dan” (Then).

Our investigations have revealed that Tony Fernandez and his gangsters are plotting heist, gang-raping MAS properties, subsidiaries and its assets inside Malaysia Airlines via the Collaboration Agreement after the secret share swap between Tune Air and Khazanah.

How Tony Fernandez and his gangsters gang-raping Malaysia Airlines and committing heist inside the airlines?

(1)  AirAsia acquaintance camouflaging as Malaysia Airlines board of directors

After the sacking of the Malaysia Airlines former board of directors, Tony Fernandez and his gangsters have formed a new board of directors who were the acquaintance of group Air Asia camouflaging as the new board of directors for Malaysia Airlines to “deceive” the Malaysian Government, its Members of Parliament and the people of Malaysia that the appointment of the new board of directors for Malaysia Airlines are advantageous towards Malaysia Airlines; and to avoid the detection from the ANTI-TRUST REGULATORS on AirAsia being the main “director” for restructuring Malaysia Airlines international and domestic routes and restricting competition between AirAsia, Firefly and MAS, fixing higher airfares for AirAsia after MAS suspended some of its routes.

The precision of MAS/AirAsia collaboration agreement is for the current board of directors of Malaysia Airlines who are the acquaintance of Air Asia group to “empower” Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to plot their heist inside Malaysia Airlines.

(2)  Threatening the board of directors of Malaysia Airlines

Reliable sources have informed us that the new Chairman of Malaysia Airlines has been sidelined and threatened by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to keep his mouth “shut up” completely.

Since this form of threatening can be happened within Malaysia corporate companies and is happening to the Malaysia Airlines board of directors, this proves that Tony Fernandez and his gangsters (who are in disguise as MAS board of directors) are controlling the new Malaysia Airlines top management including its new CEO/MD, Ahmad Jauhari.

This unethical behavior by Tony Fernandez in threatening a defend-less individual is worst than any delinquents that can be found in Malaysia Airlines.

Does the Malaysia Prime Minister already know that such unethical behavior conducted by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters plotting heist in Malaysia Airlines, threatening its board of directors, directing the board of directors to declare false accounts could also chase away the Foreign Direct Investors?

If the Malaysian Prime Minister – Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak is in the know of the heist plot for Malaysia Airlines, the threatening of its board of directors and declaring false accounting book, then he better take a quick action arresting Tony Fernandez and his gangsters before he loses out in the next election and before the foreign investors start withdrawing from Malaysia corporate companies.

What would happen if the World leaders were informed of such heist being plotted in Malaysia corporate companies under Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak’s watch?

Let us reveal to the public “WHY” it was so easy for Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to organize a heist in Malaysia Airlines?

The endorsement on Collaboration Agreement between MAS and AirAsia by former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who claimed that the success of collaboration agreement via share swap between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia will benefit both the organizations in a long term –

We have probed into the endorsement by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and our investigations have also revealed there are two other political figures and they are the former two times Finance Minister and a current longest serving Members of Parliament (MP) collaborating in backing Tony Fernandez and his gangsters via the secret share swap as entry for Tony Fernandez gaining position into Malaysia Airlines.  We called them THE THREE MUSKETTERS.

The Three Musketeers that are:-

(1)  The former two times Malaysia Finance Minister – Tun Daim Zainuddin; and

(2)  The current politician, Tan Sri Rafidah binti Abdul Aziz who is the current longest serving Member of Parliament for the Kuala Kangsar (Perak)constituency since 1986 and who also serves as the Chairman for AirAsia X;

(3)  Together with former Malaysia longest serving Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who is currently holding a position in AirAsia as its advisor;

have been backing up Tony Fernandez and his gangsters’ a hundred percent for interlocking directorate-ships between the two airlines – Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia.

(3)  Plotting heist in MAS to finance AirAsia 

TONY FERNANDEZ AND HIS GANGSTERS are committing heist in MAS to finance AirAsia that has trouble with their loans and has been defaulting payment worldwide.  MAS funds are being siphoned out to save AirAsia.

Every Malaysians now know that AirAsia has defaulted payment in a few countries including Hong Kong (HAECO), Singapore (SAESL) and Malaysia (MAHB). The recent attempt by Tony Fernandez applying permit for AirAsia a new hub based in Singapore has failed probably due to the defaulted payment.

In one of the town-hall briefings for MAS workers, Tony Fernandez specifically declared that Singapore Airlines is now officially the enemy of both Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia and he called upon MAS workers to entrust him the success of the Collaboration Agreement between MAS and AirAsia so he could KILL Singapore Airlines.

That’s right!  You heard us correctly that Tony Fernandez now wants to KILL Singapore Airlines.  Has Mr. President of Singapore already been informed of Tony Fernandez’s secret planning for Singapore Airlines?

Hey, Mr. Tony Fucker, we don’t want any wars between Malaysia and Singapore.  We are peaceful nation and will even more peaceful without you in Malaysia.

(4)  Forming two accounting books for Malaysia Airlines

For the public record, Malaysia Airlines now has two accounting books with one that is showing the actual profit made and the other one is to show the losses made by airlines for the public.  In reality, Malaysia Airlines is generating yearly revenue up to RM15 billion.

According to the Economists, a corporate company that could generate yearly revenue of more than RM10 billion is a very successful company.   So Malaysia Airlines under Tengku Azmil was a successful corporate company.

Tony Fernandez and his gangsters who camouflaged as the current board of directors for Malaysia Airlines had declared a profit loss of RM540 million between April to June 2011 on behalf of Malaysia Airlines to show to the Malaysia Government, its Members of Parliament and the Public that Malaysia Airlines was not generating revenue for the country under Tengku Azmil’s management and hence, Tony Fernandez and his gangsters are needed to restructure the whole Malaysia Airlines organization by first removed its CEO/MD that was Tengku Azmil.  The removal of Tengku Azmil will make it easier for Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to continuously declaring more losses up to billions of ringgit per year to pay out AirAsia’s debts amounted to between RM7 to RM11 billions and more.

Our investigation also has discovered that under Tony Fernandez’s management, Malaysia Airlines is not allowed to declare the profit because the profit will be siphoned out to save AirAsia and the need to save AirAsia is because the THREE MUSKETEERS have been heavily invested in AirAsia.

(5)  Malaysia Airlines only exists on paper

Malaysia Airlines now only exists on paper where it has no independent board of directors.  All current board of directors for Malaysia Airlines is actually the board of directors for AirAsia.  So MAS board of directors is now working under AirAsia commandership.

So we repeat again, Malaysia Airlines board of directors only exist on paper but in reality, MAS board of directors are mentally and physically obediently working for AirAsia making favorable and beneficial decisions for AirAsia to improve its operational requirements sustaining its significant routes such as Bandung, Surabaya, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Taipei and expanding their international routes to middle east and South Africa because Tun Daim has new investment in South Africa.

For the public knowledge, the reason MAS had terminated Bandung  under Tony Fernandez’s management was to pave way for AirAsia to sustain its route to Bandung because Bandung is AirAsia secondary hub.  This is to allow AirAsia to be the only airlines flying into Bandung without MAS being the painful competitor.

In the near future, Malaysia Airlines only exist in names on paper and all property, new units/subsidiaries, assets and employees will be taken over by AirAsia because AirAsia is not sustainable and that is the reason for the collaboration to exist to assist ex-politicians and banker who have invested heavily in AirAsia.

Tony Fernandez and his gangsters should have been put behind bar for what they did to Malaysian Government, its Members of Parliament and the People of Malaysia.

(6)  Breaking up Malaysia Airlines and killing Firefly

The first thing that Tony Fernandez did after becoming Malaysia Airlines new board of directors is to kill Firefly and restricting its jet operation from KLIA.  Terminating Firefly’s profitable stations such as Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu were to reduce the painful competition between Firefly and AirAsia in order for AirAsia to fix higher airfares with low cost service into Kota Kinabalu and Johor Bahru.  The killing of Firefly have been easy for AirAsia because Kota Kinabalu and Johar Bahru are Asia Asia primary hubs.  We have been informed that the airfares for AirAsia into Kota Kinabalu is only RM7 less than Malaysia Airlines airfares that comes with full service.

Tony Fernandez proudly announced to MAS workers in Johor Bahru that he had killed Firefly jet operation.  Tony Fernandez and one of his gangsters, Danny Rashdan under the specific instruction by Khazanah, fabricated the declaration of Firefly jet operation had caused the airlines a huge loss.  The reason is Khazanah does not want to invest in Firefly jet operations.

Khazanah’s management must remember that they are using the taxpayers’ money to invest in Khazanah and they should be investing wisely for the benefit of the people (rakyat) in Malaysia.  Khazanah has no rights to order the killing of Firefly jet operation and restricted its operation at Subang Airport only.   The decision for Firefly to operate from KLIA is not Khazanah’s call as it is the people’s call.  This is truly the devil’s work.

Our sources informed us that the Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak has asked Malaysia Airlines to restructure again for the benefit of its citizen but the current board of directors for Malaysia Airlines do not want to restructure again and they have removed Dato Seri Tengku Azmil for the benefits of AirAsia.

The break up of MAS subsidiaries is for AirAsia to own the profitable MAS subsidiaries that are generating yearly revenue for Malaysia Airlines so that AirAsia has profitable units for increasing its yearly revenue.  It is because of the greedy politician and ex-politicians, Malaysia Airlines and its workers have to pay for the price.

We do not know if the three musketeers are giving the green lights to Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to plot a heist in Malaysia Airlines robbing all MAS subsidiaries, property and assets.  If they are part of the heist committing by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters, they are the most shameful creatures in this land of Malaysia.

Our investigation have concluded that the Prime Minister is not involved in the plotting of the Collaboration Agreement that is to reap benefits for AirAsia but we want to know if he is not involved, WHY is he keeping quiet?

The question is whether the Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Najid Tun Razak knows about what Tony Fernandez and gangsters are doing in Malaysia Airlines?

If the answer is no, it is now high time for Malaysia Prime Minister to get himself involve to stop what Tony Fernandez and his gangsters are doing to Malaysia Airlines, it’s workers and the nation.

If the Prime Minister does not take any actions to stop Tony Fernandez and his gangsters from robbing and killing Malaysia Airlines and its employees, the Malaysian public will accuse him (Prime Minister) that the collaboration agreement also involves him as a partner.

We also want to know if MAS unions and associations are going to strike against AirAsia and to boycott AirAsia if necessary for the benefits of the people of Malaysia and the country?


Will be continued and stay tune for Evidence of broad daylight heist by Tony Fernandez and his gangster – Part II

AirAsia – Now everyone can get sacked airlines

AirAsia and the Low Cost Carrier (LCC) Model

In many ways, Air Asia is analogous to Ryanair Low Cost Carrier business model including:

  • A single class

Supposing is a “non glamour” single class but now it has a premium class with “no frills” services and you are prohibited from bringing in Food and Drinks because Food & Beverage is sold on board.

  • No “frills”

Pay what you use service (in the future including lavatory usage would be charged for RM1 for 1 minute). Every minutes is money in Air Asia, that’s what monopoly system is all about.

  • Short haul, point to point operations

High aircraft utilization and efficiency so aircrafts will need HMV, Heavy Maintenance Visits so to set record Air Asia “boleh” (CAN DO) flew longer hours before aircrafts are sent for MRO because for each day of each aircraft is being grounded for repair and maintenance, it will eat into its profit as every minutes is worth dollars in revenue. Every passenger will only travel with Air Asia ONCE in a lifetime.  You will not be returning after you have been conned with new aircraft but complement with old and louder noise engine. That’s right, you paid for tickets to travel new aircraft but instead you were flown with an old engine aircraft.

  • High seating density and load factors

So flights without full load will be cancelled and passengers will be conned to stand on the queue whilst Air Asia opens its check-in counter late and closes at 45 minutes before departure “SHARP AND ONTIME”.  If you’re 45 minutes 2 seconds late, it means GOODBUY and please BUY another ticket at the other Air Asia counter if you wish to continue with your flight via CHEAPO AIRLINES.

  • Low operating costs

Aircraft uniformity – monopoly system with single type of aircraft where Boeing will be definitely out of the business in the future with the rates Tony Fernandez is selling Airbus aircraft to all ASEAN countries.  Boeing can standby to wind up business because AirBus is now officially the new partner for CHEAPO Airlines.

  • Low airport fees

Whilst Air Asia has protested against the increase of airport tax (MAHB) they hypocritically continue to charge the “Convenience Fee” to their passengers so to fairly penalizing passengers for using manual check-in.

  • Low maintenance fees
    • Old staff – OUT
    • New staff – IN
    • After 10 years, Staff will be rewarded with expensive watch as goodbye gift and thank you for servicing AirAsia. Remember that this is a low cost airlines that only afford to hire younger staff and cheaper labour and sacking older staff.


  • Low wages
  • Work until you retired but still below the poverty line and without a house registered in your name – that’s a guarantee by Tony Fernandez to all who has been working under him. The moral of the story, you get to be a slave while he enjoys becoming your only admired boss. We know in Malaysia, being rich means being powerful and if we ever dream that Tony Fernandez will let us be as rich as him, then, we are in trouble because he will kill us before we can out-rich him.
  • Crew flexibility
  • Work below grading as all crew are multitasking that means the manager can work as assistant manager too or lower than the rank;
  • Low manpower crisis – during short of manpower season, the Crew will have to work 24/7, 7 days a week but shhhssshh…don’t report it to authority or you will be sacked by Tony Fernandez.


  • No lounges

It’s chargeable and even if there is lounge available, please do not step inside if you’re NOT having a meal or you will be charged for stepping your foot on the doorstep’s fees for look see look see only.

  • Low administration costs
  • Ticketless and no frequent flyer program
  • Supposedly, it is aimed at ticketless and no frequent flyer program and so in the future passengers must bring a pen and paper to write down your Gate and seat number.  Today, the carrier has remodeled towards issuing cheap ticket in line with low administration costs.  Air Asia deems the frequent flyer program is expensive but it has great connection with regular flyers and hence, created the loyalty program to cater to its loyal customer for long term survival after they failed in their unsound business strategy.
  • Hire and Fire employment strategy
    • Non-union employees
    • Staff attempts to form union will be terminated efficiently and; do not dream to speak about it because Tony Fernandez pays for such information on many occasions. Staff were rewarded between RM4k to RM8k when reporting such attempt on forming union by independent group to Tony Fernandez for his immediate attention. Instantaneously, Tony boy felt he should be in control of the union and without wasting much time, he masterminded a national union for cabin crew. We cannot deny there are bunches of moronic working for Tony Fernandez feeding him such information and we believe the public have heard about the forming of NUFAM under Tony Fernandez that is to cap salary scale to minimum and dictating the terms and conditions for cabin crew based in KUL.
    • HIRE AND FIRE STRATEGY which also means ANYONE can get SACKED airlines. And with the assistance rendered by NUFAM later, it will aid legality to the dismissal of unproductive staff.


  • No freedom of speech
    • Staff must always speak good of Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun although they do not like him and;
    • Staff will be terminated for speaking ill against Air Asia worst terms and conditions, Staff must praise the terms and conditions written by Tony Fernandez.
    • Staff becomes ‘DOGS’ for Tony Fernandez to entertain his business partner arriving from overseas trip.
    • Staff must purchase drugs called “E” or “5″ or “joy” for entertainment when rostered for entertaining Tony’s business partner and gang. That’s what Tony Fernandez meant that his staff are happy.

  • Inconsistent payroll scheme is a norm practice in AirAsia by means of shortchanging the Worker’s of their dues
    • Earn as you fly which means you can forego your days off to fly more or sometimes you could fly until you fall sick on the way to work and staff will be rewarded with “Peanut Pay”;
    • Shortchanging staff for being unproductive on becoming ill after exhaustive work and fatigue is Air Asia Number 1 Practice for cost saving measures;
    • Read our other posts on “Malpractice in MAS/AA

  • Fatigue is not recognized in Air Asia and the Staff are prohibited to use the word “Fatigue”.   SACK will be the antidote for Staff uttering FATIGUE. AirAsia’s Pilot have been seen collapsing on their way to work which subsequently have contributed to AirAsia’s flight being further delayed. We hope those Pilots who have collapsed would still have the job intact. Do they? How many times can they collapse?
  • Promoting drug tolerance workplace
    • We have been informed younger women are encourage to consume drug when entertaining Air Asia or Tony Fernandez’s business partners and customers. The idea of consuming drugs before entering the party is to get into “friendly” mode before the itchy gang started to be itchy, you know what we mean.
    • We believe in Air Asia, there’s also a syndicating drugs such as KETAMINE and ESTACY/Viagra pills for its staff and business partners, and that is why AirAsia needs to own MAS CARGO possibly for a higher import due to greater demand AirAsia has created for the last one decade.

  • Leanest staff benefits
    • No transport facility for staff that worked at night shift and women’s safety is “OUTTA” Air Asia’s policy;
    • No hospitalization benefits for Staff – all pay on your own when you are hospitalized.  In paper you get provided such benefits but in real life when you are hospitalized, you pay as you hospitalize and don’t dream to even reimburse from Tony Fernandez or you’ll be on the sacking list.

Presently, you get free supply from AirAsia for your uniform, shoe and accessories but in the future, uniform, shoes and accessories are compulsory for staff to purchase from Air Asia to increase their ancillary revenue at the expense of the public and it’s staff.

Welcome to cost saving lowest cost cheapo airlines – AirAsia, that can sack staff at anytime.