The GAME is OVER for Ahmad Jauhari!

This week will begin with Ahmad Jauhari switching his course for declaratory judgment over the accounts of profits for Malaysia Airlines fearing the wrath of the powerful MAS Unions.

Either way Ahmad Jauhari has lost in the game that he didn’t know how to play!

Failing in fulfilling his obligation as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director for Malaysia Airlines has pledged himself grave consequential damages.

Stalling the recovery plan for Malaysia Airlines is a fraud fiduciary duty. Ahmad Jauhari has put his personal interests before his fiduciary duty benefiting him a fiduciary position harboring Nepotism which is his sister Roziah; who had been harboring the wrong-doers inside Malaysia Airlines department transforming the Human Resources division into Human Remains Subsection.

It goes like this – the wrongdoer gets away from being charged and the innocent gets to be the set up as the fall-guy. Setting up the righteous one as the fall-guy now is the latest business strategy in MAS Human Remains division. It’s all about dirty politics!

That is why Ahmad Jauhari fails in managing his own top management. Garnished from his failure to fulfill his fiduciary duty, he lost the control over his sister i.e. Roziah who’s managing him with wrong directions resulted from her personal political intents.

Under a separate supplementary Joint Venture, Ahmad Jauhari is collaborating with Tony Fernandez auctioning MAS MRO and MAE favorably to AirAsia. We believe Ahmad Jauhari fears of the reliance damages which can be proven occurred when the failure of one party to meet a contractual obligation. We also believe the contractual claim giving rise to the damages (breach of contract versus a tort claim) are a potential type of direct Joint Venture between Ahmad Jauhari and Tony Fernandez from AirAsia.

Henceforward, Ahmad Jauhari may face another consequential damages in cost of unfinished work on time as a result of his collaboration with Tony Fernandez.

Aren’t we so right about you, Ahmad Jauhari?

Parachuting the hairless man into MAS MAE was the agreement between Tony Fernandez and Ahmad Jauhari which also clearly oversees the evidence of collaboration between Ahmad Jauhari and Tony Fernandez from AirAsia.

The hairless man is still the loyal worker of Tony Fernandez. The minute he landed into MAS MAE he had signed the Joint Venture with Tony Fernandez of AirAsia to fully surrender MAS MAE as AirAsia new equity. Worse luck; the deal is cubed by the powerful MAS Unions.

Our investigations revealed shockingly there is another collaboration between some of the Engineering workers and MAS MAE CEO which the hairless man is leading – Azhari Mohd Dahlan; also the brother to one of MAS former CEO – Dato’ Fuad Mohd Dahlan.

Now the Avengers sent from AirAsia have just begun showing their true colors.  Some of the workers in the Engineering Division have been guaranteed a super fast promotion if they had participated in MAS Unions election or have sustained a position inside the powerful MAS Unions to unblock the transfer of MAS equity to AirAsia for Tony Fernandez.

There is evidence of Ahmad Jauhari showering MAS middle management with more traveling opportunities spending millions of ringgit at the expense of workers’ blood and sweats. Another visible evidence on Ahmad Jauhari is the promotion for MAS middle management became automatic at the turning point for garnering fraternity support with the intent to securing him the CEO position until MAS MAE and MRO have been handed-over completely to Tony Fernandez of AirAsia.

In our conclusive investigation, Ahmad Jauhari is saving AirAsia for Tony Fernandez. By 2014, AirAsia would have been down in the drain if Tony Fernandez failed to secure MAS licensed MAE and MRO for AirAsia cost efficiency project.

MAPA – Malaysia Airlines Pilot Association have not been involved in the political arena. Alas, securing experts within its division and platform – nice work!   However, still need a watch out for those in favor of AirAsia in the authority department. You know what we meant! Next year would be a year for AirAsia Avengers getting into MAPA platform controlling MAS operational requirement.

Please stay informed with Malaysiaairlinesfamilies. Upcoming post – Lipas man or BABI?


Malaysia Airlines have gangster Flight Attendants a.k.a. The NUFAM Troublemakers – Part III

Introducing the Mr. & Mrs. President of NUFAM – the wife beater and the home-wrecker a.k.a. The Troublemakers!

The Lipas Man and the gangster lady in charged of NUFAM Open Forum were caught of their public indecent acts. In Malaysia, muslims are prohibited from displaying their public indecent acts such like the above act. It’s called closed proximity and usually a muslim woman is encouraged to dress up decently without showing her bra or even her smallest breast to the public.

Howdy Mr. & Mrs. President of NUFAM! We’ve got more story to tell after our intensive investigations. They are both are Muslims and officially an unmarried couple. The religious department needs to get down on these two Troublemakers and shameful indecent couple. Those MAS cabin crew in the picture above who have been assisting in funding Mr. & Mrs. President should have been terminated too.

The gangster lady a.k.a. The Home-wrecker is also one of the prostitutes Tony Fernandez had before and here is more pictures we uncovered recently.

Madam McPhee…weee!!!

But where is the breast?

OMG!!! Flat chest home-wrecker?

The home-wrecker showing off her sexiness to the world!

Next time do send us your nude picture please!

Exposing her bra to the world without respecting the religion as a muslim woman! Shamefully she is a mother of one child and the wife of another man! The MEDONNA-dressed up slut!

Is this the same home-wrecker? Let’s find out on our next episode Part IV!

The wife beater and the home-wrecker both shacking up in a luxury condominium while the Lipas Man is paid top-dollars by Tony Fernandez to max-up his plan sabotaging MAS cabin crew inside Malaysia Airlines.

Our reliable sources affirmed the Ministry of Human Resource gave affirmative to NUFAM where it has no locus-standi to represent MAS cabin crew after we exposed Maznah Mazlan and the Lipas Man’s underground jobs to the world.

The Prime Minister must take drastic measures to SACK Deputy Minister of Human Remains – Maznah Mazlan before she screws another Government Linked Company (GLC).

Despite the affirmation received from the Ministry of Human Remains under Maznah Mazlan, the Lipas Man and his home-wrecker continue lying to NUFAM and MAFAA members whilst enjoying the members’ monthly contributions settling the condominium the Lipas Man has bought for his home-wrecker.

Wanna know what’s the address? Stay tuned to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for Part IV.

AirAsia has lost bidding to own Batavia Air!

Four days ago, the STAR publication led by Tony Fernandez as one of its Board of Director once again have proven to the whole nation – all Malaysians of his true colors and his specialty/super capability to misleading the nation of AirAsia’s present financial conditions and the AirAsia IPO Spree for 2013.

Four days later, we found out still AirAsia did not pay the aviation taxes and the full downpayment for Airbus 100 planes’ big SPREE that was ordered by Tony Fernandez in March 2011.

We were also informed by our loyal readers that AirAsia is dropping it’s bid for Batavia Air. We believe it is because it didn’t reach unanimous agreement to fully transform Batavia Air to AirAsia Indonesia even with the payment of USD80 millions acquiring 49% shares instead of 79% equity on Batavia Air. So AirAsia Indonesia is no longer a success story to tell.

Read this article on AirAsia A320. By Kurt Hofmann

AirAsia (AK) has dropped plans to acquire Indonesian carrier Batavia Air (Y6) after they failed to reach an agreement, according to local news reports.

“We will continue to seek strategic partners to develop our business,” Y6 chief Yudiawan Tansari told Dow Jones. AK could not immediately be reached for comment.

AK and its Indonesian deal partner Fersindo Nusaperkasa agreed to acquire Y6 in July. Under the contract, AK would have taken a 49% stake in Batavia and Fersindo Nusaperkasa would have taken a controlling 51% shareholding.

Y6 launched operations in 2002. The carrier operates one Boeing 737-500, 15 737-300s, 10 737-400s, seven Airbus A320s and two A330S.

We believe the AirAsia X Indonesia have broaden the industry disharmony to the People of Indonesia and its government following a similar pattern of disruption in Malaysia Airlines orchestrated by Tony Fernandez whilst he was still the board of director for Malaysia Airlines.

Whilst Tony Fernandez was still the board of director for Malaysia Airlines he proposed the cruelty transformational rule eliminating the workers rights and benefits to increase a higher unemployment opportunity in Malaysia with a poverty line sustaining a minimum income level to ensure a proportion of population continues living in poverty.

Much in analyzing Tony Fernandez’s strategy that imposing the poverty lines in Malaysia is to sabotaging the ruling government’s vision and mission that to make Malaysia a higher income country by year 2020.

Even though Tony Fernandez has already been KICKED OUT by MAS Unions in May 2012; he remains the disruptive head in charge collaborating discreetly with MAS present CEO Ahmad Jauhari stalling Malaysia Airlines recovery plans and prevent Malaysia Airlines from joining ONEWORLD by consistently declaring more losses. The hidden agenda is to KILL Malaysia Airlines in entirety. So Tony Fernandez cannot own MAS would have it destroyed using his cronies – Azhari Mohd Dahlan and a few of MAS senior co-workers.

What this hairless man didn’t know is what’s gonna hit him soon!

For the public information, Azhari Mohd Dahlan was given green thumbs up by Ahmad Jauhari to sponsor coaches for PKR’s huge followers in Malaysia Airlines whom are mostly from the senior workers in Engineering site to sabotage MAS union’s recent election by gaining control of MAS unions with ulterior agenda to pass over MAE to AirAsia just like in the old days where MAS passed MAS Catering to LSG – Sky Chef. This is a strategy to exploit the workers with new terms and conditions under non-union policy concept.

MAS Head of Human Resource Zahrah Zaid have been asked to keep seeing no devil and hearing no evil.

Our investigations confirmed Azahari Mohd Dahlan has had many secret meetings with some of MAS Unions’ representative promising them a huge opportunity towards promotion as Manager of KLIA Engineering if the selected cronies has successfully gained control of MAS Unions. We shall be posting more interesting insight story soon – who is eligible to be the new Manager under Azhari Mohd Dahlan?

Azhari Mohd Dahlan makes many friends in MAS Engineering site during his times working with MAS and now his returns has revengeful blows against those who ousted his brother Fuad Mohd Dahlan – former MAS MD and CEO by working hand in hand with his co-workers who always fanning Azhari Mohd Dahlan’s asses.

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Lion Air challenges AirAsia with a new Malaysian Low Cost Carrier – Malindo Airways

When will Tony Fernandez learn how to respect human rights? What goes around will come around!!!

The Lion Air is determined to compete head to head fiercely with Air Asia as long as Tony Fernandez is in the group CEO for AirAsia. Soon, there will be other LCCs in Japan and Korea that will set up to challenge AirAsia Japan and Korea. This isn’t an innuendo but a fact that Tony Fernandez has to face when dealing with human rights.

A group of human rights activists have vowed to keep their eyes on Tony Fernandez wherever he goes and wherever he’s bolting off.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies welcomes Malindo Airways to give AirAsia the run for their money. The malaysians mentality is always on the edge of experimenting a new ambience with a bit of touch in services. Unlike AirAsia, it has many agendas of which one is to hide charges until everyone who had flown with AirAsia would have known flying with Malaysia Airlines is so much cheaper than flying with AirAsia but wouldn’t that be too late to realize that your money was not wised-spent?

Well…Malaysians now do not have to worry much about this because a group of human rights activists are monitoring AirAsia’s fraud and hidden charges and in the future, we won’t be seeing AirAsia again so long Tony Fernandez is still the group CEO. Those of you who are still holding AirAsia shares should consider quickly to dump it or regret later for keeping it.

In fact, we have also found out Tony Fernandez has very difficult moment to breathe in and get aroused during his playboy time at night (all the time since the forming of Malindo Airways) owing to the facts that the world is now keeping a closer observation on Tony Fernandez’s bolting movement. Isn’t it so clear that Tony Fernandez is shivering and his balls are shrinking smaller each day whilst Malinda Airways is getting ready to compete in May 2013?

To Malindo Airways, please do what is right but do spare for Malaysia Airlines workers who are merely earning a decent living with MAS.

The Lion Air is challenging AirAsia – Bloombergs

PT Lion Mentari Airlines will set up a low-cost carrier in Malaysia, challenging AirAsia Bhd. (AIRA), the region’s biggest discounter, in its home market.

Malindo Airways will begin flights in May and may have about 100 planes within a decade, Ahmad Johan, president of National Aerospace & Defense Industries Sdn., told reporters in Kuala Lumpur today. National Aerospace will own 51 percent of the new airline, with Indonesia-based Lion Air holding the rest.

The carrier pits Boeing Co. (BA)’s record customer against the biggest buyer of Airbus SAS narrow-body planes as Lion Air and AirAsia compete for budget travelers in Asia. The region’s total air-travel may grow 6.4 percent a year through 2031 because of economic growth, according to Boeing.

“We are looking at selling tickets at AirAsia’s pricing or may be lower,” Lion Air President Director Rusdi Kirana said today. Malindo Air plans to fly to countries including Thailand, China, India, Japan and Australia, besides offering services within Indonesia and Malaysia, he said.

Lion Air signed a record order for 230 Boeing 737s in February, which was worth $22.4 billion at list prices. The deal, which also included 150 options, was Boeing’s biggest in terms of dollar value and plane numbers. The carrier flies to more than 36 destinations within Indonesia and overseas, according to its website.

100 Planes

The airline has forecast passenger growth rates of 15 percent a year as it adds more planes. Its fleet may expand to 470 planes by 2025, Kirana said in November. The carrier has 100 planes now. Malindo Air will draw its fleet from planes Lion Air Group has ordered, including the 787s for possible Europe flights, Kirana said today.

Shares of AirAsia sank 2.7 percent to 3.19 ringgit in Kuala Lumpur trading, the lowest close since Oct. 10. The carrier has grown into Asia’s biggest discount airline since its takeover byTony Fernandes and partners in 2001. The carrier, based in Sepang, Malaysia, has subsequently set up ventures in the Philippines, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.

The airline last year ordered 200 Airbus A320neo aircraft valued at $18 billion in the biggest order for the French planemaker. It may sign a deal for as many as 100 more A320s at the Berlin Air Show, which starts today, Chief Executive Officer Aireen Omar said last month.

Jetstar, the budget arm of Qantas Airways Ltd., is also building up a network of low-cost carriers across Asia. The airline already has ventures in Singapore, Vietnam and Japan, and it’s setting up another in Hong Kong.

Batik Air, Lion Air’s long-haul carrier, will begin operations in March with six Boeing 737s and five 787s, the company said today.

To contact the reporter on this story: Manirajan Ramasamy in Kuala Lumpur

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Neil Denslow at

Where is Malaysia Airlines heading? Under Ahmad Jauhari MAS will still be under AirAsia

Pertinent question for MAS on it’s 40 anniversary

Today is MAS 40th Anniversary.To reflect back on it’s past 40 years, do read history and aviation buff Bigdog’s latest posting here.

For human, there is a saying that life begins 40.

At that age, one is supposed to have reached some level of maturity, knowledg-ability and experienced. But most important, the age 40 is the usual age most men acquire a sense of responsibility.

Known to Muslim, Prophet Muhammad received the holy message at 40. Before the revelation came, he spent time much making deep reflection and contemplating on life, the world, his existence, etc..

MAS is not human. It is a company. But since it is being steered by human, it is perhaps as good as any time to ask the pertinent question of what does it want to be.

The only different is that the MAS organisation or it’s top management and Board of Directors can do that contemplation but it is the national leadership that has to decide.

In the way the aviation world is shaping up, the thinking that MAS can go on to be a public listed company to pursue profit can also pursue social role needs rethinking. Partly the mistake of previous administration, nevertheless Air Asia proves that such thinking need to be reviewed.

The role to link the two sides of the country, reaching to the interiors, international diplomacy, promoting tourism, flag carrier and name of Malaysia, and various other social roles has cost to it. Now, MAS is in no position to absorb that cost and be expected to continue to meet stakeholders expectation of maximising shareholders wealth i.e. make profit.

It is not impossible for MAS to turn around. National flag carier like JAL managed to do so.

However, the do so, it has to be clear and focus in it’s vision and mission. MAS cannot have two visions, with separate set of missions, strategy and implementation plan.

Despite the trying times, it has already started on it’s attempt to comeback with acquisition of new planes. To keep itself a player, it has to continue to reinvest. It means more money.

If the national leadership views that they want MAS to be profitable, then social role will have to be compromised. It is money for money sake.

But then if it is about it’s social role for rakyat and nation, be reminded that it means Government will be pumping money without expected return until there is return for commercial airliner to take up that role.

Air India is an example of former commercial airliner that have been reduced to play only the social role.

What, how and when of such strategy to keep MAS as only a social purpose role can be sorted out later. The first step is the decision by the Prime Minister and the Government to make their pick.

Profit or people and nation?

That ‘revelation’ is much awaited by MAS and the industry for them to be clear where to put their hearts into. At 40, it is as good as any.