Nufam’s Stupidity – Episode 3

The journey of the National Union for Flight Attendant Malaysia in typical circumstances is a shortest stint ever recorded in the history of trade unionism as assisted by the Director General of Trade Union – the Cleverest Young Bastard (YB) Mustafa Bin Ali and his collaborators that included AirAsia’s CEO Tony Pariah Fernandez working hand in glove with another born-to-be-bastard “Roslee Sabaruddin” who works discreetly with MAS imported spy – Mohammad Fauzi Mahayahuddin to destroy the National Carrier from the inside.

This is how the department of Trade Union collaborates with Nufam…

buildingtomb20132buildingtomb2013And the hero comes along…


Let us take a closer look at NUFAM chronologically…it was registered in 2012 by Ismail Nasaruddin the Lipas Man who recently was fired from Malaysia Airlines for public defamation against the National Carrier and six other MAS cabin crew. Nufam was approved by Roslee Sabaruddin (Assistant of DGTU) who then was believed to have received a sum of RM50,000 (under table) from AirAsia for assisting in the formation of Nufam to stir trouble inside MAS.

numb20131Now Every Crew Can Vote!

The slogan Nufam uses are in conjunction with AirAsia’s advertisement clearly revealing such slogan was authorised by AirAsia’s Tony Pariah Fernandez. The mission is to poison MAS cabin crew so to join AirAsiaX with those unfurled lies about how wonderful and fabulous that AirAsiaX is than any other local airlines.

This is how AirAsia get to recruit the experienced cabin crew from another local airlines for its quick expansion avoiding payable inland and airport taxes. The profit AirAsia makes are generated from all taxes specifically the airport taxes and the pre-paid airfares collected in advance from its customers.

Nufam is tasked by AirAsia’s CEO Tony Pariah Fernandez to pressure MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari to fully committ to his promises that he made with Tony Pariah on signing away MAS quota for Los Angeles route paving way for AirAsia to fly into Los Angeles by the end of 2014.  When a CEO fails delivering it on time…Nufam strikes…nufam2014The fact remains that Nufam was truly formed by Tony Pariah Fernandez working hand in glove with the cougar bitch – Maznah Mazlan whose collaboration included those resentful ex-MAS workers in her attempt to avenge MAS for terminating her nephew who was once also a cabin crew of Malaysia Airlines under 5 years of contract service.

sackedLast year was the most memorable year for Nufam President who then finally joined the resentful clowns.

Here’s the memoir of Nufam 2013…

numb20132numb20137Nufam’s memoir for 2014…

tomb2013Digging a grave…

tomb2014Building a tomb and finally…

tomb20142Done Yet? or Well Done? Looks like the steak is sizzled and well done.

Congrats Nufam for being so D.U.M.B – Don’t Use Many Brains! Stay tuned to us for our next episode 4 – Against all odds – Ex-executive councils of AEU strikes back against MAS!


About Nufam’s stupidity – Episode 2

What does NUFAM stand for? Literally; it is an acronym for Nuclear Fire Planning and Assessment Model. However; NUFAM is also known as THE trade fair for commercial vehicles in southern Germany.

In Malaysia; NUFAM is a Flight Attendant Union for rude; disrespectful; frustrated and disgruntled workers and to be exact it is a National Union for Frustrated Attendant Malaysia. It’s website at cannot be found – When a registered trade union’s website has gone kaput – it’s a sign that it has lost its interest in what it really stand in for.

In the last few days; the Malaysian local dailies were busy issuing statements produced by a registered trade union for the disgruntled employees of Malaysia Airlines on threatening to stage a walk-out protest – read here – Nufam threatens to walk out next month.

An employee’s threatening behavior can be no more than a way for an employee to blow off steam or it can lead to violent episodes. MAS management should evaluate an employee who threatens the airline’s CEO and take action based on the seriousness of the situation. Employees who make detailed and specific threats may be closer to violent action than those who make vague threats.

The Union for frustrated flight attendants in that statement against Malaysia Airlines had threatened to stage a massive staff walk out if Malaysia Airlines failed to withdraw the suspension from flying duty on its President – Ismail a.k.a. Mr. Lipas Man and accord immediate recognition to Nufam as the bargaining body for its cabin crew.


This crazy yet stupid Nufam Union also claimed there will be approximately 1000 cabin crew currently working for Malaysia Airlines will stage the walk-out by next month if the suspension of Nufam President – Mr. Lipas Man is not withdrawn.

This public humiliation against MAS management by MAS disgruntled employees leaves a lasting impression on MAS customers and can really kill workplace morale.

Malaysia Airlines has 3,800 strength for cabin crew of which 90% of the strength will always be away for flying duties leaving the remaining 10% will be on the ground for days off as scheduled. Contrary to Nufam’s threat against Malaysia Airlines; there can only be a total of 380 cabin crew on the ground to fully backed Nufam President on the day for walk-out.

Given the fact that Malaysia Airlines employed 95% locals where almost 100% of locals are committed to paying monthly subscription credit card bills; hire-purchase scheme and mortgages; we doubt these cabin crew will take the risk to stage a walk-out for Mr. Lipas Man.

We believe those cabin crew will not stage a walk-out for Nufam President after he humiliated a reputable airline’s CEO. We figure the number as predicted by Nufam could be wrong. Perhaps Nufam meant 1000 cabin crew minus last two digit of zeros which is only 10 cabin crew as in the picture above.

Out of 10 cabin crew; we figure probably only 5 stupid cabin crew would stage the walk-out with Mr. Lipas Man if only Tony Fernandez in AirAsia is willing to take them all. Walking out of a secured employment or opting an instant resignation is truly impulsive for youngsters.

However, if applying with logic we believe no one would ever risk a decent job to strike against the employer for others. Nufam must stop bull-shitting to the public and making threats against your own employer.

Read our first episode – here! Do stay tuned to our next episode 3!

The New World Order on Privatization – Part I

Today we’re gonna expose against the New World Order by the opposition party to promote the sensitivity of politically linked to Privatization on Malaysia Airlines and many other GLC sectors. In this Part I episode; we’re educating our readers of the negative impact of Privatization that may lead to a National Bankruptcy even before year 2020.

This urge to publish The Effects of Privatization on Human Capital was a called from our anonymous reader. So follow us to catch this most interesting story of the hidden agenda by the New World Order instructed upon the opposition party.

The effects on Privatization

Privatization will be the biggest dogfight of the next ten years. In mid-1980s, the governments and citizens recognized the drawbacks of government control of enterprises. Rather than focusing on the business aspects; many governments-controlled corporations had become grazing ground; for political appointees or vote winners through job allocations. As a result; many government-owned enterprises excelled in losing money and governments are increasingly recognizing that it is possible to reduce the cost of governing by changing their role and involvement in the economy.

Therefore; countries the world over; have launched a massive and ambitious privatization programs or process of productive and other activities previously considered state enterprises or public services to improve their efficiency; free up resources for social services and mobilize capital for expansion and modernization.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been pushing client countries toward privatization. Therefore in developing countries privatization has been spurred since the IMF and the World Bank started to make their assistance conditional on it (Kikeri, 1997; Perotti, 2004; Borner 2004).

Privatization is critical and politically sensitive government activity that has led to fundamental shifts in the relationship between the private and public sectors of the jurisdictions of many countries (Prizzia, 2005). A change in ownership changes the structure of information; incentives and control; affecting operating decisions and thus economic performance.

Privatization; by limiting the state’s ability to redirect the enterprises’ activities in ways that promote short-term political objectives; enhances economic efficiency. Within the basic welfare services; privatization has been used to refer to an increase in the individual’s responsibility for his or her own welfare. This arises from the state’s attempt to delineate more explicitly its commitment to citizens’ welfare and may also reflect citizens’ own demands for alternative services.

Privatization and transition are most likely to maximize social and employment benefits and minimize social and employment costs if those are explicit goals narrated that in terms of returns on assets; the main topic of analysis has been the effect of privatization on employment levels and returns to labor.

In this regard researchers have conducted several studies to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of privatization. Following are few researches wherein different aspects of privatization causing benefits and harms have been studied. This study is dedicated to find out the negative and positive aspects of privatization on employees.

Privatization encompasses the many ways in which the private sector assumes functions that were previously carried out by the government. According to Pamacheche et al. (2007), privatization is supposed to be undertaken to re-deploy assets from the public to the private sector, where the assets are expected to be used more efficiently. Pamacheche et al. expressed that depending on the form it takes privatization can be defined in several ways. They quoted a definition of privatization by the World Bank as;

“A transaction or transactions utilizing one or more of the methods resulting in either the sale to private parties of a controlling interest in the share capital of a public enterprise or of a substantial part of its assets” or “the transfer to private parties of operational control of a public enterprise or a substantial part of its assets”

According to ILO (2001); privatization is the transfer from the public to the private sector of assets in terms of ownership; management; finance or control. In its narrowest sense it is the sale of public assets to the private sector; but it has also been linked to a reduced regulatory role of government; linked to policies of liberalization and deregulation.

Materials and Methods research article has been developed on descriptive secondary information obtained from research literature about effects of privatization on employees.

By analyzing many research reports; it gave an opinion that privatization’s economy-wide effects on the government budget growth; employment and investment are less established. However, privatization caste negative impacts on public as revealed by some research studies.

Nancy and Nellis (2003) reported negative impacts of privatization by stating that at the heart of popular criticism is a perception that privatization is fundamentally unfair in both concept and implementation: it is seen as harming the poor; the disenfranchised; the workers and even the middle class; throwing people out of good jobs into unemployment; raising prices for essential services; giving away national treasures and all this to the benefit of the local elite, agile or corrupt politicians and foreign corporations and investors.

Prizzia, (2005), in a paper titled “An International Perspective of Privatization and Women Workers”; asserted negative impacts. According to his example, privatization of a water system in Bolivia and an energy system in Thailand increased unemployment and decreased consumer welfare in both countries; resulting in the sudden rise of prices that culminated in a series of mass protests.

About Japan Cato (2008) expressed that the studies on mixed oligopolies revealed that in an industry that is sufficiently competitive privatization improves welfare.

Effects on employees are insecurity or loss of jobs; changes in working environment, stress due to insecurity of job; wage cuts etc.

But Kikeri, (1997) is of the view that in contrary to popular belief; workers often have gained from privatization as new investments and dynamic expansion have resulted in new job creation at both the enterprise and sector levels and as productivity improvements have led to better terms and conditions of service. Martin (n.d.) concluded that countries with no recent experience of unemployment were suddenly exposed to the shock of redundancy and job insecurity.

The study on labor effects of privatization of public services in New York State found that local government privatization have some harmful effects on workers. Few local employers had adjustment policies to protect affected employees and disproportionate negative impacts were found on women and minorities.

It was stated that often protected from competition and subsidized by their public owners; public economic enterprises (state enterprises) in many developing countries employ too many people, so that cost of hidden unemployment is one of their most important problems; often they pay them wages and benefits that are higher than their private sector counterparts and are governed by rigid labor contracts and by privatization;  their cost can be eliminated. It was further narrated that in steel; railways; and energy enterprises; over-staffing often have led to employment reductions before privatization as governments prepare the companies for sale and after as privatized companies continue to shed labor.

Rozana (2000) studied Worker Redundancy (theoretically; a worker is redundant if his marginal productivity is below the received wage) and discussed handling the problem of surplus labor its extent; issues and preparation. Rozana expressed that worker redundancy has been common in Sri Lankan SOEs; which were largely overstaffed because employment had been given under political patronage to fulfilling the state’s objective of reducing unemployment. Recruitment was easiest in the semi-skilled and unskilled tiers and thus; not surprisingly; surplus labor was most common in the grades of laborers; minor staff; clerical and other allied grades rather than at the management and executive grades and grades requiring skilled labor.

Birdsall and Nellis (2002) asserted that public enterprises were overstaffed often severely so; that in preparing (or as a substitute) for privatization; public enterprise employment numbers have declined; sometimes greatly; and that these declines generally continued post-privatization though in a minority of the studied cases employment numbers improved post-sale. Situation was and still is same in other countries where state or public sector owns the organization and governance is not good.

This over-staffing is one of the reasons of failure of organizations in state ownership other reasons are lack of interest and selfishness as expressed by Rozana (2000) that profit motive was not the main drive in the public enterprise; implementing efficient corporate management and productivity enhancement techniques were not high on the SOE agenda.

On privatization extra workers are to be laid off so the greatest organized source of opposition to privatization comes from employee unions but that unions may not always oppose privatization; particularly in cases where public units are allowed to compete with private firms to provide services.

An Anonymous researcher asserted that politically the most difficult and feared impact of privatization is employee layoffs. The fear is justified because many public enterprises are greatly overstaffed; as they are often used as instruments of job creation.

On privatization; employees feel job insecurity and have fear losing their jobs. Fear can pass to other employees and trigger a chain reaction that ultimately leads to the widespread fear in employees; of losing their jobs which causes increased job stress.

Genuine researchers are of the view that at the heart of popular criticism is a perception that privatization is fundamentally unfair in both concept and implementation: it is seen as harming the poor; the disenfranchised; the workers and even the middle class; throwing people out of good jobs into poor ones or unemployment. It is clear that public enterprises were overstaffed often severely so; that in preparing for privatization; public enterprise employment numbers declined, sometimes greatly and that these declines generally continued post-privatization. Overall; the evidence indicates that more people have lost jobs than gained them through privatization.

Reading of the evidence spread on Privatization; it expressed that more people have lost jobs than gained them through privatization. Birdsall and Nellis commented complementing that now the important question of what kind of jobs people find after dismissal from public enterprises is just beginning to receive attention. The fear of job losses is the stumbling block to privatization. Where the government‘s power base is in urban centers, trade unions make employment the number one issue in the privatization deal.

The fear of job losses is also the stumbling block in the negotiation with workers’ union where the employer usually would re-strategies towards Union as Union Busters via a formation of another union to busting the workers’ union thus creating a hindrance in the process of negotiation as the case for “The International Brotherhood of Teamsters” that “refused” to negotiate in 2011 with a group of its own union organizers who voted to form a union called the Federation of Agents and International Representatives (FAIR); to negotiate with their employer – the Teamsters.

On 29 August 2012, after being found guilty of unlawfully union busting their own employees’ union, the Teamsters (IBT) posted a notice “pursuant to a settlement agreement approved by a regional director of the Obama Administration’s National Labor Relations Board NLRB,” that they will stop union busting. The notice assures Teamster employees that they will no longer be prevented from exercising their rights. The furtherance deal of negotiation were successfully struck without further disruption.

Will be continued and please stayed tune to our next post. 🙂

AirAsia runs Malaysia Airlines with defective management skills – Episode 4

Extreme Prejudice is the code for AirAsia on its active campaign annihilating Malaysia Airlines.

AirAsia, a low-cost airline is trying to survive from the global fuel hikes has resorted to deploying its most loyal espionage into demolishing the national airlines – Malaysia Airlines.

As exposed in our previous Episode 1, 2 and 3; here is the evidence of AirAsia that runs Malaysia Airlines with defective management skills;-

On August 23rd this year, the Airfreight forwarders in Malaysia are seeking compensation and a refund on terminal charges following what is said to be the worst service disruption in the history of the MAS Advanced Cargo Centre at the KL International Airport in Sepang, involving cargo from 27 flights.

In an Aug 20, 2013 letter, of which a copy was obtained by SunBiz, to Malaysia Airlines’ cargo arm, Airfreight Forwarders Association of Malaysia (Afam) chairman Walter Culas told MASKargo Sdn Bhd that it was seeking compensation and an immediate improvement in service levels. This follows an incident which saw a complete shutdown of import services at its centre last Friday due to a shortage of workers.

Culas stated that after 6pm on Friday there was a complete no show of foreign labour at the front line as well as reduced workers turning up for work in the import breakdown area.

“As a result, there was a complete shutdown of import activities at the Advanced Cargo Centre as there was no staff to perform cargo breakdown and retrieval activities,” he said in the letter.

When contacted by SunBiz, Culas said import breakdown could not be performed on 27 flights.

“This unacceptable situation meant that our forwarders had to wait long hours at the Advanced Cargo Centre to retrieve their inbound shipments. This resulted in total productivity loss,” he added.

He said forwarders could not carry out their Customs clearance process as well as make deliveries to their customers.

“The customers also were furious as delays were affecting their production processes especially those who practice “just in time” manufacturing,” he said in the letter. All cargo could only be cleared by Sunday morning, Walter said, a two-day delay.

Describing the incident as a “fiasco of no-show”, he said the lack of workers also affected export and transhippment cargo. The exact amount of cargo affected could not be determined as at press time.

Culas told SunBiz that warehouse handling was a crucial part of cargo operations and should not be outsourced.

“It especially should not be handled by foreign workers who are unskilled. MASKargo should instead takeover and build the skill within the group itself,” he said.

Warehouse handling at the Advanced Cargo Centre is currently outsourced to Kumpulan SF Powertech Sdn Bhd a company majority-owned by Kumpulan SF Bersatu Holdings Sdn Bhd and three other individuals namely, Abdul Talib Yacob, Jamaliyah Mohd Ambia and Norita Mohd Tahir.

It has been reported that the contract worth RM10.8 million runs until October this year.

MASKargo is one of two licensed government warehouse operators. The other company is KL Airport Services Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of DRB-Hicom Bhd.

In response, MASKargo CEO Mohd Yunus Idris told SunBiz that while there was an issue with workers at the cargo terminal last Friday, minimal services were affected.

He said two freighter flights were delayed because of the incident.

“The vendor concerned will be taken to task as per the agreement in the contract between them and MASKargo.”

Yunus defended the use of foreign workers, saying they are involved in manual job activities and are managed and supervised by technically competent supervisor and managers.

He said the outsourcing of warehouse handling is a practise since its operations at the old Subang airport in 1994.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is going all out exposing the scams by Tony Fernandez who leads his specific instructions designed for MAS Aerospace & Enginnering CEO – Azahari Dahlan and MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari together with MAS Human Resource Director Zaharah Zaid to insure MAS clients will further be successively suing Malaysia Airlines for each delay on MAS Cargo functions.

Following the 23rd August’s incident; MAS Cargo CEO – Azahari Botak Dahlan continued his disruptive planning for Malaysia Airlines with his third consecutive delays on 10th September; also in this year – MAS Cargo ops once again at standstill;-

Air freight forwarders operating out of the KL International Airport in Sepang faced major delays for the third time this year at the MAS Advanced Cargo Centre on Sept 10, prompting the the Airfreight Forwarders Association of Malaysia (Afam) to once again write to operator MASkargo Sdn Bhd to complain.

In a letter dated Sept 17, 2013, a copy of which was obtained by SunBiz, Afam chairman Walter Culas said it saw a complete standstill of cargo operations at the import and export truck bays at the MAS cargo centre on Sept 10, 2013.

It attributed the service failure to a walkout staged by foreign labourers employed by the vendor.

As a result of the walk-out, no shipment could be moved in and out of the import and export bays.

Culas said foreign labourers employed by the vendor, who operates the forklifts at the import and export bays, had staged a walkout at 7pm on Sept 10 as a show of protest for not receiving their salaries.

According to the association, this was the third major incident involving a walk-out by Powertech’s employees. The first incident was said to have taken place on Jan 12 and the second on Aug 16.

In an interview last month, MASkargo CEO Mohd Yunus Idris told SunBiz that the Aug 16 walk-out incident by the vendor’s employees was caused by what it called a “banking account failure”.

“We are completely disappointed with this state of affairs as we, the freight forwarders, are made to suffer because of the failure of other parties who are not within our control.

“We believe that MASkargo has however the ability to influence or rectify the situation as the vendor is appointed by them directly. Why are we made to suffer because of other party’s mismanagement?” Afam’s Culas said in the letter, which was copied to the ministries of international trade and industry and transport and Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya.

Culas said the delays have led forwarders to wait long hours at the cargo centre to retrieve their inbound shipments, resulting in productivity loss.

“This also meant that the forwarders could not carry out their Customs clearance process as well as make deliveries to their customers. The customers also were furious as delays were affecting their production processes, especially those who practise “just-in-time” manufacturing,” he added.

The walk-out also affected the export operations as there were no export bins provided nor were there any forklift drivers to handle the shipments during this period.

“As a result, final acceptance could not be performed as final reweigh procedures could not be carried out. This caused a massive jam at the export dock when dozens of trucks could not unload their shipments. They had to wait there for hours until after midnight due to this walk-out,” Culas wrote.

Afam is also seeking refunds on terminal charges as well as compensation to the forwarders affected from MASkargo.

The other question is why such jobs are given to vendors and who owns the vendors? Who called for the vendor staff walked-out? We believe it has connection to Azahari Dahlan; Ahmad Jauhari and Zaharah Zzzz the sleeping “Pig” who employs Hayati Dato’ Ali who were the vendors appoint-er before she was chased out from MAS airport functions.

Did Azahari systematically delay MAS flights to disrupt MAS cargo functions simultaneously? If such is true; we have just witnessed a workplace FIXED-UP program designed by Tony Fernandez and his proxies – Ahmad Jauhari; Azahari Dahlan and Zaharah Zzzz.

Is it STILL not evident for MAS Shareholders and can’t we see through who’s not capable of running Malaysia Airlines? Is it STILL not crystal clear of the indicative patterns by Ahmad Jauhari that is truly working for Tony Fernandez?

STILL; are MAS staff blinded by the colors of these EVIL musketeers – Ahmad Jauhari; Azahari Botak and Zaharah Zzzz.

Once again; Ahmad Jauhari is paid to see through MAS; a truly destroyed company before he ventures into AirAsia as the next possible adviser or board of director.

Be warned “people” who work for Malaysia Airlines that you’re not safe – even the board of directors are not safe in this game-changing ploy.

The delays are plotted to divert MAS clients towards signing with Tony Fernandez’s new cargo business deals via its proxies.

Stay tuned people for more stories on the defective management led by Ahmad Jauhari.

Finally Tony Fernandez has decided to let the cat out of the bag; openly sponsoring NUFAM & NUFEM- Part II

The future of Malaysia Airlines’ workers is staggering with the National Union for different categories presently being formed by the corrupted Ministers of Human Resources which is; to divide and rule the workers inside Malaysia Airlines ceasing the workers’ rights easily and effectively.

The respect for workers’ rights have never been part and parcel for MAS Human Resource Director – Zahrah Zaid; whose work is to suppress all unions in the corporate company. Before joining Danone Biscuit Company; Zahrah Zaid was from the British American Tobacco corporate company.

Today, British American Tobacco successfully celebrating its 100 years anniversary (thanked GOD) without Zahrah Zaid.

Zahrah Zaid moved on from British American Tobacco (BAT) to finally Danone Group; first at its Malaysia operations before moving on to a larger Asia Pacific-based role where she was appointed as the Director, Learning & Development Asia-Pacific at Danone Asia Pte Ltd.

Zahrah Zaid then took on the position of Executive Vice-President of Human Capital, Malaysia Airlines, effective from 8 February 2012 and promoted to Director of Human Resources Department with a monthly salary of more than a hundred thousands of ringgit increased from her previous monthly salary scale of RM40,000.

She was the asshole promoting herself to the Director of Human Resources taking the exemplary practice from her last appointment as the Director for Danone Asia Pte Ltd by introducing “The Directorship” for Malaysia Airlines. She is the cause to Malaysia Airlines hiking up the salary and wages for MAS ineffective yet most inefficient top management in the entire country of Malaysia.

Getting the salary hiked up was for setting up her early retirement scheme where she would not be able to contribute her failures to any other corporate companies in Malaysia and within Asia-Pacific.

Zahrah holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA and she also has a degree in Union Busting.

Zahrah Zaid possesses a special union busting skills in dividing the unions and associations for a corporate company and finally conquering and ruling the unions and associations the way she wanted it. For Zahrah Zaid, top management must be well-paid but the bottom level must be terminated for the loss of productivity among those who have high medical leave whilst she allows herself to be on high medical leave program citing health condition.

Seemingly Zahrah Zaid is unfair towards the lower grades of workers. Lower grades workers are covered and protected by MASEU and MAS Unions; therefore the need to eliminate MASEU and MAS Unions by Zahrah Zaid is momentous but significant.

Whilst she was still with British American Tobacco corporate level; she proposed the divide and conquer strategy to weaken the unions’ platform by deploying the yellow group to attack the unions that representing the corporate workers where she successfully terminated a few thousands of workers for British American Tobacco.

Her 20-year career in Human Resource spans across Asia-Pacific and Europe. Starting as a management trainee in Sime Darby in 1989, Zahrah worked in Sime Darby Group until 1995 where she met with MAS Human Resource Senior Manager Muhammad Fauzi Mahayudin who also previously worked for Sime Darby Group.


Together MAS Human Resource Director Zahrah Zaid and Senior Manager Muhammad Fauzi Mahayudin signed “The Agreement Letter” with NUFAM President Mr. Lipas man for conducting an election to find out how many MAS Cabin Crew are members of NUFAM.

The signed agreement above is to determine the numbers of MAS Cabin Crew that has joined NUFAM since its inception on 27th January 2012 during the share swap between MAS & Air Asia collaboration framework. Unfortunately, knowing Mr. Lipas man is the twister and the tornado; over a night he start pressuring MAS Cabin Crew who are not even members of NUFAM to vote as a member of NUFAM citing the requirement is set by the deputy Minister of Human Resources with cougar face – Maznah Mazlan who has close relationships with Tony Fernandez.

Cited by Mr. Lipas man that all MAS Cabin Crew must vote as NUFAM members; thus cheating the process to sustain NUFAM entity.

Whilst NUFAM is misleading MAS Cabin Crew of its election via the NO SECRET BALLOT PAPER as appended below as in evidence; NUFAM Union Executive Councils a.k.a. “The Sauna Expert” went on rampage promoting her Culture of Deception directing MAS Cabin Crew mostly are her friends and colleagues to vote as members of NUFAM even though they are not the member of NUFAM.

See below who’s cheating???


Now everybody can learn how to cheat from Sauna Expert – NUFAM

This is an initial stage dividing and ruling MAS workers on the grounds of workers’ rights benefiting the corporate level and that the pressure received from deputy Minister – Maznah Mazlan (who is known very closely linked to Tony Fernandez) to get NUFAM recognized by MAS by hook or by crook even including cheating votes from MAS Cabin Crew.

In Malaysia Airlines; Zahrah Zaid deploys NUFAM manipulating the platform to disrupt the in-house union by employing backstabbing and poisoning strategy to increase the disharmonious working atmosphere for the workers. This is fighting fire with the fire – a crafty way out to resolve internal issues. By this deployment; Zahrah Zaid would have a solid fact to present the evidence of what the workers want – the lower terms and conditions with short-term employment opportunity. We shall have our full-investigation revealed on our next posting on NUFAM brewing plans for MAS Cabin Crew – Part II.

Whilst MASEU is the strongest union in Malaysia and MAPA being the strongest Associations protecting the Pilots of Malaysia Airlines with the remaining MAS unions that are the strongest in supporting workers’ rights; Zahrah Zaid opted to NUFAM for weakening MASEU circumventing MASEU’s existence in Malaysia Airlines.

After she successfully circumventing MASEU, MAS Unions, MAPA, MESA; she would opt for NUFEM to weaken the high demand from MAS Engineering section employing this crafty strategy (Union Busting) by manipulating some of MAS Engineering workers with false promises of promotion just like what Ahmad Jauhari and Azahari Dahlan did. Some of MAS Engineering and Technicians are in the know that Zahrah Zaid, Ahmad Jauhari and Azahari Dahlan are working for Tony Fernandez. Unfortunately, they resort to working with Ahmad Jauhari, Zahrah Zaid and Azahari Dahlan to kill 50% of MAS Engineering and Technician workers to get themselves promoted to managerial level.

Our reliable sources informing us there is also a promise of 2 months bonuses to those who supported Tony Fernandez but limited to only 7 crooks who are willing to sell off the souls of Engineering and Technician crew.

Whilst Zahrah Zaid has health issue that slowing her down and lowering her productivity for Malaysia Airlines which her health conditions now is deteriorating; MAS board of directors is unaware of her mental destructiveness coupled with high sick leave and no-brainier directorship that she now becomes most inefficiently unable to restructure the Human Resources division as directed by MAS board of directors. Instead; she diverted the restructuring into dividing the workers in Malaysia Airlines to leverage her capacity to recruit more espionage in-line from Air Asia that has been sent by Tony Fernandez. So Malaysia Airlines has got to be on ALERT when recruiting the next management for accountability, transparency and integrity approach and succession.

Zahrah Zaid’s plan for NUFAM is very short. Once NUFAM get recognized by Malaysia Airlines through Zahrah Zaid; MAS cabin crew will be the first taken to be laid-off; following by NUFEM that will boycott MAS Engineering and Technician Crew to lay off the other 50% of its total present strength.

Her other plan also includes forming another National Union or NUAOM for the Airport Operations workers to lay off another 1,400 MAS workers station in KLIA airport.

After her success in getting the locus-standi for NUFAM, NUFEM and NUFAOM, she would be promoted by Tony Fernandez as the next future CEO of Air Asia X taking over the young but senile Azran Osman who has lost all his hairs for Air Asia X.

The promises made by Tony Fernandez to Zahrah Zaid and Alzahari Dahlan is the promotional opportunity embarking with Air Asia taking over his CEO-ships. Unfortunately, that is just the promises given by Tony Fernandez and nothing stating in paper for such promotion.

The cat is out of the bag – Tony Fernandez will successfully going back into Malaysia Airlines with the help from NUFAM, NUFEM and NUFAOM; Zahrah Zaid; Azahari Dahlan; Ahmad Jauhari and the traitors from MAS Engineering group who are working for the political party.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is very well informed of the active members from NUFAM whom are mostly working group for the similar political party.

Stay tuned to our next posting and prepare to embrace the negative waves of Tony Fernandez’s next directive for NUFAM, NUFEM and NUFAOM with the clue now getting crystallized.

MAS HR Director Zahrah Zaid collaborates with Tony Fernandez to destroy Malaysia Airlines – Part II

Today, we’re gonna tell the world of MAS management that has not been able focus in delivering good results as a result of its internal political coercion under the influences of Tony Fernandez. Already MAS has been mismanaged and the intervention by the Ministry of Human Resource did not help MAS at all and it got no better but even worse than before.

And today also in Malaysia Airlines; there are two strong TOP management – one is siding the DON and the other grows fraternity with Ahmad Jauhari a.k.a. the Faraway yet clueless CEO of the century. As a result of MAS forever being mismanaged style; the Director of Human Resources Zahrah Zaid took the opportunity to advance quietly by granting NUFAM to secure a seat in Malaysia Airlines to break apart the fraternity on the 8 Unions and Associations avenging for Tony Fernandez.

We are well-informed that Zahrah Zaid had ordered her close aid Fauzi Mahayudin to sign a memorandum with NUFAM on MAS’s capacity funding NUFAM recruiting MAS cabin crew as members. This NUFAM upcoming activity if funded by MAS would cost MAS easily as high as RM50,000 or more.

The NUFAM bulls is paid RM5,000 each a month by the barbarous Tony Fernandez for executing the task to subdue the in-house Union part by part with the help from the bent politicians such as Maznah Mazlan and S. Subramaniam together involving the Director of Trade Union Affairs department.

In Malaysia, it is not unknown by the public that S. Subramaniam is the fan of corruption activity. At any time, just name the price you shall get your task accomplished by asshole assisted by his deputy cougar minister who sees no future with the ruling party and getting set to frog leaping on to the other opposition side if the winning chances is higher on the opposition fence.

The evidence extracted from our reader published below for the public viewing where the letter below signed by Mr. Lipas man whose English is atrociously broken full of grammatical errors. It’s a shame such is a leader possesses broken English in writing.


The misappropriating funds over MAFAA and NUFAM’s accounts by Mr. Lipas man and his right hand BULLMAN must be reported to MACC – Malaysia Anti-Corruption Centre. We’ve received information a few of NUFAM members have lodged reports with MACC on the account of misappropriating funds by Mr. Lipas man. Lawfully, those who have information on this breach of trust should have rendered MACC full cooperation and if failing in doing so; one could be subjected to an arrest for aiding in the heinous crime committed by Mr. Lipas man. Our reliable resources informed that most of NUFAM excos are ca-hooting with Mr. Lipas man for outrageously spending on NUFAM funds freely.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies suggest the authority should also investigate both Maznah Mazlan and S. Subramaniam for collaborating with the barbarous Tony Fernandez to destroy the workers’ terms and conditions.

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NUFAM – A national union formed by Tony Fernandez to conquer Malaysia Airlines

Atlas, we’ve uncovered the ulterior motive of NUFAM a.k.a. The Troublemaker and the Gangster Flight Attendants led by Mr. Lipas man is to control Malaysia Airlines flight operations. Mr. Lipas man who’s the President of NUFAM does not seem able to lead with his current hot ass under scrutiny by the public and many of his own members.

The unscrupulous Tony Fernandez who wanted to manipulate the National Carrier had lost the control on Malaysia Airlines via the cancelled share swap strategy now is unscrupulously orchestrating NUFAM to control Malaysia Airlines. The exchange deal is Mr. Lipas man gets to live luxury lifestyle as long as MAS workers are under his lead. Here’s more evidence of MAS-Ly-WOOD (Malaysian Hollywood) lifestyle Mr. Lipas relishing with his home-wrecker bitch exploiting from its members’ monthly fees.


Mr. Lipas man relishes NUFAM’s collection whilst his home-wrecker bitch combined the extra for her clothing and make up!

mailMr. and Mrs. NUFAM showering each other lovey-dovey moments!

Loads of mwahhhhhhh…. mail

mail mailmail

Last November, the local daily Sun Newspaper reported that Air Asia’s right-to-fly has only been extended by six months until next March 2013 because of an audit by regulators found ‘some issues’ indicating shortcoming in Air Asia’s  flight operations rules and practices including flawed communication between the Pilots and flight operations, an outdated manual and flight operations not keeping in the manual.

We’ve been well-informed by our reliable resources as soon as the regulators started questioning Air Asia’s flight operations practices; Tony Fernandez sent Mr. Lipas man to approach the Director General of DCA to jeopardize Malaysia Airlines current practices by feeding one-sided information on MAS cabin crew’s present practices of high fatigue level grossly increased among MAS cabin crew and to build closer rapport on Tony Fernandez’s behalf.

Last few weeks weren’t smooth for Tony Fernandez who’s cracking his head on how to get Air Asia’s shares blooming and prosperous for Air Asia’s angry sharesholders. Take a good look at this manipulation in the recent market.


Air Asia’s closing prices was RM2.70 at 18:45 on December 10th 2012 but the indicator on the stock market watcher READ RM2.750 (???). Aren’t this crystal-clear an act of manipulation?

Before Air Asia’s stock prices start crashing from this;


To this state and lower;


Tony Fernandez will desperately need to get control of Malaysia Airlines to buy his next order of 100 more Airbus planes to forcibly pressure the regulators especially DCA to renew Air Asia’s right-to-fly license before March 2013. What’s gonna be his next step?

The next instruction as given by Tony Fernandez is that by hook or by crook NUFAM must conquer MAS cabin crew so AirAsia can control Malaysia Airlines. The day to conquer MALAYSIA AIRLINES will set on 19th December 2012 with the help from bent politicians such as Dato Maznah Mazlan and Director General of Trade Union. This manipulation will lead to NUFAM taking away MAS cabin crew’s rights to negotiate for MAS cabin crew for a lower terms and conditions as urgently required for Air Asia to expand and buying more Airbus planes. We have strong reason to believe this corrupted practice involved monetary for certain beneficial person.

523290_10152021443930611_1328511618_nTransparency under the leader who simply can’t keep his private part intact inside his pants and transparency under a leader who’s swallowing all collection for NUFAM?

We thought there’s already a union for MAS cabin crew and why NUFAM needs to represent MAS cabin crew only when it’s supposedly a national union for all cabin crew in Malaysia? Parking budget airlines and commercial airlines under NUFAM will bear a budget airlines’ package for the cabin crew working in Malaysia. Simply put, NUFAM will not be beneficial for all cabin crew when it imposes the budget airlines terms and conditions for all cabin crew. There are too many budget airlines in Malaysia and only one National Carrier that has premium terms and conditions.


Can a crooked leader who sleeps around with other people’s wives provide MAS cabin crew the transparency? Or is it for swallowing MAS cabin crew’s bigger memberships’ fees in the name of transparency for Mr. Lipas???


   Or to sustain a high maintenance for his home-wrecker that looks like a lady-boy!!!

Money………….money………and it’s money talking here for Mr. Lipas man. The keyword here that NUFAM quotes ‘to unite all cabin crew in the airlines’ is the evidence for dissenting all cabin crew in Malaysia and breaking them apart from its safety coverage. To those who work as cabin crew in Malaysia; NUFAM is a collaboration between the Ministry of Human Resource and Tony Fernandez where later when NUFAM successfully conquering all airlines; a 30% of the cabin crew under NUFAM will be easily terminated by MOHR without further referring their rights to be heard in the Industrial Court.

NUFAM is both a collaboration between Ministry of Human Resource and Tony Fernandez to also fix an unfair employment terms and conditions with priority for MAS cabin crew. Do not be conned by NUFAM fake and misleading advertisement. And the premeditated result as we’ve been informed will be that NUFAM shall be granted the rights by Dato Maznah Mazlan and Director General of Trade Union to represent Malaysia Airlines cabin crew with or without the consent from Malaysia Airlines. Once NUFAM controls MAS cabin crew – the world’s renowned best cabin crew; Air Asia will control MAS flight operations and vice versa. Then say bye-bye to best cabin crew services in Malaysia.

If Malaysia Airlines wants to continuously successful in its MH hospitality code practice; it will need to break-free and away from NUFAM and Air Asia Tony Fernandez. Malaysia Airlines should engage its MAS UNIONS and Associations to oversee this fateful event. Let’s see what can these 8 MAS unions and associations do for Malaysia Airlines once again.

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