How Tony Fernandez (AirAsia’s CEO) uses MAFAA/NUFAM to KILL MAS workers slowly? Part III

In this Part III, our investigations have drawn us closer to the spies that Tony Fernandez had secretly met earlier even before the secret share swap deal between MAS and AirAsia. This message was sent to us yesterday posted by MAFAA President, Ismail Nasarudin also the co-founder of NUFAM.

We now say to Ismail Nasarudin, tried scaring us with police report ain’t gonna worries us at all.  We advise you to pool all your worries into your future with Malaysia Airlines.  When the judgment day comes, you wouldn’t know if you would still have a job with Malaysia Airlines and so is your group who are near armageddon.  You must know starting a war with international bloggers like us means having a formidable enemy; “your whole life”.

Let’s us reveal your past history which you co-founded MAFAA – Malaysia Airlines Flight Attendant Association.  Your record shows it was in year 1998 following a lengthy discussion on how to take over MASEU after you were defeated in one of the elections.  The lengthy discussion between you and Captain Dato’ Mohd Johan (now supposedly in B747 Fleet) at the time when he was the President of MAPA – Malaysia Airlines Pilot Association; was held in his MAPA’s office resulted in you given birth to MAFAA.  MAFAA was selected for its closeness in pronunciation to that similar to MAPA.

Are we close?  Yeah..we bet you’re panting!!  Take a deep breathe and continue reading our interesting revelations.

Our commentators have revealed MAFAA was formed out of personality clashed with many union representatives. The idea by MAFAA was to earn a living by representing MAS Cabin Crew. Hence, the selection of MAFAA councils were of a group of cronies and nepotism so it seems.  Our investigation reveals Ismail Nasarudin self elected as General Secretary of MAFAA for several terms possibly for 8 years until a few years later, after many condemnations from their own members, Ismail then switched and upgraded his position to President of MAFAA.

What on earth possessed its members elected him as President of MAFAA?  Well, we believe it’s his ambition to be a union’s President since his last defeat in 1998.  He has gone on preaching false representation of MAFAA that violated their own constitutions and rules.  His strategy used included tackling the weaker potential member.  In 2007, the total number of MAFAA was only 127 (thanks to our readers for this information), however, Ismail continues to declare falsely of having 2000 (two thousands) memberships.  In 2009, MAFAA was asked to release its memberships’ list but were found to have triplicated its members’ account to 2000 members.  We have been informed although some of its members did not pay the arrears for years, they were still listed as MAFAA current members.

Isn’t that a con-job?  So clearly MAFAA is a con-job by some MAS Cabin Crew?  Whatta surprising finding!!

We believe a few months before Tony Fernandez and his gangsters start invading Malaysia Airlines via the secret share swap, there were secret rendezvous between Tony Fernandez personally and Ismail Nasarudin discussing the strategy circumventing MAS unions and associations in Malaysia Airlines.

Our findings also disclosed of the reason Tony Fernandez chose Ismail Nasarudin was because of the advice from the Evil Tun Dr. Mahathir.

We believe Ismail Nasarudin has been given instruction by Tony Fernandez to finding ways to annihilate MAS unions and association together since they were both of the same crooked species and frequencies clicked to work together well and in orderly.  Ismail Nasarudin’s duty is to report back to Tony Fernandez of the plans by Tengku Azmil, the former MAS CEO after Bernard Francis resigned from Malaysia Airlines.

Few days before the secret share swap took place, Ismail Nasarudin went ahead together with Dato’ Maznah, the deputy Minister of Human Remains announcing the launching of unregistered National Union for Flight Attendant Malaysia – NUFAM.

Could it be that Dato’ Maznah is ca-hooting with MAFAA to annihilate MASEU or has she been instructed by Dr. Evil to work hand-in-hand with Ismail Nasarudin to reduce the perks, terms and conditions for MAS Cabin Crew via NUFAM?  If that is so, truly MAS Cabin Crew has now become the victims of bureaucratic conspiracy.  

We welcome Dato’ Maznah to explain her involvement in forming of NUFAM. Dares she? We heard she chickened out from officiating NUFAM for MAFAA!!

A day before the share swap deal between MAS and Air Asia took place, MAFAA posted the news to its members informing Tony Fernandez will gain a 20% stake in Malaysia Airlines and consequently after the MAS/AirAsia share swap deal, Ismail Nasarudin and his cronies have invited Tony Fernandez to Cabin Crew’s night function organized by Malaysia Airlines.  We have been informed MAFAA representatives indulged high intoxication throughout the night entertaining Tony Fernandez and his gangs including Johnny Fernandez on the Cabin Crew’s night.

Let’s see what we have found out from MAFAA’s next con-job in NUFAM in our Part IV series – How Tony Fernandez (AirAsia’s CEO) gets to KILL MAS workers slowly?). Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is not responsible for all the comments posted by our commentators. 🙂


Air Asia hospitality includes scamming its passengers with its DISHONEST Low Cost strategy

Air Asia is a Low Cost Carrier (LCC) that comes with LOW CARE CONSULTANCY (LCC) strategy. On its certain routes, they bully their weaker passengers who are just law-abiding passengers. Read here by Malaysia Chronicle.

On 29 December 2011, a Malaysian family were traveling with their infant on Air Asia X and here’s the story written by one of Air Asia X’s passengers. wrote :

I took Air Asia X flight on my way back to Malaysia last month because I’ve been wanting to fly with Air Asia X in order to support our own Low Cost Carrier company.  I have experienced quite a bad flight journey with their staff and customer service.

I was thinking to share it in my blog so that friends and family (especially those who travels with baby/child) that are going to use Air Asia X in the future; are well-prepared to face the same condition that I’ve went through.  So for those who are interested to know about my experience, kindly read this letter of complaint from me to Air Asia X.

Mr Tony Fernandes
CEO, Air Asia
LCC Terminal, Jalan KLIA S3, Southern Support Zone
Kuala Lumpur International Airport 64000 Sepang, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan                                                                     
19 November 2011
Dear Mr Tony,
I was a passenger on one of  your flight (together with my son and my sister in law) from Tokyo Haneda (HND) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL) on 17th November 2011 (Flight D7 523). Forgive me for writing directly to you, but I feel you personally need to know exactly how badly your customers were treated by your front-line staff so you can take appropriate remedial action.
(1) Before On-Board
My rough experiences with your staff begin at the check-in counter. I was told that I can’t bring my child’s stroller up to the aircraft door/steps. I used to fly with several other airlines to go to Malaysia such as Malaysia Airlines (MAS), Korea Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Thai Airways before this and all of these airlines allow me to bring my child’s stroller up to the aircraft door/steps for international flight.
I have even checked in the Air Asia website, and it is stated that “You can continue to use the stroller up to the aircraft door/steps”. So I told your counter staff politely about it, and then they look at my son and told me that “he can walk, he don’t need a stroller”. If it is so, why I couldn’t find any clause in your website stating that as one of the criteria to bring along the stroller?.
Then your ‘not-so-friendly’ counter staff insisted that I checked in the stroller as luggage and pay for the extra weight caused by check-in the stroller. Again I remembered that I’ve check about it in your website and it is stated that “we allow baby buggies/strollers/prams to be carried free of charge”. When I told this politely to the counter staff, she replied with irritating voice and says “Either you pay or you throw it!“.
So in the end I was ‘forced’ to pay extra 9kg which cost me 18000 yen (2000 yen per kg) as I don’t want to throw away my child’s brand new Recaro stroller. *18 000yen = RM 735*
Malaysiaairlinesfamilies comments “The international airlines standard does not charge the baby stroller for its passengers”  This is a scam business strategy by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.  A decent refund should be made available for this family.
After that my family and I was waiting patiently to be on board into the flight D7 523 when the delay announcement was announced due to bad weather. These things happen, I do not complain about the weather as I do understand that some things are beyond anyone’s control. After all, a flight delay case has become one of Air Asia’s ‘trademarks’; so I’m fine with that.
Malaysiaairlinesfamilies comments : It’s very true that “Flight Delay is  Air Asia’s trademark” and we received reliable information on Air Asia & Air Asia X’s scams and fraudulent practice which now includes all flights to be delayed especially from KLCCT if the aircraft has not filled with 90% of passengers. This leaves Air Asia & Air Asia X’s passengers would be experiencing a “further and forever DELAY flight status in their itinerary”. However, we believe a few of Air Asia’s routes will pressure Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to turnaround those flights real quick without delays because of their defaulted payment in MRO services (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul).  Again, this has a safety implication and may be affecting Air Asia’s passengers’ safety. We urge the International regulators should step in immediately scrutinizing Air Asia and Air Asia X’s MRO status in certain country and its defaulted payment worldwide that could cause a major air traffic disasters.  This is where Air Asia & Air Asia X has collaborated with Malaysia Airlines via CCF (Comprehensive Collaboration Framework) where in actuality, it is to save Air Asia & Air Asia X from cutting out more of its routes.  We call upon the Singapore regulators to enforce its Civil Aviation law on all Air Asia’s flights for its “trademark” quick-turnaround flights that may compromise the ground safety rules.
(2) On the plane
After getting on board, we were greeted by ‘not-so-friendly’ cabin crews. Is it that hard for them to smile to your customers?. The plane is ready to take-off, things are going well. I thought so far so good but this is what happened next :
  • Sticky chewing-gum on the in-flight sales magazine; tell me how can I browse through the pages and buying the items when I feel gross to turn over to the next pages?. Aren’t your staffs are supposed to check the magazine before putting it into the pocket?.
  • On the back page of the magazine where the “QR Reader code” is displayed was crumpled. Tell me how am I supposed to scan it with my iPhone when it is in that condition?
  • I pre-booked meal in my ticket booking but I don’t know whether a drink is provided with the meal.  So I asked politely to the cabin crew and she replied with annoying voice and says “we only give mineral water!”.  Is it that difficult for your cabin crew to reply politely to your customer?  Can’t she just tell me nicely if I want drinks, I have to pay for it as you only provided mineral water?  I don’t mind to pay for the drinks but I do mind paying for a flight ticket that gives me bad customer service.
(3) After landed at KLCCT
We arrived at LCCT airport, Kuala Lumpur at 6.30 a.m. for parents travelling with baby and toddler; we will usually encounter several difficulties to handle our child as they were already tired during the long haul journey, jet lag due to time difference, hungry baby and it all end up with one grumpy little child.
That’s when a stroller become the ultimate aid as we can put our child on it and hang our carry-on bags to the stroller and then only we can proceed to comfort the child.
Unfortunately I am not able to comfort my son after the long flight journey because this is what happened next :
  • I have to focus on carrying the hand luggage down the steps in front of the aircraft door; went up the steps again to get my child and all of these are done without any help from your cabin crew or your ground staff.
  • We have to walk on the airport pavement for 1-2 km as the plane was parked far away from the terminal door. I have to carry my hand luggage and carry my son and walk quite far; what a great early morning exercise. I was thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice if I have my child’s stroller with me so that I don’t have to carry my 12kg son on my hip and carry my 7kg luggage on my hand as well as carrying 3kg laptop bag on my shoulder?”.
  • It is quite dangerous walking on the airport pavement near to the taxiway and runway with my child; what with the airplane around; with the ground equipment stuffs are all over the place; with the runway transport and luggage transport moving here and there without any gate barrier or even a mobile temporary gate along the walk from the plane to the terminal door.
  • What make it even more dangerous is that only one staff is showing the right way to gowhile your other ground staffs seems very busy talking to each other on the drama episodes they watch last night (I overheard them talking). It will be much safer if I can put my son on his stroller. In the end, even if my child can already walk I still have to carry him on my hip because I don’t want to be worried that he might be hit by the ground transport on the airport pavement while walking/running on the runway.
(4) At the terminal – KLCCT
I picked up my luggage and headed through the arrival gate. But before that, I went to toilet but unfortunately I am not being able to do anything there because the toilet inside the terminal is too dirty and smells so bad.
I went to baby room to change my son’s diaper and the same condition occurs at the baby room. The room is smelly and soaked with disposable diapers all over the place because the bin is full. Like it or not, I have to change my child’s diapers and bring home my son’s soaked disposable diapers.
These bad experiences with your flight and airport services leave me with this 6 questions:
  • Does Air Asia X have any protocol in place for staff to follow the information provided in your website and also to treat your polite customers nicely?
  • If you do have a protocol, does the response I describe above fit with it? In particular are your staffs allowed to ask passenger to make payment for the items that are free to check in and direct passengers to make the payment rather than help them nicely?
  • Can I get the refund on the payment that I have been ‘forced’ to make for my child’s stroller?.
  • Do you condone staff rudeness to passengers, and are they ever allowed to replied impolitely to the request made politely by the passenger? 
  • Why is it that the information given in your website is not so useful as it is not the same with the one at the check-in counter?
  •  Do you consider it is safe for the passengers to walk on the airport pavement without even putting clear signs on which way to go, or putting any barrier to show the limits to the boundary area that passenger can’t step in?
I am waiting for the answers to these questions because the experiences that I encounter during my flight with you are totally different with what you promised in your website. One of Air Asia X values is to offer Low Fare, No Frills: Providing guests with the choice of customizing services without compromising on quality and services”.  
Unfortunately, as your passenger, I feel that your quality of customer service and safety is quite bad.  I would like to know if in addition to being a low-cost airline, Air Asia X is a low-service airline and a low-courtesy airline. If it is, I will make my future travel choices accordingly, and ensure that my friends and family do likewise.
I await your response.
Yours faithfully;
A frustrated D7 523 passengers.
(MSc in European Master Studies in Aeronautics and Space Technology)

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies sympathizes with your predicament having had to endure such soul-destroying journey with Air Asia X and we thank you for sharing your bad experience with Air Asia.

We plead to consumers to continue expressing their low-quality experience with Air Asia exposing their scams bullying the public with its devious (DISHONEST) low cost strategy.

Stay tune to malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more insights on How Tony Fernandez gets to KILL MAS workers? Part III where we’ll be releasing some information on MAFAA also NUFAM working for Tony Fernandez to slowly getting rid of MAS unions using MAS Cabin Crew to destroy all graded employees, the Engineers and the Pilot from the inside.

How Tony Fernandez (AirAsia’s CEO) gets to KILL MAS Workers? Part II

This fight to save Malaysia Airlines is continuous till this day since the Collaboration Agreement (CCF) between Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia that taken effect on 9th August 2011.

The very ONE mistake Tony Fernandez and his gangsters made is the non-independent board of directors presently sitting in Malaysia Airlines for making decision reaping benefits for saving Air Asia and its present top Air Asia’s management teams have landed slowly but safely in Malaysia Airlines for executing Tun Dr. Mahathir’s COVERT AFFAIRS to kill two birds with one stone which is to overthrow the present ruling party and to control the economy for Malaysia.

Tun Dr. Mahathir uses Tony Fernandez, CEO of AirAsia to swallow complete of Malaysia Airlines because the National Airlines generates billions of ringgit yearly for the government and the country.   Remember that Tun Dr. Mahathir was the advisor for Petronas had caused Malaysia Airlines under Tengku Azmil hedged jet fuel at USD100-/+ more than other airlines can get in the market at that time.

The saying goes, MONEY IS POWER in Malaysia and so to possess more money means to become the most powerful public figure for Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who ambitiously inclined to push for his son, Mukhriz to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Separating Malaysia Airlines into different units and subsidiaries is to circumvent the representation of MAS unions and associations fixing a new terms and conditions for MAS workers so that MAS workers would be seen cycling from their home to workplace in KLIA very soon because every MAS workers would not be able to own an automobile or even scooter.

This is without any doubts to exploit Malaysian labor markets sabotaging the Prime Minister’s vision to make Malaysia a higher income country in Asia.  By then, we would be seeing Tony Fernandez and his gangsters live in luxury lifestyle happily ever after and owning a few private islands somewhere hidden in the land of ASIA.  Soon, Tony Fernandez and his gangsters would also be selling Malaysia’s island to Richard Branson, Connor McCarthy and Alan Joyce of Qantas who are about to be the richest man in Australia after he successfully killed the unions of Australia.

So unions of Australia, let’s get ALAN JOYCE outta QANTAS as soon as possible.  Whatever he did down there in the land of Australia does affect us greatly in Malaysia.

In the new terms and conditions for a newly registered company/subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines or rather the FRESH employment terms and conditions for MAS workers would see both the Pilot and the cabin crew be provided a basis of 5 years’ contract of employment. Those from the Engineering category will also be termed on contract basis but shorter term than the term for the Pilot and the Cabin Crew.  We believe the Engineers and ground technicians would be given a 6 months contract of employment based on their performance and this is to avoid contributing EPF to the government or the present ruling party.

HOW CRUEL?  It’s called POLITICS and POLITIC possesses NO compassion!

The plan to make Malaysian a contract worker had been accomplished with the help from both Human Resources Ministers namely Dato’ Subramaniam and Dato’ Maznah.

Their ground for fixing a new labor law that makes Malaysian a contract worker is to control the employers from exempting their monthly EPF contribution to the government.

IS THAT A GROUND OR A PLOT?  Or corruption has rose higher?

If you are pondering; “WHAT?” and “HOW THESE CROOKS DONE IT?”  Both the two BENT ministers have the power to change the labor law included the change of Malaysian Employment Act by inserted a new act for CONTRACT WORKER.  However, we believe that certainly needed the mandate from Parliament of Cabinet.  Ouch!! Whatta shameful truth!

So, Malaysians, you are now officially the contract workers for as long as these CROOKED ministers are around.  There will be more changes towards the labor law governing the Malaysian workers for as long as these BENT ministers are in the Parliament.

We truly hope the Prime Minister of Malaysia will also sack these BENT Ministers of Human Resources – Subramaniam and Maznah.  By hook and by crook, they would continue to destroy the laborers in Malaysia paving ways for more foreign investment to control the labor market of Malaysia fixing average income making Malaysia a country that will never prosper in this region.

That’s all they care about for they only care for drawing foreign investments.  So screw Najib’s vision to see Malaysia a higher income country and well-educated people of Malaysia will be fleeing the country like lunacy.

In Air Asia, under Mr. Kutty’s full support (Mr. Kutty happened to be the longest-serving former Prime Minister of Malaysia), the transport coverage for its workers especially the female workforce will not be provided neither any transport mileage are claimable.  It is knowingly would increase the labor costs for Air Asia and consequently would also increase the overhead/operational costs for this mini airlines that is currently oversize in its staff strength.

So we believe Mr. Kutty had ordered both the BENT ministers – Subra and Maznah to join in these covert affairs sabotaging the workers from maintaining a safer workplace for Malaysia as strongly advocated and cultivated by Tony Fernandez, the heartless employer of the century who only cares to increase saving “labor cost” measures at all cost at the expense of his staff’s personal safety.  Those who work under Tony Fernandez will not survive long in the workplace and that’s the trademark of Tony Fernandez.

One of the targets in these covert affairs by Air Asia is to use Tony Fernandez’s trademark to remove the transport costs and also to reduce the operational costs for MAS Pilots and Cabin Crew.

Simply put, KILL MAS unions and associations will leave balls for Air Asia’s FORBIDDING transport for its staff rolling the same standard for Malaysia Airlines and jeopardizing the safety of those already used to get transport from home to workplace, vv.

With the assistance rendered from the newly formed National Union for Flight Attendant Malaysia – NUFAM is the remedy for Tony Fernandez and it seems to show the light at the end of the tunnel for his trademark be retained for MAS workers.

The woman in red is Dato’ Maznah, the deputy Minister of Human Resources

We are well-informed NUFAM is formed by a group of MAS Cabin Crew of whom also registered with Registrar of Society as Malaysia Airlines Flight Attendant Association (MAFAA).  And NUFAM is fully, absolutely seconded and approved by Dato’ Maznah, the deputy Minister of Human Resources that later was mandated by Parliament of Cabinet….ouchhh!! It’s another shameful truth being told to the world.  You see…it’s partially the present LEADING BENT POLITICIANS of whom are the cronies of Mahathir doing all the nonsense to you in this land of Malaysia, controlling the labor market and now overthrowing the present Evening Minister (p.m.).

Stays tune for Part III on the history of MAFAA and future of NUFAM, the BENT politicians’ newly found pet.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is not responsible for all the comments posted by our commentators. 🙂

How Tony Fernandez gets to KILL MAS Workers slowly? Part I

Our previous posts on The Gigantic Fraud by AirAsia, CIMB and the BENT Politicians that embezzling MAS Funds by declaring huge losses of RM2.52 billions Part I, Part II and Part III and MAS Heist Updates have revealed the most shocking inner truth of MAS heist by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters in this century and all these only happened during this Collaboration Agreement between Khazanah and Tune Air group for Malaysia Airlines to collaborate with Air Asia.

And all of these con-jobs were allowed by our Malaysia Prime Minister condoning his brother Nasir Tun Abdul Razak for conspiring with AirAsia and the BENT Politicians.  We believe the whole world now already know the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Abdul Razak has condoned to this collaboration between MAS and AirAsia that will only reap benefits for AirAsia.

So, Mr. Prime Minister, if you failed in reversing the share swap and terminating the collaboration agreement once and for all as quickly as possible before Tony Fernandez and his gangsters finished swallowing Malaysia Airlines; then it proves you have condoned it and have failed in your duty as the Malaysian Prime Minister to protect the Malaysian citizens from becoming the victims of this bureaucratic conspiracy.

In this episode, we would reveal the steps plotted by Tony Fernandez and Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad a.k.a. Mr. Kutty their secret plans in getting rid of MAS workers, Pilots and Cabin Crew claiming their operational costs were seen to be the highest on the chart.  The truth is the operational cost for MAS workers only costs Malaysia Airlines less than 10% of its monthly revenue.  The inner truth is Tony Fernandez and Mr. Kutty both have eyes on the vendor services as reported by Danny ITCHY Dan’s cousin sister the vendor services contracted by Malaysia Airlines at KLIA are so lucrative for the contractor and the contracts were signed by Hayati Dato Ali under the pretext of saving labour/high operational costs.

Sometimes, we the retirees ponder, how on earth possessed Malaysia Airlines to hire stupid top management and consultant like Danny Itchy Dan, Con-Plane Consultant and many more who would continuously cause Malaysia Airlines a double costing in getting vendor services flooding in KLIA.

We recalled our other posts here regarding the productivity of MAS workers that is higher than AirAsia workers that is because it has already been made known to Tony Fernandez who then has planned quietly to downsize the current AirAsia staff strength following the advice (comparison) given by this CON-MEN from the PLANET for CONSULTANT.

He is an Irishman who is now being paid Euro 500 per hour (thanks to our reader for providing the information to us) for his expertise in how to getting MAS workers injured in the workplace.  The test run for baggage loading and unloading recently occurred in KLIA has resulted in one of MAS workers seriously injured and almost died.  Well! We say thank you to this CON-MAN who claimed to be the expert in effective planning for Malaysia Airlines.

MASEU & MESA – WHERE WERE YOU ALL?  MAS workers need you to be with them at all times because AirAsia is about to swallow the entire Malaysia Airlines.  We truly hope our information on this site will assist you in getting the share swap reversed and the Collaboration Agreement be terminated.  

MASEU, we have been informed the injured worker is now PARALYZED.  DID YOU HEAR THAT you STUPID PLANE CONSULTANT?  The next move by PLANE CON-MEN would be to injure the Engineers and Cabin Crew at KLIA through a newly formed Union for Flight Attendant i.e. NUFAM.  We urge MASEU to read our next post on Part II for more detailed insight conspiracy to get Engineer and Cabin Crew injured while on duty.

 This is the KILLER UNION approved by Ministry of Human Resources in conjunction with MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement.  Care to know what’s the hidden agenda? Please stay tune to read our next post Part II.

We urge MASEU and MESA to do what you can do to get this CON-MEN outta Malaysia Airlines the soonest the better before another worker has killed in Malaysia Airlines.  We suggest to MASEU & MESA to please lodge a police report on  each accident and incident that have occurred during the tenure of this MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement!

Let’s get back to our story, for many years, Malaysia Airlines already adopted skillful system for loading and unloading the multiple baggages at KLIA ramp services.  Although sometimes we experienced a lot of delays in the delivery of our baggage at KLIA, we do understand it was not the fault of MAS Workers because the ramp services has been outsourced by the STUPID Hayati Dato Ali who is the cousin-sister of Danny ITCHY Dan.

This CON-MAN who thought he’s very experienced and expert in this area had the test run for loading and unloading baggage nearly killed a worker during the trial run that oversaw by the stupid HAYATI DATO ALI.  The worker who is seriously injured were handpicked to do the test run by PLANE CONSULTANT and the head of Airport Operation (Hayati Dato Ali).

PEOPLE almost a life was lost during the first TRIAL, so what is this CON-MAN gonna say to cover his STUPID CONSULTANCY FIRM?

We bet he’s gonna say; MAS workers didn’t follow his proper instructions.  Yup! That is what the conman would normally say when error has occurred based on his CON-sultancy.

Back to the productivity of MAS workers versus the productivity of AirAsia workers, MAS staff strength is 20,000 and the productivity per each workers is RM700,000 per annum but for AirAsia, its staff strength is 9000 only and overall productivity is RM444,444 per each worker annually.

In order to increase the productivity level in AirAsia be parallel to Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia needs to downsize its workers to 5714 which means 9000 – 5714 = 3286 is the number for overstaffing in AirAsia now.  The plan by Tony Fernandez is now to transfer 3286 AirAsia workers to Malaysia Airlines or to be absorbed into MAS, the new company that Malaysia Airlines has registered as its subsidiary.

Welcome to experience Air Asia’s Hospitality

Now this is what MalaysiaairlinesFamilies called the hospitality of AirAsia that is to continuously cutting jobs for Malaysia Airlines and transferring the AirAsia staff into Malaysia Airlines via MAS/AirAsia collaboration agreement.  The very instant and proof we can find is that latest SIT-IN protest by the Italian MAS workers in Rome in this picture above.

To the Italian workers in ROME

We have sympathy for the Italian workers and we say to you Italian workers, Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is with you and truly we now plead to you to contribute your part by getting your Prime Minister of Italy to speak to our Malaysian Prime Minister and have the ROME sector be reinstated.  While you do your duty, we’ll do ours to get your jobs back.  We are writing a memorandum on your behalf to the union – MASEU for assistance to look  into your current state.

Stay tune, people for our Part II on How Tony Fernandez gets to KILL MAS workers slowly?

Air Asia is really a Scam Airlines! Many thousands will be left stranded and there will be no refund!!

Air Asia and Tony Fernandez : From public champion to money-grabbing witch!!
AirAsia is scraping long-haul flights.  AirAsia X chief executive Azran Osman-Rani said, “We’re not shrinking the business. We’re growing and redeploying, moving our planes to different routes.” (Bloomberg Photo)
Malaysiaairilnesfamilies believes the message above is that AirAsia will stop many routes without informing its potential passengers so the innocent travelers will continue pre-paying their future travels with AirAsia and will not know whether they get to fly with AirAsia or not.  PEOPLE!! BETTER STOP BUYING AIR TICKETS WITH AIR ASIA.  More so you would not know whether you would be getting back your refund IF AirAsia flights are cancelled!!
Malaysia Chronicle wrote :
Air Asia is one of Malaysia’s great success stories. From basically nothing except a few old planes serving a few domestic routes CEO Tony Fernandez has built it into the biggest budget airlines in Asia with routes spanning most of Asia and reaching into Australia, NZ and Europe.  He has done it without any help from the government unlike pampered bumiputra businessmen.
When did AirAsia descend from a public champion to a money grabbing witch?  To be sure this did not happen suddenly but has been ongoing for years.  The negative public perception against AirAsia has reached an alarming level and cannot help but affect the airlines’ business.  The suit by the Australian consumer watchdog ACCC did not help.
Copying Outdated Practices
AirAsia copies a lot from Western budget airlines like Virgin Airways but some of what it copies are outdated or culturally unsuitable for local customers.  It may seem clever to refuse to check in a passenger who arrives 1 minute later than the counter closing time so that he has to buy another ticket but Malaysians find this very infuriating especially when other airlines have been very flexible.  MAS will allow you to check in as long as you can make it to the boarding room before the plane flies.
Other practices which do not go down well with passengers are credit card charges, counter check-in charge and seat selection charge. The first two may be considered hidden charges as they are non-optional and should be added to the fare in the first place. Those who do not pay to select seats (currently at RM35 per passenger from KL) are randomly distributed so families will be split up. This is especially annoying as passengers are not charged for any real goods or services but for the right to sit together which should be theirs in the first place. It’s like taking something away which should be yours and demanding a fee to give it back.
But probably the most aggravating is AirAsia’s RM1.95 a minute charge to talk to a service staff. It may be for something which is not their fault like flight delays, claim of refund, lost luggage or being overcharged on their credit cards but having to pay by the minute to complain is really annoying. To add insult to injury they are frequently made to wait on hold while the charge keeps ticking.
Is AirAsia Really Cheap? –  Please READ on !!!!
Asia practices a sliding scale of pricing depending on when you book. Early birds get cheap prices which are probably below AirAsia’s cost while late comers will be charged more. Then there are the gimmicky promotion giveaway seats which have to be subsidized from somewhere and it’s not from Tony’s pockets. The upshot is that AirAsia is not always the cheapest and can be more expensive than regular airlines. As nobody will pay more than a regular airline for a budget airline AirAsia tries to hide its real pricing and make it difficult for customers to compare.
This pricing model of gouging Peter to subsidize Paul does not work anymore. Consumers are getting savvier with tight social networking and no longer assume that AirAsia is always the cheapest. They will buy when AirAsia’s prices are cheap and stay away when prices increase. There are still some ignorant ones who do not compare prices but depending on consumer ignorance is never a good business model. This is like BN depending on the rural Malays to be forever supportive through poor information.
During last year’s peak Christmas to New Year period AirAsia was flying between KL and Melbourne with emptyseats while all regular airlines were sold out. This is extremely unusual for a budget airline which should logically be the first to be sold out. Passengers have wised up to AirAsia’s pricing tricks.
Customers should also compare beyond the basic fare. Things like food, entertainment, comfort kit and baggage have to be priced in as well as other extraneous charges. Passengers also fly from the LCCT which is a pathetic excuse for an airport and they have to walk a long way to the plane as AirAsia will not pay for aerobridges. This makes AirAsia unsuitable for senior citizens. Then again AirAsia usually flies to remote airports which may cost more to get to the city.
There are also hidden costs. AirAsia is really only cheap if you book far ahead and pay upfront. It accepts bookings as far as one year ahead. This means your money is tied down and any change in schedule can be very painful as AirAsia will levy a heavy charge out of proportion to the ticket just to change a date. Some consumers will find that paying a little more for flexibility is not a waste of money.
Delays and Cancellations 
Those who fly AirAsia know that delays and cancelled flights are far more common than other airlines. AirAsia has the dubious practice of combining flights if passenger loads are low without regards to disrupting their passengers’ schedules. The fine print on their tickets claims they have the right to do this. Only a country with weak consumer laws like Malaysia allows them to get away with it.
Those whose flights have been cancelled and are entitled to a refund find dealing with AirAsia an exercise in patience and perseverance. Contacting AirAsia staff is an arduous task in itself. Some customers say they are asked to wait 30 to 60 days to process their refunds and when the time is up AirAsia can come up with another excuse to reset the waiting time.
Long upfront payment, inflexibly, inconvenience, risk of delay and poor service means that customers will demand a big price gap from regular airlines to fly AirAsia. This means that eventually AirAsia will only be able to sell if their prices are very cheap and below cost. Passengers will look elsewhere when prices approach regular airlines.
A case in point is AirAsia’s cancellation of routes to London, Paris, New Delhi and Mumbai. These are popular routes to densely populated cities which any budget airline should be able to work successfully. AirAsia’s stated reasons like visa requirements and additional taxes do not make sense as they apply to all airlines and can be added to the fare. The real reason as reported in The Star is that AirAsia is losing millions on these routes every month. So why can’t AirAsia raise its prices? The reason it can’t is because passengers will flee to other airlines. They are demanding a price gap to fly AirAsia which the airline cannot provide and still remain profitable.
The Writing is on the Wall for AirAsia
AirAsia may have started on good terms with the public but the honeymoon period is over. Its service has fallen to abysmal level and it is treating its own customers with contempt. AirAsia is behaving as if it is operating a monopoly when no such monopoly exists.
Mr. Kenny Gan, Malaysiaairlinesfamilies believes AirAsia is practicing fraud getting their customers to prepay for tickets and all facilities charges but later skipped the refund by canceling their flights.  When those consumerists are threatening to take up a legal suit against AirAsia, Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun would offer to upgrade them free flights with Malaysia Airlines Premium Full Service Carrier.  That’s a big burden on Malaysia Airlines as it clearly proves Tony Scumbag Fernandez and his mother also the bitch who didn’t teach Tony Fernandez the proper morality to be a good human being and as a result of Tony’s past abusive upbringing, today Tony Fernandez has become an infamous PIRATE of Air Asia robbing Malaysia Airlines of its profitable subsidiaries and all tax payers around the world of their hard-earned money prepaid for their future travel with AirAsia.
Mr. Kenny Gan wrote :
Passengers have a choice of other airlines including budget ones like Jetstar which has been complimented for its transparent fixed pricing. Air Emirates is encroaching in on AirAsia’s lucrative KL-Melbourne route with very competitive prices. Hoping that its new KL-Sydney route will be as lucrative may not happen as SIA will soon launch a new budget airline called Scoot which will start with the Singapore-Sydney route.
AirAsia has obviously not come to terms with the power of social media. In the old days an enraged customer can do limited damage as he can only influence his immediate family and close friends. These days they can vent their rage in online forums, facebook and twitter and influence hundreds if not thousands.
Horror stories about AirAsia abounds online. Some say they find AirAsia staff so difficult to contact that they are forced to buy another ticket when they just want to change a departure date. One angry customer said hehas been waiting 2 years for a refund with serial excuses from AirAsiaOne passenger was especially unfortunate. He reached the airport to find the check-in counter closed and the staff agreed with him that it was closed earlier than the stipulated time. She made a phone call but was not allowed to re-open the counter. As a result the passenger missed his flight and his connecting flight and to top it off Air Asia refused him a refund.
There seems to be a culture of unsavory practices to try to squeeze all they can from passengers even to the extent of forcing them to buy another ticket. Such corporate greed will drive customers away. My sister was asked to pay RM1000 to change the date of departure for a KL-Melbourne flight. She has declared that she will fly Air Emirates from now on.
Tony Fernandez should put his mega plane buying on hold and work like hell to improve AirAsia’s customer service and public perception. He should step out of his dream world that every year will be the best ever year for AirAsia. The writing is already on the wall and if AirAsia crashes it will be a pity as it can be said to be the only Malaysian global brand.
Malaysia Chronicle
Written by Kenny Gan
Last AirAsia crashed in Kuching International Airport that were concealed by Malaysia BENT politicians and media who took sides on Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun.
Malaysiaairlinesfamilies suggests that those consumers who have not yet received their refund to lodge a police report for legal action be taken against this fraudulent practice in Malaysia. Imagines that there are thousands of police reports made against AirAsia particularly its CEOs TONY FERNANDEZ and KAMARUDIN MERANUN, all of AirAsia BOARD OF DIRECTORS for accessories to fraudulence against the public, we’ll see a TONY boy emerging in his panties soon.  To the tax payers, Tony Fernandez has a new office located in Solaris, Jalan Dutamas and Tony Fernandez is driving red ferrari. So your refunds were actually taken to pay his luxury lifestyle driving FERRARI.
Stay tune for another interesting story about HOW Tony Fernandez GETS to KILL MAS PILOTS & CABIN CREW?

The Gigantic Fraud by Air Asia, CIMB and the BENT Politicians embezzling Malaysia Airlines Funds declaring huge losses of RM2.5 billions – Part III

Invading Malaysia Airlines by AirAsia’s CEOs “Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun” aided by the bureaucratic conspiracy (the former leading BENT politicians a.k.a. Mr. Kutty (Dr. Evil), the duke of Khazanah and the duchess that ending BEE END party soon) were actually planned in London by Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun, Danny Rashdan a.k.a. Johnny Fernandez and Nasir Tun Abdul Razak, the Chairman for CIMB a.k.a. Collaboration Is Malaysia Business that ultimately    IS    TO    TAKEOVER     MALAYSIA    AIRLINES.

Please take a closer look at the new livery for Malaysia Airlines new A380 that has been changed to blue WAU pointed towards our right with Malaysia Airlines’ logo NOW that is also turning BLUE.  The originality of the WAU’s direction is pointed towards LEFT signifying perhaps an Islamic symbol and its WAU’s color is supposedly a combination of both RED and BLUE to signifying the Malaysian’s flag but it has been changed by Tony Fernandez of AirAsia for Malaysia Airlines.

This is a message from Tony Fernandez “Air Asia is taking over Malaysia Airlines NOW” and it’s progressing in stages

So Malaysia Airlines now is turning blue suffering from oxygen deficiency suffocated by both AirAsia board of directors and top management who have successfully invaded Malaysia Airlines.

Truly, we saw the changes of our National Airlines’ colors and its design now clearly MEANT there is NO MORE NATIONAL AIRLINES for Malaysia because the new livery DOES NOT represent the flag of Malaysia as an Islamic country but representing the invasion of Air Asia turning Malaysia probably into a non-Islamic country that soon will become the state owns by Tony Fernandez and his QPR craziness.  By then, Toni will be the QUEEN of Malaysia (Queen Park Ranger) waving like the QUEEN of England as he already is.

WE all strongly believe DR. EVIL is collaborating with certain leaders from the ruling party paying Tony Fernandez and his gangsters in TOP RINGGIT to destroy Malaysia Airlines and gaining control of its lucrative airlines business by falsely declaring Malaysia Airlines is not making money and is a sick patient.  WE all know Malaysia Airlines is the victim of this bureaucratic conspiracy.

We ought to say this to Tony Fernandez and his gangsters particularly the ITCHY Dan, the talking cock Chairman and the Idiot Ahmad Jauhsekali (Mr. Far Far Away) that they should bear in mind their covert affair and conspiracy to KILL Malaysia Airlines for AirAsia is non-halal business strategic in the plotting of invading complete of Malaysia Airlines.   And we think AirAsia should change its logo to this picture below!

Thanks to for coming up with this beautiful logo suitably fit for AirAsia’s CEOs Tony Fernandez.

We finally have all facts pointed to the premeditation of this MAS/AirAsia Collaboration that actually is to siphon MAS fund for saving AirAsia and other Tune Air’s ailing companies that failed badly in business.

The question is why did they choose Malaysia Airlines?

Malaysia Airlines is the engineer for Malaysia’s economy and it brings the largest revenue for the country with the revenue of RM13 to RM14 billion per annum which averagely, Malaysia Airlines generates a minimum of RM1.2 billion per month.  The economic analysts would have agreed that any companies that have generated more than RM10 billion per annum is a very successful company and so is Malaysia Airlines.

Comparing Air Asia with Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia’s yearly revenue is not more than RM4 billion for a company that has a capital commitment of RM57 billion financed by CIMB.  This small company approximately has a total of less than 10,000 staff presently (Tony Fernandez claims AirAsia has 9000 staff) has already incurred a huge capital commitment and surely we believe they cannot afford to pay off their debts with the way crazy Tony Fernandez is still on the spending spree mood to buy more aircrafts because it is his second occupation as part-time Airbus salesman trying to sell Airbus aircrafts to all  ASEAN countries.

If we do the calculation for AirAsia based on its current huge debts as incurred by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters; RM57 billion divided by RM4 billion (yearly revenue), it will take 14 years and 4 months to pay off their debts and that is why the collaboration with Malaysia Airlines is needed desperately.

Judging from the number of AirAsia’s staff strength as claimed by Tony Fernandez which is 9000 and yearly revenue generated by this 9000 staff would be RM4 billion for Air Asia; so we are seeing productivity generated by each Air Asia staff would be RM444,444.00 per annum.

Whereas Malaysia Airlines in general has 20,000 staff strength and its workers have generated a yearly revenue of RM14 billion per year for Malaysia Airlines consistently.  The overall performance by MAS workers is that each worker has brought MAS RM700,000 per per annum and of which their productivity level is certainly higher in Malaysia.

This simple calculation proves that MAS workers are more productive than Air Asia workers and why is that MAS workers have to be gotten rid from Malaysia Airlines?  We’ll story you in our next post – full-blown conspiracy by AirAsia to takeover Malaysia Airlines.

Hey…hey..HELLOOOO…calling Mr. Prime Minister, did you see the above comparison?  If you the Prime Minister of Malaysia is not affirmative in your call for terminating MAS/AirAsia collaboration agreement soon, that means you the Prime Minister of Malaysia is just being relaxing, allowing the broad daylight MAS heist advancing by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.

Mr. Prime Minister, you have to act fast or your whole team will be backfired by this MAS Heist crisis.

When Tony Fernandez took over Malaysia Airlines as the new board of directors for Malaysia Airlines, the public and the tax payers did not know it is actually a TAKEOVER disguised in the so-called Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement (CCF) with AirAsia.  The CCF formed a committee called the Joint Collaboration Committee (JCC) to oversee the appointment of new board of directors who are inclined towards AirAsia as the new board of directors for Malaysia Airlines.  Simply put, Tony Fernandez together with Kamarudin Meranun has appointed their cronies as the new board of directors for Malaysia via the share swap opportunity.

This also concludes that there is no independent board of directors for Malaysia Airlines and this is already known by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Whilst Malaysia Airlines was actually making profits, its second (forgery) account for the public shows it is still making losses and the recent huge losses declared by Tony Fernandez and his gangster for Malaysia Airlines is to justify that Tony Fernandez should be replaced as the new CEO for Malaysia Airlines.

The National Carrier – Malaysia Airlines has been generating revenue (profits) but it has to continuously declaring losses to the public and Tony Fernandez who sits as the board of directors for Malaysia Airlines knows about this conspiracy because he is paid in TOP RINGGIT. Tony SCUMBAG Fernandez has had his dog a.k.a. Johnny Fernandez to withdraw MAS funds for MAS advertising expenses and invested into Tune Air’s other subsidiary, a company tailoring for uniforms and jersey for both MAS Cabin Crew and Queen Park Rangers’ team.

Did you see that PEOPLE?  RM18 million taxpayers’ money were siphoned out right under our noses for Tune Air’s survivability reimbursable from MAS advertising expenses.

That it is – FUNDS from MAS account siphoned out for investing in Tune Air’s ailing companies including Air Asia and Air Asia X.

Dang…con-men you Tony Fernandez and gangsters.  WE have also probed deeper of the plans that have already been executed by Tony Fernandez to slowly annihilate MAS workers paving ways for AirAsia workers to be absorbed into Malaysia Airlines.

Stay tune for Malaysiaairlinesfamilies’ in depth investigations into this “full-blown” conspiracy.

The Gigantic Fraud by Air Asia, CIMB and the BENT Politicians embezzling Malaysia Airlines Funds declaring huge losses of RM2.5 billions – Part II

Dear readers, we’ve hit 10,000 readers daily just in exposing the bent politicians of the The Ending political party.  Our blog has widely spread all over the world with huge supporters from Malaysia (the largest hit), Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Hungarian, Belgium, Russia, India, oops even Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippine and even Qatar etc (long list)..whoa….THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you for reading our blog.  However, we wonder if Qatar Airlines’ CEO is reading this blog too. 🙂

Yesterday stats we had 13,117 hits – Once again, TERIMAKASIH for reading our blog.  Now enjoy this riding to the inner truth of MAS & AirAsia Collaboration Agreement.  Everybody wanted to know the truth and now let us tell the world and the Malaysian tax payers what this MAS/Air Asia Collaboration & Share Swap is all about.

Embezzling Malaysia Airlines’s fund is the main gigantic fraud by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters as they are paid in TOP RINGGIT by  certain BENT leading politicians together with the ex-leading bent politicians a.k.a Mr. Kutty and his blood brother, the Duke of “Khazanah” Daim Zainuddin and the duchess of “BEE END” Rafidah Aziz.

Oh! Dang…we are truly doomed MALAYSIA AIRLINES.  Our most shocking revelation is the most recent statement from the new appointed Chairman of Malaysia Airlines Tan Sri Md Noor below!!

Time to soar: Mohd Nor says the share swap with AirAsia is not part of the problem, but part of the solution.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysia Airlines board is standing firm behind the co-operation with AirAsia as well as the share swap betweenKhazanah Nasional Bhd and Tune Air and has asked that the deal be given a chance to work.

MAS chairman Tan Sri Mohd Nor Yusof also expressed the board’s “commitment and support for the management team of Malaysia Airlines, led by group CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya”.

“Malaysia Airlines is a very sick patient, and its condition is quite critical. Indeed, there are a full range of prescriptions available. Judge us by the result, not by the choice of prescription,” he said in a statement issued here yesterday.

Mohd Nor’s backing for the deal follows a meeting between MAS unions with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak earlier this week to express their opposition to the Comprehensive Collaboration Framework (CCF) involving a share swap between Khazanah and Tune Air.

t was learnt that Najib had also summoned Mohd Nor and Ahmad Jauhari to his office where the two airline men argued for the deal.

Saying that passing judgment on the CCF and share swap now was premature, Mohd Nor said people should judge the team by the results under their new business plan.

The airline announced last month that it recorded a huge loss of RM2.5bil last year but expected to make a turnaround this year when its new aircraft, including five super jumbo Airbus A380, come into operation.

In August, Khazanah took up a 10% stake in AirAsia while Tune Air, the investment vehicle of AirAsia founders Tan Sri Tony Fernandes andDatuk Kamarudin Meranun, bought a 20.5% stake in MAS.

On top of the share swap, a collaboration agreement was signed simultaneously by MAS, AirAsia and AirAsia X, which would effectively see MAS concentrate on being a full-service premium carrier, AirAsia on being a regional low-cost carrier and AirAsia X, a medium-to-long haul low-cost carrier.

“The Board is confident that the CCF will benefit both Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia by promoting synergies in many areas. I would like to be very clear in stating that the share swap is not part of the acute financial problems at Malaysia Airlines; it is part of the solution,” said Mohd Nor.

Okey dokey MAS Chairman, how would you like to explain to the tax payers and the government on the Collaboration Agreement between Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia and AirAsiaX herein stated in the signed document dated 9 August 2011 of item 7 – FINANCIAL EFFECTS that The entry into the Collaboration Agreement does not have any effect on the issued and paid-up share capital of the Company and is not expected to have any material effect on the earnings, gearing and net assets of AirAsia group for the financial year ending 31 December 2011.  However, it is expected to contribute positively to AirAsia group’s earnings moving forward.

Mr. Chairman of Malaysia Airlines, whilst you said the Collaboration & Share Swap with AirAsia is not part of the problem but a solution, would you be kind to explain to the public and tax payers and even retirees like us how in the world would Malaysia Airlines ended up declaring massive loss of RM2.52 billion after share swap with AirAsia within the 8 months’ window?

Before the share swap, the maximum losses that ever declared even during Tajudin Ramli’s era (instructed by Mr. Kutty and we all know that) was approximately RM1.3 billion to RM2.6 billion and that losses were made and declared in two consecutive years.  Do you know what we think?  We think the standard of living in Malaysia has proven to have increased more than 100% as painfully experienced by the Malaysians and even the BENT Politicians have to increase the number of the losses for Malaysia Airlines in a double amount in just 8 months.  This huge loss will be siphoned out for Mr. Kutty’s political journey to win in the next election.

We believe clearly you are the bullshitting head for Air Asia camouflaging as the new board of directors in Malaysia Airlines.  We’ll pin those THUGS down step by step!!  Hah..don’t get heart attack because we are only doing our part to save Malaysia Airlines from your vicious hands running adversely to KILL Malaysia Airlines to SAVE Air Asia, that also paving ways for Air Asia to initiate a takeover move by the end of this month.

The Chairman of Malaysia Airlines also said “passing judgment on the CCF and share swap now was premature, Mohd Nor said people should judge the team by the results under their new business plan.”

Now our questions for you Mr. Chairman of Malaysia Airlines; but before we get into that we hope you are able to withstand the pressure of being questioned because the international journalists will be knocking on your door soon and we hope you would not play the mouse game hiding inside your mom’s panty.

First question for Mr. Chairman of Malaysia Airlines – Did you know that Ahmad Jauhari had received two weeks’ training from Tony Fernandez before you recruited him into Malaysia Airlines?

Second question for Mr. Chairman of Malaysia Airlines – Are you aware that current business plan in operation is still the Business Turnaround Plan II (BTP II) that were initiated by Idris Jala and passing down by Tengku Azmil where Tengku Azmil announced the future profit making plans under BTP II would be generating a yearly revenue of up to RM1 billion for Malaysia Airlines?

Third question for Mr. Chairman of Malaysia Airlines – Are you for Malaysia Airlines workers or are you for certain BENT leading politicians who are embezzling Malaysia Airlines’ fund for their political journey?

Fourth question for Mr. Chairman of Malaysia Airlines – If the current business plan for Malaysia Airlines in operation is the new business plan laid down by the new board of directors of Malaysia Airlines who are also the Air Asia and AirAsia X CEO – Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun and Danny Rash (itchy) Dan together with CIMB’s Chairman Nasir Tun Abdul Razak not forgetting Mr. Kutty and gangs are also the part and parcel to this conspiracy to takeover Malaysia Airlines; why would we need to give a second chance to allow the CCF to continue even after the new business plan is another failure from the BINA tak MAHU FIKIR company that you co-founded with Danny the ITCHY Dan a.k.a. Johnny Fernandez?

Our final question for now – Is it true that MAS unions & associations were informed by the former management of Malaysia Airlines that there were profit made from April to June 2011?

So the previous management made RM240 millions loss but were flown out by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.  Mr. Chairman, now supposedly the new management should be announcing good profit as per Malaysia Airlines’ actual account that you and we know about (!!) but instead of declaring the actual profits that has been made under the BTP II, you as the Chairman on behalf of the crooked Air Asia board of directors and CEOs of Air Asia & Air Asia X (Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun) claiming that Malaysia Airlines once again made losses but the difference is this time the losses are fully incurred by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters in a larger amount of losses in the history of Malaysia civil aviation industry and yet, you as the Chairman still claimed it is too premature to passing on the judgment on the Collaboration & Share Swap with Air Asia.

Tan Sri…..Whatta you talking about?  Is that your senility talking or your judgment call?

Oh yeah…hope you can breathe in deeply and take a deeper breathe because we are about to expose transparently of your hidden agenda in this collaboration deal with AirAsia.  By hook or by crook, you as the Chairman for Malaysia Airlines will ensure the CCF is sailing smooth for your smooth operation because your company (BinaTakMauFikir Consultancy Firm specializing for Bankruptcy Only) now is at stake that every of your customers are slowly running away.

Mr. Chairman, we all know what the Collaboration Agreement & Share Swap with AirAsia is all about and even the Bukit Aman Police have investigated that two accounts were opened by Malaysia Airlines after the Share Swap/Collaboration Agreement with AirAsia for only one purpose and that is to continuously declaring losses for Malaysia Airlines to justify that Tony Fernandez should be the next CEO of Malaysia Airlines and we believe Ahmad Jauhari is scared to be arrested for his anti-trust violation activities that is being organized by Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun and Danny the Johnny Fernandez.

Our message to Toni Fernandez – we know it’s your small try you small fly but don’t ever dream about becoming the CEO of Malaysia Airlines you son of the sick bitch!!

We are taking our long tea-break and will be back very shortly for more insight gigantic fraud by Tony Fernandez and YOU (The MAS Chairman), the CIMB and the BENT politicians…stay tune people and please enjoy every seconds of our heated exposure on the scam of Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia collaboration deals!