MAS Unions & Associations produced memorandum against MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement to Malaysia Prime Minister – Part II

This is the sequential of Part I of the memorandum that MAS unions & associations submitted to Malaysia Prime Minister on 14th February 2012 opposing against MAS & AirAsia Collaboration one-sided Agreement.

GUAMs is Group of Unions & Associations in Malaysia Airlines :-

  1. MASEU – Malaysia Airlines System Employees’ Union
  2. AWUS – Airlines Workers Union Sarawak
  3. ATWUS – Air Transport Workers Union Sabah)
  4. MESA (MAS Executive Staff Association)
  5. SEAMAS (Sabah Executive Association of MAS)
  6. SESC (Sarawak Executive Staff Committee of MAS)
  7. MASMA (MAS Managerial Staff Association)
  8. MAPA (Malaysia Airlines Pilot Association)

The memorandum GUAMs submitted emphasizing on the Collaboration Agreement between MAS & AirAsia is only beneficial for Air Asia group as per what we’ve posted earlier in this content of the collaboration agreement between MAS & AirAsia brokered by CIMB (Evil Kutty and the duke of DAIM blood suckers).

GUAMs officially reported to Malaysia Prime Minister against Tony Fernandez of his abusive authority influencing MAS new board of directors to have Firefly ceased its Jet Operation by given an unfounded reason which was that Firefly had caused huge losses to Malaysia Airlines and its golden share-holders – Khazanah.

GUAMs also believe if Firefly is given FREE-HAND to run its course independently and to grow and compete independently with AirAsia; it will be beneficial for the Rakyat (people and citizen of Malaysia) on the whole because being competitive with huge competition is healthy for all segmented markets.  Stopping the competition only means producing anti-competitive pricing for airfares and this is generally referred as MONOPOLY MARKET – an integral violation of the CARTEL anti-trust law.

So the whole shebang of the Collaboration Agreement between MAS & AirAsia is to KILL Firefly’s Jet Operations in order to SAVE AirAsia’s profitable routes that have become LESS-profitable probably because of the painful competition between AirAsia and Firefly over the domestic routes between Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia.

Tony Fernandez’s new motto – KILLS FIREFLY SAVES  AIRASIA 

When AirAsia realizing the effective modus operandi of Firefly Jet Operations that will be based in KLCCT2 in 2013 could shaken its entire AirAsia’s empire, Tony Fernandez took the opportunity to halt Firefly Jet Operations stationed at KLIA (later at KLICCT2) and only allowing Firefly to survive its small portion of operations via Subang Airport. He then robbed complete of the 22 routes that AirAsia failed to seize it from Malaysia Airlines in 2006 which almost caused a huge loss of 8,000 employment opportunity for Malaysians at that time. 

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies investigated after AirAsia had stolen 22 routes from Malaysia Airlines, the scrape of 8,000 jobs for MAS workers were already laid out by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters supposedly by the end of this April 2012 but fortunately, GUAMs unitedly lodged an official complaint to Malaysia Prime Minister just on-time before the slashing of jobs opportunity in Malaysia Airlines were initiated by Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun and Danny Rashdan a.k.a. Johnny Upgrading Fernandez.

GUAMs further reported to Malaysia Prime Minister that Malaysia Airlines as a FULL SERVICE CARRIER had to bear all costs clearing all Firefly stranded passengers for months of which their routes were terminated by Tony Fernandez without advance notice and this had certainly incurred larger costs for Malaysia Airlines to absorb all additional costs incurred by Firefly because the airfares those stranded passengers purchased were of the Low Cost Fare but travelled on Premium Service Airlines.

Not only Malaysia Airlines had to cover all other costs especially fuel costs for Firefly but Malaysia Airlines also had to absorb all Firefly staff increasing its human resources problems internally.

This is evidence of inefficiency and ineffectiveness in the new management of Malaysia Airlines appointed by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.

Now we know why AirAsia under Tony Fernandez did not make money but still continue to falsely declaring profit making for AirAsia to the Public. It is his inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in managing AirAsia that causes AirAsia X lost Orly, Mumbai, Delhi and London Stansted. Poor AAX’s CEO have to face the repercussions from the Public and we know in the future, Azran will not be hired by another airlines operators if he lost his job with AAX. So Azran, better pack and get out before you’re sacked in the name of POOR PERFORMANCE.

Mr. Prime Minister, please shoo away this Tony Fernandez and his gangsters from this Boleh-LAND, once and for all for the good and peacefulness of Malaysia.

In the memorandum to Malaysia Prime Minister, GUAMs also expressed their resentment against Tony Fernandez’s LOUD and CLEAR announcement to MAS workers in Johor Senai Airport that he, Tony Fernandez successfully half-MURDERED Firefly during the launching for AirAsia new routes from Johor Baru to Kuching, and Kuching to Johor Baru; Johor Baru to Kota Kinabalu and return without competition from Firefly.

At the same time, Tony Fernandez also had increased AirAsia’s flights into those destinations previously flown by Malaysia Airlines after terminating MAS from operating the routes and continue reducing Malaysia Airlines flights from time to time. All these decisions were made in the name of Collaboration Agreement between MAS and AirAsia.

GUAMs believe Tony Fernandez is using the collaboration agreement to boycott Malaysia Airlines international routes such as Kuala Lumpur – Sydney – Kuala Lumpur. This plan will reduce yearly revenue for Malaysia Airlines and increased in its quarterly losses.

With Tony Fernandez who is the CEO of AirAsia and Kamarudin Meranun who is his deputy CEO of AirAsia that sitting-in as board of directors in Malaysia Airlines; they have created the Conflict Of Interest which is now happening in Malaysia Airlines. The first exemplary is the payment for QPR Jersey T-shirt for QPR club that owns by Tony Fernandez himself. This proves Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun are not supposed to hold the position as MAS Board of Directors because they will influence the rest of the board of directors making favorable decisions to increase profits for group AirAsia’s earnings.

GUAMs added that the government of Sabah and Sarawak have interests to buy over MASWings and Firefly for their own security because many MAS domestic and international routes originated from Sabah and Sarawak were terminated in the name of the collaboration agreement with AirAsia where it only benefits one-sided for AirAsia. This will impact adversely and causing complications and chaos in airlines industry of Malaysia. It will also have great impact on the country’s merchants dealing businesses and Malaysian travelers/workers state-crossing between Sabah and Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia.

The unions from Sabah and Sarawak are not pleased with the new MAS board of directors because none of the current board of directors represented Sabah and Sarawak and per se, their state and people well-being were not looked after as were before the Collaboration Agreement between MAS and AirAsia.

GUAMs also filed their grievances in their memorandum to Malaysia Prime Minister of the anti-MAS unions and associations by current MAS Top Management. MAS current board of directors are using dirty tactic to cripple the movement of MAS unions and associations through its MAS Human Resource Division creating a constant industrial disharmony practice inside Malaysia Airlines conquering and dictating MAS workers of their working terms and conditions pulling them out of the coverage from its current collective and bilateral agreement.

The tactical of separating Malaysia Airlines from its units and subsidiaries is nothing new to MAS workers. The steps to restructure Malaysia Airlines since 1994 continues to this day and under YM Dato’ Tengku Azmil, he approved it during his town-hall session with MAS workers before the Collaboration Agreement with AirAsia took place.

YM Dato’ Tengku Azmil announced to MAS workers that his plans in restructuring Malaysia Airlines could generate a yearly revenue between RM300 millions to RM1 billion. YM Dato’ Tengku Azmil also had given his assurance to MAS workers those transferred to new subsidiaries will still maintain its status, perks and benefits similar to what MAS workers are currently provided. The plan by YM Dato’ Tengku Azmil received full fraternity support unanimously from MAS unions and associations (GUAMs).

MAS workers know Tony Fernandez has copied YM Dato’ Tengku Azmil’s powerful restructuring plans to sustain his airlines. The only difference between Tony Fernandez and Tengku Azmil is that YM Dato’ Tengku Azmil did not have anti-union and associations movement in his plans as he respects MAS workers whether young, younger and old or older. YM Dato’ Tengku Azmil gave his respect for MAS workers to be represented by their individual unions and associations to sustain industrial harmony practice in Malaysia airlines industry.

Strangely, the most essential and yet fundamental element that now disturbing MAS unions and associations is that why is this powerful restructuring planning reckoning by YM Dato Seri Tengku Azmil were not counted before the signing of the collaboration agreement between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia?

GUAMs in their quest for the betterment of Malaysia Airlines urged Malaysia Prime Minister to study the ulterior motive behind the Collaboration Agreement between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia; where IF it is to SAVE Malaysia Airlines really; why would Tengku Azmil and previous board of directors were dismissed urgently after he presented his powerful plans for sustaining Malaysia Airlines with the right directions and capacity to generate yearly profit of up to RM1 billion?

MAS unions added it does not make sense especially before the Collaboration Agreement, there were rumors spread among MAS workers that the changes of MAS board of directors and CEO was already amidst taking place. The drastic measures in changing the new board of directors and CEO for Malaysia Airlines indicated a realization of hidden agenda between AirAsia and a few of its hidden cronies inside Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines present CEO and its deputy CEO together with MAS present board of directors are making decisions which GUAMs believe are one-sided and only in favor of AirAsia for improving AirAsia’s group earnings. The perception among MAS workers that AirAsia is managing Malaysia Airlines is a fact and the truth; no longer a speculation. This cannot be allowed to continue and the government shall take immediate measures to correct the wrongdoings in Malaysia Airlines.

GUAMs expressed their belief that it is Khazanah’s vulnerability and defective judgment which is the root cause to the existing internal disharmonies in Malaysia Airlines. Khazanah should have been very careful when dealing with Tony Fernandez and his friends (cronies). The Khazanah should have perused the history of both Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia where both were fierce competitors and rivals.

GUAMs condemned Khazanah for approving Tony Fernandez and his friends and staff (cronies) from AirAsia embarking Malaysia Airlines; which to GUAMs is not a wise decision because it will provide FREEDOM for AirAsia to intercept, intervene in the administration and management level jeopardizing the status of Malaysia Airlines. 

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies believe this may attract the eyes of the LORD OF ANTI-TRUST.

AS the above has already been implemented where now in Malaysia Airlines, Tony Fernandez has planted his most trusted friends/employees (cronies) leading the important and higher position in Malaysia Airlines and having the authority to exercise their best judgment in organizing in Malaysia Airlines for the best interest of AirAsia.

This has proven that Tony Fernandez is interfering in administrating and managing Malaysia Airlines. GUAMs believe this is not just a dirty game playing by Tony Fernandez but also to fool the eyes of the public and MAS workers. The actions by Tony Fernandez and his friends (cronies) will impair Malaysia Airlines’ performance until at a stage where it will be impossible to recover from this dirty game.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies saw that in short, the memorandum issued by GUAMs is a peremptory mandate to the Malaysia Prime Minister to end the conflict of interest stems out of the Collaboration Agreement between MAS and AirAsia which could have initiated a ground for anti-trust or other legal actions.

We’ll be back on another episode on this SAD, SAD story of Malaysia Airlines and Firefly, Part III.  Stay tune people, to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies.


MAS Union & Associations produced memorandum against MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement to Malaysia Prime Minister – Part I

Efficacy of the union and associations producing the memorandum against MAS and AirAsia Collaboration Agreement to the Malaysia Prime Minister – will it work and what’s in it?

An interesting read of this article is the inner truth but very sad story about Malaysia Airlines where it is now slowly being wiping out by Air Asia’s bastards a.k.a. Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun and Danny Rashdan (The Itchy Man).

Whilst investigating for more stories on MAS, we’ve found no evidence on MASEU’s President Alias Aziz linking him to Airlines Interior Cabin Cleaning Services for Malaysia Airlines. The Airlines Interior Cabin Cleaning at KLIA belongs to Malaysia Airlines.

Finally, after almost two months, we’ve got the copy of the memorandum that GUAMs (MAS 8 union and associations) had submitted to Malaysia Prime Minister. Herein that memorandum, we feel it is MAS & AirAsia Collaboration that kick-starts the depression among MAS workers.

On 14th February 2012, GUAMs met Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak refreshing the history of Malaysia Airlines and their objectives in submitting the memorandum to the Malaysia Prime Minister underlining MAS workers restless longing for betterment (sustainable development) and the increased of depression among MAS workers befell from the ‘NO BLUE PRINT” yet the equivocal and an ambiguous business directions of Collaboration Agreement ties with Air Asia’s bastards – Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.

GUAMs calls for BLUE PRINT from MAS CEO/MD – Ahmad Jauhari but until today as we’ve heard, AJ has neither BLUE PRINT nor response for GUAMs.

The history of Malaysia Airlines 

MAS was established on 1st April 1972 as a National Airlines after the separation from Malaysia Singapore Airways (MSA). Malaysia Airlines first inaugural airlines operation was on 1st October 1972 commenced with thousands of offices located at UMBC, Jalan Sulaiman, Kuala Lumpur.

The formation of Malaysia Airlines is for the following missions:-

  • To be the ambassadors epitomizing Malaysia worldwide holding Malaysia’s FLAG symbolizing its independence where it became our Malaysians’ PRIDE leading the future for Malaysia.
  • To engineer the economy, the development and the growth for the whole country of Malaysia.
  • To promote social and national integration mainly to bridge the gap between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak.
  • To generate employment opportunities for Malaysians (Rakyat Malaysia) and develop skilled workers/professional occupations within the airlines industry in Malaysia.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies love jogging the memory of our leaders in this country the vision and values governing by all Commonwealth countries…………….

Commonwealth Visions and values

We believe in giving a voice to the voiceless, bringing people together and promoting cultural expression and exchange. Commitment to diversity, development, democracy, good governance and human rights, all core Commonwealth values, help guide our work.

These values are rooted in declarations agreed by all Commonwealth member states. Major declarations include the 1971 Singapore Principles, 1991 Harare Declaration and, today, the 2009 Trinidad and Tobago Affirmation.

Our vision is of a Commonwealth where civil society organisations can realise their potential and engage with governments and the private sector in the shared enterprise of nation-building and international co-operation.

Commonwealth Mission statement

Our organisational mission, derived from our Strategic Framework, is to “strengthen civil society organisations across the Commonwealth as they promote democracy, advance sustainable development and foster inter-cultural understanding.”

The memorandum stated to Malaysia Prime Minister on 14th February 2012 highlighted MAS Chairman Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Mohd Noor Bin Yusof on 14th September 2011 announced to the union that his appointment as MAS new Chairman is to SAVE Malaysia Airlines for the second time with the following arrangement:-

  • To establish a collaboration between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia.
  • To SAVE all workers of Malaysia Airlines.
  • To appoint new directors that can work harmoniously with the union and associations.
  • To establish a committee for Collective Agreement Bargaining headed by Vice President of Human Capital Division and the head of Industrial Relations.

The union was informed by MAS Chairman that Tan Sri Tony Fucker and Dato’ Kamarudin Pirate will be appointed as the new board of directors for Malaysia Airlines together with one of the board of directors for Air Asia i.e. Rashdan Bin Yusof whose position is Alternate Director for AirAsia will also be appointed as the Alternate Director for one of new MAS board of directors.

GUAMs as the responsible union and associations governing MAS workers’ job security and welfare had responded to MAS new Chairman their fraternity extended to the new board of directors only comes with a condition that the collaboration is not a deceptive or the manipulating crafts by AirAsia to destroy Malaysia Airlines.

On 19th September 2011, Ahmad Jauhari bin Yahya was officially appointed as MAS CEO/MD and on 30th September 2011, he held his first meeting with GUAMs announcing the new Organization Chart for Malaysia Airlines.  There was no BLUE PRINT presented to GUAMs in the new Business Plan by MAS new CEO/MD.  However, on two occasions that were 7th December 2011 followed by 16th December 2011; MAS new CEO/MD (Ahmad Jauhari) finally elaborated the new Business Plan for Malaysia Airlines that were as follows:-

(1)  Malaysia Airlines will be divided into two units that is:

  • Short-haul Operations (NewCo)
  • Long-haul Operations

(2)  Malaysia Airlines will be re-structured and split into different units such as:-

  • MAS Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
  • MASKargo
  • MAS Pilot Training/Academy
  • MAS Ground Services
  • MAS Holidays
  • MASWings

(3)  Profit Center (?????)

Ahmad Jauhari also had informed MAS workers that they must resign as Malaysia Airlines’ employees prior to joining the new company/unit. The condition for them to join the NewCo will be as per normal recruitment process that is to apply for new job with NewCo that Malaysia Airlines is yet to register. GUAMs believe by buttering up MAS workers to resign voluntarily, Malaysia Airlines under AirAsia’s governance will not be absorbing ex-MAS workers who had resigned on their own accord.

Per se, GUAMs believe this is a dirty tactic from Tony Fucker in downsizing and terminating the current workforce in Malaysia Airlines as well as the memberships in union and associations through self-resignation.

GUAMs had protested and disagreed with the conditions presented by Ahmad Jauhari to Malaysia Prime Minister and exposed the dirty scheme is the TRADEMARK by Tony Fernandez.

The Malaysia Airlines new Business Plan does not show the deals to save MAS workers and not as per declaration by MAS New Chairman, Tan Sri Mohd Noor on 14th September 2011 to GUAMs that it was to SAVE MALAYSIA AIRLINES. Hence, GUAMs demanded for the BLUE PRINT but did not get response at all from MAS new CEO/MD – Ahmad Jauhari.

The union and associations alerted the Malaysia Prime Minister that Ahmad Jauhari used his persuasion calling MAS workers to resign from Malaysia Airlines and to re-join the NEW company has proven the direction of the collaboration agreement is to terminate MAS workers and is not in compliance with the Malaysia Employment Act, the Malaysia Federal Constitution and the universal Human Rights’ practice.

Thence, the collaboration between MAS and AirAsia under the governance of Tony Fernandez and AirAsia’s board of directors who now also seated comfortably as MAS board of directors had issued a directive to MAS workers based in Subang to clear from occupying the building by the end of this April 2012.

There are approximately 2,500 MAS workers who are the permanent resident residing in the vicinity of Subang Airport have been forced to change their workplace and residence within the shortest period. 

The workers have filed their grievances to MASEU of their difficulty to find new place in KLIA stating the current standard of living is hiking and costly. And the cost of transporting to and fro KLIA (between 140km to 180km) would incur them at least RM1000 per month. Such decisions made by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters were cruel and without considering the Human Resource factors where many of the administrative staff are earning a gross salary of as low as RM1000 per month.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies believe this is another evidence of Tony Fernandez’s dirty tactic in his attempt to force MAS workers to resign on their own accord. This is Tony’s dictatorship that he probably has learned from Evil Kutty.

What could be the reason for Tony Fernandez scheming in this way? And why must MAS workers transfer to KLIA? Continue finding out this truth…….

GUAMs reported MAS always had their administration based at the current location since 1972 as planned by its predecessors for more than 4 decades. The explanation from the new MAS Top Management i.e. Ahmad Jauhari of the reason for transferring Subang-based MAS workers to KLIA is absolutely unacceptable by MAS workers. The reason was deemed compulsive and was like a scurry to get out of MAS building near Subang Airport.

The truth is MAS new management demanded MAS workers to shift away from Subang because Tony Fernandez wanted the land where MAS Complex B is located. The land is facing the runway of Subang Airport and when a land is situated near an existing airport, it becomes priceless.

GUAMs reported that the statement from Tony Fernandez in the media concluded his intention and dream to own his own new Premium airlines operating with TURBO-PROP engine.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies believe that Tony Fernandez wanted the land for building another new terminal in Subang for his own new and undeveloped premium airlines that he would co-own later quietly with Alan Joyce of Qantas Airlines.

There is reason for Tony Fernandez to have his own new Premium Airlines operating TURBO-PROP where it is to compete in continuity with Firefly until Firefly is exhausted and out of the competition.

As long as Firefly is still in operation at Subang Airport, Tony Fernandez will not be satisfied and will continue finding NEMO if he needed to, finding new ways to KILL firefly.

The report by GUAMs submitted to Malaysia Prime Minister also highlighted the collaboration was to cease Firefly Jet operation at KLIA and later at KLCCT2. Tony Fernandez has used his power governing as board of directors for Malaysia Airlines to KILL Firefly step by step with his excuse condemning Firefly is a trouble subsidiary for Malaysia Airlines that losing millions of ringgit.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies believe, if given the opportunity to compete healthily and independently without the collaboration with AirAsia and without the interference from the governance of Pirates from AirAsia, it is believe Firefly via Jet operations can prove a substantiated profit making for Malaysia Airlines.

Immediately after the Firefly ceased its Jet operation, AirAsia took the opportunity to increase its flight frequencies for those destinations that Firefly and Malaysia Airlines had both ceased after the collaboration with AirAsia has taken off.

AirAsia has started to realize how dangerous it is to allow FireFly operated its Jet services via KLIA which can cripple AirAsia’s segmented markets. Tony Fernandez not only took the opportunity to KILL Firefly but also has already seized 22 domestic routes from Malaysia Airlines that he failed seizing it from Malaysia Airlines in 2006 due to the union protested against the passing of 22 MAS domestic routes to AirAsia fearing a loss of 8,000 jobs for MAS workers.

In this broad-daylight MAS heist, Tony Fernandez has caused at least a considerable loss of 8,000 jobs among MAS workers which GUAMs is presently and continuously protesting against the steps in laying off jobs for Malaysia Airlines at this critical stage.

The crisis of Malaysia’s economy and political instability may burden those who could’ve lost their jobs under the governance of Tony Fernandez and his gangsters a.k.a. as we believe is The infamous Pirates from AirAsia that now is to stealing Malaysia Airlines’ profitable subsidiaries and even land and property of Malaysia Airlines for outsiders.

We’ll be taking a break and please stay tune to our next sequential MAS true, sad story Part II.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is not responsible for the content of the messages from our commentators 🙂

Love letter from MAS loyal passenger to SPRM copied to Ahmad Jauhari

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies have received information there was a love letter written by MAS genuine regular (Enrich) passenger to the SPRM (anti-corruption government agency) indicting the circumstantial evidence of innuendos that have been committed in Malaysia Airlines following the setting of precedence by Danny ITCHY Dan who had double upgraded his maid and baby as illegally (based on MAS rules and regulations) from economy class to first class which we’ve written here in our previous post.

Danny ITCHY Dan acting as Deputy CEO for Malaysia Airlines had illegally upgraded his maid and baby that by policy of Malaysia Airlines; carriage of baby is banned in First Class for comfort and safety related of MAS first class passengers.

In this scenario, we believe Danny had abused his authority and illegally upgraded his maid and baby from Economy Class into First Class which had BREACHED the company’s policy as stated in the following clause :

Clause 13 – Para 13.10 – Breach of any laws, rules, regulations, orders of the Corporate Code of Ethics and Corporate Policies applicable to Malaysia Airlines

The carriage of infant is already banned in First Class since those days when Tengku Azmil was still the CEO for Malaysia Airlines and double upgrading from economy class to first class is prohibited since 2002 by Malaysia Airlines as stated in the following MAS regulated policy:

GEN-002-R01 dated 3 Sept 2002 (Thanks to our reader, Janed):

“On no account shall EY passenger be DOUBLE upgraded into FRCL”

However, strangely, there is neither disciplinary nor internal inquiry taken against Danny Rashdan for breaching Malaysia Airlines’ oldest policies in town that Danny had violated since January 2012. This also means MAS current top management is condoning the demeanor action practiced by its own deputy group CEO!!

D A N N Y   R A S H  (ITCHY) D A N     R E A L L Y     B O L E H !!!

Generally, in any industrial practice, if the top management is condoning any demeanor acts of its own workers within the same level, there sets already the precedence in freeing all of its workers in the whole of the organization from all other demeaning acts.  In reality, the whole organization is without doubt fully destroyed and all workers will follow suit of the new precedent act set by one of its own bosses.

Guess what we about to expose in this episode?

Here is the love letter we have captured from one of MAS regular Enrich travelers which already copied to Ahmad Jauhari, MAS Group CEO;

To : :

Sir, I as a Malaysia Citizen has witnessed the irregularity practice and wrong doings committed by MAS employees on MH0002/13 March 2012.  I was traveling as a business class passenger from Kuala Lumpur to London and witnessed details of corruption practice, wrongful acts and abuse of authority by Inflight Supervisors as follow;

(1)  Illegal Upgrading from economy passengers to business class/first class – act of misconducts carried out by Inflight Supervisor En. Azhar for upgrading economy passengers to Row 20A and 20C of business class and a few other passengers to upper deck business class too.

(2)  Abuse of Authority by Inflight Supervisor Shahrudin who used his power and MAS resources to sit in First Class cabin throughout the journey on MH0002.

(3)  Why must there be two Inflight Supervisor in one aircraft to London. This is abuse of authority and our taxpayers’ fund.

MAS is rightfully owned by our Malaysian taxpayers. Such misconduct by MAS staff on MH0002/13 March 2012 were carried out by the head of Cabin Crew have caused a huge losses for the Government and MAS itself as a whole entity.

SPRM shall investigate urgently and I believe there are a few of MAS Executives who also are condoning to such incident inside MAS.

MAS and our country have already lost billions of ringgit resulted by the acts of these irresponsible parties e.g. En. Azhar and Shahrudin.

Salam Perihatian, KP

(We obliged to keep this in anonymous status respecting the privacy of this courageous owner who bravely took the initiate to cease corruption practice within Malaysia Airlines)

To the owner of the love letter, Malaysiaairlinesfamilies thanking you from the bottom of our heart for your courageous and bravery in upholding the justice for Malaysia Airlines.

The copy of the above love letter was also copied to MACC at Putrajaya.  So do us proud, Mr. Prime Minister..will ye and asap please!

We shall wait and see if Ahmad Jauhari will act accordingly to balance the stringent rules and regulations of MAS before it is all being destroyed by Danny Rashdan.

The first thing AJ shall impose is to commence an internal inquiry on Danny on his abusive behavior as deputy Group CEO in his illegal upgrading of his maid and baby surpassed Business Class into First Class and onwards, AJ shall also command the investigation into these two corrupted cabin crew vizly Azhar and Shahrudin for committing the crime by illegally upgrading the passengers from economy to business class and first class quietly.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies will follow closely on this development and will keep our readers posted of the latest development…stay tune to us with more unexposed true story….next story will be on MASEU’s President Alias Aziz whether he owns the Aircraft Cleaning Company! He better not be because we will expose the internal corruption practice by any irresponsible parties.

MAS & Air Asia Collaboration Agreement is AirAsia’s scams and lies – Now Everyone Can Die

This article is a very good read and we re-produced it from Anotherbrickonthewall as we find it relevant to our investigations that exposing the scams and lies behind the Collaboration Agreement between Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia which had been endorsed, blessed and masterminded by Mr. Evil Kutty for his blood sucker brother, the Duke of Daim.

Corroboration Collapse?

Separate ways?

The Utusan Malaysia ran a story suspecting the collapse of the corroboration between Malaysia Airlines Berhad and Air Asia Berhad.The reason cited was that it did not benefit MAS but only skimmed MAS lower into the abyss. However, the source to Utusan Malaysia claimed the cancellation would have negative impact on MAS.Can this news be trusted or it is just a decoy pulled by the current so-called turnaround ‘management team’?

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies comments : 

Since AirAsia is still owned by Daim the Blood Suckers, he and Mr. Evil Kutty will find many ways to stop Prime Minister from canceling the Collaboration Agreement for MAS and AirAsia.  If Daim allows Prime Minister to do that, it will mean Air Asia will be declaring into Chapter 11 really soon.  The only way to stop Prime Minister from interfering is to get Prime Minister out of the power.  

To make it worst of all for the Prime Minister  is to appoint his brother Nazir Abdul Razak as Chairman of CIMB.  When AirAsia collapses, CIMB will be dragged down.  Quite a difficult decision to be made after all.  But Mr. Prime Minister must exercise his best judgment to save the country from Daim and the Evil Kutty.

Mr. Prime Minister, we have a lot of advance researched done for Malaysia and we will post it for your First Class attention once the Collaboration Agreement is being cancelled and the SECRET Share Swap is reversed.  We mean “reversing the share swap” and “not re-swapping” that might cause Malaysia Airlines more losses at the latter stage.

Anotherbrickonthewall wrote :

We at ABITW holds the believe that it is better that the corroboration did not fall through because Khazanah or Azman Mokhtar himself have ‘decayed’ in his words to keep each airline remain in their respective matrix or quadrant.

Typical con and insult or ‘consultant’ thinking. A much better word would have been market segment.

Let’s read the Utusan Malaysia news first:

Perjanjian MAS, AirAsia batal?

KUALA LUMPUR 11 Mac – Pertukaran saham antara Malaysian Airline System Bhd. (MAS) dan AirAsia Bhd. (AirAsia) dipercayai akan dibatalkan kerana perjanjian yang dilaksanakan sejak tujuh bulan lalu tidak memberi sebarang faedah dan kelebihan kepada MAS.

Sumber berkata, spekulasi pembatalan pertukaran saham MAS-AirAsia itu kini semakin hangat diperkatakan dalam pasaran dan dipercayai turut menjadi perhatian kerajaan.

“Sama ada perjanjian tersebut benar-benar dibatalkan atau dirombak semula, perkara itu dijangka berlaku.

“Cuma persoalannya bagaimana ia akan dibuat kerana dikhuatiri pembatalan atau rombakan akan memberi implikasi kos kepada MAS.

“Kalau ia berlaku (implikasi kos), dikhuatiri akan memberikan kesan yang tidak baik kepada MAS yang kini dilanda krisis,’’ kata sumber itu kepada Utusan Malaysia.

Sila dapatkan naskhah Utusan Malaysia hari ini atau ikuti Utusan Online selepas 6 petang untuk artikel penuh.

If it is true, the real reason could be political. As we had wrote earlier, MAS and the airline industry can potentially effect 100,000 voters against Barisan Nasional.

The union have warned Dato Seri Najib that they will not vote BN if their jobs are affected. The staff are currently unhappy because they planned personnel cutback will be from 22,000 to 5,000 for long haul and 5,000 for short hauls.

Thus far the management promises no retrenchment benefit and unethically encourgaing good senior staff to find a new job or go for free transfer to the two operations.

The clueless Ahmad Jauhari and the heartless Danny ITCHY Dan

The heartless and ruthless cum Tony F’s proxy, Danny Yusoff will lead the short haul, while the clueless puppet Ahmad Jauhari will lead the long haul. That is one dream choice of employers Khazanah has lined up for MAS employees.

Apart from the stated benefit reasons, there is fundamental flaw with the MAS management so-called ‘turnaround’ plan and even with the view of Tun Dr Mahathir (although we notice he has begin to change his view) to cut more cost for MAS.

MAS is a full serviced premium airline, thus the low cost, low ticket price and thin margin mentality of Air Asia is not suitable.

Currently, MAS runs at a cost of 25 sen per cost available seat km. In comparison to Cathay Pacific at 30 sen, and SIA at 29 sen, it is already the lowest cost premium airline in the region.

The Danny Dungu Yusof’s plan to cut cost by more outsourcing and repeating his Bina Tak Cukup Fikir’s WAU plan of outsourcing is ridiculous.

MAS problem lies at the revenue side. Despite their high cost, Cathap Pacific achieved a revenue of 33 sen per available seat km and SIA 31 sen. While, MAS is going at 20 sen.

Clearly the problem is marketing, which under Tengku Azmil was a mess. The root of the problem is that during the time of Idris Jala, the Business Tranformation Plan entails improving product.

Other than having nuthead in the form of Dr Amir in the commercial team and there was no director but an accountant airline newbie as CEO, the main reason was inferior product.

In our investigation, we uncovered that the reason was Azmokh who refused to pumped money in that direction. He refused to spend via refurbishment or newer latest airplane with up-graded facilities.

With a product problem, MAS pricing was out of whack. How could you have good placement and promotion when an Assistant Commercial Director throwing chairs at each other in meeting and each sabotaging each other at the cost of the Company?

There you go.

But this does not mean Idris Jala was any better as being praised by fellow Evangelist, Lim Guan Eng. He was a pathetic butcher from Shell unable to see the wood from leaves and see retrenchment and asset sales as an automatic solution.

He made no money was losing RM100 million a month but covered it up by merely selling asset and passing it off as operating profit. Remember we said of past practise in MAS to use non cash profit item to cover for operation loss?

When he couldn’t get profit, he hedged fuel at the top and MAS profit and loss goes out of whack to reflect the oil market then the company’s true profit and loss.

He was caught when he announced profit but did not disclosed the more than RM350 million operating loss. That cost him his job at MAS.

Oh well, why should we believe Guan Eng’s praises. He is but a compulsive liar who does it publicly on a weekly basis.

Despite commercial being the problem, the new turnaround idiots were cutting profitable and strategic routes which are part of the important network of airlines, closing up or let’s use a canggihword, repositioning the profit making Firefly into Sapphire and outsourcing operations like cargo.

There is then the cutting up of capacity by 12%. You cut capacity like what the stupid Idris Jala did, you cut your potential income source. It is like you close a line in a factory and your profitability potential is slashed down immediately.

Pan El of the millenium in the making

All these benefited Air Asia.Air Asia X was heard to try and pick the pieces of destinations like Sydney, London, Buenos Aires, etc.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies investigated the reason that AirAsia X did not pick up MAS recent suspended routes such as Dubai, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Cape Town is the anti-trust regulations that can fine AirAsia in breach of CARTEL laws.

The only flight that AirAsia has taken over from Malaysia Airlines is the route to Taipei.

We also have found out Tony Fernandez does not care anymore about the running for AirAsia but he cares more on selling more Airbus Aircraft earning 2-5% of commission. For each aircraft that AirAsia buys from Airbus through Tony Fernandez, Tony will earn approximately USD6 millions per aircraft. Subsequently, Tony Fernandez would also earn higher for each aircraft in Malaysia Airlines converted to Airbus series.

So Boeing can wind up its business very soon. This is an evidence of full collaboration between Tony Fernandez (Tune Air Group) and Airbus Industry. The European union perhaps would be interested in this part of fact and this may be the reason the EU is studying this collaboration between MAS and AirAsia via our blog and others too.

To EU, we thank you for investigating. However, Malaysia Airlines being a company is an innocent party being framed by Khazanah and Tune Air Group.  Please do not be harsh on Malaysia Airlines workers. They merely just earning a decent living. But we encourage EU to take it up with Malaysia Government vizly Khazanah and Tune Air as well as CIMB because these are the parties involved in the collaboration agreement for Malaysia Airlines.

Insiders’ sources claimed that Tony F and not surprisingly possible proxies of Khazanah people and even the management team have interest in companies getting the outsourcing of engineering, training, ground handling and cargo business.Over time, we shall name names.What makes it worse for MAS is that the CEO is cluelessly dumb. He could tell the staff that Air Asia has no flight for long and medium haul. Air Asia-X itu apa bang?The real concern we have with Air Asia is that not only it is based on low cost, low price and low margin, it is also based on high growth model. Air Asia’s cost is 10 sen per ask and it’s revenue is 13 sen per ask.

That is the reason they are being mischievous and unethical.

Recently Air Asia have been cutting their own routes too. As it is Syed Akbar said that Singapore has refused to maintain Air Asia planes and Qatar and Brisbane airports are not allowing Air Asia airplanes.

How will their grow and grow plan to work?

Without high growth model, who wants to invest in company with low profit margin company in a highly capitalised industry?

Come down to earth or they will go under.

Air Asia has got a fleet of 110 airplanes and ordered up to 300 from Airbus. Rumours are saying Tony F had boosted that he verbally told the French President Sarcozy to be prepared for 500 air planes.

Thus far it will cost USD6 billion, so where will Air Asia get the money to pay for that and their right issue of RM1 billion for MAS rights issue?

We strongly believe these MILFers entered MAS to secure and draw out information for the final rape.

Don’t be simplistic and demand fast answer as to just take Air Asia as partner for MAS to turnaround it. Air Asia have not gone around the block and yet to see a crisis.

Most companies with similar models get wiped out in one crisis. We’ve not known the financial situation of Air Asia-X. Not many knows that it is a losing concern.

What about the financial situations of all those Air Asia’s subsidiaries in all the countries they fly to in Asia. The partners of each one of them are politicians or dictators which for all likelihood are milking the companies.

No one really knows.

That is what we meant of Air Asia as potential Pan El of the new millenium. If anyone of you have no idea what is Pan El, that should tell you that you are still wet on the corporate game. Air Asia can possibly bring down the regional stock market.

If not Air Asia, the public wants a solution fast. Many are fed-up with the repeated loss of MAS. How much more recapitalisation and public money to pump in?

How about East Malaysia? Who is to service them?

Air Asia? Not on your life! By the time they say so, they are probably six feet under and saying it for the sake of a lifeline. Bankrupted!

MAS needs RM6 billion for 2012 and RM4 billion for 2013-2015. We can’t simply closed it. MAS has commitment like the A380s. It’s got to carry on.

If the company had been profitable, MAS would have still need recapitalisation to prepare itself forward and prepare for bigger sales.

The solution is to save it and stop the leakages to Air Asia. Get true airliners who understand airline business. There are many honest and dedicated professionals if the Government care to listen to the right people.

Heavens! Not a loud rude obnoxious opportunist … conman like Tony F who is getting on the public nerve. You expect public will support MAS with Tony F around?

Government has to kick out the incompetent Azman Mohtar. He has not even been tested to manage a company and yet he is allowed to manage Khazanah.

Start him from the basic like a bugger stand. If can make money, we’ll give him a second chance. Send Danny to some Chinese shopkeeper to learn the real accounting.

Get someone tested, experianced and young like Dato Abdul Wahid Omar. Enough of these PTD like exclusive elite mentality of MCOBA boys messing up one GLCS after another GLCs

The staff has to change their attitude. With the company in such a mess, why should MAS wants to have new uniform and launch it Hamburg, and kept moving and renovate offices.

Best of all, spend 18 million sterling pound to advertise for the home game while Air Asia take teh away game for a relegation bound team while Genting pays for less on Aston Villa and say it is justifiable.

That’s Dungu Danny everyone flying MAS to the ground… !

Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies..for more unexposed true story! Continue to read Danny’s revenge against MAS Cabin Crew – our next post.

CIMB is going bankrupt soon?? It belongs to Mahathir and Daim!

Today, Malaysians must safeguard your hard earned life savings from CIMB because they are collapsing very soon with the way AirAsia X’s management is running its business cutting out more routes and denied refunds for its pre-booked passengers that is incurring more losses for Tune Air Group.  Not to mention the civil suit cases are rising high against AirAsia and AirAsia X for their super wonder acts outside Malaysia.

The MAS heist that Tony Fernandez and his gangsters have plotted earlier did not take off well because their plotted heist have been exposed to the public in advance by Malaysiaairlinesfamilies.

Malaysians should stop using CIMB services for now until the Prime Minister has reversed the SECRET share swap between MAS and Air Asia and ceases the Collaboration Agreement practice in the whole of Malaysia.

Today, this SECRET share swap and Collaboration Agreement is happening to Malaysia Airlines, tomorrow, it could happen in your company. So, help us to help ourselves as THE RESPONSIBLE MALAYSIANS. 

We have been informed AirAsia’s accounts have shown discrepancies in its profits because Air Asia X is not generating revenue for Tune Air Group.  Per se, the discrepancies of P&L account for Air Asia went into covering the losses for AirAsia X.

Whilst Air Asia X is contributing more losses each day to Tune Air Group, Tony Fernandez has finally purchased a new second home in Indonesia and is currently holding two different passports for two different nationalities and probably going to own three passports from three different countries soon.

Do you know that possessing two different nationalities/passports is against the Malaysian laws. So, how did he get away with it? 

We bet the Evil Kutty should have at least an Argentinian passport too since he still owns the ranch down there.

We already know Daim Blood Sucker is the sole owner of AirAsia as confirmed by Khazanah and yet, the ladies in charge continue to allowing Daim Blood Sucker to take charge in the planning for the whole of Government Linked Companies (GLCs)  and executing Comprehensive Collaboration Framework (CCF) for MAS and Air Asia to save this blood sucker’s business (Air Asia & Air Asia X) from entering into Chapter 11.

Having Daim the Blood Sucker to continue taking charge of all GLCs will only lead to a total destruction of all government linked companies in Malaysia.

Is our Prime Minister SANE or TOO CAREFUL? Mr. Prime Minister, the public will not vote for you for as long as these people are around in Khazanah, CIMB, MAS  and Air Asia:-

  1. Azman Mohktar
  2. Daim Zainuddin/Evil Kutty – you know who we are referring to!
  3. Nazir Abdul Razak (your little brother)
  4. Md Noor – MAS Chairman
  5. Danny Rashdan – MAS Group Deputy CEO
  6. Ahmad Jauhari – MAS Group CEO
  7. All current MAS Board of Directors vizly : Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun and their gangsters.
  8. MAS sleeping Advisor – Abdullah Bodowi
  9. Air Asia current Board of Directors vizly : Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun
  10. Ministry of Human Resource – Subramaniam corrupted bastard – enriched with many contracts for his family and his corrupted mindset is attempting to destroy the harmony industry for employees favoring only employers endorsing more OUTSOURCING policy for Malaysia.
  11. Deputy Minister of Human Resources – Maznah Mazlan corrupted mindset to destroy the harmony industry for employees changing the employment act that best suited only for employers’ practice. (OH! thank you to MOHR for visiting our site)
  12. All former AirAsia’s staff parachuted into Malaysia Airlines must GO OUT of Malaysia Airlines.
  13. Malaysia Airlines must be restored fully to normality without the interference from Mr. Evil Kutty and to be allowed to declare both profits and losses. Current practice in Malaysia Airlines is to continuously declaring losses despite the airlines is still making profits.
  14. Last and not least, please do it ASAP before your votes is long lost forever.

Oh..Mr. Prime Minister, our blog is read by 10,00o readers daily and 80% of our readers are from Malaysia.  God speed your super duper power to act righteously for beloved National Carrier Malaysia Airlines and our Malaysian tax payers. We don’t give a damn to Daim’s sinking ships!!!!!

Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more unexposed news and future of MAS and its workers!

Now MAS Deputy CEO has approved for FREE upgrade from Economy Class to First Class!

MAS has Johnny Fernandez a.k.a. Danny ITCHY Dan, truly an itchy man appointed as Malaysia Airlines Deputy Group CEO and his latest performance was to have his maid upgraded to MAS first class premium flight FREE OF CHARGE which means without having to pay for the differences.

Whatta cheapskate Deputy CEO!  Ticket from Economy class now can be upgraded to First Class by Group CEO Danny ITCHY Dan. Malaysian Boleh!

So, what this Malaysia Airlines top gun have to say about it?  Pretending they didn’t know about it or closing one eyes with never mind that kind of attitude?  If such is true, then we know this is how the new Malaysia Airlines top management fails badly in its strategic management.  Those did wrong were always protected just like Ahmad Jauhari’s sister who is protecting the guilty ass and she is comfortably covered under the eagle wing of Ahmad Jauhari.

We wrote about MAS has conflict of interest’s policy for Ahmad Jauhari’s first class attention and he didn’t do the necessary and once again, allowing his Deputy to get scott-free from upgrading maid and baby to first class cabin which also means, Malaysia Airlines is condoning misconducts conducted by its own deputy CEO.

 Danny, is this part of your robbery plans in the sky to further add more bleeding to MAS recent huge losses? This goes on, it will be mean another two billions of losses in the next quarter.

What kind of CEO this Ahmad Jauhari is telling us? See no evil and hear no evil!

So probably AJ is telling us he couldn’t be bothered much about Danny’s upgrading HOTTEST issue.  Wow! This is so great!  Can the retirees like us get special upgrade to first class with out Free Of Charge Ticket 🙂 ?

We should try to get upgraded for First Class from today onwards.  Come on Everybody, let’s get ourselves upgraded to first class cabin when flying with Malaysia Airlines as long as Danny ITCHY Dan is still the Deputy CEO of Malaysia Airlines.

We have poked our nose into this topic, however, we’re much amused with the on-going statement recorded from among the witnesses who attended to Danny and his noisy baby in first class cabin on MH122. We pray to see  Malaysia Airlines upholds its policy against Danny from freely upgrading maid and baby from economy class to first class.

When Idris Jala was the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer for Malaysia Airlines, he did not condone such arrogant behavior set by his top management team and Idris had one of his top management grounded for abusing power and transferred this abuser to a cold storage division for taming therapy sessions.

What’s on earth keeping Md Nor and AJ from charging Danny ITCHY Dan? Bulletless top gun and toothless group CEO perhaps?

So MAS Johnny Fernandez has conducted an act of misconduct violated the policy of Malaysia Airlines. Will he be charged and kicked out of Malaysia Airlines? If he is untouchable, then we are very right about Danny that is spying for Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.

Let’s examine the profile of Ahmad Jauhari and will await if he would just keep quiet about Danny’s abusive behavior or will he act accordingly as described in his fabulous profile here below……………….

Profile of Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

Prior to his appointment in MAS, Ahmad Jauhari was Managing Director/CEO of Premium Renewable Energy (M) Sdn Bhd. He has had a vast and diverse working experience in various industries which includes oil & gas, publication, engineering, power and energy.

He started his career with ESSO Malaysia Berhad before joining The New Straits Times Press (M) Berhad, where he rose to the rank of Senior Group General Manager, Production and Circulation in 1990.

In 1992, he went to become Deputy Managing Director and was subsequently made Managing Director of Time Engineering Berhad in the same year.

He then served as the Managing Director of Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad and Malakoff Berhad.

Ahmad Jauhari is also not new in managing organizations on the international front as he had also served as Director and Chairman of Executive Committee of Central Electricity Generating Company Limited (Jordan) and a Director of Shuaibah Expansion Project Company Limited (Saudi Arabia). He is also the former Honorary President of Penjanabebas (Association of Independent Power Producers in Malaysia).

If, however, no action can be nor will be taken against Danny Itchy Dan by MAS new top management such as Ahmad Jauhari or even Md Noor, this will be mean the first precedence ever set for direct upgrading from Economy class to first class by Malaysia Airlines and it will be a great demand by Enrich and Platinum members for their kids and maids following suits of the precedence set by Group Deputy CEO of MAS & AA Collaboration Agreement.  

Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more unexposed true story and the future of Malaysia Airlines if the Collaboration Agreement with Air Asia continues………..

Story about Tony Fernandez, the Pirate from the Asia Pacific region

Many of our fans have written numerously as they waited anxiously for our next update on Air Asia’s coverage.  To our fans, this is another story from one of our Malaysian bloggers.  Enjoy reading!!
Ever wonder who’s the real culprit behind AirAsia?  
The real shareholder of Airasia is Daim Zainuddin. This was confirmed by May Quah of Khazanah during one of the side meetings after the Board meeting of AIC’s subsidiary where Khazanah is a major shareholder. As we all know the gomen (the local slang for government) bailed out MAS through Khazanah hence making the latter the majority shareholder.
And of course, this Duke of money and blood suckers and country seller is also the close buddy, collaboration partners and share swap mastermind to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad a.k.a. THE EVIL KUTTY.
The Slyfox looks very horny indeed in his white pajamas.  Is it belongs to Malaysia Airlines? Well..Well..Well Slyfox, you are infamous PIRATE of AirAsia who now owns also an island with his partners whilst the Evil Kutty owns a ranch and also a country – Malaysia!
Tony Fernandez took over Air Asia in 2001. In 11 years of rock and roll growth, Air Asia has become the largest low-cost carrier in Asia. This is a fantastic achievement by any measure.
However the intermittent announcements by Air Asia that they are cutting routes indicates not everything is going on as planned. I hope they do better. We really want our Malaysian companies to do well and succeed. It is good for the country and for all of us. Maybe 11 years down the road a reality check is due.
The frequently heard comment even among Cabinet Ministers is that Air Asia flies in about 10 million visitors to Malaysia annually.
A top CEO of a conglomerate pointed out recently that many of these passengers were “stolen” from MAS. There is much truth to this. In the past few years, even my family and I have travelled almost exclusively on Air Asia. Before we used to travel on MAS. So to say that Air Asia flies in an extra 10 million “new” visitors into Malaysia is perhaps quite off the mark. They have actually taken business away from MAS.
Air Asia does take the Nobel Prize for publicity stunts, aggressive ads and staying firmly in the public eye. Do you all remember when Bali suffered the bomb attacks? People just stopped going to Bali. Stepping up to the plate, Tony Fernandez announced that Air Asia would provide one million free tickets for flights into Bali. (The return flight saya tak tahu – usually they charge higher fares for the return flight). Immediately Tony Fernandez received huge publicity and the everlasting gratitude of the people of Bali.
But did anyone stop and figure things out a little ? One million free tickets is a lot of flights. Considering an Airbus A320 seats 140 passengers, that works out to 7142 flights. If AA flew just one flight a day to Bali, it would take 19.5 years to give away all those one million free tickets to Bali. Surely a lot of gimmickry was involved. It was a publicity stunt. The fact that the headline grabbing announcements were made while the ashes of the Bali bombings were still warm does exhibit some ruthlessness.
Similar to the claims of having brought in 10.0 million visitors to Malaysia.
Then Air Asia also went head to head with MAS on many routes, including in Sabah and Sarawak. In the face of AA’s stiff competition, MAS retreated from these routes. AA became the monopoly operator on some of these air routes. Now Air Asia themselves are cutting back and shutting down these ‘unprofitable’ roots. So from “now everyone can fly” it has become “now everyone cannot fly” on some of these air routes.
A few days ago I also received this sms from someone :
“Air Asia is in mess. Biz model not working. Can’t fly to Brisbane and Qatar for not paying. Singapore not gonna service their Airbus.”
Malaysiaairlinesfamilies predicts since Singapore’s not gonna service their Airbus, Tony Fernandez would have ensured his AirAsia flights to Singapore would return on time without delays and without the need for aircraft services.
If true this can be quite serious. The fact that Air Asia has been cutting some routes entirely is no mere coincidence. I also think that the recent share swap where Air Asia has become a shareholder in MAS is perhaps a lifeline for Air Asia. I don’t think it adds much value to MAS.
I received another sms from another former top gun in our corporate circles. The sms said :
“I luv ur Air Asia Mas conversation (btw a little bird whispered to me that the MAS share swap with AA comes with NO due diligence #*?- go check out). Yes – they were appointed during Badawi’s time. Was Azman Mokhtar a “sizzling” investment banker b4 joining Khazanah? Smith Barney apparently calls him a “Duffer” – find out when he was in Smith Barney what was his outstanding achievements? Then Bina Fikir? Asset unbundling? In ***** we say “angkat kain sarong jual semua”. Also if you look @ BOD of Khazanah you have mostly Melayus who failed – Azlan Hash*m one of them.”
I received this sms after my post on Khazanah Nasional. So the MAS share swap with AA was done without a DUE DILIGENCE? If so, that is not very prudent at all for MAS.
But why would super duper, high flying Air Asia enter into a share swap with MAS? Especially without a DUE DILIGENCE exercise? Maybe Air Asia does need to enter into a share swap with MAS in a hurry. They bought 200 Airbuses last year and are cutting routes at the same time. That does not sound right at all.
For example MAS has good technical back up and repair facilities for their planes including the Airbus. If it is true that “Singapore not gonna service their Airbus” then of course Air Asia’s tie up with MAS will assist in servicing the 200 new Airbuses.
In the past AA has built up a not so good reputation of not paying their bills on time especially to MAS for technical services and Malaysia Airports for airport facilities. I hope this share swap does not result in MAS holding the short end of the stick again. MAS is a taxpayer owned airline.
Somehow I get the feeling that the MAS – Air Asia share swap is the beginning of another flight into the unknown for MAS. I also get the feeling the folks in Air Asia have their flight paths mapped out a bit more carefully.
AA’s business model based on breakneck growth may have to be re-studied. The pace is perhaps really breaking their neck. I think there is a huge market that really appreciates the services provided by AA. Some fine tuning and clear focus on better delivery should take them to greater heights.

Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more unexposed true story!  Next episode rolling out soon on MAS future……..Now Everyone Can Get Injured in Malaysia Airlines & Everyone Can Rob Malaysia Airlines with the help of Evil Kutty!  Soon Everyone Can Also Have Their Savings in CIMB LOST!