MAS has Johnny Fernandez as “RASH DAN” (like skin “rash” that rash) also called Danny

Mohammed Rashdan Mohd Yusof aged 42, is deputy CEO Malaysia Airlines recruited under Tan Sri Md Noor, the newly appointed MAS Chairman.

Prior to joining MAS, he had been the Chief Executive Officer of Maybank Investment Bank and Head of Investment Banking of the Maybank Group for only fourteen (14) months.

During his tenure with Maybank (the former number 1 bank in Malaysia), he had transformed “this used to be number 1 bank” in Malaysia into a basic and less prestige in status among all other banks in Malaysia.  It resulted in him having had tendered his resignation on March 12, last year.  Rumor spread he was asked to leave by Maybank staff.

Seventeen (17) months later, he has embarked with MAS and under Tan Sri Md Noor, he has been deputized perhaps “pro-tem” to Ahmad Jauhari, the newly appointed CEO for Malaysia Airlines who is handpicked by Tan Sri Md Noor.

Following the history of MAS previous appointed CEOs, it appears MAS has never had an appointed deputy CEO but strangely this time, MAS has created a position for Rash-Dan, the well-known Johnny Fernandez (Johnny English) as deputy CEO.

Rash-Dan has told MAS workers that he would be the next MAS CEO and we know he is desperate to be the CEO once again.

Let’s see what this Johnny Fernandez’s background can tell us?

He is an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW).  He received a Masters of Arts (Economics) Double First Class Honours from University of Cambridge, UK in 2002.  He is also an Associate Member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) of the United Kingdom.

Prior to joining Maybank, he co-founded and was the Managing Director of BinaTerlupaFikir, a boutique financial advisory firm, since 2004. Prior to BinaTakMauFikir, he was with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in London and Kuala Lumpur, where he was an Executive Director in the Assurance & Business Advisory Services division and Leader of the Financial Risk Management group in 2001.

With over 16 years of experience, Rash Dan is a specialist in financial services, derivatives and structured finance, which he acquired as both an auditor and consultant.

Analyzing the background of this “Rash-Dan” and his deputized position, we can tell he is orchestrating MAS into Chapter 11 using his specialty in financial services monopolizing the restructured routes between MAS and AirAsia making ways for anti-trust regulators to impose a hefty fine upon MAS since it is the initiator in the restructuring of routes dividing the short haul and long haul segments and restricted Firefly from competing with Air Asia which also allowing freedom for Air Asia to slaughter the public with higher surge in ancillary revenue incurring the “Convenience fees”, “Wheel Chair Assistant fees” and soon the baggage fees will be increased because there is no competitor for competitive pricing.

The incompetent Rash-Dan, Danny the Johnny Fernandez

We have found incompetence in Rash-Dan where his capability of incompetency is to localizing the already globalized company into a basic, smaller and less prestige company.  His incompetence will cause the downfall of MAS by tuning its debts to a higher degree that could warrant bankruptcy that will be taken place by next July 2012.

The MAS new Business Plans that is in line with the Collaboration Agreement between AA, MAS and AAX has the evidence clearly written in it of which are mostly the “integral” for anti-trust activities that are of anti-competitive markets, divisional segments and restricted overlapping routes for Air Asia to surge higher pricing airfares in the monopolist market.

Long story short, Danny Rash (itchy) Dan is capable to miniaturizing a globalized company.  That is why he is being deputized to compose the orchestra for Ahmad Jauhari to discharge the conspiracy planning.

This pictures crystal-clearly where Ahmad Jauhari would be bearing all costs for potentially becoming the next CEO to be put behind bars for executing the plans restructured by Rash-Dan under Tan Sri Md Noor approved by Tony Fernandez and Kamarudinn Meranun and Air Asia gang-banger.

The truth is Ahmad Jauhari may have been selected to be the potential scapegoat in this collaboration framework and becomes an imminent victim of this conspiracy.

If we were Ahmad Jauhari, we would reverse the significant monopolist system and tuning it back to non-monopolist framework immediately.  Tuning back MAS to where it supposed to be, reinstating Fireflyz for more competitions and whistle blow the monopolist to the anti-trust authority and be the real hero for the nation.

We really hope that Ahmad Jauhari would not be the first MAS CEO to be sent to jail for anti-trust practice.

Stay tune for insight news on Air Asia gang-banging (raping) MAS of its profitable assets and business entities.


Self explanatory legal “Collaboration Agreement” between AirAsia, MAS and AirAsia X






1.                INTRODUCTION

CIMB investment Bank Berhad on behalf of the Company wishes to announce that the Company had on 9 August 2011 entered into a collaboration agreement with MAS and AAX (“Collaboration Agreement”).  Pursuant to the Collaboration Agreement, the parties wish to establish a framework to explore the possibilities of mutual co-operation.

To strengthen the collaboration and to further align their respective interests in AirAsia and MAS, Tune Air Sdn. Bhd. (“Tune Air”) and Khazanah Nasional Berhad (“Khazanah”), the major shareholders of AirAsia and MAS respectively, have agreed to acquire from each other existing shares of both companies (“Share Swap”).  As a result, Tune Air will hold 685,142,000 ordinary shares of RM1.00 each in MAS representing 20.5% equity interest in MAS.  Khazanah will hold 277,650,999 ordinary shares of RM0.10 each in AirAsia representing 10.0% equity interest in AirAsia.


The salient terms of the Collaboration Agreement are as follows:

Salient Terms Description
Overarching Principles for Collaboration

The parties wish to explore the possibilities of collaboration in order achieve the following:

  • To be able to utilize each other’s respective core competencies, optimize efficiency and increase all parties’ competitiveness to the benefit of consumers; and
  • To become more able to compete effectively with other industry players.

The parties shall in good faith negotiate for the purpose of reaching and finalizing detailed agreements in a reasonably hastened duration, to realize the principles of the Collaboration Agreement, in a manner whereby each party will benefit relative to its position prior hereto, and a party’s benefit shall not be at the expense or loss of any of the others.



Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, the Collaboration Agreement does not give rise to any commitment as to any particular form of collaboration, or give any effect to any form of collaboration, until anti-trust analysis has been completed in respect thereof, and such form is in compliance with the applicable laws as regards anti-trust, and any next step, implementation or action to give effect to any collaboration in this regard will be taken only after such anti-trust analysis is completed.  In addition, in the course of such anti-trust analysis, should the parties identify any area in which they can collaborate, they will make the necessary anti-trust assessment and seek all necessary and desirable anti-trust approvals prior to undertaking or implementing the same.

To the extent that there is any anti-trust, competition or other equivalent legal requirement that is applicable to any matter or transaction under the Collaboration Agreement, such that the matter or transaction cannot be proposed and/of undertaken unless certain legal requirements are complied with, then such matter or transaction will not be proposed or undertaken until such legal requirements have been complied with.

To the extent that a proposal in respect of any such matter or transaction has to be amended or varied in order to achieve such compliance, the parties will discuss and agree in good faith an amendment or variation to the same which is in compliance with the relevant legal requirements, and yet is economically closest to the matter or transaction as originally intended by the Collaboration Agreement.

Business Model Principles









Subject to appropriate anti-trust review, the Company, MAS and AAX agree that each party (whether by itself or through a subsidiary or affiliate) will focus only on the following business segments:

  • MAS will focus on being a full-service premium carrier (“FSC”)
  • AirAsia will focus on being a regional low-cost carrier (“LCC”)
  • AAX will focus on being a medium-to-long haul LCC.

The parties will mutually discuss and agree, based on value proposition to the market, the appropriate definitions of FSC and LCC for the implementation of the matters under the Collaboration Agreement.

MAS intends to review Firefly Sdn Bhd’s operations, and MAS’s short-haul FSC business may be undertaken by itself and/or through a new MAS subsidiary (“Sapphire”) and MAS has the flexibility to re-designate capacity, assets and resources from Firefly Sdn Bhd to form Sapphire.


Subject to appropriate anti-trust review, the parties shall negotiate in good faith for the purpose of concluding from time to time agreements in relation to the provision of network services so as to be able to provide, collectively, a competitive offering of services and products to all passengers in all business segments.

Flow, Feed

Subject to appropriate anti-trust review, MAS and AirAsia shall:

  • Assess the viability of enabling selective interlining passengers transiting from AirAsia points of origin to MAS flights, where MAS (and/or Sapphire, as the case may be) does not operate any overlapping route; and
  • Assess the viability of enabling selective interlining for passengers transiting from MAS (or Sapphire, as the case may be) points of origin to AirAsia flights, where MAS (and/or Sapphire, as the case may be) does not operate any overlapping route.

Other Areas for Potential Collaboration




Subject to appropriate anti-trust review, the parties will mutually discuss and agree, in good faith, to collaborate in areas where there are substantial synergies to be realized, either through joint procurements, increased scale, migration to best practices, lower cost, enhanced ability to capture non-captive third party revenues, and suchlike.  At this juncture, the parties recognize this potential in areas like:

  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Ground-handling
  • Training
  • Catering; and
  • Cargo

The early phase for collaboration should focus on quickly-achievable synergies which can be realized without significant effect on any party’s operations, such as joint procurements.  Any such collaboration under this clause should avoid overloading unnecessary restructuring costs on any one party.

To the extent that any future transaction or arrangement under the Collaboration Agreement is a recurrent related party transaction, the parties agree that the provisions of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad’s Main Market Listing Requirements shall apply to the same.

Joint collaboration Committee



For the purpose of administering and overseeing such collaboration, the parties shall forthwith establish a committee constituted by persons representing each of them in order to enable the parties to plan, direct and manage jointly all issues and matters pertaining to the Collaboration Agreement.

The primary responsibilities of the JCC are:

  • Kick starting the collaboration process
  • Undertaking an anti-trust review of all matters to be proposed for exploration or assessment hereunder, prior to their implementation
  • Coordinating the activities of MAS, AirAsia and AAX under the collaboration agreement to ensure maximum synergy capture
  • Monitoring and enforcing the implementation of the collaboration agreement
  • Resolving deadlocks

Prior to any review of the areas for collaboration, exchange of information between the companies, and implementation of any aspect of collaboration, the anti-trust compliance protocol must be established by the JCC.

Resolution of disagreements

In the event a deadlock cannot be resolved by the JCC, it will be referred to the companies’ boards of directors for resolution.  If still not resolved, then any party may terminate the Collaboration Agreement by giving three months’ written notice to the other parties.


The Collaboration Agreement is effective immediately upon execution.  It will remain in full force and effect for a period of five years, unless terminated as a result of unresolvable deadlock as stated above.  It may be renewed for a further period of five years on expiry by the parties mutual agreement.


3.                INFORMATION ON MAS

MAS was incorporated on 12 October 1937 in Malaysia.  MAS is a public limited liability company and is listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.  As at 5 August 2011, the issued and paid-up capital share capital of MAS stands at RM3,342,156,240 comprising 3,342,156,240 ordinary shares of RM1.00 each and 1 special rights redeemable preference share of RM1.00 in the Company.  Emerald has in issue 417,747,955 of Redeemable Convertible Preference Shares of RM0.10 each.

The Company is principally engaged in the business of air transportation and the provision of related services.  It has won the World’s Best Cabin Crew title from the Skytrax airlines quality rating agency in the six of the past ten years and it is currently holder of Skytrax’s World’s Best Economy Class award.

4.                INFORMATION ON AAX

AAX was incorporated on 19 May 2006 and had its name changed from Fly Asian Xpress Sdn Bhd to AirAsia X Sdn Bhd on 21 September 2007.  AAX is principally engaged in the provision of long haul air transportation services.  AirAsia is holding the entire 42,666,667 Redeemable Convertible Preference Shares Series I of RM1.00 each in AAX.

5.                RATIONALE

AirAsia may be able to reap positive benefits from its co-operation with MAS and AAX.  Through the collaboration, and subject always to the appropriate anti-trust assessment, reviews and clearances from the relevant regulatory authorities, the parties hope to achieve:

  • Improved performance from enabling the respective airlines to focus on their core markets in which they are most capable of developing value;
  • Enhanced network services so as to enable the provision, collectively, of a competitive offering of services and products to all passengers in all business segments;
  • Growth in passenger capacity due to enhanced and improved service offerings; and
  • Deriving possible economies of scale benefits from potential cost and other synergies to be realized.


The Collaboration Agreement is not subject to the approval of the shareholders of the Company, shareholders of MAS or any other regulatory authorities, but all aspects of the collaboration (including as to any discussion, assessment and review on the areas to collaborate) will be subjected to the applicable anti-trust compliance protocols, prior anti-trust assessment and review, and (where required) approvals and clearances from the relevant anti-trust regulatory authorities.

By virtue of the Share Swap between Khazanah and Tune Air, the major shareholders of MAS and AirAsia respectively, certain transactions or arrangements under the Collaboration Agreement may be related party transactions and shareholders’ approval will be sought if such is the case.  Shareholders’ mandate for recurrent related party transactions may be sought upfront if the transactions are of revenue nature and in the ordinary course of business.

7.                FINANCIAL EFFECTS

The entry into the Collaboration Agreement does not have any effect on the issued and paid-up share capital of the Company and is not expected to have any material effect on the earnings, gearing and net assets of AirAsia group for the financial year ending 31 December 2011.

However, it is expected to contribute positively to AirAsia group’s earnings moving forward.


Save as disclosed below, none of the major shareholders and directors of the Company and/or person connected with them has any interest, direct or indirect, in the Collaboration Agreement.

8.1       Major shareholders’ interests

After the completion of the Share Swap, Tune Air remains as a major shareholder of the Company holding 13.07% of AirAsia shares.  Khazanah will also hold 10.00% of the equity interest in AirAsia and is therefore a major shareholder of the Company.

As such, Tune Air and Khazanah (“Interested Major Shareholders”) are deemed interested in the Collaboration Agreement.

8.2       Directors’ interests

By virtue of their interests in shares in the major shareholders of the Company, Tune Air, Dato’ Abdel Aziz @ Abdul Aziz bin Abu Bakar, Tan Sri Dr. Anthony Francis Fernandes and Dato’ Kamarudin bin Meranun are deemed interested in the Collaboration Agreement.

Accordingly, Dato’ Abdel Aziz @ Abdul Aziz bin Abu Bakar, Tan Sri Dr. Anthony Francis Fernandes and Dato’ Kamarudin bin Meranun (collectively referred to as the “Interested Directors”) have abstained from deliberating and voting on the Collaboration Agreement at the relevant Board meetings.

9.                DIRECTORS’ OPINION

Save for the Interested Directors, The Board of Directors of the Company is of the opinion that the Collaboration Agreement is in the best interest of the AirAsia group.


The Board is pleased to announce that Datuk Mohamed Azman bin Yahya and Encik Mohammed Rashdan bin Mohd Yusof (as his alternate) has been appointed as Non-independent Non-Executive Directors of the Company with effect from 11 August 2011.

This announcement is dated 9 August 2011.

Rebuilding trust in Malaysia Airlines

Raja Azura Raja Mahayuddin is the Executive VP of Human Capital Division. Her upcoming project is becoming the speaker for World HRD Congress on the subject of “SURVIVE & THRIVE” on HR Leadership & Challenges in the coming years that will be held on 15th February to 18th February 2012.

When she became the first woman to hold the EVP position in MAS, she became the talk of the town for a while because majorities have not known her well during that time. Quite a few men who had heard about her “single” status at her age of 38 were actually interested in getting to know her better. Unfortunately, the moment they get to know her personally, they have changed their mind.

Worst, the moment MAS workers started getting closer and knowing her a little personally, all workers started to stay away from her. There must be a reason for it.

This woman has the urge to make workers getting “sick” in the workplace. Her leaderships have grown from rebranding “Human Resource” to “Human Capital” where it then becomes the infamous Human Cannibalizing as has been transformed by Raja Azura Raja Mahayuddin in Malaysia Airlines.

Nowadays, it is no fun working with MAS anymore under Raja Azura, the undomesticated from the new generation implementing human cannibalizing strategy and distorting the reputation of the company.

The former MAS CEO, Idris Jala once said MAS Human Resource was the worst department in Malaysia Airlines. Today, under Raja Azura, MAS Human Capital Division is the barbarian department. At the rate she is pursuing, MAS top management will receive bulk of continual grievances being filed by MAS workers to the justice department.

Raja Azura has very high tendency to cause industrial disharmony between MAS workers and MAS unions/associations. Her favorite skill is twisting the inner truth by blaming the unions and associations with ill-intent creating confusions, disharmonies and violating the agreement signed between the unions/associations on behalf of MAS in which she hopes by doing so, MAS workers would have left the airlines on their own accord.

It has been known that MAS Human Capital Division under Raja Azura shall engineer dishonesty and fraudulent to workers to instigate industrial disharmony in the workplace and ultimately, it will trigger the unions/association to file their dissatisfaction to the top management over her barbarian leaderships in Human Capital division. She has made numerous mistakes on behalf of Malaysia Airlines that have threatened an industrial action that is known be taken against MAS.

We have also recognized Raja Azura talks really big but no action being taken and that she promotes NEPOTISM within Malaysia Airlines to be the next richer woman by bidding for MAS contracts via her cronies.

Bidding for contracts using proxies has been known as another lifestyle in Malaysia Airlines after you have worked too long in the management level.

Corruption practice will widen within the airlines by having Raja Azura and her cronies staying put in Malaysia Airlines. She keeps her cool when someone of her circle was caught in bidding contract and she did not take action upon those corrupted management until someone has alerted the top gun. Her cronies are Zaiton Shaari, Hayati Dato Ali, Roslind Ramli and the Saripah lady who works in the insurance section.

MAS’s reputation is at stake under Raja Azura who seemingly challenging MAS workers continuously making Malaysia Airlines the worst workplace for key stakeholders and the employees at large.

The new management must step up to rebuilding trust in Malaysia Airlines without prejudice and she has to be gotten rid off for the benefits of MAS workers towards achieving peace “rebuilding trust in the company” and focusing on sustaining the airlines.

A true HR practitioner will always adapt the philosophy of rebuilding trust in the organization and not the way how Raja Azura Raja Mahayuddin is orchestrating in Malaysia Airlines.

Saving AirAsia

The ladies in Khazanah said the MAS-AirAsia deal is “not a bail-out” of MAS for Air Asia.

Then what the heck the collaboration with AirAsia for? AirAsia is operating at 40 times of its Price Earning ratio and AirAsia stocks are overpriced. Actual stocks are worth only RM0.367 cents is being sold at RM3.679.

The Tony boy coupled with Rosmah Fatty Boom Boom are cooking up the numbers to set the market up and killing the KLSE rules. Imagine Rosmah fatty boom boom if skimmed half her current weight and holding a broom, we will see “century old witch granny”.

What our Malaysian father said about AirAsia? Dr Mahathir Mohamad said MAS “can learn” from AirAsia on ways to cut costs. Wasn’t he the one who screwed MAS putting Tajudin Ramli that tuning MAS into a Cash Machine (MCM-Mahathir Cash Machine) for Mahathir’s cronies of whom were the politicians during his reigning days? Many were benefiting from the contracts approved by MAS through supplying, catering, polishing aircrafts, procurement, uniform for cabin crew etc.

Why can’t Mahathir says we should learn from Lee Kuan Yew or the “KIASU” Airlines (practically our busybody neighbor)?

Everyone in Malaysia know Mahathir Mohammad is well-known for his “10% commission charged” back then during his reigning days. The evening minister’s (p.m.) wife has emulated from Mahathir a double times of commission charges.

We have learned that Mahathir always says something reversing and when he says MAS should learn from AirAsia, it should be the other way around which is Air Asia should learn from MAS in fine tuning the airlines businesses into political arena cum businesses that are only available for Mahathir’s cronies.

Let’s look at Tony Fernandez’s talent on AirAsia records.

As of the first quarter of 2011, AirAsia debts amounted to RM7.7 billion with cash balances amounting to RM1.7 billion.

Further in August 2010, AirAsia announced a deferment of its proposed aircraft purchases but in March 2011 it had placed an order for an additional 200 NEO aircrafts at the Paris Air Show.

How scheming it is in spending frivolously before declaring bankruptcy?

AirAsia’s skyrocketing debts As of March 31, 2011 (first quarter report), AirAsia’s capital commitments stood at RM19 billion. With the latest announcement, an additional RM54 billion will be added as capital commitments.

The proposed capital commitments of about RM74 billion will be spread over a 15-year period ending 2026 which means AirAsia has to increase its earnings to an average of RM5 billion per annum to meet its future dues.

From 2006 to 2010, AirAsia’s revenue grew by ten-fold from RM110 million to roughly RM1.1 billion. This is an average growth of RM200 million per annum.

How will Air Asia reach a “RM5 billion” growth per annum?

AirAsia’s cash reserves rose six-fold from approximately RM300 million to RM1.7 billion. But its debts skyrocketed from RM1.05 billion in 2006 to RM7.7 billion in 2010, an increase of 700%. This is surely debt burdening that spiraling “outta” control.

This indicates Air Asia will be heading into Chapter 11 if it is registered in the U.S. when the adverse global economy hits air travel industry later.

In contrary to MAS having lesser debts recently under Air Asia scheming group in-charged by Tony Fernandez has declared the opposite that MAS would file for Chapter 11 if measures were not taken to save the airlines via the collaboration with AirAsia.

Does it make sense? It sounded Tony boy is very desperate for swallowing MAS big fat cash flow.

Air Asia’s debt with Malaysia Airports Bhd (MAHB) has dragged on forever and the government is still negotiating with Air Asia for Malaysia Airport new Service Level Agreement.

The only bank in Malaysia that welcomes the well-known bad debtor for AirAsia (Tony Fernandez) is CIMB that belongs to the current and appointed evening minister’s (p.m.) brother.

While Air Asia is still owing MAHB millions of ringgit and whenever actions were taken against them, the small boy would run to their chief, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for shoulder to cry on and to call off the chase.

These days, the small boy has turned to Mahathir and Rafidah Aziz for protection by putting them as AirAsia Advisor and Non-Executive Independent Chairman for AirAsia X.

MAS’ strength and wealth is actually its network and position in the Tier-5 star airline market. MAS’ annual operating turnover is RM12.98 billion versus AirAsia’s RM 3.948 billion. MAS’ operating revenue from airline operation is at RM11.649 billion against AirAsia’s RM2.839 billion. MAS has a paid-up capital of RM3.384 billion and has a fixed asset value of RM8.4 billion. Its net asset is at RM 6.962 billion, where cash constitutes RM 2.086 billion but AirAsia has borrowings of up to RM7.7 billion and its cash position is RM1.7 billion.

Khazanah has given away 20.5% of its holding in a company with a bigger network, acclaimed higher standard of service and bigger operating revenue with stronger assets and lesser debts but more cash and better paymaster track record to another company with lesser track record.

Where is the rationale if not a crystal clear corruption practice?

AirAsia’s strength is that it excels in hyped-up marketing and showing it can make a lot of net money in shorter time but ended up swimming in the pool of debts only.

Strategy of the Pirates of Caribbean

The national airline is in its critical stage again proclaimed by its new MD/CEO coincidentally in conjunction with those who has overdue terms in facing fresh general election by next year March 2012.

Each election however, ironically will cost the national airlines “massive losses”. This time, the losses almost cost the airlines entering chapter 11 analogous to American Airlines and Qantas resultant from the footstep of JAL in re-structuring the airlines by shrinking its staff strength then re-hiring new staff with lower salaries, terms and conditions.

Malaysia Civil Servants are getting an increment of 7% up to 13% as “Advance Appreciation” from the evening minister (p.m.) as booking fees for the “successful” future election.

We believe the only person who can cease the share swap between MAS and Air Asia is the “appointed” Evening Minister (p.m.). However, we were informed he is not interested in justifying the share swap issue that has a very big impact on MAS 20,000 workers.

So Malaysian workers, do you know who to vote in the future? If you still don’t know whom to choose, better let us know in advance so we could arrange “hammering session” on those indecisive voters.

It appears our history began with appointing our own Evening Minister and as the potential candidates, you do not need to participate in the general election process to become the next number 1 Asshole because systematically, you could be appointed provided your late father was the “number one” man.

We have received information from Evening Minister’s close aids that Mahathir will make his son becoming the next powerful man so that he could continue siphoning off profits from the National Airlines and enjoy riding his horses in Argentina with Daim.

The Malaysians workers must not waste time but join forces now and start cursing this Mahathir and his future generation for screwing the country by allowing Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun the opportunity to screwing the national airlines bit-by-bit and piece-by-piece. Danny has gone to Khazanah asking for another 10% of shares for Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun. We think this two is the pirates of the Caribbean.

Expensive contract for bleeding the National Airlines

Attention AJ and Md Noor,

A reader has posted us information about MAS having contracts for polishing its aircrafts that cost a bleeding of at least RM10k per month.

MAS currently have a fleet of 36 aircrafts and we are told each aircraft is only polished once a month.  Can this be a little overpriced?  We do hope it is not RM10k per aircraft per month because that will cost the airlines a bomb.

We were also told many of MAS contracts are “beneficial towards” the vendors than the airlines.

Quite recently, the VP of GSS has renewed a public transportation company that cost the airlines paying out up to RM1.5 million per month by utilizing its over-age vehicles that could compromise the safety of the users.  Very easy trick is that the position for VP and above is also on contract basis and so humans are getting weaker usually a few months before his contract is expiring.

There has been rumored the division’s handling transportation easily has opportunity for bribery practice and the vendors could have offered such opportunity with condition to waiving off the penalties.

We think this contract issue should be revisit for curbing the bleeding in the airlines.  The pricing should be beneficial for the airlines than the vendors which means AJ needs to enforce “Corruption Free Workplace”.

Is liquidating the National Carrier via Collaboration Framework is the ultimate goal?

Dear readers,

As always, your comradeship standing behind our Malaysian Flag is greatly appreciated by all Malaysians.  Today, our blog have reached nearly 9,000 hits since this was established on 23rd November 2011.

To Binafikir visitors, our blog comes only with one mission that is to fight against “thugs” that probably could be plotting dramatic scene with ill intent on liquidating our national airlines and improving the poverty and debts for our country.

As of yesterday, we’re still monitoring the sales for JNB, SIN, TPE etcetera and a shocking revelation is that MAS under Danny Rasdhan-the Bina terlupa Fikir gang, also sells one-way airfares to Singapore for only 20 ringgit.

Is this crazy? Or is this how Bina TAK MAU fikir and Axehole’s office boy (AJ and Md Nor) accomplishes the mission bankrupting our National Airlines?

Why is the evening minister (p.m.) appointed a retiree to oversees CCF?  We have the opinion the goal is for them to CABUT (ciau) far far away after the bankrupt of National Airlines.

We all know very well that Tony Fernandez is a business KON man whose ulterior motive is buy a bankrupt airlines like what he did with RM1 price for Air Asia.

Before Tony Fernandez embarks on his mission to take over MAS, he has had many meetings with his mentor, the founder of Ryanair, Richard Branson who screwed airlines industry, Alan Joyce who screwed Qantas Airlines and probably the CEO of another airlines too, which we have yet to receive affirmation.

Their final step galvanizing by CCF business plan is to liquidating National Airlines through sabotaging the internal sales by selling 80% tickets for Air Asia and blocking MAS sales for routes to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Los Angeles and Singapore so that they could prove to the Malaysian BLIND GOMEN they have done the best but because of the unions are still attached to National Airlines, the company cannot make money.  They won’t tell our gullible GOMEN that they are making sales for Air Asia and closing SHOP for National Airlines already.

Do you concur to all of the above, Mr. Axehole ?  We know Mr. Axehole has been patronizing our blog.  We welcome Tony Fernandez to post his comment so we could learn about more him and his plots to kill National Carrier.  Dare the Devil?