Saves Malaysia Airlines from unscrupulous & dishonest corporate figures!

Ever wonder why is Malaysia Airlines workers getting uptight and uneasy over the controversy in the merging of MAS and AirAsia?  Here is the answers from MAS workers.

Saves Malaysia from being ruined by Tony Fernandez and his three muskeeteers

We in Malaysia Airlines families, though already retired from MAS but deep inside our heart, we stay true and loyal to Malaysia Airlines and we will continue our quest exposing against the unscrupulous and dishonest corporate figures particularly Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun, Danny Itchy (Rash) Dan and Ahmad Jauhari from destroying Malaysia Airlines any further.  We believe the Prime Minister should have removed these thugs (Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun) from sitting on the board both for MAS and AirAsia.  They should have been banned permanently from running any corporate businesses in Malaysia.

We besiege the Prime Minister of Malaysia – Najib Tun Razak to cease the collaboration agreement and reverse the SECRET share swap between Khazanah and Air Asia as soon as possible before the next election.

We have been investigating intensively of the connection between CIMB and Air Asia.  This is truly a shocking discovery.  What we know all this while that AirAsia has increased in its commitment capital up to RM57 billions and largely this capital is financed by CIMB, of course by Nasir Razak who is the brother of the present Prime Minister.

We have received reliable information that Nasir Razak has secretly been provided some shares by Air Asia to assist in getting a collaboration with MAS so that AirAsia can suck MAS comprehensively dry during the tenure of this comprehensive collaboration agreement between MAS and Air Asia.  No one else in CIMB would want to be part of the collaboration agreement except Nasir Razak.

Now what does Nasir Razak gains in this agreement?  We know CIMB is now lacking of substantial funds especially when it is still under Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (behind the curtain) who endorsed MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement.  CIMB has financed AirAsia almost RM50 billions and whilst AirAsia is dying making losses consistently and declaring false account to the public, AirAsia has to increase its airfares via its “hidden” charges.  The increased in the hidden charges by AirAsia does not really cover back its losses, and henceforth, the instruction has been passed down by Nasir Razak to MAS group CEO to cease MAS’s profitable routes in order to pass it to AirAsia to increase its revenue so AirAsia can pay back to CIMB.

Why is this happening?

We believe if AirAsia falls, CIMB will go into bankruptcy.  Is this not a shocking discovery?  Clearly, this collaboration agreement is an INVASION by AirAsia to swallow Malaysia Airlines.

We want to remind the public particularly of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who has no knowledge in building successful business; we meant to say the gene is more to vampiring the profitability of any successful corporate companies in anywhere in the world.  The other gene of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for example that had proven to the public before is his third son who almost went bankrupt because of Mahathir’s gene that knows only how to bankrupt any successful companies.

The fact is Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and his cronies, Tony Fernandez and gangsters are good at collapsing any corporate company including Air Asia that has been not making money for the last decade.  Whilst AirAsia continuously making losses, the management of AirAsia conceals the loss making journal from the public.

We believe that is the reason of why many hidden charges were imposed by AirAsia to cover back the loss making crisis.

The convenience fees by Air Asia has been strategized to be forfeited if you have the BIG cards.  You know what we mean? It means it is a scheme to make it mandatory for travelers to apply BIG cards to waive a bit of the convenience fees as one of the advantages joining “BIG” family.

Now back to Tun Dr. Mahathir’s gene, since his reigning days until the day he stepped down as Prime Minister of Malaysia, what did Malaysians gain?  Of course, we gain a lot of development for the country but let us refresh your memory – Malaysians also gained more credit cards which also means higher debts.

Let us ask you Malaysians, have you got enough saving for your retirement?  For those of us who already retired, we have to find another job just to survive in this material world.  Our retirement fund (EPF) only lasted us 2 years and thanks to Tun Dr. Mahathir’s gene who crushed our dream to be able to retire peacefully.


MAS Heist Updates – What Tony Fernandez says about the corrupted Malaysian politics and The AirAsia & MAS Merger

The synonym for the word “Collaboration” is “Alliance” also means merging.   Whatever this so-called Comprehensive Collaboration Framework (CCF) is just a subtle merger between a Low Cost Carrier (LCC) and a Full Service Carrier (FSC) as in the eyes of the public.

So let’s hear what Tony Fernandez says about the corrupted Malaysians politics and how stupid is Malaysians government (The Khazanah Ladies-in-Charge) for allowing him to merge MAS and Air Asia and creating vast opportunities for Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to rob complete of Malaysia Airlines, the airlines that engineers the economic for Malaysia and the strong foothold for Barisan National’s foundation.

Hey people working in Malaysia Airlines and Prime Minister of Malaysia, do you know that by the end of this February 2012, there will be another signing ceremony between Air Asia and CAE on behalf of Malaysia Airlines passing over MAS’s subsidiary – the MAS Pilot Simulator Training business to AirAsia/CAE with a condition that CAE only holds 50% of shares in this business?  

Please try guessing who would be owning the other 50% shares in this profitable business?

People….It is Tony Fernandez and his gangsters which also means it’s AirAsia management under the great advice of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.  We remember someone has posted a comment on this CAE’s proposal to buying over MAS Pilot Simulator Training Academy ages ago but was stopped by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.  Well, we now know it is Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the great barbarian of the century who wanted so much of MAS profitable business. And seemingly Tony Fernandez is just truly a puppet and not the brain behind all this scheming planning.

Wondering how it works on this another takeover?  Now this is how it’s gonna work………..Malaysia Airlines has 9 simulators and Air Asia together with CAE sharing only 3 simulators.  So they are gonna merge 9 MAS simulators with 3 AirAsia/CAE simulators to become 12 simulators.  After the collaboration agreement between MAS and AirAsia, CAE now wants 50% of shares in this merger of MAS & AirAsia Pilot Simulator Training Academy and the remaining 50% of shares will definitely be for Air Asia.

Please take a deep breath……Now, here’s the cheating takeover……read this…………..

Out of 50% of shares in this merger for MAS/AirAsia Pilot Simulators Training Academy that would be belonged to Air Asia by the end of this February, only 10% of stake is given back to Malaysia Airlines.  So how can Malaysia Airlines that has 9 Simulators now only owns 10% of stake in this merging?  AirAsia management is a truly the Asians Conman.

Hey MASEU, MESA and MAPA, do your thingy already?  We hope you have already known of this.  There are commentators calling MASEU is keeping quiet.  We don’t want to be nasty to you, but please do us proud, will ya?

So AJ and Johnny Fernandez – Danny Itchy Dan, go ahead and sign the takeover for AirAsia and see what would happen to your asses later!

Hey people, this is evidence of MAS heist in Malaysia Airlines as advised by the corrupted fucking Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad who claimed to be the hero all the times but now is the culprit of the century all the times.

The evidence is clearly surfacing that Malaysia Airlines is comprehensively worst-managed by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters under the Comprehensive Collaboration Framework.  In another word, it is a comprehensive takeover and a one-time finish-off the Barisan National strategy.  

Getting closer to the truth?  Yes, we really are…………

In fact, our investigations have gotten us closer to the truth and the truth is that Khazanah and the Malaysian government have asked Air Asia CEO, the alcheapos CEO who wants FREE travel in Malaysia Airlines first class cabin; to collaborate with Malaysia Airlines but what’s really happening is Tony Fernandez and his gangsters planning the opposite way in transforming Malaysia Airlines by plotting the biggest heist of the century that is ROBBING MALAYSIA AIRLINES to save his AIR ASIA covering for the losses that AirAsia X has been contributing to Air Asia.

Dang….Tony Fernandez and his gangsters are really the twister and tornado of Malaysian’s weather.   Soon, they gonna be the recession controller for Malaysian economic if people of Malaysia are not careful….  People, let’s vote NO to the Collaboration agreement and let’s  STOP FYING WITH AIR ASIA Air until Tony Fernandez and his gangsters are outta the airlines business.

And Mr. Prime Minister, what are you gonna do now?  Everyone now know that your brother Nasir has stakes in Air Asia too because Tony Fernandez has big mouth spreading the news on your behalf crushing your ability as the true leader for next Barisan National team.

Truly, we believe Khazanah is the cause to the downfall of Barisan National’s leadership in this century of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Tony Fernandez’s era.

We believe the Prime Minister should have got rid of his brother, Nasir from running CIMB and Tun Daim Zainuddin should have been charged for plotting the downfall of Barisan National by screwing up the Government Linked Companies that are the foundations of Barisan National platform.  The Prime Minister must also comprehensively manage Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun, Danny Rashdan and Ahmad Jauhari effectively to protect the Malaysian Tourism.   Get them outta our airlines industry.

People, do stay tune for more exposure from Fly AirAsia? Not me –

Let’s join Facebook with FAA/NM with and get updates from the latest corrupted chronology of Mathathir and Tony’s corruptible acts.

Petition against MAS/Air Asia Collaboration Agreement

Wake up Malaysians and MAS Workers and listen up please……

You all know by now that MAS board of directors are actually the board of directors for Air Asia, we NOW ask for your time to do your duty to click below link to send petition to Prime Minister because Tony Fernandez and his gangsters have reported that MAS workers are very happy with Air Asia’s management inside MAS.

Do your job to clear all Air Asia asses outta our National Airlines.  And in the meantime, stop flying with Air Asia.

Come on people, do it if you treasure your job with MAS.  

We are only the retiree who are merely the voices of the wilderness afar.


Our regards,

Malaysia Airlines Families

Malaysia Airlines’s safety performance versus Air Asia’s safety performance

Mohamadon Abdullah a.k.a. Dr. Don, one of MAS pioneer leaders has recently written his testimonial about Malaysia Airlines’ history and achievement in YB Wee Choo Keong’s blog. Here’s Dr. Don’s testimonial about Malaysia Airlines and what he doubts about Air Asia’s capability and the insult of appointing outsiders as Advisor and New Management who knows nothing about the history of Malaysia Airlines.

Dr. Don’s written testimonial:-

MAS Corporate Safety and Security record has been excellent since 01 October 1972. Its Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) Programme has been internationally recognized since late 1980s. Asiana Airlines adopted MAS CRM. When MAS was established way back on 3rd April 1971, MAS litreally started from Ground Zero. However through the commitment of people like Tan Sri Saw Huat Lye, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, Mr. Lee Shu Poh, Allahyarham Tuan Hj. Sidek Alwi, Dato’ Resham Singh and many others, developed the Airline to be a major Player in the Aviation Industry. All this was possible under the Chairmanship of Allahyarham Raja Tun Mohar Raja Badiozaman.

Not many realized that MAS started its operations on 1st. October 1972, three months ahead of schedule. That was really Malaysia Bolih. Yes, this was history.

Whilst I appreciate that we must look forward, but once in a while we must look back at the past. It is just like driving a car, once in a while in moving forward, we must look at the rear view mirror, just to be safe. The Five Objectives established by the Founding Fathers are now somewhere buried in the archives. But these Five Objectives were the driving force of the Pioneer Group and is still relevant.

MAS is an Engine of economic growth for Malaysia. Not many people appreciate the contributions made by MAS to the people of Malaysia. As a simple example, MAS produced approximately 25,000 sticks of satay per day. To some, so what? But do you know where the satay sticks come from? It was not from Tokyo or London but from Ulu Yam, in Selangor. What about the development of Human Capital? MAS has over the years developed Malaysian expertise in Aviation Industry especially in the technical areas.

What has Air Asia done in this area? If one tourist visit Malaysia and fly MAS, Can you imagine how much they contribute to the Country? Tourism Malaysia states that each Tourist spend at least RM 600 per day, can you imagine how much can 25 million tourists spend in a day in Malaysia (RM 600 x 25,000,000 per day).

Who do you think will benefit from this tourist spend? Today, are we saying that Malaysia do not have expertise in the Aviation Industry? What about those people I mentioned.? Do we really need a foreigner to be an Advisor to MAS when we have our own people who have years of experience in the Aviation Industry? No point in gloriously giving accolades to someone, being a Member of the Board of Directors for the last ten years, to justify his appointment in MAS? Where was he when MAS went through Y2K, September 11, the introduction of Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) or for that matter where was he when MAS was formed? Did he really contribute to MAS Safety record or is he reaping the fruits of past labors?

There are Malaysians who have contributed to the development of MAS. Ignoring these people, to me, it is an insult to us Malaysians, after 55 years on Independence. MAS provided its expertise in setting up of Jet Airways, supported Asiana Airlnes in their B777-200 introduction and Korean Air etc. Are we saying that Malaysians are incompetent, that we have to look for foreign expertise? Sad…..sad….sad. Is this is not a National Tragedy?

Is this not a National Tragedy?  Well said Dr. Don and let us look at Air Asia’s performance for the past decades;

The chick below will show you whether Air Asia can perform safely or not.

Hi, there, my name is Miss Air Asia and here below is the photographic evidentiary affidavit which will prove my Air Asia most recent record of safety performance that our LOW airfares has added value of our “refined experience” with aircraft skidding upon landing led to one of our AirBus aircrafts crash-landed in Kuching International Airport.  However, this fatal accident was totally covered up for our Air Asia’s bosses.

So where is the safety guaranteed when flying with Air Asia? Honestly, we in Air Asia cannot guarantee your safety because we are operating a low cost airlines.  FAIR?  

Well! Our boss, Tony Fernandez said he knows Malaysians very well and if that we fared our prices a little lower, Malaysians are willing to risk their lives and the above is the exemplary of our guarantee  service when flying with us, Air Asia.

Here’s another performance by “Air Asia B O L E H” where it has been investigated by the Australian authority for another two more hazardous incidents occurred outside Malaysia which they cannot cover up for the reason the bribery concept isn’t availed for Tony Fernandez and his gangsters in that country.

The Australian Transport Safety Verdict :

The AirAsia jet, “descended to a height where there was no longer separation assurance from the ground and from planes operating outside controlled airspace.” – Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

(Copied from

For us laymen, that means AirAsia was precariously close to both the ground and to any civilian aircraft that may have strayed into its path. No longer was separation from the ground assured means – but for the grace of God, it could easily have crashed. If you’re hard pressed to imagine any of this, cast your mind back to the Charlton Heston movie classic ‘Airport 1975’. That’s what generally happens when commercial airliners come into contact with light aircraft in mid air.

So what could be the root cause?  Please memorize this “citing” by the International Investigators – Pilot training was cited as a major factor in the incidents. According to today’s The Australian, Investigators said the crew were “probably not adequately equipped to manage the approach in other than autopilot managed mode”. In essence, theses guys were on their P-Plates, flying you and your family. To be more accurate, they were in the middle of a lesson, with an obviously bungling  ‘instructor’ that allowed this to happen.

What International Reporter has to say about AirAsia’s Pilot training?

Chan Sue Ling of Bloomberg reported thus : 

Some airlines aren’t waiting for qualified talent to walk in the door.  Singapore Airlines and Air Asia, based near Kuala Lumpur, have each set up their own tuition-free training academies.

Singapore Air’s flying school turns out about 150 cadet pilots a year, while AirAsia’s facility trains as many as 500 annually.

People,500 pilots annually versus 150 for respected carrier – Singapore Airlines.  That is really    Air Asia   B o L e H!   Hah….but you gotta be kidding with Quantity versus Quality and isn’t that by the retarded leaderships……and retarded leaderships never passed!  Agreed?

Flying with Malaysia Airlines, your safety as passengers and flight crew are guaranteed 100% because it is an organized “Legacy Airlines” as compared to a Low Cost Airlines.  

But nowadays, can AJ and Danny Rash-Dan guarantee the safety for Malaysia Airlines under the ruling of Air Asia board of directors camouflaging as board of directors of Malaysia Airlines?  

Since MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement took effect last year, Malaysia Airlines has lost its first class platinum customers because of Air Asia’s past track record – bad paymaster and aircraft crashed landing for more than 5 times.

Care to know who are the platinum customers that have left Malaysia Airlines for Singapore Airlines?

It’s the Sultan of Pahang and his entourages.  

So MAS has since lost a yearly RM2 million or more revenue.  Sad…sad…sad…as quoted by Dr. Don and indeed it is a National Tragedy to have Air Asia KAMBING (goats coming) on board Malaysia Airlines.

The wrote :

Is this lax attitude toward safety/remuneration  – not to mention their attitude to maintenance leading to airlines such as AirAsia and MAS becoming a very real risk to fly?

Mr Ozman-Rani shows that AirAsia are deceptive spin doctors who will stop at nothing to wriggle out of acknowledging responsibility. Do you trust them?

In time, these bent politicians and puppets like Fernandes will be brought to justice. In the meantime, they are gaining a stronger stranglehold of the Malaysia Airlines board of directors by the day; a previously upstanding, safe and professionally run airline will soon be in tatters if Malaysia doesn’t wake up. 

The evidence shown to us before our eyes of MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement is only for SAVING AIR ASIA.  So, how it works to save Air Asia?  The Collaboration will assist in improving Air Asia group’s earnings.  SO….C L E A R, isn’t it?

If those who are still questioning about the Collaboration Agreement that maybe, and maybe benefiting MAS, please diP your head into any of the nearest toilet bowl you can find.

Well…….Mr. Prime Minister, you gotta move faster before this burns your entire team. Whether people choose Barisan National again or not, it’s all depending on your decision made for Malaysia Airlines.  

Malaysia must wake up now and you, the Prime Minister must wake up and stop listening to your crooked mentor – Tun Dr. Mahathir.  Some people said Anwar Ibrahim has two faces, well, we say Tun Dr. Mahathir has four faces.  

Message for our Prime Minister – Share swap and Comprehensive Collaboration Framework (CCF) is the National Tragedy

Voices of the wilderness have spoken against the collaboration agreement between MAS and Air Asia that has turned out to be truly the National Tragedy.

This is a written post from one of MAS former pioneer leaders – Dr. Mohamadon Abdullah (a.k.a. Dr. Don) who voiced out against the collaboration between MAS and Air Asia that now is emerging into tragedy for our nation.

Dr. Don quoted; Malaysia Airlines grew from a small Domestic & Regional Carrier to a major player in Airline Premier League. Engineering developed from a Line Maintenance Facility to become a major Aircraft Overhaul Facility in the region (initially supported by expatriate staff but ultimately replaced by Malaysians, through a structured Nationalization programme). Flight Catering operated from a small flight kitchen and became a preferred Catering Supplier. Flight Operations has been recognized as one the best in the world and our Pilots are in great demand, due to a rigid technical training and human factors programmes. There are many more areas that we can really be proud of. Management Succession Plan was emplaced. All these were destroyed in 1994 as a result of the so called “restructuring” and the “virtual airline” concept. I recall 254 years of engineering “experience” were cast aside by just a stroke of a pen. Malaysia Airlines Academy was planned to be a Centre of excellence but now has become “Manipal University”.

Today, MAS has engaged many foreign expertises either through direct recruit or through “Consulting” services (which result in $$$$$ outflow).  Credit and recognition must be given to the pioneer Leaders who took the airline from operating BN2s, F27 and B737-200 to the modern fleet of B747s, B737s, B777s, DC-10s and Airbus series.

Now a foreigner who has no inkling of why MAS was established and has developed (and never gone through the pains of the early years) has been appointed an Advisor. Imagine, a foreign Company is providing Catering Services at Malaysia’s major Aviation Hub.

What a JOKE after 55 Years of Independence! Where is that Malaysian Pride? It is indeed a NATIONAL TRAGEDY.

Mr. Prime Minister, are you aware that Tony Fernandez and his gangsters have taken next step plotted against your upcoming election playing dirty games to close down Malaysia Airlines for one day in order boycott you from winning another term as the Prime Minister of Malaysia during the election month or maybe earlier?

This closing down for one-day plan is a dirty plot to overthrow your leadership under the pretext of renewing all employment terms and conditions for MAS workers.

It is the similar strategy that has been applied by Alan Joyce – CEO of Qantas Airlines.  So we now know how close is the relationships between Tony Fernandez and Alan Joyce via their secret rendezvous.

The one-day closing down plot is a strike action to lock out the airlines and attracting the international attention.  This may be a form of embarrassment striking Barisan National’s leaderships if it really happens in between March 2012 and such an attempt of boycotting the ruling party is an act of treason because it will incur national security when the country is in chaotic.

This collaboration led by Khazanah Nasional Berhad that headed by Azman Mokthar who agreed upon the share swap with Tune Air for Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to gain entry into Malaysia Airlines (of course, with the almighty help from the three musketeers) must be terminated for the sake of upholding the pride of our National Legacy Airlines – Malaysia Airlines.

The People of Malaysia now ask for Azman Mokthar to tender his resignation immediately for his stupidity and blunder mistakes.

Azman Mokthar, you have just earned a one-way ticket to hell for causing pains to majority.  Allah will cast you into “hell pithole” when the judgment day comes you son of the bitch.

The People of Malaysia now seek the Prime Minister of Malaysia to ban Tony Fernandez and his partner together with his gangsters from ever stepping their foot in Malaysia Civil Aviation Industry again because they have fashioned a cause for foreigners boycotting our country tourism, Malaysia.

Mr. Prime Minister, the world has already start boycotting Malaysia tourism since 2007 because of Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun’s wrong doings in Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. 

Please read this blog – for clearer picture.

Our Malaysian cultural attitude is always NEVER MIND and hence, we see the marching of Tony Fernandez and his gangsters into destroying our National Legacy Airlines that bearing the flag of our country.   We will gradually lose our tourism industry if Tony Fernandez and his gangsters are still running Air Asia in this region.

We fear the collapse of Barisan National leaderships will create chaos and riots in this country; so we beseech Mr. Prime Minister of Malaysia;

Please stop Tony Fernandez and his gangsters from destroying our country and our National Flag, the Legacy Airlines – Malaysia Airlines

Saves our National Airlines and our country, Mr. Prime Minister.  

MAS new management has adopted Conflict Of Interest policy (COI)

Listen up everybody; M.A.S. is spelled Mesti Ada Saudara. The direct translation is that CertainlY Got Relatives In the Airlines – CyGRIA, a new term that can only be found in MAS “New Management’s” Dictionary.

The quote used to be a joke but now has surfaced in an evidentiary abuse affidavit.

We found our first evidentiary affidavit that is Danny Rash (itchy) Dan whose relative is Hayati Dato’ Ali, the Dungun who sits as present EVP of Airport Operations that flooded KLIA with outsourced and unskilled workers who is also Madam YES, MR. TONI.

Our second evidentiary affidavit proves Ahmad Jauhari who is the new Malaysia Airlines CEO and Managing Director, also has relatives in Malaysia Airlines. Would you like to know who is this relative of his?

She is Roziah from Human Cannibalizing Department who oversees recruitment policy.

Question is whether Roziah has been the HC recruitment manager long before Ahmad Jauhari becomes the new CEO/MD or is it after Ahmad Jauhari has become the CEO/MD for Malaysia Airlines?

Our investigation has revealed Roziah is the sister to Ahmad Jauhari and also a very close buddy to Raja Azura, the former Head of Human Cannibalizing Division who recently were forced to submit her resignation within 24 hours over her unethical conduct.


We believe the act of “misconduct” conducted by the former Head of HC Division was for covering the embezzlement of MAS fund. We’ll story you a little shortly.

Our investigation had further drawn us to a GHOST named Zaiton Shaari, a slow walking “FAT” rhinoceros. If you could hear heavy and stamping footsteps approaching you within Malaysia Airlines premises, we bet that must be Zaiton Shaari (the bigger size one) approaching in your direction.

The meaning of GHOST refers that she is neither pro-company nor pro-staff.

The stupidity of this MAS top new management is recruiting their relatives/spouses and acquaintance into the managerial level which would then create the “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” for Malaysia Airlines.

Zaiton Shaari had been working very closely with former Head of Human Corpse Division, Raja Azura after getting the GREEN LIGHT from the top gun (which is Tony Fernandez and his gangsters) to BULLDOZE all agreements with MAS unions and associations.

We have been following Zaiton Shaari’s footsteps and we have uncovered the people involved in the discussion to bulldoze the agreements with MAS unions and associations; turned up to be some of MAS Cabin Crew. Thank goodness MAS Pilot is not involved.

MAS Cabin Crew who is involved vizly Ismail Nasaruddin, Rosli Karim, Norwalena Wahab, Sree Ganesh and Akram Oozeman. They were involved in the secret rendezvous with Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to destabilize the movement of the recognized unions and associations within Malaysia Airlines by recommending the elimination of transportation that both MAS Pilot and Cabin Crew have been enjoying for more than 5 decades.

The intention is to provoke the Pilot and the Cabin Crew to resign from its union and association if they were the members of the unions and associations.

So MAPA and MASEU, do you know what to do already?

We urge the Pilot and the Cabin Crew to boycott these irresponsible parties who have been making unfavorable recommendations to Tony Fernandez and his gangsters on how take on MAS unions and associations “outta” Malaysia Airlines so to annihilate the permanent workers slowly. We also found out one of the recommendations by NUFAM and MAFAA includes the sharing of room for MAS Cabin Crew and MAS Pilot during their layover stay in outstations and overseas.

Now let’s get back to the part of Raja Azura’s recent resignation.

To be exact, it was the act of “MISCONDUCT” conducted by the former Head of Human Capital Division collaborated with Roziah, the HC Recruitment Manager to cover up the embezzlement of MAS funds.

Our investigation revealed Raja Azura was caught red-handed in backing up the misconduct act committed by Roziah who was due for domestic inquiry. This wasn’t the first time covered-up case by Raja Azura, and so she was asked to leave Malaysia Airlines instantly after a report was submitted in to one of the top management.

We have received information from reliable sources that Zaiton Shaari has zero welfare value and no compassion for MAS workers.  She always abuses her authority to uphold more CROOKED strategy building Industrial Disharmony in Malaysia Airlines provoking MAS workers.

The mistakes by MAS new top management under Tony Fernandez and his gangsters is that they intended to retain and recruiting the CROOKED categories that have no compassion for its workers and so to subsequently creating a short-term employment opportunity in Malaysia Airlines ridding off the permanent workers.

Employing crooks will only give you more CROOKED IDEAS – don’t you think so, Dato’ Ahmad Jauhari?

The conflict of Interest policy does not work for a corporate company like Malaysia Airlines.

Dato’ AJ, we believe even though Roziah is your relative, she should have been terminated for committing an act of misconduct. Work is work and accountability and fairness has to be upheld for greater integrity.

So, do your job as the righteous CEO! You have been empowered to oversee the running of Malaysia Airlines towards a sustainable organization.

We know Danny Itchy Dan is the planner and you’re merely the runner. What an opposite?

The power you have can overturn the decision made by present crooked board of directors, Tony Fernandez and his gangsters. We know you know it too but what are you waiting for?

Do you think Tony Fernandez is going to sack you for changing the course of their plans for Malaysia Airlines? We doubt Tony Fernandez “gonna” do so because he is in a deep shit now and because you can be the witness for anti-trust activity.  Please read this blog –

Stay tune where next, we would blog a report received on Hayati Dato’ Ali’s senselessness and her voluntary slavery for Tony Fernandez and his gangsters in the running of MAS Airport Operations.