Tony Fernandes making a comeback to Malaysia Airlines with the help of bent politicians and a few of MAS top management and workers – Part 3

Is the Men-in-Red in Khazanah are that stupefied or just pea-brained? Today we’re gonna exposed the mastermind behind Khazanah forming the stupefying strategy for Malaysia Government Linked Companies.

Last month, Tun Mahathir refreshed the public of the main function of Khazanah for the country and argued the rights of the majority whom are bumiputera – the Malays must be taken good care of. We sticked our nose in this argument and unfolded some grave robbery is cooking inside Khazanah for Malaysia Airlines.

As it is already an injured airlines still under recuperating from the aftermath of gang-raped by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters of RM2.52 billion during the share swap and collaboration with AirAsia; this time another grave robbery may be taking place conceivably after the next 13th General Election.

Who is the mastermind and how’s this grave robbery going to be carried out?

Deng…deng…it’s the advisor for Malaysia Airlines. This greedy pig is still holding the baton of the main premiership function although he already stepped down. This Scooby-doo needs supplementary income to supply more diapers for his napping habits during the meetings and anywhere he goes.

We have discovered the grave robbery planners are the Men-In-Red from Khazanah who’s been ordering Ahmad Jauhari – the clueless CEO of Malaysia Airlines to stall all development for Malaysia Airlines particularly the joining of OneWORLD as full membership that supposedly takes effect this month November 2012. The stalling is to push it to next year March 2013 whilst molding Malaysia Airlines losing at least RM5 million a day.

For the public information, MAS is truly losing RM5 million each day whilst under Ahmed Faraway – The Clueless CEO of the centennial.

If Malaysia Airlines lost RM5 million a day; it will be estimated a loss of RM150 millions per month. Calculating the amount that MAS is losing since last September until March 2013; it would be around RM1 billion of loss.

We believe Ahmad Jauhari is our faithful blog follower. After our last posting here;  Ahmad Jauhari quickly covered his stalling plan for Malaysia Airlines by announcing to MAS workers the date of joining OneWORLD alliance is 1st February 2013. (Thanks to our readers for this information!) So we know what you did last summer!

Why is this happening?  As being speculated before; The Scooby-doo needs more supply for his diapers and perhaps he wanted a gold diaper for himself.

During his premiership; he had his son and his son-in-law controlling GLCs’ contracts where majority of lucrative contracts were from Malaysia Airlines. One of the largest deal the Scooby-doo had was the catering contracts. The same way it’s gonna happened to Malaysia Airlines and the history is about to be repeated again. MAS Catering was sold to his brother – the contractor for RM30 million and his brother resold it to LSG Sky Chef for RM1 billion.

Are you guys following? Now what is going to happen to Malaysia Airlines? The stalling of recovery plans by Ahmad Jauhari is for Tony Fernandez to accumulate sufficient capital to buy over the pieces of Malaysia Airlines after Khazanah shattered MAS for auctioning.

For now, Tony Fernandez has maxed up loans for AirAsia in Malaysia and his next move is to pursue the IPO spree by March 2013 before the next GE. His PLAN C? For all IPO launched by 2013, AirAsia will generate an estimated return on invested capital (ROIC) of RM1 billion.

We know Tony Fernandez had hard time securing even a meeting with Malindo Air. This IPO spree is a preparation for Tony Fernandez to buy over Malaysia Airlines after Khazanah declare bankruptcy on Malaysia Airlines next year. So Malaysia Airline will be swimming into Chapter 11 under the current CLUELESS leadership of Ahmed Faraway.

Although we do not idolize Tun Mahathir of his works but we realize what he preached on the direction where Khazanah is deviating now that is to destroy all Malay Businessmen paving the opportunity for foreigners to climb the ladder higher and be richer than the bumiputera – the Malays. We know Khazanah is supporting Tony Fernandez behind the curtain. Why Khazanah is selective  and supportive of Tony Fernandez?

Well! The former premier; we mean the Scooby-doo that wears diaper to a meeting so that he can nap in the meeting too has close relationship with Tony Fernandez. Between his son and especially his son-in-law (KiloJoules) is very close buddy to Tony Fernandez.

So precisely, KiloJoules and the former premier are all AirAsia proxies. Didn’t we get it right? They are both fans of soccers – sharing same interests “footballs and young pretty girls” and connecting all the times.

In reality, today Khazanah is moving on its own way and not the present Prime Minister or the Najib’s way.

One of the excuses given by Khazanah is that Malaysia Airlines is losing RM5 million per day and that will be approximately a RM150 million per month. Therefore, Khazanah may declare Malaysia Airlines “BANKRUPT” if they can’t find any alternative to restore it with the way its current management handling the routine businesses especially most of the managerial levels are pea-brained, sleepy-head and blind-judges.

This way, it is easy than retrenchment on all Malaysia Airlines workers including the culprit assignment leaders – Ahmad Jauhari the CLUELESS, Zahrah Zaid the LIAR and Azhari Dahlan the CROOKED BOTAK HEAD where Malaysia Airlines does not have to pay a single penny to all workers upon declaring BANKRUPTCY.

This bankruptcy planning employ for Malaysia Airlines will be that similar to JAL restructuring plans where all workers were slashed of jobs opportunity and restarted with fresh employment with lower terms and conditions.

The CROOKED BOTAK HEAD has tendered his resignation but pulled back his resignation letter after he received one phone call from Ahmed Faraway – the clueless man who’s gonna declare Malaysia Airlines bankrupt by 2013 before Malaysia Airlines successfully join OneWORLD. Where is the integrity of Azhari Dahlan? Being a real gentleman; one would not pull back the decision he had made. Perhaps, he’s sissy after all.

We have also investigated inside Khazanah there’s a bunch of politicians cooking their political plans against the Prime Minister by quietly setting up the exit plan (in case BN don’t win and they don’t have jobs with Khazanah) by hiking up the sale on Malaysia Airlines to RM24 billion.

We have one very stupefying question for the stupefier in charge – Who’s that stupid to buy MAS for RM24 billion?

In actuality, the hiking of sale prices is to avoid those interested investors from successfully taking over Malaysia Airlines. Many interested investors believe Malaysia Airlines is making huge profits. The only problem is Malaysia Airlines is handled by the CLUELESS and PEA-BRAINED Ahmad Jauhari and his trio CULPRITS. These investors are interested to buy over the whole Malaysia Airlines to save the workers and the future of Malaysia Airlines.

malaysiaairlinesfamilies feel the powerful MAS Unions have been keeping quiet about this whole shebang. WHY? Is the current MASEU’s leaderships truly questionable? Or have they lost their BALLS already? If MAS Unions are keeping quiet; we’ll gonna kick all of your asses. So we’re watching your asses too yeah!!!

Unfortunately, the plan for bankrupting Malaysia Airlines by Khazanah “MEN-IN-RED” is to break up MAS into pieces where the MEN-IN-RED supposedly assigned to save Malaysia Airlines will save themselves a piece of MAS. We mean Tony will get MAS MAE, someone will own MAS MRO and sell services to Tony…etc.

We in malaysiaairlinesfamilies do not and never agree to see this group inside Malaysia Airlines and we believe they are the moles for AirAsia Tony Fernandez and we welcome any moves to remove these moles from our beloved National Carrier.

They should’ve left Malaysia Airlines when Tony Fernandez graciously resigned from MAS board of directors. Thick skin and greedy faces full of moles on their face showing their hidden agendas have not been accomplished yet. We know you moles are spying for AirAsia Tony Fernandez.

Ahmad Jauhari was from Malakoff, Azhari Dahlan was from AirAsia and Zahrah Zaid was from Danone. These combinations are excellent ingredients to destroy Malaysia Airlines. In Malakoff, Ahmad Jauhari successfully terminated 1000 workers out of 1,500 workers. In Malaysia Airlines, his main function is to terminate 2/3 of the workforce but was unsuccessful and protested by the powerful MAS Unions.

So Ahmad Jauhari chopped off MAS flights and frequencies to collide with Tony Fernandez on AirAsia flight schedules assisting AirAsia continuously making profits with the help of the bent politicians and MAS dumbos who happened to be a few of the Union leaders and representatives.

Azhari Mohd Dahlan when was in AirAsia was the caused to the March 2010 mishaps that resulted to Tony Fernandez heavily paid out a huge compensation to the survivors. The moment he stepped inside Malaysia Airlines, he sabotaged MAS commercial planes with broken engines that was on fire during cruising into London and turned back a couple of hours after the Jumbo aircraft took-off. He could have been behind another flight into Chennai to scare away MAS loyal customers.

For Zahrah Zaid, we know who you are – the liar who holds strong belief in disharmony to break up the strong voices of workers. That was what she is capable of when she was in Danone. We unfolded a few of her pasts whilst she was still with Danone. It seemed Danone workers were never been in peace the day she landed in Danone. We believe MAS workers may have been experiencing the same NO PEACE working ambience in Malaysia Airlines.

The only persons who can save Malaysia Airlines from Bankruptcy are Tun Mahathir Mohamad and the Prime Minister of Malaysia YAB Dato Seri Najib Razak.

We urge the Prime Minister and Tun Mahathir to immediately take effective measures to save Malaysia Airlines from entering into Chapter 11. 

Next post, we’re gonna exposed what Dr. Don is up to. It looks like we’ve made mistakes for introducing him as MAS board of director. Stay tuned with malaysiaairlinesfamilies.


7 thoughts on “Tony Fernandes making a comeback to Malaysia Airlines with the help of bent politicians and a few of MAS top management and workers – Part 3

  1. In a situation of bankruptcy in Malaysia, the workers wages are protected by law. There will be some payment made to them however do not expect MSS forms of payment.

  2. Refer to sections 191 & 282 of the Company’s act. It relates to insolvency of companies. There is a guaranteed payment of at least RM1,500 to every employee. This is the secured portion.

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