AirAsia runs Malaysia Airlines with defective management skills – Episode 2

This is the continuation from our previous posting “AirAsia runs Malaysia Airlines with defective Management skills – Episode 1” revealing on how MAS current management is still running by AirAsia’s proxies started a couple years ago in August 2011 during MAS and AirAsia share swapped by Khazanah Men-In-Red Azam Mokhtar.

If Khazanah is to sack Azman Mokthar; the public would find Azman M. working for AirAsia as the OLDEST STEWARD advertising COFFEE; TEA; OR ME OR THE BUCKET!

Azman Mokhtar the Slywolf

Azman Mokhtar the sly wolf works secretly with Tony Fernandez of AirAsia to steal over some of the Government Linked companies for Tune Group by pulling string and making strong recommendations in favor of AirAsia and Tune Group. Although MAS and AirAsia share swapped but dropped by the Malaysian Prime Minister; its’ both collaboration framework still exists till today pursuing by Tony Fernandez run with – these 3 main AirAsia proxies;

  1. Ahmad Jauhari – Head of Group CEO;
  2. Azahari Dahlan – CEO for Engineering and Cargo; and
  3. Zaharah Zaid – Human Resource Director.

These 3 assholes together with those defective and challenging brainless ass-faces including Hayati Dato Ali must be extirpated by MAS investors by reason they are just as saboteurs and corporate espionages for AirAsia. Particularly the above top 3 are paid top dollars by Tony Fernandez warranting a gradual progress in delisting MAS.

Delisting of MAS – a Boon or Bane for the shareholders?

If we look back to the day before Ahmad Jauhari was hired by Tony Fernandez to be MAS CEO; the shares price for MAS was fluctuating at around RM2 (USD 0.60) but today after Ahmad Jauhari became MAS CEO for 2 years from September 2011; MAS shares have dropped tremendously to only 30 cents (USD 0.10). This proves crystal clearly Ahmad Jauhari is programmed to delisting MAS.

The question that arises is what should such investors do, who had invested on the basis of the faith and trust in MAS system and also on the basis of the contents in the prospectus which MAS security have been listed on stock exchanges for years now takes an irreversible decision; as the promises in the prospectus are irreversible.

If MAS securities get delisted, its shareholders’ investment will no longer be marketable and trade-able. On top of it; if its CEO had it delisted; the shareholders will be left in lurch with no option but to tender their shares at whatever price which may be much lesser than the actual value of the Company.

Other option of Voluntary Delisting may happens when there is little investor interest in a stock; it does not trade much and it is hard for a company to sell more shares to investors.

As a corollary to this; the fundamental question that arises is – Is delisting of securities a boon or a bane for the shareholders?

Unions Galore at Malaysia Airlines

Last month – STAR wrote Union Galore at Malaysia Airlines – pointing at the below in campaign strategy which we’ve written many moons ago. The transformation strategy by Tony Fernandez is to cap down the salaries & wages for Malaysian stewardesses with lessor benefits and higher work hours in combining practice – a set up for Malaysia benchmarking airlines policy.


STAR wrote; “IT is interesting to note that the National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) has appointed itself as the union representing the cabin crew of Malaysia Airlines (MAS), although the airline had yet to recognise it up till yesterday.”

Already, the carrier has eight unions and associations. Nufam would be its ninth, if accepted. And if the other three segments are formed, then it would round up to make a dozen, and that would make MAS, perhaps, the only company with a dozen unions.

Unions are necessary and Maseu has shown in the past how powerful a union can be by lobbying for the unbundling of the share swap with AirAsia Bhd. It is now rallying for a management change. Is the recognition of Nufam a move to weaken Maseu so that it cannot lobby for change then?

Take a look at what’s in this cooking pot for Malaysia Airlines!


So Tony Fernandez has his transformation plan for Malaysia Airlines pursuing by his 3 cronies. We’ve written this many moons ago but what we did not know earlier is that Nufam is the acting transformer for Tony Fernandez until we had a small chat with former Minister of Human Resource and a few internal workers. Ahmad Jauhari did ask the Ministry of Human Resource to grant recognition to Nufam for his convenience and smooth operation recruiting cabin crew from AirAsia – for twice the fun and half the price! Take a closer look at how AirAsia stewardesses are treated in AirAsia!
AirAsia stewardesses know how it feels to be treated like cheap sex objects. As if it is not enough mucking out toilets, the airline’s crass advertising has painted girls as a ‘hostess meets whore for over a decade.

Consider headlines: The new girl has finally arrived. She’s twice the fun and half the price” or Now taking reservations”. The seat, not the girl. This is the way AirAsia demean staffers. We are going to show you how tasteless, damaging promotions play out in reality.

Asian whores

More than three AirAsia stewardesses have been attacked and molested in Malaysia after Tony Fernandez advertising them as Asian whores. The story – HERESHARINAWATI and AMRITA ROY should echo in your psych as you continue to read how AirAsia treat their staff with zero security but fatalities and incidents working environment.

Some prefer to call them the flying prostitutes – Don’t lose sight of the fact that this is an advertiser that commonly boasts close-up shots of stewardesses’ buttocks in their television spots. Take the images that pepper the Internet, where perverted individuals and amateur pornographers photograph stewardesses’ behinds, breasts and under their uniforms. While this is indicative, this clip is a milder example than some.

Flying prostitutes are hot!

This website hastens to clarify that none of the lewd or distasteful photographs featured in this article were taken or commissioned by our team. Such pictures are abundant on the Internet. As it happens, airlines that do not sexually exploit stewardesses do not feature significantly – at least not in a pornified manner –  on the Net. AirAsia habitually demean staff – and appear infinitely more regularly than most on smutty sites. The close-up shots of AirAsia stewardesses’ buttocks scene….AirAsia is selling buttocks and it’s the buttocks’ airlines.

According to insiders, a decade of demeaning AirAsia advertisments and objectification of its crew has manifested into many offending passengers ‘competing’ and using mobile devices to take lewd photographs, and a number of alleged unreported sexual assaults. You are surprised? Let’s just say that AirAsia’s passengers are hardly civilised travelers. Trailer trash…cheapskate customers…


AirAsia don’t think twice about draping ‘bimbos’ en masse over some geeky male passenger in what looks like a still from a sex video. Perhaps we could have a competition to give the sex movie a title. Maybe it could star the old perv in the ‘Blow Me’ t-shirt. Sadly, this is precisely the demographic that would buy into lowest common denominator ads, using sex to sell.  The problem is that AirAsia are prostituting their female staff’s image and reputation to achieve it.

Speaking to one AirAsia stewardess on the condition of anonymity,  we were told that they – the AirAsia girls – realise that they have a very ‘bad reputation’ as ‘sluts’ among passengers, management and particularly stewardesses & staff from other carriers. Her conclusion was, “But what can we do, when we’re painted that way? AirAsia is a terrible stepping stone.”As a low-cost operator flying tens of thousands of Australian passengers, we’re wondering if AirAsia are subject to legislation governing the Australian workplace. If so, the Malaysians could be in for a rude awakening. Have they not heard of Collective Shout? So AirAsia’s girls should get down to contact this Collective Shout!

Young girls themselves begin to act out this image that has been pinned upon them by the AirAsia airlines!

Prostitutes working as AirAsia’s stewardesses!

AirAsia’s stewardesses showing their tiny boobs!

The sex bunnies act maybe their pseudo porn poses and come hither expressions spring naturally; do they bed all their customers in-flight-ly or in the Tune hotel at KLIA2?

It is patently obvious that stewardesses from Singapore Airlines, and even Malaysia Airlines to a degree, are considerably more urbane and refined than the type of staff AirAsia sets out to attract. Does that, however, mean that girls who are not as worldly should be subjected to such sexist treatment from AirAsia?

While we have people such as lecherous old Sir Dick treating staff like objects he can pick up and manhandle, have we really got any hope? Really, have you ever seen a respectable multinational CEO picking up one of his or her staff in a short dress and parading her tail before the press? Tacky. You noted that AirAsia’s CEO cannot even spell the word stewardess? Of course, he may have been distracted, busy planning an evening of joy with the Emperor’s courtesans.

The lecherous Sir Dick!

“The new girl has finally arrived. She is twice the fun and half the price” – The crass advertisement by AirAsia selling its female staff.

Coffee, tea or me? How about a bucket?

This post also relates to the well-being of AirAsia’s workers. We feel that their work conditions are quite sad enough, treated like second class citizens. We hope that the stewardesses cease to be treated as eye candy, or bait for undesirables.

Many AirAsia’s workers have expressed silently by sending their messages to the public;

Lively and fun work place – I have been working at AirAsia full-time. Pros – It’s a lively place to work at; with all sorts of celebration going on more than once a month. Cons – In my department (web content); there are not a lot of things to learn that will help in career growth and there’s not a lot of thinking to be done but you just do what people tell you to do. Other benefits are just so-so. You get good allowance but food is not good and no variety. Good food is expensive and allowance is little. Parking is not provided for staff (have to pay and to apply for monthly pass, need to wait for more than 5 months and some don’t get monthly pass)

Advice to Senior Management – Increase pay and allowance or decrease daily expenses (parking; meals; etc) and to provide mileage claims; uniform laundry; etc.

No, I would not recommend this company to a friend because it’s horrible working place.

What about those who work with Malaysia Airlines? 

Good place to learn and gain experience – I have been working at Malaysian Airlines full-time. Pros – Travel and Medical Benefits; if you want to travel the world and meet new people; new adventure; then MAS should be your destination. Cons – Nature of my requires me to work at odd hours.

Advice to Senior Management – Salary needs improvement except for top management – you people are saving cost to increase your own salaries range.

Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend – though I’m optimistic about the outlook of this company.

Except Malaysiaairlinesfamilies received this image last week stated a fixer and the ball boy for Hayati Dato Ali. Hayati is known as the most downright and challenging female leader of this millennium. Perhaps; it’s time for her to leave MAS before she contaminated the entire organization which she already had half of the division contaminated with her retarded strategy.


This person has been known for being an apple polisher since his steward’s day and currently is employed as FIXER ridding off any MAS workers who could have been smarter than Hayati. We assume the list above pointed at his policy adopted on MAS cabin crew that is compulsory to buy insurance from him! Do the shareholders know of this yet? And did Hayati – his employer condones such abuse of power?

Workplace fixed-up strategy never work well for any company. Sadly, some employers feel they have the right (or even the need) to behave badly in the workplace, hurting and demoralizing the very people whose best thinking and assistance they need. MAS must also extirpated these cruels animal before all assets start walking out leaving behind the dead woods!

Do stay tuned to us for another upcoming episode 3!


AirAsia’s scams & lies – Part IV

OutSyed the blogger received a petition from Wilson Augustine Miranda against AirAsia’s scams imposing expensive online transaction processing fees to Credit Card Users. We say again this is one of AirAsia’s scams & lies and it’s all illegal courses.


Here is the content of the petition;

Dear All,

I have initiated a petition via against Air Asia to remove the ‘RM16.00 Convenience Fee’  for online transactions which only appears until you fill in your credit card details.

This convenience fee is totally unnecessary as most airlines do not impose such charges.

Let’s stamp put this ‘unnecessary charge’ and pressure Air Asia to remove this convenience fee. Otherwise other airline may follow suit.

With the required amount of signed petitions, I will forward this to the Domestic Trade and Consumers Ministry  for their further action.

If you agree, please not only sign the petition but forward to all your cyber friends, relatives and face book contacts and those whom comment at your blogs.

Also please ask them repeat this process with their friends , relatives, face book and cyber contacts.   What have we got to lose?

This is my petition “Air Asia: Remove the convenience fee imposed on online bookings” and need your help to get it off the ground.  Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link:

You can sign my petition by clicking here.

Wilson Augustine Miranda

Well done Wilson Augustine Miranda! We shall support your cause positively.

So people get down to signing the petition now! Act now and stay tuned to us for more updates!