Malaysian Jet Tragedy Propagandized – Ron Paul

Sending our deepest condolences to MAS – the  tragedy of Malaysian Flight 17. Many speculations started fueling the world jumping into conclusion pointing finger against who’s and who’s!

This article is interesting for widening our readers’ perspective – BY RON PAUL!

Malaysia Airline Media Statement



Malaysia Airline Media Statement


Please do not blame the Malaysian Government nor Malaysia Airlines because SQ flight was just 25 km away from where MH17 was allegedly shot down.


A Singapore Airlines plane was reportedly only 25km away from flight MH17 at the moment it crashed near the Russian border in Ukraine, according to images posted by a website that tracks global aircrafts in real time. tweeted a graphic showing Singapore Airlines SQ351 and Air India AI113 and said both planes were about 25km of MH17 when the Boeing 777 disappeared and crashed after being allegedly shot down.

Flight MH17, bound for Kuala Lumpur, had taken off from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. There were 280 passengers, 15 crew members and three infants onboard.

Read the STOMP Singapore Press – Rebel allegedly bragging about shooting down a plane thinking it was the Ukrainian military jet! “That looks like this?”


Some leaders are born retarded thinking we are blind and can’t read between the lines. The world has abandoned Ukraine airspace and not Russian airspace! The foolish people always think the world is a place for them to lie.

The passing of the black box is gonna tell something…someone is making a big mistake and trying very hard to hide it. Why passed the black box in the first place?

We may be the oldest oxes on earth but we’re still that sharp and quick in assimilating the whole episode in this finger-pointing crisis.

We pray for the truth to be out soon and we support the Malaysian Government to pursue such cruelty against humans and to get justice for MAS flight 17!

We support Dutch PM Mark Rutte for his vow of justice if Malaysian plane is attacked.

Netherlands has dispatched Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans and a team of forensic experts to Ukraine to probe the disaster.

Thank you Dutch PM and Malaysian Government for your acts against inhumanity!

To the opposition party who shamelessly speculating against MH370 and MH17 without a single bullet we say to you please grow up don’t just growing old by whining and whining till the kingdom comes home you’ll still whining because you people are just the whiner and the Rhinos! Can’t you please unite with the present Government to protect your own country from the invasion of foreign forces?

Please whine more about the invasion in eastern side of Sabah and get your asses down in the field and face those uninvited enemies if you are the country men and women! Otherwise you people are mere collaborators for your own enemies!


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