MAS HR Director Zahrah Zaid collaborates with Tony Fernandez to destroy Malaysia Airlines – Part I

Many have agreed that women are great leaders but let’s see what Zahrah Zaid can do for Malaysia Airlines especially for its worker.

The recruit of Zahrah Zaid as Director of Human Resource by Tony Fernandez during MAS & Air Asia share swap/collaboration which lasted for 8 months was to end the unbreakable in-house union formed by the ruling party – The UMNO. The cancellation on the collaboration between MAS and Air Asia by the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was to save the entire MAS workers from losing their job security with the National Carrier after a memorandum from its 8 MAS Unions and Associations reached the Malaysian Prime Minister. It was the gift of livelihood for MAS workers when the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak officially cancelled MAS & Air Asia share swap/collaboration on May 1, 2012.

Zahrah Zaid; submissively is loyal to Tony Fernandez and their employer-employee relationship remains a stronger synergy despite the end of the collaboration between MAS and Air Asia. As her background is in majoring in the Industrial Relations; she collaborates with the deputy Ministry of Human Resources combined joining forces with the Director General of Trade Union and under a specific directive from Tony Fernandez; Zahrah Zaid on behalf of Malaysia Airlines shall grant NUFAM a seat in Malaysia Airlines for representing MAS cabin crew that is set for February 2013.

As the director of human resource for Malaysia Airlines; she bears the responsibility on development for workers’ direction and her given directives shall be beneficial for Malaysia Airlines and its workers in overall.

Notwithstanding, we’ve discovered the registered NATIONAL UNION i.e. NUFAM is to destroy Malaysia Airlines’s main revenue which is its cabin services. This we believe is the strategy to kill Malaysia Airlines part by part. As alerted by our commentator the spies of the opposition formed NUFAM to end the UMNO supporters.

In MAS Engineering division; the strategy on depriving its human assets – the loyal MAS engineering experts have just begun. The divide and rule strategy is now being adopted in MAS Engineering division to conquer the workers’ rights from reaching its legal platform. The pushing away of MAS best engineering workers have gradually contributed lessor revenue for Malaysia Airlines. The revenue was drastically dropped from half billion ringgit to only a few millions a year. This we believe is the job of Tony Fernandez masterminding a destructive plan for Malaysia Airlines so that Air Asia can survive from the painful competition when Malindo Airways comes into the play by March 2013.

Malaysia Airlines under Ahmad Jauhari – Mr. Faraway Clueless man is still very much clueless joined in streaky directions so forth. In spite of that clueless and streaky directions; Malaysia Airlines continues to prosper with its cabin services that the world is looking forward to have and try for an inflight dining with Malaysian Hospitality.

However, Malaysia Airlines is strong in its revenues generating program where the cabin services are mysteriously world sought-after despite MAS poorest performance in its share prices. WE hope to see a gradual improvement in its share prices.

Zahrah Zaid is a woman of all evils. The one that will destroy MAS cabin services by pressuring MAS cabin crew to accept NUFAM whether they like it or not. With NUFAM bearing low cost terms and conditions for MAS cabin crew; it will destroy MAS best cabin services.

The NUFAM is of no saint as been produced here. Misappropriating funds by Mr. Lipas man of MAFAA and NUFAM account have not been lodged to the police. Notwithstanding, we’ve discovered the registered NATIONAL UNION i.e. NUFAM is to destroy one of the Malaysia Airlines’ main revenue which is its cabin services. This we believe is the strategy to kill Malaysia Airlines part by part. As alerted by our commentator the spies of the opposition formed NUFAM to end the UMNO supporters. We have valid reason to believe the deputy Minister of Human Resource is anti-UMNO and has agreed together with the Minister of Human Resource to collaborating with Tony Fernandez in lowering the overhead cost for Air Asia by transforming a new rules and regulations for cabin crew in Malaysia where transport is one of the main agenda that is off the bargains in the future.


The religious group should have thrown stone on them for KHALWAT! Unfortunately, Mr. Lipas man is protected by the deputy Cougar Minister of Human Remains

The practice in Air Asia for twin sharing rooms could be imposed by Zahrah Zaid to embarrass Malaysia Airlines sabotaging the membership with Oneworld team with lower terms and conditions for its workers where gradual withdrawal from Oneworld is imminent for Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies believe the MEN-IN-BLACK in Khazanah must act righteously for the benefits of the National Airlines by removing all rats evil-sent by Tony Fernandez. The rats from Air Asia are Group CEO MAS Engineering; Group CEO Ahmad Jauhari; Director of Human Resource Zahrah Zaid the evil woman.

Finally we’ve also uncovered the real identity of the fake doctor Don who’s cooking a plan out for himself.

The truth is we’ve received information on Dr. Don who’s purely an willy old fox who once said MAS & Air Asia collaboration is a national tragedy but look at himself; he’s more than a tragedy for Malaysia Airlines cooking up secret plan on how to wind up Malaysia Airlines by provoking its workers to strike. We also discovered he was responsible for the wildcat strike in the seventies which terminated all Pilots and Engineers and over 500 cabin crew and catering workers. A man who praises Islam but cultivate otherwise – a drinker who goes for clubbing even at his age near 60 years old. A drunkard board of director and a meddler in MAS daily routines. For the public information; he’s ca-hooting with several executives to provoke MAS unions to go on strike so he could De-register Malaysia Airlines just like the philosophy he adopted decades ago.


Is this a curse for Malaysia Airlines to have such leaderships? How could Malaysia Airlines be improved with this massive internal politics? And where is the unions leaders? Are they still sleeping or hiding or gutless to go all out for MAS workers? The idea of having an union for a big organization is to protect the workers from being victimized by the management politics.

Stay tuned with Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for up-close and personal true stories on Malaysia Airlines. Next – update on AirAsia scammy businesses – Air Asia is a cheat!


10 thoughts on “MAS HR Director Zahrah Zaid collaborates with Tony Fernandez to destroy Malaysia Airlines – Part I

  1. Thank you. Wow….never thought that I am willy old fox,,,,makes me feel like J.R Ewing of Dallas. Creative thinking is good but it is not good to stretch the figment of your imagination too far. Whoever you are, I like to meet with you up face to face… not hide behind the “veil” of anonymity. Never mind if you choose to remain anonymous, but GOD is all knowing. Wish you all the very best for 2013.

    • Dear Mohamadon Abdullah,

      It’s great to have you daringly commented on our blog. We’ve been informed that you have approved a funding of RM50,000 for NUFAM voting via secret ballot in Malaysia Airlines premises to oust the in-house union as legal negotiator despite MAS is still bleeding profusely. It will be very grateful if you would take a minute to answer us if this is that true as informed by your workers? Perhaps, we would spare your some face value on our next post – the sequel on this topic if we’ve received your answer. If that’s not true of such funding; we would withdraw our comment anything on you.

      As you said GOD is all knowing – we’re blogging the inner truth to the world and shockingly we’ve discovered you’re playing double edge sword against the workers. It’s time for the government to double check your background. Please do not praise yourself as J.R. Ewing of Dallas – you’re not matched for J.R. Ewing as he’s smarter than you. Please enjoy your new year for 2013. Cheers!

  2. Wow, now funding RM 150,000? No, I do no such a thing. Wonder what reward do I get by doing all these bad things….trying to destroy MAS. That is a heinous crime….and I can be charge in the Court of Law for being a “Penghianat” to the Country. If you think that I am destroying MAS, please report me to the Authorities and I will be glad to surrender myself.

  3. Come on Don, don’t make yourself out to be as guilt-free.

    You are a drunk and a philanderer.

    You are rude to others. You call people who do not subscribe to your thinking, stupid ****s and women by their private parts.

    You have called another Muslim “babi”. The then MD had to save you when charges were brought up against you.

    All crews during the 70’s industrial action will remember the inhumane way you handled the them.

    MAS does not need you. Go to the mosque and bertaubat whilst you still have time. Yes God knows.

  4. His doctorate is also a fake.
    His ex jilted cabin crew girlfriend should know.

    Don, better run before you will be strip naked.
    Arghhh, God forbid!

  5. What fantastic and personal insights! May perhaps your encounters and understanding gained as a cultural traveler be an inspiration to our future students. Thanks for sharing about Malaysissirlines.

  6. Pak Don, you are munafik muslim & I hope you will turn into a pig when you die. You are already 60 yrs old but yet to bertaubat. Pray that Allah does not pay your since if you go to Mekah.

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