AirAsia not only the big conjob also a big bully to his passengers

Ever since AirAsia is in operation from 1997; Tony boy never stops cheating his passengers from buying the so-called “lowest airfares” which actually is the most expensive airfares if you added up the whole package; to buying fraud travel insurance that does not cover a delay of less than 6 hours’ waiting time.

In Malaysia; only AirAsia can cheats its customers with its creative promotional scheme to trap those who never learn about AirAsia’s scheming packages.

A passenger of AirAsia revealed his traveling experience with AirAsia who thought he could save a few bucks and transited in Bangkok; re-checked out and checked in at Bangkok Airport just to find out his next travel to Kuala Lumpur from Bangkok was suddenly cancelled without further information.  To get the refund from AirAsia for the untraveled ticket would be additional hassle – if you don’t press AirAsia for the refund; they will conveniently be forgetful to refund you those untraveled tickets.

This gentleman who wanted to save a few bucks via traveling with AirAsia ended with purchasing a one-way ticket with Air Thai to Kuala Lumpur that cost him an additional RM1,900 for a two hours flight time.  Months later; he has been informed by AirAsia staff that AirAsia would never pay the refund unless you chased Tony Fernandez (the black babi) like a crow chasing a butterfly and if you ever lost the refund ticket from AirAsia; it means you can never get your refund…GET IT?

Whilst this gentleman made his comparison between his traveling experience with MAS and AirAsia; he never finds any fuss to get his refund from MAS but only with AirAsia.  So the clue is….?  AirAsia is cheating!!!

In refunding any untraveled tickets; it should be included the airport tax and insurance fee that were never utilized but for AirAsia; it’s a no refund for airport tax and insurance fee you purchased once you filled in the refund tickets.  So the second clue is…?  AirAsia is always finding ways to cheat his customers!!!

Now KLIA2 is in progress for an opening on 9 May 2014; why does AirAsia say about their transfer to KLIA2?  In the beginning; Aireen Omar the ugly bitch says AirAsia will not transfer because they are arrogant and a biggest bully ever!  And there was no free tax for transferring to KLIA2.  Perhaps; at KLIA2 it is not possible for AirAsia or Aireen Omar the haggard bitch and Tony the pariah to suck the airport tax from their passengers; or perhaps in KLIA2; there will be too many low cost airliners competing to improving its low cost services and provide the convenient of air ticket refund for travelers!  This is telling AirAsia straight in their face; You Can’t Cheat Anymore You AirAsia Bitch; Babi and Pariah!

On our recent encounter; another AirAsia passenger disclosed of the cheating games behind AirAsia’s check-in counter that is the tempering of weighing scale at every AirAsia’s counter.  If you have bought 15kgs for your luggage; you will get the guaranteed weight in measure of above 15kgs.  For e.g. your luggage should be 15kgs but AirAsia will weigh it at 16.8kg where you will be charged an additional of RM70.  That’s AirAsia’s nature in doing business for survivability!

So the clue is always bring your own weighing scale or call the authority to have all AirAsia check-in counter randomly checked for tempering the scale machine.

Another AirAsia’s passenger revealed his refined experience traveling with AirAsia.  He booked 5 tickets last November 2013 and during the Yolanda typhoon that struck Philippines; they cancelled the flight to Tacloban (Philippines) and filled in the refund tickets.  Guess what was happening?  AirAsia never refunded them at all!  So do you still want to travel with AirAsia the cheating airlines?

Check out this article –

Other comments : You will find a load more of such comments from the experience passengers who traveled with AirAsia on this site.

Stay tuned – we are about to expose more of AirAsia scheming packages and promotions.


5 thoughts on “AirAsia not only the big conjob also a big bully to his passengers

  1. It is good that you write about Air Asia and their cheating methods. But never use words like babi or bitch. Very unechtical to do so. It gives back a bad impression about yourself the writer who hold grudges and hatreds.

    • Dear Chin Wah Yin,

      Thank you for your comments. Here in our forum; we have a regular visitor whose name is Babi the Pariah. The name-calling is dedicated to him for his infamous broad day light robbery inside Malaysia Airlines. We honestly do only the necessary for those who provide us the information and such is deliberately a dedicated name for Tony Pariah or AirAsia on behalf of our confidential informants. It was their request. 🙂


      • Thanks for your kind reply. Your words are beautiful but I truly think your writtings are even more beautiful and meaningly without the need to add bad words. Keep up your good works but minus some bad words, your Writtings are Wonders. Cheers to you too. Warmest regards.

  2. Tremendous issues here. I am very glad to see your
    article. Thanks a lot and I am looking forward to
    touch you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  3. Staff not happy of the current management!

    Why? T&C for staff not settled especially for years. As result a number of 88 crew, 120 technicians, 33 new engineers resigned and joined AA. MAS Unions & Associations given full support to AJ but his team of management reported to government it is the union’s and association’s fault of the loss making airlines.

    During the previous management, staff can hold onto something because there was blue print BTP1 & BTP2 but the current management have no long term planned – no blue print and they make decision based on what was presented on their plate.

    After 41 years, where is our talent management gone? Instead, we see there are more imported expatriates (players). Azhari’s qualification is far average and very general i.e. License Aircraft Engineers and FOCA license. His education is lower than MAS current staff who are more qualified to fill the post. With Azhari’s low and near zero knowledge and qualification – there’s why there have been major incidents.

    Head of HR is former British American tobacco who did a blunder and was VSS-ed by British American Tobacco. With such broken records for AJ’s team, Tony brought in rotten apples into MAS to complete his sabotage against MAS so he can buy MAS at RM1 after MAS declared bankruptcy under AJ, Zahrah Zaid and Azhari Dahlan.

    When the trio joined MAS, they planned to destroy the unions and associations but found out it was not that an easy task. So Zahrah Zaid under AJ’s instruction received from Tony F to find faults in all Unions & Associations representatives.

    Airbus team arrived in KL these days to negotiate with AJ team to buy 60 numbers of aircrafts. We believe the purchases will be retrieved from Tune Air or Tony F because he has place a larger order most recently.

    With the current situation of flight MH370 and the loss making airline, the management led by AJ, continues discreetly…to sabotage more inside MAS.

    The MAS staff pray everyday to get sympathy from the public and the government to investigate this matter and if possible to change the current management and to bring back the glory for MAS. Please ensure enough numbers of internal staff to run the company efficiently.

    Only prime minister can help us with this issue and do not let us wait too long.

    This source is from the independent observer.

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