The Con Jobs by AirAsia’s Tony Fernandez to steal MAS MRO!

AirAsia is not going to stop cheating its new customers because it has been the Low Cost Carrier’s policy aiming at cheating for surviving from the pugnacious competitions.  As times goes by; the policy became the concept for its natural survivability.

To survive in this challenging yet pugnacious transport industry; Tony Fernandez has resorted to stealing companies for expanding into his collapsing empires before his life ends after he contracted incurable diseases. For the public’s record; Tony’s life has been dependable on Ketamine pills and other supporting drugs to prolonging his livelihood.

Now that Everyone Knows Tony is dying with his empires being left without a caliber person managing it; who do we think the best suited candidate that will take over him? Ahhhh…perhaps Lim Guan Eng would do the honor!

Among all the politicians in Malaysia; only one stood up for Tony of AirAsia pushing the Government to sell MAS to AirAsia and here is the link of the clue – Seek help from AirAsia on saving MAS Dap tells Putrajaya.

Now we all know how did the share swap between MAS and AirAsia take place exactly on time in 2011 which was prepping for the lost of Bee End Party in PRU13. Unfortunately, the people of Malaysia ain’t that dumber than Lim Wants End.

So exactly how did Tony steal the company that is strengthening MAS in the past decades? For a start; he pays off the clueless CEO a lump sum of cash to recruit the CEO and his gang. The job function of that paid clueless CEO by AirAsia is to find way to get MAS MRO landed into AirAsia’s listing property before MAS CEO contract ends.

In the morning of 28th May 2012 as is in scheduled; the paid clueless CEO of MAS will propose to MAS board of directors to sell off its main core Engineering division to increase the profit for restructuring MAS from its recent first quarter losses. The CEO will make the recommendation and propose to the board to sell MAS MRO and the current CEO of MRO Azhari Dahlan as in package to a company that Tony Fernandez has 35% shares in it.

Before the board of directors make any further decisions; they should know that despite contract between MAS and AirAsia ended in February 2014; Azhari Dahlan has secretly allocated a hangar for discreetly repairing AirAsia’s aircrafts without billing AirAsia a cent.

During the secret repair of AirAsia’s aircrafts at MAS MRO area; these events were highlighted by the famous blogger “Sir” Wee Choo Keong which he wrote Mysterious Fire in MAS MRO workshop BMH192 turned back caused by Carbon Brakes and Firefly turned back.

For the public record; Carbon brakes offer a significant weight savings compared to steel brakes. This translates into a lighter airplane, which directly contributes to decreased fuel consumption and associated reductions in engine emissions.

These cost considerations often resulted in the use of steel brakes on smaller, short-haul commercial airplanes (B737-800) and carbon brakes on larger, long-haul (B777-200) commercial airplanes. In the past, the higher cost of carbon brakes could more easily be justified for larger airplanes because of the cost savings associated with reduced weight and longer service life.

So who asked Azhari Dahlan to change the steel brakes with carbon brakes suitable for a smaller short-haul aircraft that had caused the air turned back of MH192?

Is this not crystal clear of the surfacing evidence that sabotaging act carried out by Azhari Dahlan or AirAsia have become eminent?

A special message for MAS board of director; in the afternoon of 28th May 2014 or early; the clueless CEO will endorse officially and handle over MAS MRO to Tony Fernandez’s proxy as the buyer! If this transfer of ownership is validated; MAS will lose out in billion of revenues and cost for maintaining and repairing MAS aircraft will hike up instantly.

In planning a restructure for the National Carrier; there shall be a change of new Top Management urgently to eradicate the presence of sabotaging acts internally and removing the moles of AirAsia vizly Azahari Dahlan the average qualified CEO whose records showed lacks of aviation knowledge and imminent saboteurs complement AND most importantly that Zahrah Zaid the Tobacco Evil Madam who claims she is untouchable because she is protected by someone from the Ministry of Human Resource as the most certifiable Human Cruelty Director of the century”.

Next episode; we shall cover on the topic on how the clueless CEO crashed MAS into loss-making airline of the year! Stay tuned for eliciting yet-unreported news!


Nufam’s Stupidity – Episode 3

The journey of the National Union for Flight Attendant Malaysia in typical circumstances is a shortest stint ever recorded in the history of trade unionism as assisted by the Director General of Trade Union – the Cleverest Young Bastard (YB) Mustafa Bin Ali and his collaborators that included AirAsia’s CEO Tony Pariah Fernandez working hand in glove with another born-to-be-bastard “Roslee Sabaruddin” who works discreetly with MAS imported spy – Mohammad Fauzi Mahayahuddin to destroy the National Carrier from the inside.

This is how the department of Trade Union collaborates with Nufam…

buildingtomb20132buildingtomb2013And the hero comes along…


Let us take a closer look at NUFAM chronologically…it was registered in 2012 by Ismail Nasaruddin the Lipas Man who recently was fired from Malaysia Airlines for public defamation against the National Carrier and six other MAS cabin crew. Nufam was approved by Roslee Sabaruddin (Assistant of DGTU) who then was believed to have received a sum of RM50,000 (under table) from AirAsia for assisting in the formation of Nufam to stir trouble inside MAS.

numb20131Now Every Crew Can Vote!

The slogan Nufam uses are in conjunction with AirAsia’s advertisement clearly revealing such slogan was authorised by AirAsia’s Tony Pariah Fernandez. The mission is to poison MAS cabin crew so to join AirAsiaX with those unfurled lies about how wonderful and fabulous that AirAsiaX is than any other local airlines.

This is how AirAsia get to recruit the experienced cabin crew from another local airlines for its quick expansion avoiding payable inland and airport taxes. The profit AirAsia makes are generated from all taxes specifically the airport taxes and the pre-paid airfares collected in advance from its customers.

Nufam is tasked by AirAsia’s CEO Tony Pariah Fernandez to pressure MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari to fully committ to his promises that he made with Tony Pariah on signing away MAS quota for Los Angeles route paving way for AirAsia to fly into Los Angeles by the end of 2014.  When a CEO fails delivering it on time…Nufam strikes…nufam2014The fact remains that Nufam was truly formed by Tony Pariah Fernandez working hand in glove with the cougar bitch – Maznah Mazlan whose collaboration included those resentful ex-MAS workers in her attempt to avenge MAS for terminating her nephew who was once also a cabin crew of Malaysia Airlines under 5 years of contract service.

sackedLast year was the most memorable year for Nufam President who then finally joined the resentful clowns.

Here’s the memoir of Nufam 2013…

numb20132numb20137Nufam’s memoir for 2014…

tomb2013Digging a grave…

tomb2014Building a tomb and finally…

tomb20142Done Yet? or Well Done? Looks like the steak is sizzled and well done.

Congrats Nufam for being so D.U.M.B – Don’t Use Many Brains! Stay tuned to us for our next episode 4 – Against all odds – Ex-executive councils of AEU strikes back against MAS!

About Nufam’s stupidity – Episode 2

What does NUFAM stand for? Literally; it is an acronym for Nuclear Fire Planning and Assessment Model. However; NUFAM is also known as THE trade fair for commercial vehicles in southern Germany.

In Malaysia; NUFAM is a Flight Attendant Union for rude; disrespectful; frustrated and disgruntled workers and to be exact it is a National Union for Frustrated Attendant Malaysia. It’s website at cannot be found – When a registered trade union’s website has gone kaput – it’s a sign that it has lost its interest in what it really stand in for.

In the last few days; the Malaysian local dailies were busy issuing statements produced by a registered trade union for the disgruntled employees of Malaysia Airlines on threatening to stage a walk-out protest – read here – Nufam threatens to walk out next month.

An employee’s threatening behavior can be no more than a way for an employee to blow off steam or it can lead to violent episodes. MAS management should evaluate an employee who threatens the airline’s CEO and take action based on the seriousness of the situation. Employees who make detailed and specific threats may be closer to violent action than those who make vague threats.

The Union for frustrated flight attendants in that statement against Malaysia Airlines had threatened to stage a massive staff walk out if Malaysia Airlines failed to withdraw the suspension from flying duty on its President – Ismail a.k.a. Mr. Lipas Man and accord immediate recognition to Nufam as the bargaining body for its cabin crew.


This crazy yet stupid Nufam Union also claimed there will be approximately 1000 cabin crew currently working for Malaysia Airlines will stage the walk-out by next month if the suspension of Nufam President – Mr. Lipas Man is not withdrawn.

This public humiliation against MAS management by MAS disgruntled employees leaves a lasting impression on MAS customers and can really kill workplace morale.

Malaysia Airlines has 3,800 strength for cabin crew of which 90% of the strength will always be away for flying duties leaving the remaining 10% will be on the ground for days off as scheduled. Contrary to Nufam’s threat against Malaysia Airlines; there can only be a total of 380 cabin crew on the ground to fully backed Nufam President on the day for walk-out.

Given the fact that Malaysia Airlines employed 95% locals where almost 100% of locals are committed to paying monthly subscription credit card bills; hire-purchase scheme and mortgages; we doubt these cabin crew will take the risk to stage a walk-out for Mr. Lipas Man.

We believe those cabin crew will not stage a walk-out for Nufam President after he humiliated a reputable airline’s CEO. We figure the number as predicted by Nufam could be wrong. Perhaps Nufam meant 1000 cabin crew minus last two digit of zeros which is only 10 cabin crew as in the picture above.

Out of 10 cabin crew; we figure probably only 5 stupid cabin crew would stage the walk-out with Mr. Lipas Man if only Tony Fernandez in AirAsia is willing to take them all. Walking out of a secured employment or opting an instant resignation is truly impulsive for youngsters.

However, if applying with logic we believe no one would ever risk a decent job to strike against the employer for others. Nufam must stop bull-shitting to the public and making threats against your own employer.

Read our first episode – here! Do stay tuned to our next episode 3!

Story about Tony Fernandez; the infamous budget CEO – Episode 1

A story about the BUDGET CEO – Tony Fernadez goes to a Budget Pub…

“Spare a thought for Uncle Tony Fernandez, Chief Executive of Air Asia”……


Arriving in a hotel in KL Sentral he went to the bar and asked for a pint of draught Guinness. The barman nodded and said, “That will be RM1 please, Uncle Tony.”

Somewhat taken aback, Uncle Tony replied, “That’s very cheap,” and handed over his money.

“Well, we try to stay ahead of the competition”, said the barman. “And we are serving free pints every Wednesday evening from 6 until 8. We have the cheapest draught in Asia. Now Everyone Can Drink!”

“That is admirable and your drink a remarkable value”, Uncle Tony comments, smiling delightedly.

“I see you don’t seem to have a glass, so you’ll probably need one of ours. That will beRM3 please.”

Uncle Tony scowled, but paid up. He took his drink and walked towards a seat.

“Ah, you want to sit down?” asked the barman. “That’ll be an extra RM2. You could have pre-book the seat and it would have only cost you a Ringgit.”

“I think you may to be too big for the seat Sir. Could you sit in this one please?”

Uncle Tony attempts to sit down but the seat is also too small and when he can’t squeeze in he grumpily complains “Nobody would fit in that little seat!”

“I’m afraid if you can’t fit in the seats we have you’ll have to pay an extra surcharge of RM4 to sit in one of our adjustable luxury hotseats, Sir.”

Tony swore under his breath, but paid up.

“I see that you have brought your laptop with you” added the barman. “And since that wasn’t pre-booked either, that will be another RM3.”

Uncle Tony was so annoyed that he walked back to the bar, slammed his drink on the counter, and yelled, “This is ridiculous, I want to speak to the manager!”

“Ah, I see you want to use the counter,” says the barman, “that will be RM2 please.”

Uncle T’s face was red with rage.
“Do you know who I am?”
“Of course I do. You are Mr Fernandes.”

“I’ve had enough. What sort of hotel and bar is this? I come in for a quiet drink and you treat me like this. I insist on speaking to your manager!”

“Here is his e-mail address, or if you wish, you can contact him between 9 and 9.10 every morning, Monday to Tuesday at this free phone number. Calls are free, until they are answered. Then there is a talking charge of only 10 sen per second provided you use our Hotel Tunes Talk. Using any other mobile carriers would incur our normal charges of 30 sen per second.

“That’s preposterous! It’s impossible to even complain like this! I will never use this bar again.”

“OK Uncle, it’s up to you. You are free to use or not to use this bar. But remember, we are the only bar in Asia selling pints for RM1. Now Everyone Can Drink”.

Now here is the story of Tony Fernandez cheats his potential investors published in our next Episode – Stay tuned for exciting news and secret recipe of Tony Fernandez’s success in his scams saving his little AirAsia from bankruptcy status.

NUFAM brewing plans for MAS Cabin Crew – Part II

This week would see a disastrous opportunity for Mr. Lipas man a.k.a. Mr. President of NUFAM on annihilating a group of innocent MAS Cabin Crew whom have zero ideas of what NUFAM is brewing. NUFAM IS A HOAX. A strategy formed by Zahrah Zaid – MAS Human Remains Director to destroy the workers’ in entirety. Zahrah Zaid works secretly for Tony Fernandez – Malaysia Airlines must be cautious with her movement and planning for its workers due Zahrah’s action may destroy MAS images.

Our previous posting here – Part I provided some insight on NUFAM plans on cheating MAS Cabin Crew via its so-branded “NUFAM SECRET BALLOT“.

NUFAM – National Union Flight Attendant Malaysia is brewing plans sabotaging huge employment opportunities for many innocent MAS Cabin Crew who only seek decent employment and security with Malaysia Airlines.

The planning between Zahrah Zaid and Mr. Lipas man were cooked on getting rid of 500 to 1,800 cabin crew in Malaysia Airlines and reducing their benefits; terms and conditions altogether.

Malaysia Airlines has been serving the public as National Carrier for the past 40 years. We find it very cruel to have such a huge organization allowing the imported proxies of Tony Fernandez sitting on top of the management ruling the workers who have contributed their entire life building this National Carrier whilst the imported proxies are tasked to cease the workers’ tenure of employment with Malaysia Airlines.


This week, Nufam, in a notice posted on its website and a copy made available to StarBiz, said: “Nufam will stage a full public protest against the Human Resources Ministry over the delay of the MAS Nufam secret ballot.” The day has been set for March 28, the time; 1pm, and the place; the entrance and courtyard of the Human Resources Ministry. MORE read HERE.

ZAHRAH ZAID the evil woman has another anti-union double agent – Mohd Fauzi Mahayadin aiding and abetting her in assisting NUFAM providing Mr. Lipas man the most confidential document belonged to Malaysia Airlines whilst instigated NUFAM to protest outside Ministry of Human Resource before the upcoming General Election is held to embarrass the Prime Minister.

This planning was reported already in the pipe-line laid by all NUFAM Executive Union Officers collaborated with Zahrah Zaid and her double agent last year in 2012.  The staging of protest is to push for the Ministry of Human Resource particularly its deputy cougar Minister Maznah Mazlan for her gavel to end the conflict on NUFAM secret ballot for MAS Cabin Crew.

Despite knowing the wrong is with the deputy Minister of Human Resource – Maznah Mazlan when approving NUFAM; there’s nothing much for the Ministry of Human Resource to correct the wrong doing conducted by his deputy.

As a matter of fact; Mazlan Maznah who have been reportedly meeting Tony Fernandez have been providing assistance to NUFAM for its attempt penetrating into Malaysia Airlines as stakeholders representing Tony Fernandez’s views and policies.

One of the policies from Tony Fernandez is to cease all traveling privileges for MAS workers in exchange for the workers to opt for Air Asia staff and family scheme and all MAS terms and conditions would drastically be arranged in parallel to Air Asia’s present terms and conditions for its Cabin Crew if NUFAM is to take the lead in negotiation for MAS Cabin Crew.

Whilst MASEU the in-house union for MAS Cabin Crew might not keep too quiet about NUFAM interference in its negotiation process; have ignored the whine and cry that does nothing for MAS workers.

We are updated NUFAM have no track records on achieving improvement for MAS Cabin Crew accept for disuniting among its members and non-members. Of late; NUFAM have been forcing some young MAS Cabin Crew harassing them for signing up as members and paying upfront of up to RM400 per sign-up for two memberships fees.

NUFAM have also sought the assistance from the Director of Trade Union Affairs – Mustafar Bin Ali and Roslee Sabaruddin for special advice on staging the picket outside the building of MOHR at 1 pm on 28th March 2013.

This warning of protest by NUFAM only serves as drama for doing something for its NUFAM members. Our reliable informants alerted Malaysiaairlinesfamilies that the protest by NUFAM on 28th March 2013 is a hoax as it will be cancelled on that morning due all NUFAM Executive Union Officers will be providing excuses away for work and running errands; on sick leave or in hospital seeking treatment or even “late attendees” their name should be.

In the meantime, we are well-informed NUFAM “trashing forum” would be updating all lies and flies buzzing around the bush to keep its members spirit high and strong. Strangely, how is it possible for a National Carrier to have employed such crooks sabotaging Malaysia Airlines’ images particularly when Malaysia Airlines has just joined ONEWORLD ALLIANCE.

Stay tuned to our updates from Malaysiaairlinesfamilies. We are currently investigating more stories on Tony Fernandez and his scammy businesses and his conceiving tactics luring investors into buying his bankrupting business – Air Asia.

MAS HR Director Zahrah Zaid collaborates with Tony Fernandez to destroy Malaysia Airlines – Part II

Today, we’re gonna tell the world of MAS management that has not been able focus in delivering good results as a result of its internal political coercion under the influences of Tony Fernandez. Already MAS has been mismanaged and the intervention by the Ministry of Human Resource did not help MAS at all and it got no better but even worse than before.

And today also in Malaysia Airlines; there are two strong TOP management – one is siding the DON and the other grows fraternity with Ahmad Jauhari a.k.a. the Faraway yet clueless CEO of the century. As a result of MAS forever being mismanaged style; the Director of Human Resources Zahrah Zaid took the opportunity to advance quietly by granting NUFAM to secure a seat in Malaysia Airlines to break apart the fraternity on the 8 Unions and Associations avenging for Tony Fernandez.

We are well-informed that Zahrah Zaid had ordered her close aid Fauzi Mahayudin to sign a memorandum with NUFAM on MAS’s capacity funding NUFAM recruiting MAS cabin crew as members. This NUFAM upcoming activity if funded by MAS would cost MAS easily as high as RM50,000 or more.

The NUFAM bulls is paid RM5,000 each a month by the barbarous Tony Fernandez for executing the task to subdue the in-house Union part by part with the help from the bent politicians such as Maznah Mazlan and S. Subramaniam together involving the Director of Trade Union Affairs department.

In Malaysia, it is not unknown by the public that S. Subramaniam is the fan of corruption activity. At any time, just name the price you shall get your task accomplished by asshole assisted by his deputy cougar minister who sees no future with the ruling party and getting set to frog leaping on to the other opposition side if the winning chances is higher on the opposition fence.

The evidence extracted from our reader published below for the public viewing where the letter below signed by Mr. Lipas man whose English is atrociously broken full of grammatical errors. It’s a shame such is a leader possesses broken English in writing.


The misappropriating funds over MAFAA and NUFAM’s accounts by Mr. Lipas man and his right hand BULLMAN must be reported to MACC – Malaysia Anti-Corruption Centre. We’ve received information a few of NUFAM members have lodged reports with MACC on the account of misappropriating funds by Mr. Lipas man. Lawfully, those who have information on this breach of trust should have rendered MACC full cooperation and if failing in doing so; one could be subjected to an arrest for aiding in the heinous crime committed by Mr. Lipas man. Our reliable resources informed that most of NUFAM excos are ca-hooting with Mr. Lipas man for outrageously spending on NUFAM funds freely.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies suggest the authority should also investigate both Maznah Mazlan and S. Subramaniam for collaborating with the barbarous Tony Fernandez to destroy the workers’ terms and conditions.

Stay tuned to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more insight news.

Malaysia Airlines have gangster Flight Attendant a.k.a. The NUFAM troublemakers – Part IV

Aloha from malaysiaairlinesfamilies. We wanna thank those who patiently waited for our posting on this topic. We’ve investigated only in Malaysia Airlines it is permitted to form gangsterism club which we’ve written here – Gangster Flight Attendant a.k.a. The NUFAM Troublemaker Part I, II and III.

The philosophy allowing the gangsterism perhaps is to spreading its wings inoculating quietly a group of opposition party building a platform for PR inside Malaysia Airlines cultivating anti-government ruling strategy. It has already started since the day Tony Fernandez met BABI – Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim strategizing the collapse of the ruling party in the upcoming 13th General Election.

The tangible evidence is showcased by present MAS top management whom are AA cronies condoning the misconducts conducted by the gangster Flight Attendants a.k.a. Mr. Lipas man. Our intercepted information revealed Tony Fernandez has instructed Ahmad Jauhari to guard the Lipas man from being charged of his misconducts if any.

As Mr. Lipas man is given the task to destroy MAS cabin crew first as Lipas man was asked by Tony Fernandez to communicate with Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) of whom are Tony Fernandez’s gang to propose the change for MAS flight crew flight scheduling and planning with that the same with AirAsia practice.

We have received the reliable information on Mr. Lipas Man proposing to decrease the minimum rest period for both MAS Pilot and Cabin Crew to assist Tony Fernandez in his propaganda to continue operating AirAsia X into Europe and United Kingdom.

The rewards Ahmad Jauhari shall appreciate Mr. Lipas man would be more flights to Lipas man favorite places such as Los Angeles and maybe London too. Recently, Mr. Lipas man and his homewrecker bitch were seen honeymooning to Los Angeles at the expense of Malaysia Airlines.

Well Mr. Lipas man, we’re not evil after all and we’re only exposing your evil planning collaborating with Tony Fernandez and PKR against Malaysia Airlines – the crime you have not accomplished yet!!!

The government should have charged Mr. Lipas man for organizing against Malaysia Airlines with Tony Fernandez and group Pakatan Harapan Rakyat (direct translation – People’s hope alliances). We believe the group had split from PKR to PHR – Pakatan Harapan Rakyat after PAS and DAP may have found out there’s an organizing crime behind the rakyat (people of Malaysia) where BABI is collaborating with George Soros – the man who nearly destroyed Malaysia in 1998 via global financial crisis. In United States George Soros is like Tony Fernandez. So briefly stating, in United States they have George Soros; in Asia Pacific region we have Tony Fernandez. We’ll be educating our readers of the IPO launching strategy by Tony Fernandez real soon. Get ready to fasten your seat belt and tighten your seat belt as you’re about to witness the manipulation of trading in market shares. But now, let’s get down to Mr. Lipas man’s story…..

Look at what Mr. Lipas did with NUFAM funds!!! As alerted by our reader earlier; Mr. Lipas man has been withdrawing from NUFAM account with the assistance from his General Secretary by forging the General Secretary’s signature to perform withdrawal from cheques. Perhaps, the NUFAM General Secretary purposely allows his signatory to be easily forged by Lipas man.

We believe Mr. Lipas man withdrew funds from NUFAM account for paying his personal debts that he spent in his Las Vegas trip with his home-wrecker slut for gambling and shopping. Our reliable informants have tipped us on Mr. Lipas man’s gambling habits and his high personal debts. It sounds like Mr. Lipas is so broke and currently should be receiving assignment monetary program from Tony Fernandez.

Mr. Lipas man was in the casino whilst his home-wrecker slut shopped until she dropped!!!

See….she wore shortest pants!!! Madam Mcphee…..weee…..

Unfortunately, Mr. Lipas man has to kill MAS cabin crew completely before he is paid with that reward by Tony Fernandez. 

The conspiracy between Mr. Lipas man and Tony Fernandez to destroy Malaysia Airlines is termed “An organized crime”.  It is backed by Ahmad Jauhari who prepared his planning to sell out MAE and MRO to Tony Fernandez as soon as possible assisted by some thugs in the MAS engineering division.

Our informant tipped us of the home-wrecker who was living in Saraka Flat in Puchong now is hiding in Zen Residence Puchong. The home-wrecker left her 8 years of marriages and gave up on her newborn 2 years old baby to her ex-husband for Mr. Lipas man.

And Mr. Lipas man left his wife and daughter and lives in luxury condominium at Putri Palma Condominium IOI Marriot Resort that costs almost a million ringgit for a condominium (appx US$ 300,000). This is how he finds the lucrative business in dealing with the gullible MAS cabin crew who feed him with monthly dues for his luxury lifestyle doing nothing but talking like he’s doing something bigger. What MAS cabin crew didn’t realize is that they were taken for a ride by Mr. Lipas man.

Our informant demands the religious department to charge them for KHALWAT before marriage. We hope the religious department will pick up this indecent exposure made easily available for JAIS to act prudently.

“Is this what you called a credible leader who cheated his wife and family? If he had cheated his wife and family; will he not cheat on his members too?”

Stay tuned with malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more insight exciting true story!!!