Saves Malaysia Airlines from unscrupulous & dishonest corporate figures!

Ever wonder why is Malaysia Airlines workers getting uptight and uneasy over the controversy in the merging of MAS and AirAsia?  Here is the answers from MAS workers.

Saves Malaysia from being ruined by Tony Fernandez and his three muskeeteers

We in Malaysia Airlines families, though already retired from MAS but deep inside our heart, we stay true and loyal to Malaysia Airlines and we will continue our quest exposing against the unscrupulous and dishonest corporate figures particularly Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun, Danny Itchy (Rash) Dan and Ahmad Jauhari from destroying Malaysia Airlines any further.  We believe the Prime Minister should have removed these thugs (Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun) from sitting on the board both for MAS and AirAsia.  They should have been banned permanently from running any corporate businesses in Malaysia.

We besiege the Prime Minister of Malaysia – Najib Tun Razak to cease the collaboration agreement and reverse the SECRET share swap between Khazanah and Air Asia as soon as possible before the next election.

We have been investigating intensively of the connection between CIMB and Air Asia.  This is truly a shocking discovery.  What we know all this while that AirAsia has increased in its commitment capital up to RM57 billions and largely this capital is financed by CIMB, of course by Nasir Razak who is the brother of the present Prime Minister.

We have received reliable information that Nasir Razak has secretly been provided some shares by Air Asia to assist in getting a collaboration with MAS so that AirAsia can suck MAS comprehensively dry during the tenure of this comprehensive collaboration agreement between MAS and Air Asia.  No one else in CIMB would want to be part of the collaboration agreement except Nasir Razak.

Now what does Nasir Razak gains in this agreement?  We know CIMB is now lacking of substantial funds especially when it is still under Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (behind the curtain) who endorsed MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement.  CIMB has financed AirAsia almost RM50 billions and whilst AirAsia is dying making losses consistently and declaring false account to the public, AirAsia has to increase its airfares via its “hidden” charges.  The increased in the hidden charges by AirAsia does not really cover back its losses, and henceforth, the instruction has been passed down by Nasir Razak to MAS group CEO to cease MAS’s profitable routes in order to pass it to AirAsia to increase its revenue so AirAsia can pay back to CIMB.

Why is this happening?

We believe if AirAsia falls, CIMB will go into bankruptcy.  Is this not a shocking discovery?  Clearly, this collaboration agreement is an INVASION by AirAsia to swallow Malaysia Airlines.

We want to remind the public particularly of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who has no knowledge in building successful business; we meant to say the gene is more to vampiring the profitability of any successful corporate companies in anywhere in the world.  The other gene of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for example that had proven to the public before is his third son who almost went bankrupt because of Mahathir’s gene that knows only how to bankrupt any successful companies.

The fact is Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and his cronies, Tony Fernandez and gangsters are good at collapsing any corporate company including Air Asia that has been not making money for the last decade.  Whilst AirAsia continuously making losses, the management of AirAsia conceals the loss making journal from the public.

We believe that is the reason of why many hidden charges were imposed by AirAsia to cover back the loss making crisis.

The convenience fees by Air Asia has been strategized to be forfeited if you have the BIG cards.  You know what we mean? It means it is a scheme to make it mandatory for travelers to apply BIG cards to waive a bit of the convenience fees as one of the advantages joining “BIG” family.

Now back to Tun Dr. Mahathir’s gene, since his reigning days until the day he stepped down as Prime Minister of Malaysia, what did Malaysians gain?  Of course, we gain a lot of development for the country but let us refresh your memory – Malaysians also gained more credit cards which also means higher debts.

Let us ask you Malaysians, have you got enough saving for your retirement?  For those of us who already retired, we have to find another job just to survive in this material world.  Our retirement fund (EPF) only lasted us 2 years and thanks to Tun Dr. Mahathir’s gene who crushed our dream to be able to retire peacefully.

121 thoughts on “Saves Malaysia Airlines from unscrupulous & dishonest corporate figures!

  1. Fantastic discovery if really AA owes CIMB 50b, sensible they need to hold on each other to avoid domino effect in Malaysia. Thus the share suap somehow relief their burden by making MAS partly affected. However CIMB record shows differently (FY2011 + 3b) and Y-o-Y quite impressive. If not that desperate, is it because of future opportunities? Say, financing the huge order of next generation A350 to solidly-backed group of companies? At current commitment and applying similar BNM financing procedures to individual, AA cant even hire-purchare a perodua!

  2. Well researched, and yes, it makes a lot of sense. They are Corporate Barbarians and WE ALL must wake up and stop these barbaric acts since we are the stakeholders not only for MAS but for the nation.
    I have also wrote a comment at and reproduced below;

    I have read this forum with great interest and agree with most of the observations. Many points raised by merry x-mas and time traveller are valid and REAL. MAS employees must not only take notice but act on it REAL FAST since mother ship is sinking very, very fast.

    The points raised verbatim are;
    1. Wastage and abuse of power by MAS staff were rampant then, but with lesser competitor and lower operation cost then, they still break even.
    2. The rot was partly started by MAS staff themselves long time ago and they should not totally blame it on the others.
    3. Ada banyak SVP/GM in MAS, there is no one who could be the CFO and Head of engineering? No succession plan?
    4. and lastly please help me to understand, what are the staff doing about all this chaos in the company – people coming into our company and destroying everything. Maybe some has the tak kisah attitude, cos nak jaga periuk nasi, tapi jangan sampai nanti in the future, kita semua tak ada periuk nasi lagi sebab dah di wallop oleh sang pariah.

    MAS problems are not new. It started way back during TR’s era, followed by MNY, AFD, IJ, TAZ and now AJ.

    My question is, as appropriately raised in point 1 and 2, why knowingly allowed rampant wastage and abuse of power by MAS staff. Why the hell the so called airline expert (airline management) in point 3 and 4 allowed themselves to be beleaguered by parachuted MD (except of course the clueless AFD).
    The answer is because of large majority of MAS Staff “tidak apa, tidak kisah and lu tolong wa, wa tolong lu” attitude. The Govt. could have put a Superman to be the MD but if majority staff do not perform, do not expect the Superman to produce results. If majority had performed, MAS do not need outsiders, Supertony or even Superman.

    Anyway, I am glad that MASEU, MESA and MAPA are taking some actions. If they had done that 10 years ago, the chances of fixing MAS were 90%, 5 years ago were 50% and now it is 20%. Still not too late, but more staff needs to work, whack the bugger and plug the leakages.

    How? In my next comment, provided the staff themselves want to make things right.

    Who am I? A retired MAS professional who is ready to surface, has done many battles in MAS /NGO and currently working closely with Dr. Don and Tan Sri Abdul Aziz.

    • Dear Anti-Suap,

      Thank you for your fraternity in this fight to save Malaysia Airlines. We will continue working together getting TF and his dogs outta MAS and AA because they have fashioned a cause to destroy our country’s tourism.


    • Dear Anti-suap, we are posting your comment to our very next post. Stay tune! And please send our regards to Dr. Don, appreciating his expertise that leveraging the attention of the world’s readers.

      Fraternally yours,

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  4. Dear Anti-Suap,

    The wastage and leakages perhaps became rampant during the the people you had mentioned but it all started the day MAS was formed. Remember Catering and Engineering.

    • Hi, MASops,

      Please be well researched before posting your comment. The wastage and leakages started to become the norm after TR was sent into MAS by TUN Dr. Mahathir. MAS workers did not forgive TUN Dr. Mahathir son of hell until today. Today Dr. son of HELL sent his KAMBING into MAS, what do you think it’s gonna end up?

  5. I would very much love to see Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, Dr. Don and the gang (including everyone of you guys) putting on their thinking caps before it gets too late. I see that our beloved airline and all the aircrafts are not flying any more because the “mountebanks” had set them to sail and vanish in Bermuda Triangle. Please, please, please Tan Sri, Dr. Don and the gang, we need people of great stature like you to change course, save and revive our nation’s pride.

  6. That was a great post and thanks to all the retired MAS staffs who still care and have a passion towards the company. Yes,, I totally agreed with malaysiaairlinesfamilies, the wastage and leakages only started when Tun Dr. put TR into MAS.

    Tun and TR had created a very big big mess in MAS and left MAS dry. This never happened during Tan Sri Aziz’s time. I may only be with MAS for 28 years but I had gone thru the up and down of our beloved airline but never before till in this big shit condition.

    I as a staff will never forgive those who have/had and going to cause the airline to fall, if ever MAS falls and I am out of job because of the doing of these BUGGERS/KAMBING…I will not forgive them at all till akhirat and I will also tuntut hak saya di akhirat nanti.

    Another thing is how the hell can TF announced profit of RM4 million when AA is loosing money and hutang keliling pinggang. Satu penipuan besar to the public. Well think that is what crooks usually does….announced what is not true and also suka putar belit.

    Can’t wait to see TF and his croonies fall…and must make sure they fall hard and won’t be able to stand up anymore.

  7. Digesting all this- I can only say that, someone is playing the game of being a Double Headed Snake. Sheesh! Who let the dogs out, again?

  8. Yes, I totally agreed with “share registrar”. Tan Sri Abdul Aziz, Dr. Don and the rest of the pioneer top management…pse help save our national pride from being rape and rob by these group of croonies who doesn’t know a single thing about running an airline.

    It’s so sad to hear that our company only had funds to last for another 2 months. It just doesn’t make sense, here they are talked about MAS bleeding badly and on the other hand they are using MAS fund of RM18 million to sponsored a lousy football team and home jersey. Then cutting of routes which these croonies said that its unprofitable and now see what is happening to the company.

    Well just got a feeling that after the months fund is depleted, I am not surprise that the croonies will announce MAS bankrupt…..later these croonies open another airlines with all new terms and conditions.

  9. Thank you for this post.
    I must say that I feel so sad for the airline’s condition right now and as a former staff of MAS I do agree that where we are now is largely due to the people there themselves. The airline would have been able to weather any storm had the people been prudent and upheld integrity throughout the time. Even right now, only a handful of people are really willing to make their voices heard and try to fight for everyone. Unfortunately, the rest are either in their “tidak apa” stupor or feel like no one will pay them any attention. There is still a lot of good people in there and its heartbreaking to see their spirits being crushed with the direction MAS is heading.

    I have utmost respect for Tan Sri Aziz and Dr Don and all the pioneers at MAS and their experience would be very very valuable to help get her back flying high.. I am proud to say I have worked under many of these top guns, but reality is this is no longer the MAS for the 1980’s or 1990’s – it is 2012.

    The landscape is different, and a large number of staff in MH do not know or do not subscribe to what our former leaders in MH held high before.

    The marketplace is different. What we need is a mix of the experience and wisdom of the old, with the energy and drive of the younger generation – those who have played and can play the game as it is played now. The competition and customer behaviour is so different now as it was even ten years ago.

    Most importantly, we need someone in there whose heart is in the right place – to bring MAS back to glory, where it belongs and in the right way. AJ and RY are NOT the right people.

    So, who will lead this charge?

  10. Well said, Little Bird. You are right, we (current and former staff) are partly to be blamed because we condone all these malpractice and mismanagement.
    You have got 90% of the solution below;
    “The marketplace is different. What we need is a mix of the experience and wisdom of the old, with the energy and drive of the younger generation – those who have played and can play the game as it is played now. The competition and customer behaviour is so different now as it was even ten years ago.”

    “So, who will lead this charge?”
    We, the knowledge empowered citizens!
    Come on, are we all game?

    • I’m game. I have always been game 🙂 I’m trying the best I can from the outside in whatever way I am able to.

      It upsets me to see people just complaining and reminiscing. If we can do something – even in the littlest way – we should.

      I left MAS a long time ago, and it saddens me to see what I had worked so hard just be undone so easily. It makes me sick to the stomach to see how people’s perception of the good people in MAS be so bad – people are being villified and considered useless when it was due to a few bad apples! Most of the time it’s as if MAS just lay down at the feet of AirAsia and their cronies, and lets them step all over her. And the behaviour of the unions is embarrassing. Just posturing and making statements but not translating into REAL action.

      Isn’t it sad that it’s the people on the OUTSIDE are more interested in saving MAS than the people inside?

  11. I heard MAS staff has the share too…esos. if its true the money they contributed, they have much say to SAY NO. well they are share holdders too right? Do not give up or give in.

  12. Dear Writer of this article, you have gone beyond the boundary to start making false accusation. All your facts are not true and may Allah punish you for that. Everyone knows why MAS is in this state. MAS was in ailing state even before the share swap and all the collobration, why now you accusing AirAsia, Tun M and all others ? Dont you know what was is the corruption level in MAS? How funds are being wasted for all unrealistic strategies the previous leaders have invested into? … Common guys, cut all the crap and think about our job? I dont think goverment would want to do another bailout to save MAS? … 20,000 staff to run 70 aircrafts vs 9000 staff running 100 aircrafts … What do think ? … Talking about AA not taking care their staff well … Is that TRUE? … Pls check with all the staff, then you know well they are taken care. Just because they are Indian given opportunity to helm MAS, you fellows cant take it … CRAP .. YOU PEOPLE ARE REAL CRAP …

  13. Dear Blog Onwer, just to add to my earlier comment, its funny to note that you have uncovered a big fraud in MAS history … In reality you have not uncovered anything other than false accusations … You blame 2.3B lost on AA, Tun M and the rest … But have actually looked at he account ? Do you know or understand the breakdown ? Please LAH brothers, its the accounting magic that your current management has done ? They have ended all the lease early and have included all the penalty as loss … Even if goverment bail out MAS, you’ll only survive for the next 5 years and again the same situation will re-occor again …

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  19. I agree with “Bongek” in “”
    ” Bro, the decision is being made at CIMB…they stand to make millions from this deal. Similar to synergy drive and felda. Jay need big deals to maintain growth in roe. The outcome may not interest them at all. Aim your anger to the right target. CIMB will not pursue this if it will damage their reputation.”

    I for one have stopped all transaction with CIMB. If we all show our protest it will start to hurt………

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