Message for our Prime Minister – Share swap and Comprehensive Collaboration Framework (CCF) is the National Tragedy

Voices of the wilderness have spoken against the collaboration agreement between MAS and Air Asia that has turned out to be truly the National Tragedy.

This is a written post from one of MAS former pioneer leaders – Dr. Mohamadon Abdullah (a.k.a. Dr. Don) who voiced out against the collaboration between MAS and Air Asia that now is emerging into tragedy for our nation.

Dr. Don quoted; Malaysia Airlines grew from a small Domestic & Regional Carrier to a major player in Airline Premier League. Engineering developed from a Line Maintenance Facility to become a major Aircraft Overhaul Facility in the region (initially supported by expatriate staff but ultimately replaced by Malaysians, through a structured Nationalization programme). Flight Catering operated from a small flight kitchen and became a preferred Catering Supplier. Flight Operations has been recognized as one the best in the world and our Pilots are in great demand, due to a rigid technical training and human factors programmes. There are many more areas that we can really be proud of. Management Succession Plan was emplaced. All these were destroyed in 1994 as a result of the so called “restructuring” and the “virtual airline” concept. I recall 254 years of engineering “experience” were cast aside by just a stroke of a pen. Malaysia Airlines Academy was planned to be a Centre of excellence but now has become “Manipal University”.

Today, MAS has engaged many foreign expertises either through direct recruit or through “Consulting” services (which result in $$$$$ outflow).  Credit and recognition must be given to the pioneer Leaders who took the airline from operating BN2s, F27 and B737-200 to the modern fleet of B747s, B737s, B777s, DC-10s and Airbus series.

Now a foreigner who has no inkling of why MAS was established and has developed (and never gone through the pains of the early years) has been appointed an Advisor. Imagine, a foreign Company is providing Catering Services at Malaysia’s major Aviation Hub.

What a JOKE after 55 Years of Independence! Where is that Malaysian Pride? It is indeed a NATIONAL TRAGEDY.

Mr. Prime Minister, are you aware that Tony Fernandez and his gangsters have taken next step plotted against your upcoming election playing dirty games to close down Malaysia Airlines for one day in order boycott you from winning another term as the Prime Minister of Malaysia during the election month or maybe earlier?

This closing down for one-day plan is a dirty plot to overthrow your leadership under the pretext of renewing all employment terms and conditions for MAS workers.

It is the similar strategy that has been applied by Alan Joyce – CEO of Qantas Airlines.  So we now know how close is the relationships between Tony Fernandez and Alan Joyce via their secret rendezvous.

The one-day closing down plot is a strike action to lock out the airlines and attracting the international attention.  This may be a form of embarrassment striking Barisan National’s leaderships if it really happens in between March 2012 and such an attempt of boycotting the ruling party is an act of treason because it will incur national security when the country is in chaotic.

This collaboration led by Khazanah Nasional Berhad that headed by Azman Mokthar who agreed upon the share swap with Tune Air for Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to gain entry into Malaysia Airlines (of course, with the almighty help from the three musketeers) must be terminated for the sake of upholding the pride of our National Legacy Airlines – Malaysia Airlines.

The People of Malaysia now ask for Azman Mokthar to tender his resignation immediately for his stupidity and blunder mistakes.

Azman Mokthar, you have just earned a one-way ticket to hell for causing pains to majority.  Allah will cast you into “hell pithole” when the judgment day comes you son of the bitch.

The People of Malaysia now seek the Prime Minister of Malaysia to ban Tony Fernandez and his partner together with his gangsters from ever stepping their foot in Malaysia Civil Aviation Industry again because they have fashioned a cause for foreigners boycotting our country tourism, Malaysia.

Mr. Prime Minister, the world has already start boycotting Malaysia tourism since 2007 because of Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun’s wrong doings in Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. 

Please read this blog – for clearer picture.

Our Malaysian cultural attitude is always NEVER MIND and hence, we see the marching of Tony Fernandez and his gangsters into destroying our National Legacy Airlines that bearing the flag of our country.   We will gradually lose our tourism industry if Tony Fernandez and his gangsters are still running Air Asia in this region.

We fear the collapse of Barisan National leaderships will create chaos and riots in this country; so we beseech Mr. Prime Minister of Malaysia;

Please stop Tony Fernandez and his gangsters from destroying our country and our National Flag, the Legacy Airlines – Malaysia Airlines

Saves our National Airlines and our country, Mr. Prime Minister.  

30 thoughts on “Message for our Prime Minister – Share swap and Comprehensive Collaboration Framework (CCF) is the National Tragedy

  1. Fantastic article!
    However I am wondering why our PM seems like unresponsive on this MAS-Airasia issue. He should do something or he cannot blame rakyat to say that he is a part of the collaboration.
    1. Already mentioned in parliament.
    2. Communication attempts by union leaders and individuals.
    3. Involvement of his own brother
    Indeed PM had given a simple statement – the only statement not leading to resolution.
    NFC, FELDA, KTM land, EPF housing financier, nationwide ‘GE bribes’ (RM500, RM200, RM100 etc), loan for shares scheme (awaiting haram fatwa) are making me to say goodbye BN. I never support DSAI but this time I have no choice!
    Latest news, PM is appreciating Raja Azura for job well done in MAS.

    • One reason is one of PM Economic Advisor Omar Mustapha Ong (who also sits on the board of Air Asia is telling him that everything is fine and dandy in MAS.

    • Babe Cialis, we wish to update everyday but we are short of manpower… And mental draining because of investigative work now similar to James Bond 003 😉

      • 1. Principal consultant hired by Management is Plane Consult. Plane Consult is owned by Connor McCarthy who is also Air Asia board member.
        2. Connor charges MAS Euro 500 per hour. Total fee payable to Plane Consult is RM 2.6 million. Plane Consult main deliverable is to come up with recommendations and implement.
        3. MAS is bleeding but Management wants over 2000 staff to move to KLIA. This will cost MAS moving costs of over RM 35 million.
        4. Besides Plane Consult, MAS has also hired Boston CG, PWC, E&Y.

  2. Hi. I just need to firmly place a swift note and also inform you recognize that I’ve been pursuing your blogging site for quite some time. Keep up the remarkable efforts and I will be browsing back another time fairly quickly.

  3. Tonnes of these related article has been posted on the web,still pejam sebelah mata. Bangunlah Rakyat Malaysia,Bangunlah wahai Melayuku,bangsaku! Everybody in the malaysia aviation industry knows,only those with great perks n benefits of this so called collaboration is laughing their ass out.

  4. Mastroubleshooter, we COULDN’T do much without YB WEE and YOUR TRUE support too. Very much appreciating your fraternity. Would you consider to include on your splash? TQVM.

    So people of Malaysia, please wakey wakey now and watch how Tony Fernandez and his three musketeers screw us from every angle. They already damaged our reputation as the MALAYSIANS in Asia Pacific region and every where we MALAYSIANS go, people think we are like Tony Fernandez and his 3 musketeers and are from the same clan.

    People of Malaysia, do your thing and civilize our country. Save ourselves to save our country from TONY FERNANDEZ AND HIS THREE MUSKETEERS.

    • Dear comrade MatUmno,

      We will post your request to our next release. Have you got any other bloggers who can link us to them?


      MAS Team

  5. ” Close MAS for one day “……..Seriously? There are many things one can swallow and hope it’s all a bad dream,and when we wake the bad people who have gone good in their hearts..

    Malaysia Airlines has been compromised in so many ways in so many years..In this century would anyone want to comprehend how our company has reached to this point…?

    I seriously hope,if there is a time to stop wrong,then saving MAS for all it has been and remembered as good would be the first right thing to do…

  6. The are trying to do like what the Philippines govt did to PAL. Close for one day and then reopen the next with fresh term and condition.

    Take it or take a hike.


    TF is so cunning, he can sell fridge to the Eskimos, Disneyland to Walt Disney, Virgins to Richard Branson, MAS to Malaysian Govt. and best of all, Russian roulette to all his passengers.

  8. 1. Investigative report? You must hav prove. Pls show it.
    2. Calling other people 4letter names without prove only reflects on yur upbringing- in malay
    we call: kurang ajar.
    3. Dont use Dr Don and his comments as yur leverage.
    4. You may call yourself ‘MAS Teams’ or ‘Malaysiaairlinesfamilies’ but at the end of the day
    how many actually support U?
    5. If U hav the guts 2 call/refer to another person with a 4 letter word, pls hav the guts to
    reveal yurself.
    6. 4 the moment, U hav given info with NO prove, called people nasty names, used Dr
    Don’s mssg as a leverage and hide yurself.
    7. What is yur worth?
    8. Fight yur own war-period.

    • Hello Johndoe or Chameleon or Ismail Nasarudin or MAFAA or NUFAM/AMALEE,

      Wow, you have many names already!

      Malaysiaairlinesfamilies site receive thousands of visitors everyday and if you can do the Arithmetic accurately since November 23nd 2011, you would get the answer to how many are in the support to save Malaysia Airlines from AirAsia monopolists.

      You said calling people with four letters word without proof in malay language is KURANG AJAR. What do you call The Thugs who rob rich airlines then?

      Perhaps you are able to enlighten us what do you call that MAS STAFF who betray it’s own airlines for it’s rival airlines as in your position?

      We suggest that you reveal your true self first la..with a photo of your Coward facd will be wonderful. We know you are the Coward hiding behind Toni’s back all the times.

  9. my question is sir, 1st u said tun mahathir is involved in the take over,then now u are saying they want to close for a day so PM najib will not win the why would mahathir do that? this sound very unreal..

  10. Tony’ poodle aka Mat Salleh wanabe Danny has engaged Plane Consult (PC) as leading Consultant to spearhead MAS turnaround ( PC co founder is Connor McCarthy, he is one Air Asia’s board of directors ( If this is not daylight robbery and a mockery of corporate governance I don’t know what is. PC is tasked to look into how to improve MRO, Fleet Planning, Network Planning and Commercial. MAS acting Head of Commercial is Shane Nolan who works for PC. PC’s key deliverable is to make recommendations and implement them. PC’s fees are paid in Euro and the total amount comes to over RM 2.6 mill. Connor McCarthy’s fee is EUR 500 per hour.
    After much fanfare and hype Air Asia is pulling out of London and Paris also Delhi and Bombay. Air Asia wants MAS to carry about 35,000 disrupted pax and wants to pay MAS chicken feed. Based on previous bad experience with Air Asia,MAS will not be paid a single cent. Air Asia is well protected since MAS new CFO is from Air Asia and Shane Nolan heads Commercial.
    Many of Air Asia planes are due for heavy maintenance which Air Asia cannot undertake themselves as they do not have the engineering capability and capacity. Air Asia will send these planes to MAS. Since MAS new head of Engineering is from Air Asia and CFO is from Air Asia, MAS will be forced to undertake the maintenance for free. This is the collaboration defined by Air Asia.

  11. i understand the frustration of all our airline members. but y show anger on an enemy without giving solutions? i respect the effort that has been put to dig out all the faults in both airlines. but if those efforts was put into suggesting solutions maybe we can see way out. MAS has had the entire government behind it and yet if someone can so openly sabotage and take over our airline, it really proves how weak we are because all the time we keep complaining and depending on government to cover our ass. No one really stood up for the company. why is because AirAsia has an owner but MAS has no owner. The most important way to change the mentality of our stupid airline bosses is to get MAS an owner. An owner would strive and do anything to make his company No1. Just like how Tony is to AirAsia. In our company all share holders only compete to be No.1 financially. Then they leave. Leaving MAS back to zero.

  12. I was told that Danny brought his family to Sydney early this year .. he upgraded his , inlaws (maybe) , maid and infant to First Class ?? His kids were making the firstclass like a playground !! He thinks that MAS is his airline.. hahahhaaaa !!
    All staff should respect the Company policies and regulations. Those not abiding should be disciplined including him. He is not immune to the rules and regulations of MAS.

    • i don’t think that danny would understand what is “Company policies and regulations” because he’s not use with it… AA… no policies and regulations….. plus… do AA got first class until he is desperate to fly with MAS?

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