Petition against MAS/Air Asia Collaboration Agreement

Wake up Malaysians and MAS Workers and listen up please……

You all know by now that MAS board of directors are actually the board of directors for Air Asia, we NOW ask for your time to do your duty to click below link to send petition to Prime Minister because Tony Fernandez and his gangsters have reported that MAS workers are very happy with Air Asia’s management inside MAS.

Do your job to clear all Air Asia asses outta our National Airlines.  And in the meantime, stop flying with Air Asia.

Come on people, do it if you treasure your job with MAS.  

We are only the retiree who are merely the voices of the wilderness afar.


Our regards,

Malaysia Airlines Families

7 thoughts on “Petition against MAS/Air Asia Collaboration Agreement

  1. Perhaps you might want to dig out for more information as to why despite the claims and shouts of “losses” MAS is in the process of changing the cabin crew uniforms??? More money to be made equals to thieving??!!

  2. senang ja …kita kasi turun boneka ni melalui pilhanraya..kita bagi org yang layak memimpin negara menguruskan harta negara …50tahun sepatutnya malaysia airlines gah dimata dunia..tetapi senang2 mas dijadikan lubuk duit bagi org yang tidak mencintai negara nya sendiri..bukan susah..pasti kita boleh..

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