Malaysia Airlines’s safety performance versus Air Asia’s safety performance

Mohamadon Abdullah a.k.a. Dr. Don, one of MAS pioneer leaders has recently written his testimonial about Malaysia Airlines’ history and achievement in YB Wee Choo Keong’s blog. Here’s Dr. Don’s testimonial about Malaysia Airlines and what he doubts about Air Asia’s capability and the insult of appointing outsiders as Advisor and New Management who knows nothing about the history of Malaysia Airlines.

Dr. Don’s written testimonial:-

MAS Corporate Safety and Security record has been excellent since 01 October 1972. Its Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) Programme has been internationally recognized since late 1980s. Asiana Airlines adopted MAS CRM. When MAS was established way back on 3rd April 1971, MAS litreally started from Ground Zero. However through the commitment of people like Tan Sri Saw Huat Lye, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, Mr. Lee Shu Poh, Allahyarham Tuan Hj. Sidek Alwi, Dato’ Resham Singh and many others, developed the Airline to be a major Player in the Aviation Industry. All this was possible under the Chairmanship of Allahyarham Raja Tun Mohar Raja Badiozaman.

Not many realized that MAS started its operations on 1st. October 1972, three months ahead of schedule. That was really Malaysia Bolih. Yes, this was history.

Whilst I appreciate that we must look forward, but once in a while we must look back at the past. It is just like driving a car, once in a while in moving forward, we must look at the rear view mirror, just to be safe. The Five Objectives established by the Founding Fathers are now somewhere buried in the archives. But these Five Objectives were the driving force of the Pioneer Group and is still relevant.

MAS is an Engine of economic growth for Malaysia. Not many people appreciate the contributions made by MAS to the people of Malaysia. As a simple example, MAS produced approximately 25,000 sticks of satay per day. To some, so what? But do you know where the satay sticks come from? It was not from Tokyo or London but from Ulu Yam, in Selangor. What about the development of Human Capital? MAS has over the years developed Malaysian expertise in Aviation Industry especially in the technical areas.

What has Air Asia done in this area? If one tourist visit Malaysia and fly MAS, Can you imagine how much they contribute to the Country? Tourism Malaysia states that each Tourist spend at least RM 600 per day, can you imagine how much can 25 million tourists spend in a day in Malaysia (RM 600 x 25,000,000 per day).

Who do you think will benefit from this tourist spend? Today, are we saying that Malaysia do not have expertise in the Aviation Industry? What about those people I mentioned.? Do we really need a foreigner to be an Advisor to MAS when we have our own people who have years of experience in the Aviation Industry? No point in gloriously giving accolades to someone, being a Member of the Board of Directors for the last ten years, to justify his appointment in MAS? Where was he when MAS went through Y2K, September 11, the introduction of Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) or for that matter where was he when MAS was formed? Did he really contribute to MAS Safety record or is he reaping the fruits of past labors?

There are Malaysians who have contributed to the development of MAS. Ignoring these people, to me, it is an insult to us Malaysians, after 55 years on Independence. MAS provided its expertise in setting up of Jet Airways, supported Asiana Airlnes in their B777-200 introduction and Korean Air etc. Are we saying that Malaysians are incompetent, that we have to look for foreign expertise? Sad…..sad….sad. Is this is not a National Tragedy?

Is this not a National Tragedy?  Well said Dr. Don and let us look at Air Asia’s performance for the past decades;

The chick below will show you whether Air Asia can perform safely or not.

Hi, there, my name is Miss Air Asia and here below is the photographic evidentiary affidavit which will prove my Air Asia most recent record of safety performance that our LOW airfares has added value of our “refined experience” with aircraft skidding upon landing led to one of our AirBus aircrafts crash-landed in Kuching International Airport.  However, this fatal accident was totally covered up for our Air Asia’s bosses.

So where is the safety guaranteed when flying with Air Asia? Honestly, we in Air Asia cannot guarantee your safety because we are operating a low cost airlines.  FAIR?  

Well! Our boss, Tony Fernandez said he knows Malaysians very well and if that we fared our prices a little lower, Malaysians are willing to risk their lives and the above is the exemplary of our guarantee  service when flying with us, Air Asia.

Here’s another performance by “Air Asia B O L E H” where it has been investigated by the Australian authority for another two more hazardous incidents occurred outside Malaysia which they cannot cover up for the reason the bribery concept isn’t availed for Tony Fernandez and his gangsters in that country.

The Australian Transport Safety Verdict :

The AirAsia jet, “descended to a height where there was no longer separation assurance from the ground and from planes operating outside controlled airspace.” – Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

(Copied from

For us laymen, that means AirAsia was precariously close to both the ground and to any civilian aircraft that may have strayed into its path. No longer was separation from the ground assured means – but for the grace of God, it could easily have crashed. If you’re hard pressed to imagine any of this, cast your mind back to the Charlton Heston movie classic ‘Airport 1975’. That’s what generally happens when commercial airliners come into contact with light aircraft in mid air.

So what could be the root cause?  Please memorize this “citing” by the International Investigators – Pilot training was cited as a major factor in the incidents. According to today’s The Australian, Investigators said the crew were “probably not adequately equipped to manage the approach in other than autopilot managed mode”. In essence, theses guys were on their P-Plates, flying you and your family. To be more accurate, they were in the middle of a lesson, with an obviously bungling  ‘instructor’ that allowed this to happen.

What International Reporter has to say about AirAsia’s Pilot training?

Chan Sue Ling of Bloomberg reported thus : 

Some airlines aren’t waiting for qualified talent to walk in the door.  Singapore Airlines and Air Asia, based near Kuala Lumpur, have each set up their own tuition-free training academies.

Singapore Air’s flying school turns out about 150 cadet pilots a year, while AirAsia’s facility trains as many as 500 annually.

People,500 pilots annually versus 150 for respected carrier – Singapore Airlines.  That is really    Air Asia   B o L e H!   Hah….but you gotta be kidding with Quantity versus Quality and isn’t that by the retarded leaderships……and retarded leaderships never passed!  Agreed?

Flying with Malaysia Airlines, your safety as passengers and flight crew are guaranteed 100% because it is an organized “Legacy Airlines” as compared to a Low Cost Airlines.  

But nowadays, can AJ and Danny Rash-Dan guarantee the safety for Malaysia Airlines under the ruling of Air Asia board of directors camouflaging as board of directors of Malaysia Airlines?  

Since MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement took effect last year, Malaysia Airlines has lost its first class platinum customers because of Air Asia’s past track record – bad paymaster and aircraft crashed landing for more than 5 times.

Care to know who are the platinum customers that have left Malaysia Airlines for Singapore Airlines?

It’s the Sultan of Pahang and his entourages.  

So MAS has since lost a yearly RM2 million or more revenue.  Sad…sad…sad…as quoted by Dr. Don and indeed it is a National Tragedy to have Air Asia KAMBING (goats coming) on board Malaysia Airlines.

The wrote :

Is this lax attitude toward safety/remuneration  – not to mention their attitude to maintenance leading to airlines such as AirAsia and MAS becoming a very real risk to fly?

Mr Ozman-Rani shows that AirAsia are deceptive spin doctors who will stop at nothing to wriggle out of acknowledging responsibility. Do you trust them?

In time, these bent politicians and puppets like Fernandes will be brought to justice. In the meantime, they are gaining a stronger stranglehold of the Malaysia Airlines board of directors by the day; a previously upstanding, safe and professionally run airline will soon be in tatters if Malaysia doesn’t wake up. 

The evidence shown to us before our eyes of MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement is only for SAVING AIR ASIA.  So, how it works to save Air Asia?  The Collaboration will assist in improving Air Asia group’s earnings.  SO….C L E A R, isn’t it?

If those who are still questioning about the Collaboration Agreement that maybe, and maybe benefiting MAS, please diP your head into any of the nearest toilet bowl you can find.

Well…….Mr. Prime Minister, you gotta move faster before this burns your entire team. Whether people choose Barisan National again or not, it’s all depending on your decision made for Malaysia Airlines.  

Malaysia must wake up now and you, the Prime Minister must wake up and stop listening to your crooked mentor – Tun Dr. Mahathir.  Some people said Anwar Ibrahim has two faces, well, we say Tun Dr. Mahathir has four faces.  

31 thoughts on “Malaysia Airlines’s safety performance versus Air Asia’s safety performance

  1. You clearly show lackluster of knowledge in this post. So you are saying MAS never had any accidents/incidents in its record? In what extend you know about the crew members training quality for you to able to comment? Check your facts please.

    • We have all the facts and photographic evidentiary affidavits above and if you, Mr. Tony’s doggie could prove in our forum that we are wrong, then we will retract our post. However, we doubt you could produce one single evidence of our flaws. Got it?

  2. Be honest, show the prove cos U are the accuser. I am a MAS staff, but I wont fight nor join yur battle without prove. If U are so smart, show me yur facts n photographic evidence/affidavits. It is not for the accused to show the evidence but for the accuser 2 do so. Show me yur guts, baba.
    Yur language tells me, who U are n u are playing the chamelion. Gud luck.

    • Hello again, Johndoe or we forgot this time you are Cham,

      Ok, so you are Johndoe in one of other posts and now you are the Cham in this post commenting as the CHAM of MAS staff. Can you be honest yourself? Perhaps, we should say “Hi, Ismail Nasarudin and gangs or MAFAA or NUFAM representatives/members?”

      We believe CHAM means chameleon which you are trying to describe about yourself inner characteristics. True?

      Dear readers, this is what we always say MAS has traitors inside and outside working with Toni and gangsters collaborating to kill MAS and its workers. Isn’t it very sad indeed to know the inner truth about this group of ungrateful spies. MAS feeds them every month for their livelihood and this time this group of spies pay back with political agendas acting as accessory to Toni Fernandez and his gangsters plotted heist inside MAS.

      The people of Malaysia Airlines should have got them annihilated for good. We mean MAFAA and NUFAM should have been exterminated for a justifiable good cause.


  3. what did Air Asia do to you for you to cause all this trouble? the fact that even if you are right about Air Asia’s safety performance, i doubt that you can ever beat, i repeat EVER beat their AWESOME fare.and for that matter i feel, your post will cease to matter and you can go tell your boss or your previous boss, they were the ones who fucked MAS up! don’t pass the anger to someone else.blame yourself for your poor performance.

  4. Instead of taking taxi – for more space and comfort, most people would rather take the bus. Recently, there’s lots of accident involving bus on the news due to reckless bus drivers, poor bus condition and so forth. Do you think all Malaysians will take the taxi instead? What is the probability of an accident happening when taking the bus? The truth is, the odds are not that bad, and rest assured, as of this case, we will continue to fly with AirAsia.
    And what’s with the RED statement bashing Tun M worse than Anwar? Tun M are the one who made MAS possible in the first place. Without him, MAS does not exists.
    Clearly, your “I have a problem with my sad life, it’s not my fault, it’s the government’s fault” type will not vote for the government (BN) either way. So if I am Najib, I’ll be more than happy to make ungrateful pricks like you suffer.

    • Dear Perut Lapar, we mean Haniff, usually older fox is more cunning than the younger fox. But both gradually will change their face slow from two faces to four faces then again to many faces even he himself cannot recognize himself and that we call it the consequences of ill-minded games.

  5. Hye, I just want to comment about the incident in kuching, i am not taking side or anything but it was just not their day, the weather during their approach was horrible, it was raining very heavily, the wind was gusting from left AND right from 15 up to 25 knots, all the other aerodrome have the same weather since the CB was from BKI all the way to KCH,

    To average joe: the fare’s maybe low yes, but if u take all the same benefit that MAS offer then Air Asia price will be more, and for you who have no clues of what’s happening in the airlines industries, you have no right to condemn that MAS fucked up n perform poorly, make sure you check your fact before you spout nonsense

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  7. Nobody flies an aircraft to have an accident. Nobody, MAS nor Air Asia nor any airline low cost or otherwise
    Accidents do happen and can happen to anyone or any airline.
    MAS accidents
    1. Kupang
    2. Rwy 15 Subang A300 crash (SAS AC)
    3. Tawau F-28
    4. Near stall in Kuantan B737
    5. B777 in Perth. IRS failure
    6. Runway excursion in KCH A300
    7 Runway excursion in SIN B737
    8. Landing short in KBR B737
    9 Taxi off runaway in KBR B737
    10. Noise abatement incident in LHR B747-400

    Now I can go on and on. The point is every airline is safe conscious and every airline take proactive steps to prevent such occurrences. To judge a safety record over 1 incident is like putting blinkers over you eyes.

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    • Dear Angkasaraya, which part of it is misguided? Could you lay it down more specifically? And please say HI to Toni and gang. We believe you are not a neutral party that only spouting NONSENSICAL statement confusing the reader. Our task is to ensure these non-beneficial criminalities are exposed before it is comprehensively cheated over by AA management.

      • Chill mate,Melayu kata “jgn mudah melatah”.Relax..,I’m just a concern citizen as well..So far ur articles, excellence,thumbs up,similar to what YB has wrote. *But not on this one.

        Incident & Accidents do happen in this Industry,Well in this case, both Mas and AA/X. SAFETY is always top priority for both regardless the fares,extra this n that surcharge,mau pakai aerobridge ka ta mau,red skirts or kebaya or what so ever.

        Main thing is Airlines learnt and constantly improve for the safety & comfort of their pax.

        *Ask yourself this,If you are a pilot would you want to land the aircraft safely or crash them instead?

        Just my 2cents opinion.

  9. Read & Analyze more mate,when was the last time you check on global economic scene,especially in europe?.

    DIG more, SEEK only the truth. So that you could feed the people of Malaysia with the right info,or else everyone will end up having gigantic belly like Mr “Tony Fakkthemdead” over there.

    P/S: Why not ask “Azran Botak Rani” personally,since he’s the CEO of AAX. Not me,I’m just a guy who fly kites & paper planes. 😉

    Good day

    • We hope you’re right and sincere but we still believe you’re speaking for Tony Fernandez and his gangsters, MATE. We have completed numerous research far more advance than yours who merely flies kites & paper planes. So go fly kite and paper planes and stop spouting your nonsensical statement which does not affect us at all. Stay tune for more fly real planes business.

  10. TF is a nobody. He is only a crony and frontman for Kutty. Because of this connection, this fuck chap TF gets carried away and is behaving very arrogantly. Agree with Dr Don, this collobaration is to help rescue AA which is now at the brim of bankruptcy. Kutty wants to swallow MAS years ago but his frontman TR screwed him big time. To get what he wanted, he is now using AA to get back MAS. Najis will not do anything because he is under the control of Kutty. To ensure MAS’s survival, Bee End must be voted out in the next GE.

  11. fly me to the moon n back..either by AA or MAS rocket..and if the moon may split in half when we’re there, hope it touch down safely on each side of the scales……boo!!

  12. Airasia is not so cheap when you add on the extra costs. MAS has a modern fleet and well trained pilots. Low cost airlines like Airasia can never be as safe as reputable airlines such as MAS, Singapore Airlines and best of all Qantas. As a person who travels a lot and has an interest in airline safety I would fly MAS anytime, actually, I am waiting to board MAS now for my return flight to Australia from KL. Malaysians should support their national airline MAS which gives value for money travel, comfort and safety. I would never fly Airasia as I value my safety above a few dollars.

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