MAS new management has adopted Conflict Of Interest policy (COI)

Listen up everybody; M.A.S. is spelled Mesti Ada Saudara. The direct translation is that CertainlY Got Relatives In the Airlines – CyGRIA, a new term that can only be found in MAS “New Management’s” Dictionary.

The quote used to be a joke but now has surfaced in an evidentiary abuse affidavit.

We found our first evidentiary affidavit that is Danny Rash (itchy) Dan whose relative is Hayati Dato’ Ali, the Dungun who sits as present EVP of Airport Operations that flooded KLIA with outsourced and unskilled workers who is also Madam YES, MR. TONI.

Our second evidentiary affidavit proves Ahmad Jauhari who is the new Malaysia Airlines CEO and Managing Director, also has relatives in Malaysia Airlines. Would you like to know who is this relative of his?

She is Roziah from Human Cannibalizing Department who oversees recruitment policy.

Question is whether Roziah has been the HC recruitment manager long before Ahmad Jauhari becomes the new CEO/MD or is it after Ahmad Jauhari has become the CEO/MD for Malaysia Airlines?

Our investigation has revealed Roziah is the sister to Ahmad Jauhari and also a very close buddy to Raja Azura, the former Head of Human Cannibalizing Division who recently were forced to submit her resignation within 24 hours over her unethical conduct.


We believe the act of “misconduct” conducted by the former Head of HC Division was for covering the embezzlement of MAS fund. We’ll story you a little shortly.

Our investigation had further drawn us to a GHOST named Zaiton Shaari, a slow walking “FAT” rhinoceros. If you could hear heavy and stamping footsteps approaching you within Malaysia Airlines premises, we bet that must be Zaiton Shaari (the bigger size one) approaching in your direction.

The meaning of GHOST refers that she is neither pro-company nor pro-staff.

The stupidity of this MAS top new management is recruiting their relatives/spouses and acquaintance into the managerial level which would then create the “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” for Malaysia Airlines.

Zaiton Shaari had been working very closely with former Head of Human Corpse Division, Raja Azura after getting the GREEN LIGHT from the top gun (which is Tony Fernandez and his gangsters) to BULLDOZE all agreements with MAS unions and associations.

We have been following Zaiton Shaari’s footsteps and we have uncovered the people involved in the discussion to bulldoze the agreements with MAS unions and associations; turned up to be some of MAS Cabin Crew. Thank goodness MAS Pilot is not involved.

MAS Cabin Crew who is involved vizly Ismail Nasaruddin, Rosli Karim, Norwalena Wahab, Sree Ganesh and Akram Oozeman. They were involved in the secret rendezvous with Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to destabilize the movement of the recognized unions and associations within Malaysia Airlines by recommending the elimination of transportation that both MAS Pilot and Cabin Crew have been enjoying for more than 5 decades.

The intention is to provoke the Pilot and the Cabin Crew to resign from its union and association if they were the members of the unions and associations.

So MAPA and MASEU, do you know what to do already?

We urge the Pilot and the Cabin Crew to boycott these irresponsible parties who have been making unfavorable recommendations to Tony Fernandez and his gangsters on how take on MAS unions and associations “outta” Malaysia Airlines so to annihilate the permanent workers slowly. We also found out one of the recommendations by NUFAM and MAFAA includes the sharing of room for MAS Cabin Crew and MAS Pilot during their layover stay in outstations and overseas.

Now let’s get back to the part of Raja Azura’s recent resignation.

To be exact, it was the act of “MISCONDUCT” conducted by the former Head of Human Capital Division collaborated with Roziah, the HC Recruitment Manager to cover up the embezzlement of MAS funds.

Our investigation revealed Raja Azura was caught red-handed in backing up the misconduct act committed by Roziah who was due for domestic inquiry. This wasn’t the first time covered-up case by Raja Azura, and so she was asked to leave Malaysia Airlines instantly after a report was submitted in to one of the top management.

We have received information from reliable sources that Zaiton Shaari has zero welfare value and no compassion for MAS workers.  She always abuses her authority to uphold more CROOKED strategy building Industrial Disharmony in Malaysia Airlines provoking MAS workers.

The mistakes by MAS new top management under Tony Fernandez and his gangsters is that they intended to retain and recruiting the CROOKED categories that have no compassion for its workers and so to subsequently creating a short-term employment opportunity in Malaysia Airlines ridding off the permanent workers.

Employing crooks will only give you more CROOKED IDEAS – don’t you think so, Dato’ Ahmad Jauhari?

The conflict of Interest policy does not work for a corporate company like Malaysia Airlines.

Dato’ AJ, we believe even though Roziah is your relative, she should have been terminated for committing an act of misconduct. Work is work and accountability and fairness has to be upheld for greater integrity.

So, do your job as the righteous CEO! You have been empowered to oversee the running of Malaysia Airlines towards a sustainable organization.

We know Danny Itchy Dan is the planner and you’re merely the runner. What an opposite?

The power you have can overturn the decision made by present crooked board of directors, Tony Fernandez and his gangsters. We know you know it too but what are you waiting for?

Do you think Tony Fernandez is going to sack you for changing the course of their plans for Malaysia Airlines? We doubt Tony Fernandez “gonna” do so because he is in a deep shit now and because you can be the witness for anti-trust activity.  Please read this blog –

Stay tune where next, we would blog a report received on Hayati Dato’ Ali’s senselessness and her voluntary slavery for Tony Fernandez and his gangsters in the running of MAS Airport Operations.

9 thoughts on “MAS new management has adopted Conflict Of Interest policy (COI)

  1. Pls sack those cabin crew who boycotted MAS staffs with TF and gang. Get rid of all AIr Asia staffs now before too late. Also sack AJ for recruiting airAsia people.

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  3. If you are really Tony please identify slackers in MAS and get rid of them. Getting department heads to identify these slackers will not work. Why? Because MAS management have too many relatives working in MAS and these people are non performers.

    The move to KLIA has cause many capable young people to leave and unless it your intention to only keep idiots in MAS to speed up the decline. Then you are really the culprit!

  4. Yes..I really agree with Tony that TR was the culprit started in year 1994..and Tony will continue TR’s journey to do more damages in MAS. As an outsider (former MH staff), I’m looking this so serious drowning of MAS caused of those parasits….

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    • Hello stupid Warrior,

      How do you be a warrior when you cannot see the end of the tunnel? Thank you for reading our postings Stupid Warrior!

      Your IP address – for those who are interested to find who this stupid dog’s whereabout. Cheers!

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