About Nufam’s stupidity – Episode 2

What does NUFAM stand for? Literally; it is an acronym for Nuclear Fire Planning and Assessment Model. However; NUFAM is also known as THE trade fair for commercial vehicles in southern Germany.

In Malaysia; NUFAM is a Flight Attendant Union for rude; disrespectful; frustrated and disgruntled workers and to be exact it is a National Union for Frustrated Attendant Malaysia. It’s website at http://www.nufam.net cannot be found – When a registered trade union’s website has gone kaput – it’s a sign that it has lost its interest in what it really stand in for.

In the last few days; the Malaysian local dailies were busy issuing statements produced by a registered trade union for the disgruntled employees of Malaysia Airlines on threatening to stage a walk-out protest – read here – Nufam threatens to walk out next month.

An employee’s threatening behavior can be no more than a way for an employee to blow off steam or it can lead to violent episodes. MAS management should evaluate an employee who threatens the airline’s CEO and take action based on the seriousness of the situation. Employees who make detailed and specific threats may be closer to violent action than those who make vague threats.

The Union for frustrated flight attendants in that statement against Malaysia Airlines had threatened to stage a massive staff walk out if Malaysia Airlines failed to withdraw the suspension from flying duty on its President – Ismail a.k.a. Mr. Lipas Man and accord immediate recognition to Nufam as the bargaining body for its cabin crew.


This crazy yet stupid Nufam Union also claimed there will be approximately 1000 cabin crew currently working for Malaysia Airlines will stage the walk-out by next month if the suspension of Nufam President – Mr. Lipas Man is not withdrawn.

This public humiliation against MAS management by MAS disgruntled employees leaves a lasting impression on MAS customers and can really kill workplace morale.

Malaysia Airlines has 3,800 strength for cabin crew of which 90% of the strength will always be away for flying duties leaving the remaining 10% will be on the ground for days off as scheduled. Contrary to Nufam’s threat against Malaysia Airlines; there can only be a total of 380 cabin crew on the ground to fully backed Nufam President on the day for walk-out.

Given the fact that Malaysia Airlines employed 95% locals where almost 100% of locals are committed to paying monthly subscription credit card bills; hire-purchase scheme and mortgages; we doubt these cabin crew will take the risk to stage a walk-out for Mr. Lipas Man.

We believe those cabin crew will not stage a walk-out for Nufam President after he humiliated a reputable airline’s CEO. We figure the number as predicted by Nufam could be wrong. Perhaps Nufam meant 1000 cabin crew minus last two digit of zeros which is only 10 cabin crew as in the picture above.

Out of 10 cabin crew; we figure probably only 5 stupid cabin crew would stage the walk-out with Mr. Lipas Man if only Tony Fernandez in AirAsia is willing to take them all. Walking out of a secured employment or opting an instant resignation is truly impulsive for youngsters.

However, if applying with logic we believe no one would ever risk a decent job to strike against the employer for others. Nufam must stop bull-shitting to the public and making threats against your own employer.

Read our first episode – here! Do stay tuned to our next episode 3!


6 thoughts on “About Nufam’s stupidity – Episode 2

  1. It would be extremely foolish for the Cabin Crew members to display a blind loyalty to one man who has yet to contribute anything significant in improving or solving their grouses. Do a reality check !!
    He should have taken a diplomatic approach when calling out to attention….there are so many ways of scheming it, what he did was out of line. Doesn’t augur well for his leadership quality and skills!

  2. Adooiii…also spotted is ex-IFS Kiki Lala Lawrence Chia in pink shirt. He wanted to sue MAS for not extending his retirement age. A grumpy IFS who taruhed cabin crew during his flying days.

  3. dont you think that the cabin crew deserve a change after soooo long….? CA after CA… things are getting from bad to worst… correct me if im wrong but after so long in the airline, i can only get my hands on few CA only, i couldnt feel the honesty and transparency in the current dealings… im not saying that or him is better than any other but… how bout give change a chance…

  4. I’m replying to ahmad jauhsangathari on his comment giving nufam a chance…it’s popularly known mafaa is nufam and vv and with mafaa same gang running nufam which mafaa recently had been deregistered by ROS…soon nufam would face the same fate cos nufam is run by same mafaa gang. that explain a lot giving mafaa gang or nufam gang a chance will be like giving them a chance to suppress mas cabin crew with nufam on the verge to be deregistered. it’s president has no balls to strike only talk much…http://www.theedgemalaysia.com/in-the-edge-financial-daily-today/268737-nufam-pickets-after-10-flight-attendants-suspended.html….i don’t see any picket at klia airport even today too. if this not explained nufam is hoax and bogus…the writer is then!

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