Nufam’s Stupidity – Episode 3

The journey of the National Union for Flight Attendant Malaysia in typical circumstances is a shortest stint ever recorded in the history of trade unionism as assisted by the Director General of Trade Union – the Cleverest Young Bastard (YB) Mustafa Bin Ali and his collaborators that included AirAsia’s CEO Tony Pariah Fernandez working hand in glove with another born-to-be-bastard “Roslee Sabaruddin” who works discreetly with MAS imported spy – Mohammad Fauzi Mahayahuddin to destroy the National Carrier from the inside.

This is how the department of Trade Union collaborates with Nufam…

buildingtomb20132buildingtomb2013And the hero comes along…


Let us take a closer look at NUFAM chronologically…it was registered in 2012 by Ismail Nasaruddin the Lipas Man who recently was fired from Malaysia Airlines for public defamation against the National Carrier and six other MAS cabin crew. Nufam was approved by Roslee Sabaruddin (Assistant of DGTU) who then was believed to have received a sum of RM50,000 (under table) from AirAsia for assisting in the formation of Nufam to stir trouble inside MAS.

numb20131Now Every Crew Can Vote!

The slogan Nufam uses are in conjunction with AirAsia’s advertisement clearly revealing such slogan was authorised by AirAsia’s Tony Pariah Fernandez. The mission is to poison MAS cabin crew so to join AirAsiaX with those unfurled lies about how wonderful and fabulous that AirAsiaX is than any other local airlines.

This is how AirAsia get to recruit the experienced cabin crew from another local airlines for its quick expansion avoiding payable inland and airport taxes. The profit AirAsia makes are generated from all taxes specifically the airport taxes and the pre-paid airfares collected in advance from its customers.

Nufam is tasked by AirAsia’s CEO Tony Pariah Fernandez to pressure MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari to fully committ to his promises that he made with Tony Pariah on signing away MAS quota for Los Angeles route paving way for AirAsia to fly into Los Angeles by the end of 2014.  When a CEO fails delivering it on time…Nufam strikes…nufam2014The fact remains that Nufam was truly formed by Tony Pariah Fernandez working hand in glove with the cougar bitch – Maznah Mazlan whose collaboration included those resentful ex-MAS workers in her attempt to avenge MAS for terminating her nephew who was once also a cabin crew of Malaysia Airlines under 5 years of contract service.

sackedLast year was the most memorable year for Nufam President who then finally joined the resentful clowns.

Here’s the memoir of Nufam 2013…

numb20132numb20137Nufam’s memoir for 2014…

tomb2013Digging a grave…

tomb2014Building a tomb and finally…

tomb20142Done Yet? or Well Done? Looks like the steak is sizzled and well done.

Congrats Nufam for being so D.U.M.B – Don’t Use Many Brains! Stay tuned to us for our next episode 4 – Against all odds – Ex-executive councils of AEU strikes back against MAS!


US Prepares to Overthrow Malaysian Government

Key to encircling and containing China, US sets proxies in motion for color revolution in Malaysian streets

US-proxy Anwar Ibrahim leads a Bersih rally in Malaysia. While Bersih has attempted to claim it is “independent” and simply pursusing “fair and clean elections,” it is clearly a vehicle for returning Anwar Ibrahim back into power. Additionally, Bersih shares the same ties to the US State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) as its crypto-leader Anwar Ibrahim – representing a dangerous and seditious conflict of interest.

May 15, 2013 (AltThaiNews) – US-funded opposition fronts have vowed to overthrow the Malaysian government via disruptive and potentially violent street protests in the wake of general elections that saw their leader Anwar Ibrahim soundly defeated despite massive support from Western media, NGOs, and direct government intervention. Free Malaysia Today (FMT) reported in their article, “‘BN will be toppled this year’,” that:

Pro-Pakatan Rakyat groups have vowed to overthrow the Barisan Nasional government this year through a massive street rally.

Speakers at a forum held yesterday unanimously agreed that waiting for five years until the next general election was too long, and vowed to overthrow BN this year through “force”.

FMT also added that:

Electoral watchdog group Bersih 2.0 steering committee member  Hishamuddin Rais pointed out that it was useless to take their unhappiness to the courts as he claimed the justice system was being controlled by the government.

“That is why we must take to the streets. We have to come out. What Najib likes is wrong, and what he doesn’t like is what we have to do,” he said.

“We will mobilise a big group and rally on the streets. This is not a threat, this is a promise,” he stressed.

Bersih, of course, is a US State Department-funded opposition front aimed to bolster US-proxy candidate Anwar Ibrahim, formerly of the IMF and World Bank, and a frequent visitor to the insidious National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in Washington D.C. It is in fact, NED that funds Bersih through its subsidiary, the National Democratic Institute (NDI).

The Malaysian Insider reported on June 27, 2011 that Bersih leader Ambiga Sreenevassan:

“…admitted to Bersih receiving some money from two US organisations — the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and Open Society Institute (OSI) — for other projects, which she stressed were unrelated to the July 9 march.”

A visit to the NDI website revealed indeed that funding and training had been provided by the US organization – before NDI took down the information and replaced it with a more benign version purged entirely of any mention of Bersih. For funding Ambiga claims is innocuous, the NDI’s rushed obfuscation of any ties to her organization suggests something far more sinister at play.

NDIbersihFundingPhoto: NDI’s website before taking down any mention to Malaysia’s Bersih movement.

In addition to Bersih, other faux-electoral monitors are also directly funded by the US government. While the Western media attempts to portray such organizations as “independent,” the Merdeka Center for Opinion Research, for example, is likewise funded directly by the US through NED.

Anwar Ibrahim himself was Chairman of the Development Committee of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 1998, held lecturing positions at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, was a consultant to the World Bank, and a panelist at the Neo-Con lined National Endowment for Democracy’s “Democracy Award” and a panelist at a NED donation ceremony – the very same US organization funding and supporting Bersih and so-called “independent” election monitor Merdeka – paints a picture of an opposition running for office in Malaysia, not for the Malaysian people, but clearly for the corporate financier interests of Wall Street and London.

AnwarNEDPhoto: Taken from the US National Endowment for Democracy’s 2007 Democracy Award event held in Washington D.C., Anwar Ibrahim can be seen to the far left and participated as a “panelist.” It is no surprise that NED is now subsidizing his bid to worm his way back into power in Malaysia.

Without a doubt, this premeditated sedition aimed at Malaysia’s ruling government has been designed, funded, and directed from Washington on behalf of Wall Street and London, not by the Malaysian people on behalf of Malaysia’s best interests.

The street protests conducted by Bersih have all the hallmarks of US-backed “color revolutions,” and this recent attempt to overturn election results that do not favor an overt US-proxy, foreshadows the same destructive, divisive, violent, and regressive unrest that has plagued Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria after US-engineered uprisings have left each in turn destabilized, failed states overrun by extremists, dictators, and traitors many times worse than the governments activists sought to overthrow.

And with Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria in hindsight, will Malaysians fall into this same familiar trap? Whatever discontent Malaysians may have with the current government, it is all but assured Bersih and US-proxy candidate Anwar Ibrahim will compound perceived injustices while compromising Malaysia’s political, social, and economic stability, and begin channeling Malaysia’s resources and energy toward foreign interests and designs, particularly those involving the encirclement and containment of China.

An Alternative to the Tired Ploy of “Street Protests”

For the average Malaysian seeking progress, a better bet than joining US-funded sedition would be to turn their attention toward organizing locally and focusing on pragmatic, rather than political, goals. Education, local economic development, health, and local infrastructure are all areas Malaysians, regardless of political affiliations, can work together on and improve regardless of who holds public office.

And while special interests, both foreign and domestic, can indeed hinder such progress, they do not make such progress impossible. What is certain, is that corruption amongst Malaysia’s ruling party pales in comparison to that of Wall Street and London – and Malaysians will place themselves in the path of guaranteed destruction by inviting in the very people who dominated them before achieving a hard-won independence.

Democracy, in reality, is supposed to be a bottom-up exercise drawn from the grassroots. Bersih is clearly a vehicle for Anwar Ibrahim and his political machine – one whose message is funded, crafted, and declared from Anwar’s political advisers and foreign backers, and disseminated across the movement – however cleverly “democratized” Bersih may attempt to appear.

Malaysians do not need a political party to improve education, to grow their own food, to develop business locally by leveraging technology, or to improve local infrastructure and strengthen local communities. The time being wasted to assist Anwar Ibrahim’s worming back into political power at the cost of peace, stability, and prosperity could be better spent developing truly grassroots pragmatic power.

Real revolutions do not happen out on the streets – they are manifested in our schools, across industry, and within our communities. They are marked by pragmatism and true, enduring technological and socioeconomic progress – none of which are even promised by Bersih and Anwar Ibrahim’s “People’s Alliance.”

If the people of Malaysia truly want “change,” they are going to have to do it themselves by building local institutions that technologically and pragmatically solve real problems rather than simply craft slogans and campaign promises that merely pander to the concerns of the people. Following the flags of Bersih into the streets will  undoubtedly begin instability and division across Malaysian society that will jeopardize, not spur, real and very necessary pragmatic progress.

US “Pivot” toward Asia trips in Malaysia

Failure of U.S. to subvert the Elections and Install a “Proxy Regime” reported by the Global Research

May 8, 2013 (LD) – Wall Street and London’s hegemonic ambitions in Asia, centered around installing proxy regimes across Southeast Asia and using the supranational ASEAN bloc to encircle and contain China, suffered a serious blow this week when Western-proxy and Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s party lost in Malaysia 13th General Elections.

Malaysia 13th General Election on May 5, 2013 results shown the present ruling coalition won with majority leading Barisan National as the Malaysian new Government for 2013-2018. Najib Razak sworn as Malaysia Prime Minister for second term.

Malaysia_najib-razak2013Image : Despite the US mobilizing the summation of its media power and pouring millions of dollars into the opposition party, including the creation and perpetuation of fake-NGOs such as Bersih and the Merdeka Center, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak sailed to a comfortable victory in this year’s general elections. The cheap veneer has begun peeling away from America’s “democracy promotion” racket, leaving its proxies exposed and frantic, and America’s hegemonic ambitions across Asia in serious question.

While Anwar Ibrahim’s opposition party, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) or “People’s Alliance”, attempted to run on an anti-corruption platform, its campaign instead resembled verbatim attempts by the West to subvert governments politically around the world, including most recently in Venezuela and in Russia in 2012.

Just as in Russia where so-called “independent” election monitor GOLOS turned out to be fully funded by the US State Department through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Malaysia’s so-called election monitor, the Merdeka Center for Opinion Research, is likewise funded directly by the US through NED. Despite this, Western media outlets, in pursuit of promoting the Western-backed People’s Alliance, has repeatedly referred to Merdeka as “independent.”

The BBC in its article, “Malaysia election sees record turnout,” lays out the well-rehearsed cries of “stolen elections” used by the West to undermine the legitimacy of polls it fears its proxy candidates may lose – with  the US-funded Merdeka Center cited in attempts to bolster these claims. Their foreign funding and compromised objectivity is never mentioned (emphasis added) :

Allegations of election fraud surfaced before the election. Some of those who voted in advance told BBC News that indelible ink – supposed to last for days – easily washed off.

“The indelible ink can be washed off easily, with just water, in a few seconds,” one voter, Lo, told BBC News from Skudai.

Another voter wrote: “Marked with “indelible ink” and voted at 10:00. Have already cleaned off the ink by 12:00. If I was also registered under a different name and ID number at a neighbouring constituency, I would be able to vote again before 17:00!”

The opposition has also accused the government of funding flights for supporters to key states, which the government denies.

Independent pollster Merdeka Center has received unconfirmed reports of foreign nationals being given IDs and allowed to vote.

However, an election monitoring organization funded by a foreign government which openly seeks to remove the current ruling party from Malaysia in favor of long-time Wall Street servant Anwar Ibrahim is most certainly not “independent.”

The ties between Anwar Ibrahim’s “People’s Alliance” and the US State Department don’t end with the Merdeka Center, but continue into the opposition’s street movement, “Bersih.” Claiming to fight for “clean and fair” elections, Bersih in reality is a vehicle designed to mobilize street protests on behalf of Anwar’s opposition party. Bersih’s alleged leader, Ambiga Sreenevasan, has admitted herself that her organization has received cash directly from the United States via the National Endowment for Democracy’s National Democratic Institute (NDI), and convicted criminal George Soros’ Open Society.

The Malaysian Insider reported on June 27, 2011 that Bersih leader Ambiga Sreenevassan admitted to Bersih receiving some money from two US organisations — the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and Open Society Institute (OSI) — for other projects, which she stressed were unrelated to the July 9 march.

A visit to the NDI website revealed indeed that funding and training had been provided by the US organization – before NDI took down the information and replaced it with a more benign version purged entirely of any mention of Bersih. For funding Ambiga claims is innocuous, the NDI’s rushed obfuscation of any ties to her organization suggests something far more sinister at play.

NDIbersihFundingPhoto: NDI’s website before taking down any mention to Malaysia’s Bersih movement.

The mastermind behind NDI, the convicted criminal George Soros has planned for 30 years to invade Asia Pacific with his “DEMOCRACY” strategy. The move is to contain China in Asia Pacific using the homosexual leader Anwar Ibrahim – another ex-convict led his campaign in Malaysia under the DEMOCRACY pursuits following a closer monitoring on Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Afghanistan, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Nepal and Pakistan. To change Malaysian longest ruling coalition is to bring in George Soros and his proxies – this is further escalated by the principle of Malaysian government over the imports from Israel. 

Wake up Malaysians – read and remember this attempted invasion by George Soros!


The substantial, yet carefully obfuscated support the West has lent Anwar should be of no surprise to those familiar with Anwar’shistory. That Anwar Ibrahim himself was Chairman of the Development Committee of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 1998, held lecturing positions at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, was a consultant to the World Bank, and a panelist at the Neo-Con lined National Endowment for Democracy’s “Democracy Award” and a panelist at a NED donation ceremony – the very same US organization funding and supporting Bersih and so-called “independent” election monitor Merdeka – paints a picture of an opposition running for office in Malaysia, not for the Malaysian people, but clearly for the corporate financier interests of Wall Street and London.

AnwarNEDPhoto: Taken from the US National Endowment for Democracy’s 2007 Democracy Award event held in Washington D.C., Anwar Ibrahim can be seen to the far left and participated as a “panelist.” It is no surprise that NED is now subsidizing his bid to worm his way back into power in Malaysia.

In reality, Bersih’s leadership along with Anwar and their host of foreign sponsors are attempting to galvanize the very real grievances of the Malaysian people and exploit them to propel themselves into power. While many may be tempted to suggest that “clean and fair elections” truly are Bersih and Anwar’s goal, and that US funding via NED’s NDI and convicted criminal, billionaire bankster George Soros’ Open Society are entirely innocuous, a thorough examination of these organizations, how they operate, and their admitted agenda reveals the proverbial cliff Anwar and Bersih are leading their followers and the nation of Malaysia over.

As Bersih predictably mobilizes in the streets on behalf of Anwar’s opposition party in the wake of their collective failure during Malaysia’s 2013 general elections, it is important for Malaysians to understand the true nature of the Western organizations funding their attempts to politically undermine the ruling party and divide Malaysians against each other, and exactly why this is being done in the greater context of US hegemony in Asia.

Anwar & Bersih’s US State Department Backers

The US State Department’s NED and NDI are most certainly not benevolent promoters of democracy and freedom. Does Boeing, Goldman Sachs, Exxon, the SOPA, ACTA, CISPA-sponsoring US Chamber of Commerce, and America’s warmongering Neo-Con establishment care about promoting democracy in Malaysia? Or in expanding their corporate-financier interests in Asia under the guise of promoting democracy? Clearly the latter.

The NDI, which Bersih leader Ambiga Sreenevasan herself admits funds her organization, is likewise chaired by an unsavory collection of corporate interests.

The average Malaysian, disenfranchised with the ruling government as they may be, cannot possibly believe these people are funding and propping up clearly disingenuous NGOs in direct support of a compromised Anwar Ibrahim, for the best interests of Malaysia.The end game for the US with an Anwar Ibrahim/People’s Alliance-led government, is a Malaysia that capitulates to both US free trade schemes and US foreign policy. In Malaysia’s case, this will leave the extensive economic independence achieved since escaping out from under British rule, gutted, while the nation’s resources are steered away from domestic development and toward a proxy confrontation with China, just as is already being done in Korea, Japan, and the Philippines.

A quick look at NED’s board of directors reveals a milieu of corporate-fascists and warmongers:

  1. William Galston – Brookings Institution.
  2. Moises Naim – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
  3. Robert Miller – corporate lawyer.
  4. Larry Liebenow – US Chamber of Commerce (a chief proponent of SOPA, ACTA, and CISPA), Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).
  5. Anne-Marie Slaughter – US State Department, Council on Foreign Relations (corporate members here), director of Citigroup, McDonald’s Corporation, and Political Strategies Advisory Group.
  6. Richard Gephardt – US Representative, Boeing lobbyist, Goldman Sachs, Visa, Ameren Corp, and Waste Management Inc lobbyist, corporate consultant, consultant & now director of Ford Motor Company, supporter of the military invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003.
  7. Marilyn Carlson Nelson – CEO of Carlson, director of Exxon Mobil.
  8. Stephen Sestanovich – US State Department, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, CFR.
  9. Judy Shelton – director of Hilton Hotels Corporation & Atlantic Coast Airlines.
  10. Francis Fukuyama – Neo-Con, pro-war, pro-hegmonic PNAC signatory
  11. Zalmay Khalilzad – Neo-Con, pro-war, pro-hegmonic PNAC signatory
  12. Will Marshall – Neo-Con, pro-war, pro-hegmonic PNAC signatory
  13. Vin Weber – Neo-Con, pro-war, pro-hegmonic PNAC signatory

Before all of the names above are erased; here’s the evidence of proof;

NED2 NED3Does Boeing, Goldman Sachs, Exxon, the SOPA, ACTA, CISPA-sponsoring US Chamber of Commerce, and America’s warmongering Neo-Con establishment care about promoting democracy in Malaysia? Or in expanding their corporate-financier interests in Asia under the guise of promoting democracy? Clearly the latter.

The NDI, which Bersih leader Ambiga Sreenevasan herself admits funds her organization, is likewise chaired by an unsavory collection of corporate fascist interests.

Some select members include:

Robin Carnahan: Formally of the Export-Import Bank of the United States where she “explored innovative ways to help American companies increase their sale of goods and services abroad.” The NDI’s meddling in foreign nations, particularly in elections on behalf of pro-West candidates favoring free-trade, and Carnahan’s previous ties to a bank that sought to expand corporate interests overseas constitutes an alarming conflict of interests.

Richard Blum: An investment banker with Blum Capital, CB Richard Ellis. Engaged in war profiteering along side the Neo-Con infested Carlyle Group, when both acquired shares in EG&G which was then awarded a $600 million military contract during the opening phases of the Iraq invasion.

Bernard W. Aronson:  Founder of ACON Investments. Prior to that, he was an adviser to Goldman Sachs, and serves on the boards of directors of Fifth & Pacific Companies, Royal Caribbean International, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, and Chroma Oil & Gas, Northern Tier Energy. Aronson is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which in turn represents the collective interests of some of the largest corporations on Earth.

Sam Gejdenson: NDI’s profile claims Gejdenson is “in charge of”  Sam Gejdenson International, which proclaims on its website “Commerce Without Borders,” or in other words, big-business monopolies via free-trade. In his autobiographical profile, he claims to have promoted US exports as a Democrat on the House International Relations Committee. Here is yet another case of conflicting interests between NDI’s meddling in foreign politics and board members previously involved in “promoting US exports.”

Nancy H. Rubin: CFR member.

Vali Nasr: CFR member and a senior fellow at the big-oil, big-banker Belfer Center at Harvard.

Rich Verma: A partner in the Washington office of Steptoe & Johnson LLP – an international corporate and governmental legal firm representing for Verma, a multitude of conflicting interests and potential improprieties. Setptoe & Johnson is active in many of the nations the NDI is operating in, opening the door for manipulation on both sides to favor the other.

Lynda Thomas: A private investor, formally a senior manager/CPA at Deloitte Haskins & Sells in New York, and Coopers & Lybrand Deloitte in London. Among her clients were international banks.

Maurice Tempelsman: Chairman of the board of directors of Lazare Kaplan International Inc., the largest cutter and polisher of “ideal cut” diamonds in the United States. Also senior partner at Leon Tempelsman & Son, involved in mining, investments and business development and minerals trading in Europe, Russia, Africa, Latin America, Canada and Asia. Yet another immense potential for conflicting interests, where Tempelsman stands to directly gain financially and politically by manipulating foreign governments via the NDI.

Elaine K. Shocas: President of Madeleine Albright, Inc., a private investment firm. She was chief of staff to the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Mission to the United Nations during Madeleine Albright’s tenure as Secretary of State and Ambassador to the United Nation, illustrating a particularly dizzying “revolving door” between big-government and big-business.

Madeleine K. Albright: Chair of Albright Stonebridge Group and Chair of Albright Capital Management LLC, an investment advisory firm – directly affiliated with fellow NDI board member Elaine Shocas, representing an incestuous business/government relationship with overt conflicts of interest. Albright infamously stated that sanctions against Iraq which directly led to the starvation and death of half a million children “was worth it.”

The average Malaysian, disenfranchised with the ruling government as they may be, cannot possibly believe these people are funding and propping up clearly disingenuous NGOs in direct support of a compromised Anwar Ibrahim, for the best interests of Malaysia.

The end game for the US with an Anwar Ibrahim/People’s Alliance-led government, is a Malaysia that capitulates to both US free trade schemes and US foreign policy. In Malaysia’s case, this will leave the extensive economic independence achieved since escaping out from under British rule, gutted, while the nation’s resources are steered away from domestic development and toward a proxy confrontation with China, just as is already being done in Korea, Japan, and the Philippines.

Stitching ASEAN Together with Proxy Regimes to Fight China

gullivers-travelsImage: Lemuel Gulliver on the island of Lilliput, having been overtaken while asleep by ropes and stakes by the diminutive but numerous Lilliputians. Western corporate-financier interests envision organizing Southeast Asia into a supranational bloc, ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), to use the smaller nations as a combined front to “tie down” China in a similar manner. Unlike in the story “Gulliver’s Travels,” China may well break free of its binds and stomp the Lilliputian leaders flat for their belligerence.

That the US goal is to use Malaysia and other Southeast Asian nations against China is not merely speculation. It is the foundation of a long-documented conspiracy dating back as far as 1997, and reaffirmed by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as recently as 2011.

The present world order serves the needs of the United States and its allies, which constructed it – Robert Kagan, 1997

In 1997,  Fortune 500-funded Brookings Institution policy scribe Robert Kagan penned, “What China Knows That We Don’t: The Case for a New Strategy of Containment,” which spells out the policy Wall Street and London were already in the process of implementing even then, albeit in a somewhat more nebulous manner. In his essay, Kagan literally states (emphasis added):

The present world order serves the needs of the United States and its allies, which constructed it. And it is poorly suited to the needs of a Chinese dictatorship trying to maintain power at home and increase its clout abroad. Chinese leaders chafe at the constraints on them and worry that they must change the rules of the international system before the international system changes them.

Here, Kagan openly admits that the “world order,” or the “international order,” is simply American-run global hegemony, dictated by US interests. These interests, it should be kept in mind, are not those of the American people, but of the immense corporate-financier interests of the Anglo-American establishment. Kagan continues (emphasis added):

In truth, the debate over whether we should or should not contain China is a bit silly. We are already containing China — not always consciously and not entirely successfully, but enough to annoy Chinese leaders and be an obstacle to their ambitions. When the Chinese used military maneuvers and ballistic-missile tests last March to intimidate Taiwanese voters, the United States responded by sending the Seventh Fleet. By this show of force, the U.S. demonstrated to Taiwan, Japan, and the rest of our Asian allies that our role as their defender in the region had not diminished as much as they might have feared. Thus, in response to a single Chinese exercise of muscle, the links of containment became visible and were tightened.

The new China hands insist that the United States needs to explain to the Chinese that its goal is merely, as [Robert] Zoellick writes, to avoid “the domination of East Asia by any power or group of powers hostile to the United States.” Our treaties with Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, and Australia, and our naval and military forces in the region, aim only at regional stability, not aggressive encirclement.

But the Chinese understand U.S. interests perfectly well, perhaps better than we do. While they welcome the U.S. presence as a check on Japan, the nation they fear most, they can see clearly that America’s military and diplomatic efforts in the region severely limit their own ability to become the region’s hegemon. According to Thomas J. Christensen, who spent several months interviewing Chinese military and civilian government analysts, Chinese leaders worry that they will “play Gulliver to Southeast Asia’s Lilliputians, with the United States supplying the rope and stakes.”

Indeed, the United States blocks Chinese ambitions merely by supporting what we like to call “international norms” of behavior. Christensen points out that Chinese strategic thinkers consider “complaints about China’s violations of international norms” to be part of “an integrated Western strategy, led by Washington, to prevent China from becoming a great power.

What Kagan is talking about is maintaining American preeminence across all of Asia and producing a strategy of tension to divide and limit the power of any single player vis-a-vis Wall Street and London’s hegemony. Kagan would continue (emphasis added):
The changes in the external and internal behavior of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s resulted at least in part from an American strategy that might be called “integration through containment and pressure for change.”

Such a strategy needs to be applied to China today. As long as China maintains its present form of government, it cannot be peacefully integrated into the international order. For China’s current leaders, it is too risky to play by our rules — yet our unwillingness to force them to play by our rules is too risky for the health of the international order. The United States cannot and should not be willing to upset the international order in the mistaken belief that accommodation is the best way to avoid a confrontation with China.

We should hold the line instead and work for political change in Beijing. That means strengthening our military capabilities in the region, improving our security ties with friends and allies, and making clear that we will respond, with force if necessary, when China uses military intimidation or aggression to achieve its regional ambitions. It also means not trading with the Chinese military or doing business with firms the military owns or operates. And it means imposing stiff sanctions when we catch China engaging in nuclear proliferation.

A successful containment strategy will require increasing, not decreasing, our overall defense capabilities. Eyre Crowe warned in 1907 that “the more we talk of the necessity of economising on our armaments, the more firmly will the Germans believe that we are tiring of the struggle, and that they will win by going on.” Today, the perception of our military decline is already shaping Chinese calculations. In 1992, an internal Chinese government document said that America’s “strength is in relative decline and that there are limits to what it can do.” This perception needs to be dispelled as quickly as possible.

Kagan’s talk of “responding” to China’s expansion is clearly manifested today in a series of proxy conflicts growing between US-backed Japan, and the US-backed Philippines, and to a lesser extent between North and South Korea, and even beginning to show in Myanmar. The governments of these nations have capitulated to US interests and their eagerness to play the role of America’s proxies in the region, even at their own cost, is not a surprise. To expand this, however, the US fully plans on integrating Southeast Asia, installing proxy regimes, and likewise turning their resources and people against China.

In 2011, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unveiled the capstone to Kagan’s 1997 conspiracy. She published in Foreign Policy magazine, a piece titled, “America’s Pacific Century” where she explicitly states:

In the next 10 years, we need to be smart and systematic about where we invest time and energy, so that we put ourselves in the best position to sustain our leadership, secure our interests, and advance our values. One of the most important tasks of American statecraft over the next decade will therefore be to lock in a substantially increased investment — diplomatic, economic, strategic, and otherwise — in the Asia-Pacific region.

To “sustain our leadership,” “secure our interests,” and “advance our values,” are clearly hegemonic statements, and indicates that the US’ goal for “substantially increased investment,” including buying off NGOs and opposition parties in Malaysia, seeks to directly serve US leadership, interests, and “values,”  not within US borders, but outside them, and specifically across all of Asia.

Clinton continues:

At a time when the region is building a more mature security and economic architecture to promote stability and prosperity, U.S. commitment there is essential. It will help build that architecture and pay dividends for continued American leadership well into this century, just as our post-World War II commitment to building a comprehensive and lasting transatlantic network of institutions and relationships has paid off many times over — and continues to do so.

The “architecture” referred to is the supranational ASEAN bloc – and again Clinton confirms that the US’ commitment to this process is designed not to lift up Asia, but to maintain its own hegemony across the region, and around the world.

Clinton then openly admits that the US seeks to exploit Asia’s economic growth:

Harnessing Asia’s growth and dynamism is central to American economic and strategic interests and a key priority for President Obama. Open markets in Asia provide the United States with unprecedented opportunities for investment, trade, and access to cutting-edge technology. Our economic recovery at home will depend on exports and the ability of American firms to tap into the vast and growing consumer base of Asia.

Of course, the purpose of an economy is to meet the needs of those who live within it. The Asian economy therefore ought to serve the needs and interests of Asians – not a hegemonic empire on the other side of the Pacific. Clinton’s piece could easily double as a declaration by England’s King George and his intentions toward emptying out the New World.

And no empire is complete without establishing a permanent military garrison on newly claimed territory. Clinton explains (emphasis added):

With this in mind, our work will proceed along six key lines of action: strengthening bilateral security alliances; deepening our working relationships with emerging powers, including with China; engaging with regional multilateral institutions; expanding trade and investment; forging a broad-based military presence; and advancing democracy and human rights.

And of course, by “advancing democracy and human rights,” Clinton means the continuation of funding faux-NGOs that disingenuously leverage human rights and democracy promotion to politically undermine targeted governments in pursuit of installing more obedient proxy regimes.

The piece is lengthy, and while a lot of readers may be tempted to gloss over some of the uglier, overtly imperial aspects of Clinton’s statement, the proof of America’s true intentions in Asia can be seen clearly manifested today, with the intentional encouragement of provocations between North and South Korea, an expanding confrontation between China and US proxies, Japan and the Philippines, and with mobs taking to the streets in Malaysia in hopes of overturning an election US-proxy Anwar Ibrahim had no chance of winning.

Clean & Fair Elections?

While the battle cry for Anwar Ibrahim, his People’s Alliance, and Bersih have been “clean and fair elections,” in reality, allegations of fraud began long before the elections even started. This was not because Anwar’s opposition party had evidence of such fraud – instead, this was to implant the idea into people’s minds long before the elections, deeply enough to justify claims of stolen elections no matter how the polls eventually turned out.

At one point during the elections, before ballots were even counted, Anwar Ibrahim declared victory – a move that analysts across the region noted was provocative, dangerous, and incredibly irresponsible. Again, there could not have been any evidence that Anwar won, because ballots had not yet been counted. It was again a move meant to manipulate the public and set the stage for contesting Anwar’s inevitable loss – in the streets with mobs and chaos in typical Western-backed color revolution style.

One must seriously ask themselves, considering Anwar’s foreign backers, those backers’ own stated intentions for Asia, and Anwar’s irresponsible, baseless claims before, during, and after the elections – what is “clean and fair” about any of this?

Anwar Ibrahim is a fraud, an overt proxy of foreign interests. His satellite NGOs, including the insidious Bersih movement openly funded by foreign corporate-financier interests, and the equally insidious polling NGO Merdeka who portrays itself as “independent” despite being funded directly by a foreign government, are likewise frauds – drawing in well-intentioned people through slick marketing, just as cigarette companies do.

And like cigarette companies who sell what is for millions essentially a slow, painful, humiliating death sentence that will leave one broken financially and spiritually before ultimately outright killing them, Anwar’s US-backed opposition is also selling Malaysia a slow, painful, humiliating death. Unfortunately, also like cigarettes, well-intentioned but impressionable people have not gathered all of the facts, and have instead have based their support on only the marketing, gimmicks, slogans, and tricks of a well-oiled, manipulative political machine.

For that folly, Malaysia may pay a heavy price one day – but for Anwar and his opposition party today, they have lost the elections, and the cheap veneer of America’s “democracy promotion” racket is quickly peeling away. For now, America has tripped in mid-pivot toward its hegemonic agenda in Asia, with Malaysia’s ruling government providing a model for other nations in the region to follow, should they be interested in sovereignty and independent progress – no matter how flawed or slow it may be.

Malaysia may not enjoying these prices (below) if George Soros and US won its mastery game conquering through Anwar Ibrahim and BERSIH campaign. It’s time to restore the peace in Malaysia. Those Malaysians who are still sleeping please adopt reality check!  Lesson to learn – George Soros thinks every Malaysians can be bought like Anwar Ibrahim and Ambiga; most Malaysians are stupid like the PKR supporters. 🙂


BABI ain’t leaving his lust although he’s defeated!!!

najib swears in

Rockybru – a popular blogger has received the following email concerning the Malaysia General Election analyzing the behavior of a leader who’s going against his own words.

Via email:
“In the past, the Election of United States – though Gore came in second in the electoral vote, he received 543,895 more popular votes than Bush in 2000.

“This marked only the fourth election in U.S. history in which the eventual winner failed to win a plurality of the popular vote (after the elections of 1824,1876, and 1888)

“In the 2012 election, House Democrats won a plurality nation-wide with 1.4 million more votes but the Republicans were able to retain a 234-to-201 seat majority due to their advantage in the congressional redistricting process following the 2010 United States Census and because many Democratic votes were concentrated into urban and minority districts. In the previous century, on four occasions the party with a plurality of the popular vote was unable to receive a majority in the House, but only once since World War II. The last time was in 1996, where the GOP kept the House for similar reasons.”

The point the analyst wants to make is this: that the popular vote is not the deciding factor in a democratic election, not even in the US elections. And certainly popular votes don’t suggest fraud, rigging, black magic, etc. If they do, then the Americans would have Al Gore, who, incidentally, was a good buddy for Anwar Ibrahim, as its President instead of Bush.

In Malaysia, popular votes don’t decide who form the government at Federal level. They never did. It is the number of parliamentary seats you win. Simple as that. Malaysians have done that over and over against for 13 general elections and hundreds of by-elections. And if Anwar Ibrahim tells you that BN cheated because Pakatan got more of the popular votes, then he’s just found an excuse to stay on in politics instead of keeping his word about quitting if he does not become PM after PRU13.

Oh, by the way, Washington says it is looking forward to working with Najib, the democratically-elected Prime Minister of Malaysia, again:

U.S. Department of State


Congratulations to Barisan Nasional and Prime Minister Najib/ Electoral Process

Patrick Ventrell
Acting Deputy Spokesperson
Daily Press Briefing
Washington, DC
May 6, 2013

Daily Press Briefing – May 6, 2013
1:11 p.m. EDT


Elections in Malaysia?




Do you recognize the victory of the ruling coalition of Prime Minister Najib, or do you support the claim by the opposition led by Anwar Ibrahim that the election were fraudulent?


Thank you for the question, Nicolas. We congratulate the people of Malaysia on holding the most competitive election in their country’s history. We were pleased to see Malaysians across the political spectrum engaged in the electoral process in large numbers with unprecedented enthusiasm. We congratulate Barisan Nasional and Prime Minister Najib on their victory in Malaysia’s 13th general election. We look forward to working with the new government once it is formed.

We are aware of concerns about voting irregularities and note that the opposition parties faced significant restrictions on access to the media. Addressing these issues is important to strengthen confidence in the electoral process. And so we call on all parties to peacefully respect the will of the voters.


But you don’t think there needs to be a recount.


In this instance, we understand that the opposition has expressed some concern about irregularities and we have some concerns also about restriction on access to the media.

Stay tuned to us for more information. Cheers!

PRABOWO, THAKSIN, ANWAR IBRAHIM and The 1997 Currency Crisis


Mike Billington from Executive Intelligence Review in his article “British Empire Tool To Recolonize Malaysia” wrote as that When Soros led the speculative assault on Malaysia and its neighbors in 1997, Anwar, who served as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister to Dr. Mahathir at the time, had demanded that the speculators be given free rein, and imposed “IMF conditions without the IMF,” Mr. Billington further stated that Anwar defended the speculators, admitting that he had circulated Soros’s papers to policymakers in Malaysia, and defended Soros when Mahathir called Soros a thief and a moron. In response to a public question from Mr.Billinton in 2005, Anwar defended his effort to impose IMF austerity and free-trade dictates on Malaysia, despite the fact that such policies subsequently destroyed the economies of Malaysia’s neighbors.

Above are some of the excerpt from Mr.Billington’s article and ought to be read in its entirety (click here).

The first definite indication that the Illuminati has launched a major offensive towards South East Asia was in 1997 when they engineered the regional currency crisis with Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia as the major target. The offensive was mostly a success with the exception of Malaysia. Lots of people died and the Illuminati successfully overpowered the Thailand and Indonesian’s governance.


There was a similarity in the offensive carried out against Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. First of all, of all the 9 nations directly affected by the crisis, only these three were politically aggravated by the crisis. Other nations especially those which are known as allies of the United States (such as Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Philippine) were spared from suffering the same fate. Secondly, the political event consequent to the crisis happened during this period was later found out to be the key event behind the rise of certain politicians link to crisis itself. For example, consequent to the reformist demand, In 1997 Thailand adopted a new constitution which aimed to reduce the number of parties in Thailand. It was later agreed that as a result of these new constitution, the majority of smaller parties in Thailand banded together under Thaksin Shinawatra’s Thai Rak Thai party (a new party formed merely a year after the crisis) to capture a majority of the seats. Ironically, it was later disclosed that Thaksin Shinawatra was one of the man who had played a role in the 1997 crisis, It has been investigated by the court of justice and as leaked by Thaksin’s former cabinet member Sanoh that “There were four people who got involved in the Baht depreciation, i.e. Chavalit, Thaksin, Thanong and Pokin,”.

In Indonesia, it was agreed that the fatal shooting of four students of Trisakti University was a planned triggering mechanism of the Indonesian riot which had lasted for three days but resulted with the death of as many of 5,000 peoples comprising mostly the ethnic Chinese. A government minister reported the damage or destruction of 2,479 shop-houses, 1,026 ordinary houses, 1,604 shops, 383 private offices, 65 bank offices, 45 workshops, 40 shopping malls, 13 markets, and 12 hotels. It was reported that shooting was deliberately done by an unknown men on motorcycles who appeared on the flyover which overlooks Trisakti. The identity of these men was never known.


Many months later; a theory surfaced that the instigators to these riots were from the military itself. An independent investigation into the events managed to record a testimony from a taxi driver reported hearing a man in a military helicopter encouraging people on the ground to carry out looting; shop-owners at a Plaza claimed that, before the riots, military officers tried to extract protection money; a teenager claimed he and thousands of others had been trained as protesters; a street child alleged that Kopassus officers ordered him and his friends to become rioters; there was a report of soldiers being dressed up as students and then taking part in rioting; eyewitnesses spoke of muscular men with short haircuts arriving in military-style trucks and directing attacks on Chinese homes and businesses.


Many believed that the mastermind behind these riots is the Illuminist General Prabowo Subianto. Prabowo whom was lionized by his American counterparts as a future national leader; is believed to have used Kopassus and the army in general as the instrument to trigger the chaos. It was also later implicated that Prabowo is the man behind the formation of ‘ninja squads’, presumably the same squad behind the murder of numerous religious men in Banyuwangi and the one operated by the paramilitary groups in East Timor.

It is interesting to know that Prabowo has once utilized the tactic of marrying a President Suharto’s daughter in order to gain access to the presidential palace. The same tactic adopted by Khairy Jamaluddin of Malaysia who once announced his dream of becoming the next Prime Minister before his age of 40. Prabowo also has the same background profile with Anwar Ibrahim and Khairy Jamaluddin. All of them actually harvested billion dollars state’s money through corruption loopholes in the government.

Prabowo and his billionaire brother Hashim is also the man behind the formation of ‘Partai Gerakan Indonesia Raya’ or Gerindra in short. The purpose behind the formation of Gerindra is sort of the same with Anwar Ibrahim and his PKR in Malaysia, namely to promote Prabowo as the next President of Indonesia. After he failed in his attempt to be nominated as presidential candidate for Golkar Party, he exited Golkra and instead used Gerindra to nominate him as Presidential candidate for 2009 General Election. However due to his history which was perceived as a liability against his chances, he was advised by his advisor Alex Castinallos (a U.S. Republican Party political media consultant and also top media adviser to Bush Cheney ’04) to shift his strategy by agreeing to be nominated as vice president alongside Megawati Suekarboputri as Presidential candidate against Susilo-Boediono team. It is very interesting to note that Prabowo like Anwar Ibrahim seems unable to escape the influence of Illuminati even for minor detail such as choosing the logo of his party. Whereas Anwar Ibrahim had chosen the “all seeing eye” as the logo for Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Prabowo had chosen an emblem very similar to the Illuminati’s eagle emblem. Coincidence you say?

Today, General Probowo continues his mission to be next president of Indonesia in 2014 when Indonesia held its next Presidential Election. It seems that the Illuminati / Masonic mission to establish Novus Ordos Seclorum (New World Order) is the almost in synchronize in Indonesia and Malaysia. Furthermore, due to the recent more event which saw natural (or as I personally prefers it as ‘unnatural) disasters, political issues and spiraling economy due to current world recession (all directly or indirectly contributed by the Illuminati themselves), it is predicted that there is now an ongoing efforts to shift the blame on the president in order to destabilize the government so that the election to be brought forward in 2013. Whether this prediction will materialized is yet to be seen.

Prabowo, Thaksin, Anwar Ibrahim route to power (and later humiliation) shares quite a handful of similarities. For one thing, all of them are corrupt and corruptly uses their power to harvest their wealth. Prabowo is well known using his proximity to the presidential palace to enrich his brother Hashim Djojohadikusumo who is amongst the richest men in Indonesia.


Anwar Ibrahim on the other hand uses his former glory as Finance Minister to enrich his dad (Datuk Ibrahim A Rahman) as shareholders of IOI, Pengkalen Holdings, Nissan Industrial Oxygen Inc) and his brothers Farizan, Marzukhi, Rani and Rosli (Pengkalen and Penas Corp). Thaksin on another hand was already found guilty in a Thai court of corruption and currently a wanted criminal by his own country. The corruption charges against him are quite a handful, from purchase of four 772 million baht plots of land from in 2003 to issuing an unlawful cabinet resolution approving the spending of state funds to conspiring to evade taxes of 546 million baht (US$15.6 million) in a 1997 transfer of Shin Corp shares. Like Anwar and Probowo, Thaksin uses his wife, his children and his relatives as proxy to accumulate his wealth.

Other similarities between these three men are their history in politics. The most outstanding similarities were the fact that all these men seems to have a single political goal in life that is to become the number one person of their respective country. Like Anwar Ibrahim, Thaksin was actually a Deputy Prime Minister during the 1997 crisis and was involved in the decision to float the baht which led to its devaluation and the ignition of the crisis. During a censure debate on 27 September 1997, Democrat Suthep Thaugsuban even accused Thaksin of profiting from insider information about the government’s decision. In the aftermath of the crisis, Thaksin then founded the Thai Rak Thai party in 1998 which he uses as a vehicle to ride on people’s resentment towards the government in order to won a sweeping victory in the January 2001 elections. So you see, what Thaksin has done is quite similar to what Anwar Ibrahim is doing. Anwar as we know it, was personally responsible for attempting to adopt the IMF-style policy in Malaysia in 1997. Such Indonesian style disaster was only avoided when he was out maneuvered by Tun Mahathir who corrected the policy and sacked him from his post. He then started his reformasi movement and founded PKR as a vehicle to do exactly the same as what Thaksin had done. The only difference was that where Thaksin had succeeded, Anwar had not.

Thaksin, Prabowo and Anwar also shared the same tendency to run away when the future looks bleak. Thaksin as we know is now hopping from one foreign soil to another seeking asylum to escape prosecution. Prabowo shared the same strategy of hiding in Jordan in 1998 when his role in the riots was known by the public. I don’t think there’s any need to explain the same tendency adopted by Anwar Ibrahim. I believe everyone still remembers his hiding in the Turkish Embassy in 2008 and his others exploits of trying to run to other countries whenever he believes he is in trouble.

These are some of the examples on how stereotypes the Illuminati plan. Because all three men received instruction from the same source therefore for those who care to read in details on the stories behind the 1997 currency crisis will realize the rhythm of Illuminati’s in these entire event and the men benefiting from it.

The above article is a few examples on how Illuminati agent works. It is therefore advisable for all to be aware about any individuals rising to power which shares the same profile as these three and this article was produced in December 3, 2010.

If we take a minute to ponder; we would be able to recap the similarities used by BABI – Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim seizing the opportunity to cease BN ruling coalition paving way for him to be crowned the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. All this is prepping to embrace the IMF policies. Even BABI tried rejecting IMF for that matter via his most recent speeches; it does not mean he won’t invite IMF if he becomes the Next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Stay tuned to us for our next article.

An analysis – BN will win the 13th General Election

This few weeks are the Election Fever and we are reproducing an analysis by People Against Opposition.

Looking at numbers on  paper, there are deductions we could infer on the actual scenario of our present political standings. We are all being programmed. With aggressive hate campaigns by Pakatan Rakyat, people in Semenanjung have been inflicted by a sickness called BNAHS.

What is BNAHS ? It is an abbreviation for Barisan Nasional Acquired Hatred Syndrom.

Why “Acquired”? Because we were not born to hate BN. Why do we hate BN? We hate BN because we were taught or programmed to hate BN. Who programmed us and how are they programming us ?

Pakatan Rakyat created and enhanced their HATE Speeches during the 2008 12th General Election Campaign. These are extremely sophisticated persuasion techniques used by PR to brainwash the people. Pakatan Rakyat are masters in the art of persuasion. Let us look at what is this art of persuasion ?

Persuasiveness is one of the most important skills anyone can learn because it is useful in countless situations. At work, at home, and in your social life, the ability to be persuasive and influence others can be instrumental for achieving goals and being happy. Learning about the tricks of persuasion can also give you insight into when they’re being used on you.

Here are 9 of the best tricks to be persuasive and influence others:

Framing is a technique often used in politics. A popular example of framing is inheritance taxes. Politicians who are opposed to inheritance taxes will call them death taxes. By using the word death instead of inheritance, all kinds of negative connotations come to mind.

Framing is quite subtle, but by using emotionally charged words, like death, you can easily persuade people to your point of view.

Mirroring someone is when you mimic their movements. The movement can be virtually anything, but some obvious ones are hand gestures, leaning forward or away, or various head and arm movements. We all do this unconsciously, and if you pay attention you’ll probably notice yourself doing it, I know I have.

How to mirror someone is self explanatory, but a few key things to remember are to be subtle about it and leave a delay between the other person’s movement and your mirroring, 2-4 seconds works best.

This is one that advertisers use a lot. Opportunities, whatever they are, seem a lot more appealing when there is a limited availability.

This can be useful to the average person in the right situation, but even more importantly, this is a method of persuasion to be aware of. Stop and consider how much you’re being influenced by the fact that a product is scarce. If the product is scarce, there must be a ton of demand for it right? In the case of Pakatan Rakyat, they throw out ideas that justice is scarce in Malaysia and on the other side, corruption is abundant.

It’s the old saying, “Do unto others…”. When someone does something for us, we feel compelled to return the favor. So, if you want someone to do something nice for you, why not do something nice for them first. In a business setting, maybe you pass them a lead. If at home, maybe it’s you letting the neighbor borrow the lawn mower. It doesn’t matter where or when you do it, the key is to compliment the relationship.

People are more likely to be agreeable and submissive when they’re mentally fatigued. Before you ask someone for something they might not be quick to agree to, try waiting until a more opportune time when they’ve just done something mentally taxing. This could be at the end of the work day when you catch a co-worker on their way out the door. Whatever you ask, a likely response is, “I’ll take care of it tomorrow.”

We all try, subconsciously, to be consistent with previous actions. One great example is a technique used by salespeople. A salesperson will shake your hand as he is negotiating with you. In most peoples minds, a handshake equates to a closed deal, and so by doing this before the deal is reached, the salesperson is much more likely to negotiate you in to a closed deal.

A good way to use this yourself is to get people acting before they make up their minds. If, for example, you were out and about with a friend and you wanted to go see a movie but the friend was undecided, you could start walking in the direction of the theater while they make up their mind.

Fluid Speech
When we talk, we often use little interjections and hesitant phrases such as “ummm” or “I mean” and of course there is the ubiquitous “like”. These little conversation quirks have the unintended effect of making us seem less confident and sure of ourselves, and thus less persuasive.

If you’re confident in your speech, others will be more easily persuaded by what you have to say.

Herd Behavior
We are all natural born followers. It’s sad but true. We constantly look to those around us to determine our actions; we have the need for acceptance.

A simple, effective way to use this to your advantage is to be a leader, let the herd follow you. Anwar Ibrahim does this very well.

Friends and Authorities
We are far more likely to follow or be persuaded by someone we like or by someone who is in an authority position. Not only is this a good one to be aware of to combat persuasive techniques being used on you, it’s also a good one to use on others because you would be surprised how easy it is to get people to like you and establish authority within groups. Again an Anwar Ibrahim specialty.

Analysis on Pakatan Rakyat Component Parties

Each and every component party in PR has a little role to play and they effectively manage to assume their roles focusing on the small area they are tasked with but the nett result is overwhelmingly potent. Let us analyse these roles of PR component parties and put them in place.

Anwar has this big ambition to be Prime Minister. PM candidate actually, should be selected among the best of the strongest party. Selected. Dipilih. But this guy  without even having a slightest degree of shame assume that others should select him as Prime Minister. He was ousted by UMNO which found out that he was not fit to be the next Prime Minister due to sexual desire sickness he is suffering. He fooled everybody in UMNO.

At last, Tun M turn the table against Anwar out of principle when facts were brought forward to Tun about Anwar Ibrahim’s illicit sexual activities. Most horrible. Normally , if it is a conspiracy and the faulted guy is sincere, he will withdraw leaving God to decide on his behalf if  he is a true believer. Then normally what will happen is that, the people will come out on their own and protest.

If that is the case, Anwar will be much more believable. If he did that, i think by now he would be the Prime Minister due to the revolt by the people. No, Anwar took to the street and paid his already ready and trained supporters among Malaysians to chant Reformasi.

That means, these zombies that were created by Anwar Ibrahim were already within UMNO, within BN itself. When Anwar was thrown out, out of the ashes of disgrace , his army of zombies came out from a black-hole. What an army of politically wrong and perverted people Anwar’s supporters are !

Anwar has few agendas of his own. If we care to study his YOU TUBE speeches, we will see , that he is not talking about how he is going to turn around Malaysia to be a better country. He has no ideas at all how to turn around Malaysia actually. What he effectively did was to repeat and repeat in the most vocal and vehement way possible, to create doubts in the mind of Malaysians about the status of the BN government. His points of attack are namely ;

1. Judiciary

Anwar must make our judiciary look bad at any cost because, this is the judiciary that convicted him for abuse of power. He will go all out to prove that our judiciary system is running kangaroo courts. He uses Tun Salleh Abbas dismissal effectively whereas the Tun Salleh Abbas fiasco is more of a personal feud the former Lord Justice had with the then Yang Di-PerTuan Agong which causes the then PM , Tun M to step in to remedy the situation. He got hold of the VK Lingam tape but my understanding is , that tape has no  credibility because no one knows who VK Lingam was talking to on the other end of the phone line. No one can proof that the person on the other end of the phone is Lord Justice Tun Fairuz. Anwar recycled all these information and sent it back to the common people who doesn’t know how court proceedings worked and bash them with these half truth…

In the matter relating Altantuya, again the judiciary was attacked vehemently despite Razak Baginda giving evidence of the purchase of some military equipments occurred before Razak Baginda meet Altantuya. Fake photos were released and fake SD’s were made by paying an Indian, an ex-royalty blogger and one high rank army personnel. Anwar Ibrahim did all that. He is a master tactician. An evil one actually. Anwar Ibrahim by hook or by crook must show to all Malaysians that our judiciary is out of control indeed. Controlled by the Cabinet and the judiciary doesn’t have its own independent thinking. This is purposely done so that, whatever historical conviction made by the Malaysian Courts upon Anwar himself will be considered null and void. Now , Anwar’s desire to become the Prime Minister is intensified so that once he becomes Prime Minister, he will re-open back all his file cases to be retried and show to the whole world that he is actually mistreated. The first 100 days of Anwar Ibrahim as a Prime Minister of Malaysia will be mired with hijacking of the judiciary system by Anwar personally. He has every intend to do that because that is the only thing that will salvage his image as a religious personality in the eyes of the people. Anwar Ibrahim then will be Malaysian first “Dictator” like Hitler who will chopped down anyone who opposed him.

2, MACC (Anti-Corruption Agency)

Anwar Ibrahim second line of attack is , MACC. MACC is the only body that could neutralise Anwar Ibrahim charged that the BN government is corrupted to the core. We all know that  we cannot have a perfect government. Government are actually made of people selected by the people. We all have our weaknesses and weak moments. The Kelantan Government sets up a Menteri Besar incorporated business entity headed by Tuan Guru Nik Aziz’s son in law. Is that not corruption ? Abuse of power ? Nevertheless, Nik Aziz is just like any one of us…”Dia pun ada hati jugak nak bagi anak beranak dia senang”….None of us spoke against this. But if it is Rafidah Aziz’s son in law, we screamed our loudest voice , AP , AP..and eventually Rafidah Aziz was removed from the Cabinet. Nik Aziz should not put his son-in-law there in the first place because that is exactly what the Opposition is complaining about BN. These are human tendencies. In BN, actually Anwar was removed because of corruption, abused of power against UMI Hafilda. Untill today, Anwar dare not file defamation suit against UMI Hafilda. Anwar dare not file defamation suit against Zulkifli Zainordin or Ezam or Datuk Zahrain. These people were very closed to him and all of them charged The Boss of corrupt practices and illicit sexual conducts. Anwar uses Teoh Beng Hock’s case which was a unique case to blame MACC officers of murdering Teoh because they have got no motive to do so. My theory is, Anwar is capable of paying someone to push Teoh Beng Hock off the 7th floor caused Teoh has evidence of Selangor State government dark practices involving millions of ringgit. The Selangor State government has a motive in the death of Teoh Beng Hock, not MACC.

3. Rasuah (Corruption)

Anything and everything with BN and the government is relative to Rasuah. This is Anwar Ibrahim’s no 1 charge against the ruling government. Everbody seems to be corrupted. The situation is very simple. If you have credible evidence about any corrupt practices, just make a police report and MACC will take care of it. If Anwar was in Singapore, I think Lee Kuan Yew will sue him for defamation till he bankcrupt.

On the sideline Anwar Ibrahim attacked 1Malaysia and ETP and labelled it as government propaganda to cheat the people. These are excellent initiatives that the government has responded to due to the opposition persistence that Malaysia is breaking apart and the economy is in a bad state  but so sorry for this ass banger, he just cant see the good side of anything at all. Anwar Ibrahim has no principle. He even opposes initiatives that are beneficial for the (rakyat) people.

PKR roles in PR are to attack Malaysian judiciary, MACC and charged the government of corrupt practices no matter how many convictions the government made of its own civil servants and ministers, BN is still corrupted. The Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya was also previously under attack but due to the 2008 Election Results, they cant attack Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya that much and also due to some by election results that favoured them. There was  insinuation that the Sarawak State Election was rigged  but no evidence whatsoever brought forward.

It is difficult to cheat (“tipu”) in  the Malaysian elections because votes are counted in front of competing parties representatives. Malaysians are geniuses at creating theories especially if it is against the government. Then PKR also played the role of blaming the government on hiking petrol price and the prices of consumer goods. No one bother to explain about basic economy of demand and supply. BN had brought the Malaysian Economy in and out of inflation, deflation, recession, boom and bust , altogether not once, but several times during its tenure as the sole custodian of Malaysian economy.

PKR serves as a bridge to bring PAS and DAP together. Anwar cheated  PAS Malays that DAP is good and he will go to DAP and cheated  Chinese over the other side that PAS is good. The recent conclusion of Sarawak State election showed that there is no such thing as Pakatan Rakyat. They were all fighting each other there.

Now we look at;

This party behaves as though they were chosen by Allah. They equate PAS to Islam. Actually , from administration point of view, PAS is one of the lousiest state administrator. Nevertheless they have created loyal supporters who are willing to starve with their government. PAS created enough zombies to support them even though these zombies knew that the state government is incapable of developing the state .

PAS’s role in PR is, tell the Malays that UMNO is a traitor and UMNO Malays are not Muslim. PR uses PAS to convert the Malays into becoming PAS supporters or symphatizers. PAS is supposed to demonise UMNO and UMNO must forever hate PAS. If PAS and UMNO unites, then , all hell will break loose for Pakatan Rakyat. This new coalition party between PAS and UMNO will be the strongest Malay party in Malaysia.

DAP has one simple role. Tell the Chinese to hate BN. The Malays of UMNO is no good. The Chinese need to be given more as they are not given enough. DAP is to influence MCA and Gerakan that UMNO is not giving enough to the Chinese. By supporting DAP, actually the Chinese got nothing out of it. The Chinese are the biggest looser in Malaysia if they support DAP.

Overall, here are an analysis of Malaysian current political scenarios. We look at the standings of all the political parties in Malaysia based upon 2008 General Election on the parliamentary seats.

2008 Malaysia Parlimen SeatsThe percentage for the Parliament seats between BN and PR is = BN 63% and PR 37%

2008 can be considered as a bad year for Barisan Nasional. Even in a bad year , UMNO still held 36% of  parliament seats. To start with 63% since 2008, is  actually a very strong number for BN. The changes done by UMNO for the last 3 years were tremendous. UMNO went through a re branding process. With the recent support from Sarawak shows that  PR could not make a dent in Sarawak. Sabah and Sarawak will deliver the 17% or more for BN. 36 + 17 =  53% UMNO , Gerakan, MCA and MIC need to work for only 24%  more to get above 70% for the 2/3 majority.

PR on the other hand will have to start with 37%. There is no way, PKR can double its Malay based support. Anwar Ibrahim has more than one  sexual allegations against him. Sarawak Election showed that , PKR is loosing ground. DAP cant deliver more than 12%. That is their max. PKR will loose 10% of its support from the Malays. Some Malays in PKR  will swing back to UMNO. Looking at the popularity of BN in Sarawak, the Semenanjung Chinese will open up their eyes about the real strength of PKR. They will have to support BN or else another five years of no progress with DAP. Gerakan / MCA and MIC must repositioned them-selves to get that 14% votes for their respective parties. They need 4.5% votes each. That is not impossible.

PAS will somehow maintain their 11%. Currently there are efforts being made to rob Kelantan and Kedah away from PAS. If UMNO can get 5% of what PAS has, that will be good enough.

Overall, Barisan Nasional Will Definitely Win the 13th General Election ! Hurray!

Airlines see ticket sales in Malaysia upcoming General Election

By Jason Ng – Wall Street Journal

Airlines are hoping to cash in on the huge interest in Malaysia’s upcoming May 5 elections by offering discounts and promotions to entice Malaysians living abroad to come home to vote.

Reuters reported AirAsia hopes Malaysians living abroad will seize its special promotions to return home to vote on May 5.

“Fly Home to Vote” kicked it off, with cheap tickets offered by discount carrier AirAsia Bhd.

“We foresee many Malaysians will be making travel plans to return to [home], and we hope that our low fares will help provide convenience for people to fly back for the elections,” Aireen Omar, chief executive of AirAsia, said in a statement.

Malindo Air and national flag carrier Malaysian Airline System Bhd followed with their own enticements.

There are over one million Malaysians living and working outside Malaysia, according to MyOverseasVote, a group set up to campaign for the right of Malaysians abroad to vote. Roughly 40% work in Singapore and 20% in other Asian countries, the group said.

Electoral watchdog group Bersih says it is important for overseas Malaysians to cast their ballots given persistent charges of voter fraud and the public’s lack of confidence in the electoral system.

“We’re urging people to come back to vote and be sure that their votes will go to their preferred party because we’re gravely concerned about the possibility of fraud,” Bersih co-chairman Ambiga Sreenevasan told The Wall Street Journal.

National flag carrier Malaysian Airlines System Bhd isn’t offering any special fares, but it will allow Malaysians to change their flight schedules to around the election period free of charge, a company spokesperson said. Some travel will be domestic, as people work in one place but vote in another. The company’s low-cost offshoot, Firefly, is offering one-way fares of MYR66 for all domestic destinations.

Malindo Air, which received approval to begin commercial operations in February, said it will extend its special fares for travel around the peninsula and the two states in the Malaysian Borneo island.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies comment “However, passengers should bear in mind that the recent plane crashed was a budget airline “LION AIR”; had injured many although there were no death”.

For those Malaysians living abroad to flying home on the election day should be wise in choosing a safe airlines other than a budget airlines with older air planes that may be delayed due to air plane technicalities particularly Air Asia – Cheap fares plausible delays and non-refunded tickets LOW CASTE BUDGET AIRLINES.

Malaysians living abroad should learn staying safe when flying with responsible airliners other than Air Asia – CHEAP airfares that comes with lots of air plane technicalities is getting everybody nowhere.

Air Asia has new concept – NOW Everyone is going NOWHERE.

Stay tuned for more information from Malaysiaairlinesfamilies and AirAsiafamilies