The Con Jobs by AirAsia’s Tony Fernandez to steal MAS MRO!

AirAsia is not going to stop cheating its new customers because it has been the Low Cost Carrier’s policy aiming at cheating for surviving from the pugnacious competitions.  As times goes by; the policy became the concept for its natural survivability.

To survive in this challenging yet pugnacious transport industry; Tony Fernandez has resorted to stealing companies for expanding into his collapsing empires before his life ends after he contracted incurable diseases. For the public’s record; Tony’s life has been dependable on Ketamine pills and other supporting drugs to prolonging his livelihood.

Now that Everyone Knows Tony is dying with his empires being left without a caliber person managing it; who do we think the best suited candidate that will take over him? Ahhhh…perhaps Lim Guan Eng would do the honor!

Among all the politicians in Malaysia; only one stood up for Tony of AirAsia pushing the Government to sell MAS to AirAsia and here is the link of the clue – Seek help from AirAsia on saving MAS Dap tells Putrajaya.

Now we all know how did the share swap between MAS and AirAsia take place exactly on time in 2011 which was prepping for the lost of Bee End Party in PRU13. Unfortunately, the people of Malaysia ain’t that dumber than Lim Wants End.

So exactly how did Tony steal the company that is strengthening MAS in the past decades? For a start; he pays off the clueless CEO a lump sum of cash to recruit the CEO and his gang. The job function of that paid clueless CEO by AirAsia is to find way to get MAS MRO landed into AirAsia’s listing property before MAS CEO contract ends.

In the morning of 28th May 2012 as is in scheduled; the paid clueless CEO of MAS will propose to MAS board of directors to sell off its main core Engineering division to increase the profit for restructuring MAS from its recent first quarter losses. The CEO will make the recommendation and propose to the board to sell MAS MRO and the current CEO of MRO Azhari Dahlan as in package to a company that Tony Fernandez has 35% shares in it.

Before the board of directors make any further decisions; they should know that despite contract between MAS and AirAsia ended in February 2014; Azhari Dahlan has secretly allocated a hangar for discreetly repairing AirAsia’s aircrafts without billing AirAsia a cent.

During the secret repair of AirAsia’s aircrafts at MAS MRO area; these events were highlighted by the famous blogger “Sir” Wee Choo Keong which he wrote Mysterious Fire in MAS MRO workshop BMH192 turned back caused by Carbon Brakes and Firefly turned back.

For the public record; Carbon brakes offer a significant weight savings compared to steel brakes. This translates into a lighter airplane, which directly contributes to decreased fuel consumption and associated reductions in engine emissions.

These cost considerations often resulted in the use of steel brakes on smaller, short-haul commercial airplanes (B737-800) and carbon brakes on larger, long-haul (B777-200) commercial airplanes. In the past, the higher cost of carbon brakes could more easily be justified for larger airplanes because of the cost savings associated with reduced weight and longer service life.

So who asked Azhari Dahlan to change the steel brakes with carbon brakes suitable for a smaller short-haul aircraft that had caused the air turned back of MH192?

Is this not crystal clear of the surfacing evidence that sabotaging act carried out by Azhari Dahlan or AirAsia have become eminent?

A special message for MAS board of director; in the afternoon of 28th May 2014 or early; the clueless CEO will endorse officially and handle over MAS MRO to Tony Fernandez’s proxy as the buyer! If this transfer of ownership is validated; MAS will lose out in billion of revenues and cost for maintaining and repairing MAS aircraft will hike up instantly.

In planning a restructure for the National Carrier; there shall be a change of new Top Management urgently to eradicate the presence of sabotaging acts internally and removing the moles of AirAsia vizly Azahari Dahlan the average qualified CEO whose records showed lacks of aviation knowledge and imminent saboteurs complement AND most importantly that Zahrah Zaid the Tobacco Evil Madam who claims she is untouchable because she is protected by someone from the Ministry of Human Resource as the most certifiable Human Cruelty Director of the century”.

Next episode; we shall cover on the topic on how the clueless CEO crashed MAS into loss-making airline of the year! Stay tuned for eliciting yet-unreported news!


About Nufam’s stupidity – Episode 1

A blogger wrote about NUFAM’s stupidity;

The national carrier – MAS (Malaysia Airlines) is progressively being challenged by the emergence of a few airlines such as AirAsia; Berjaya Air and the latest Malindo Air. The concern now is that MAS continuously facing the difficulty turning around and bullish from its losses. At the same time MAS is also being challenged by a newly registered union that retorting at the level of an extreme stupidity.

People wonder why MAS is incurring losses on yearly basis? Comparing to AirAsia in Malaysia’s aviation industry; MAS appears far behind in terms of their annual profit and expansion whilst AirAsia keeps posting profit although AirAsia is making huge losses. In fact; the newly established airlines the latest is Malindo Air indicating a transformed determination to record good profit figures for its airlines operation.

In this case; we are confused by the call from The National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) that urged the Prime Minister to sack the Chief Executive Officer – Ahmad Jauhari Yahya of which we viewed as the strangest out of sudden and a very stupid act by the Nufam’s leaders who do not know how embarrassing it is to publicly showing off their loss of consciousness as workers and even behaving aggressively and rudely in their manner towards their employer of Malaysia Airlines.

The individual we’re hinting is Mr. President of NUFAM a.k.a. the Lipas Man. So the Lipas Man is backed on reclaiming his lost treasures!


Extreme stupidity as indicated by NUFAM

A blogger asked why is this union so stupid? This union should look at themselves and ask what have they done and helped to bring profit to MAS before demanding for more? As a business entity to the government; the Union should proofread themselves and have self-reality check to see what way in moving forwards of future plans can they be offering MAS to bullish from this competitive market. Only with huge profits that MAS have accomplished; can the Union then logically demand an appropriate allowances whatsoever improvement for its members.

Nufam is displaying its Trade Union leaderships as an extremely imprudence and impertinence that easily be spotted when its leader’s attitude shows no priority over the claims to enter negotiation with MAS who is the employer. It looks like Nufam thought they are the employer and MAS is their employee.

The overall perception is that Nufam is extremely thoughtless and have proven to the public that it does not form out of good leadership and their egotistical opinion towards the company and the workers is an absolute idiocy.

Union leaders must know what is the priority for its members. Leaders who know their priority will be able to negotiate skillfully for its members.

What is MAS priority now? Is it the priority to upgrade the workers’ pay whilst making losses or focusing on sustaining the company?

Of course, the priority shall be given to the company to stay sustainable and supported fully by the workers. This thrust of priority must be given to the employer to return its profits and only then the union can claims for better benefits for its members.

This is a usual business law. This Nufam union not only is extremely unintelligent but also do not have the brain to perceive a long-term business partnership.

Union should understand any organization would not succeed if the union does not work together with the employer bringing the solution to the negotiation table.  Such union leadership should be eliminated since the emotion has irrationally dominated his action and demand.

We are no longer living in the colonial period! For example the latest trend if you asked 10 people who live in both urban and rural areas of how do they travel to Kuala Lumpur and which airlines do they prefer to fly with? 9 out of 10 people have turned out to confirm they only travel with AirAsia because of its cheapest low caste fares.

The question is; what is MAS management/workers doing? What is Nufam the stupid union doing? Neither have they displayed any newest product nor desire to help MAS to return to profitability!

The workers should not be busy in demanding things that seem silly or extreme. Malaysia Airlines as the national carrier is needed to stay resilient and committed to the country.

We are experiencing a very competitive airline business in this new world and if the workers wanted to claim an extra allowances; they must prove that they are indeed worth the claims.

Another second example is that an ordinary clerk in the bank at a branch level in had enjoyed a 6 months of salary bonuses for two consecutive years simply because the workers went to the villages and islands to promote their services and products.

The third example is the Pilgrims Fund Manager at the branch level went down to the school to educate school children just to save just RM5.00!

For once have we ever heard that Nufam Union or MAS workers and the management ever moving around to promote and marketing MAS products and services or speak good about MAS to the public users?

The mark is simple!  Nufam is blatantly lazy and stupid because that is what they love being lazy and imprudent in their work unbecomingly very demanding; and most of Nufam’s members are of delinquent type.

So to Nufam Union who do not only showing an extreme folly to claim various increment and allowances without proving that they really deserve it but instead they have demanded the CEO to resign.  Isn’t that an extreme stupidity of leadership that detected from the Nufam leaders?

In business; we need to realize profit is not easily generated overnight without hard work. So the first advice to Nufam Union is to mirror your own character; integrity and your responsibility.

Will be continued in our next episode! 🙂

AirAsia runs Malaysia Airlines with defective management skills – Episode 4

Extreme Prejudice is the code for AirAsia on its active campaign annihilating Malaysia Airlines.

AirAsia, a low-cost airline is trying to survive from the global fuel hikes has resorted to deploying its most loyal espionage into demolishing the national airlines – Malaysia Airlines.

As exposed in our previous Episode 1, 2 and 3; here is the evidence of AirAsia that runs Malaysia Airlines with defective management skills;-

On August 23rd this year, the Airfreight forwarders in Malaysia are seeking compensation and a refund on terminal charges following what is said to be the worst service disruption in the history of the MAS Advanced Cargo Centre at the KL International Airport in Sepang, involving cargo from 27 flights.

In an Aug 20, 2013 letter, of which a copy was obtained by SunBiz, to Malaysia Airlines’ cargo arm, Airfreight Forwarders Association of Malaysia (Afam) chairman Walter Culas told MASKargo Sdn Bhd that it was seeking compensation and an immediate improvement in service levels. This follows an incident which saw a complete shutdown of import services at its centre last Friday due to a shortage of workers.

Culas stated that after 6pm on Friday there was a complete no show of foreign labour at the front line as well as reduced workers turning up for work in the import breakdown area.

“As a result, there was a complete shutdown of import activities at the Advanced Cargo Centre as there was no staff to perform cargo breakdown and retrieval activities,” he said in the letter.

When contacted by SunBiz, Culas said import breakdown could not be performed on 27 flights.

“This unacceptable situation meant that our forwarders had to wait long hours at the Advanced Cargo Centre to retrieve their inbound shipments. This resulted in total productivity loss,” he added.

He said forwarders could not carry out their Customs clearance process as well as make deliveries to their customers.

“The customers also were furious as delays were affecting their production processes especially those who practice “just in time” manufacturing,” he said in the letter. All cargo could only be cleared by Sunday morning, Walter said, a two-day delay.

Describing the incident as a “fiasco of no-show”, he said the lack of workers also affected export and transhippment cargo. The exact amount of cargo affected could not be determined as at press time.

Culas told SunBiz that warehouse handling was a crucial part of cargo operations and should not be outsourced.

“It especially should not be handled by foreign workers who are unskilled. MASKargo should instead takeover and build the skill within the group itself,” he said.

Warehouse handling at the Advanced Cargo Centre is currently outsourced to Kumpulan SF Powertech Sdn Bhd a company majority-owned by Kumpulan SF Bersatu Holdings Sdn Bhd and three other individuals namely, Abdul Talib Yacob, Jamaliyah Mohd Ambia and Norita Mohd Tahir.

It has been reported that the contract worth RM10.8 million runs until October this year.

MASKargo is one of two licensed government warehouse operators. The other company is KL Airport Services Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of DRB-Hicom Bhd.

In response, MASKargo CEO Mohd Yunus Idris told SunBiz that while there was an issue with workers at the cargo terminal last Friday, minimal services were affected.

He said two freighter flights were delayed because of the incident.

“The vendor concerned will be taken to task as per the agreement in the contract between them and MASKargo.”

Yunus defended the use of foreign workers, saying they are involved in manual job activities and are managed and supervised by technically competent supervisor and managers.

He said the outsourcing of warehouse handling is a practise since its operations at the old Subang airport in 1994.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is going all out exposing the scams by Tony Fernandez who leads his specific instructions designed for MAS Aerospace & Enginnering CEO – Azahari Dahlan and MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari together with MAS Human Resource Director Zaharah Zaid to insure MAS clients will further be successively suing Malaysia Airlines for each delay on MAS Cargo functions.

Following the 23rd August’s incident; MAS Cargo CEO – Azahari Botak Dahlan continued his disruptive planning for Malaysia Airlines with his third consecutive delays on 10th September; also in this year – MAS Cargo ops once again at standstill;-

Air freight forwarders operating out of the KL International Airport in Sepang faced major delays for the third time this year at the MAS Advanced Cargo Centre on Sept 10, prompting the the Airfreight Forwarders Association of Malaysia (Afam) to once again write to operator MASkargo Sdn Bhd to complain.

In a letter dated Sept 17, 2013, a copy of which was obtained by SunBiz, Afam chairman Walter Culas said it saw a complete standstill of cargo operations at the import and export truck bays at the MAS cargo centre on Sept 10, 2013.

It attributed the service failure to a walkout staged by foreign labourers employed by the vendor.

As a result of the walk-out, no shipment could be moved in and out of the import and export bays.

Culas said foreign labourers employed by the vendor, who operates the forklifts at the import and export bays, had staged a walkout at 7pm on Sept 10 as a show of protest for not receiving their salaries.

According to the association, this was the third major incident involving a walk-out by Powertech’s employees. The first incident was said to have taken place on Jan 12 and the second on Aug 16.

In an interview last month, MASkargo CEO Mohd Yunus Idris told SunBiz that the Aug 16 walk-out incident by the vendor’s employees was caused by what it called a “banking account failure”.

“We are completely disappointed with this state of affairs as we, the freight forwarders, are made to suffer because of the failure of other parties who are not within our control.

“We believe that MASkargo has however the ability to influence or rectify the situation as the vendor is appointed by them directly. Why are we made to suffer because of other party’s mismanagement?” Afam’s Culas said in the letter, which was copied to the ministries of international trade and industry and transport and Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya.

Culas said the delays have led forwarders to wait long hours at the cargo centre to retrieve their inbound shipments, resulting in productivity loss.

“This also meant that the forwarders could not carry out their Customs clearance process as well as make deliveries to their customers. The customers also were furious as delays were affecting their production processes, especially those who practise “just-in-time” manufacturing,” he added.

The walk-out also affected the export operations as there were no export bins provided nor were there any forklift drivers to handle the shipments during this period.

“As a result, final acceptance could not be performed as final reweigh procedures could not be carried out. This caused a massive jam at the export dock when dozens of trucks could not unload their shipments. They had to wait there for hours until after midnight due to this walk-out,” Culas wrote.

Afam is also seeking refunds on terminal charges as well as compensation to the forwarders affected from MASkargo.

The other question is why such jobs are given to vendors and who owns the vendors? Who called for the vendor staff walked-out? We believe it has connection to Azahari Dahlan; Ahmad Jauhari and Zaharah Zzzz the sleeping “Pig” who employs Hayati Dato’ Ali who were the vendors appoint-er before she was chased out from MAS airport functions.

Did Azahari systematically delay MAS flights to disrupt MAS cargo functions simultaneously? If such is true; we have just witnessed a workplace FIXED-UP program designed by Tony Fernandez and his proxies – Ahmad Jauhari; Azahari Dahlan and Zaharah Zzzz.

Is it STILL not evident for MAS Shareholders and can’t we see through who’s not capable of running Malaysia Airlines? Is it STILL not crystal clear of the indicative patterns by Ahmad Jauhari that is truly working for Tony Fernandez?

STILL; are MAS staff blinded by the colors of these EVIL musketeers – Ahmad Jauhari; Azahari Botak and Zaharah Zzzz.

Once again; Ahmad Jauhari is paid to see through MAS; a truly destroyed company before he ventures into AirAsia as the next possible adviser or board of director.

Be warned “people” who work for Malaysia Airlines that you’re not safe – even the board of directors are not safe in this game-changing ploy.

The delays are plotted to divert MAS clients towards signing with Tony Fernandez’s new cargo business deals via its proxies.

Stay tuned people for more stories on the defective management led by Ahmad Jauhari.

Malaysia Airlines have gangster Flight Attendants a.k.a. The NUFAM Troublemaker – Part I

Once upon a time, a group of MAS Cabin Crew a.k.a. NON UNION FLIGHT ATTENDANT for MAS was officially registered and approved by Maznah Mazlan from the UMNO wing who holds the position of Deputy Minister of Human Resource (Human Remains).

She is sanctioned by the Evil Kutty’s feeble-minded son “Mukhriz” under the specific directive from Tony Fernandez of AirAsia. Among this unscrupulous group and its partisans – the gangster Flight Attendants, a relative of Maznah Mazlan who’s one of MAS cabin crew has been involved in feeding an impartial lopsided information that filled of vengeance to the Ministry of HUMAN REMAINS to overthrow all MAS Unions and Malaysia Airlines operations centre.

Thanks to the cougar Minister and her stupidity along with her lopsided judgment for having created NUFAM to screw Malaysians Cabin Crew and soon the same fate would bestow upon AirAsia Cabin Crew !

NUFAM was planned prior to the share swap deal after a series of secret rendezvous between Tony Fernandez and the head of MAFAA – Ismail Nasarudin a.k.a. THE LIPAS MAN (in this picture).

The LIPAS man is smiling as his pocket grows fatter and fatter after some gullible Cabin Crew filled HUNDREDS of RINGGIT into Ismail Nasarudin’s personal banking account!

The LIPAS man says “Thank you for paying my expenses STUPID AirAsia CABIN CREW”

We believe Tony Fernandez’s informal hush-hush meeting with Anwar Ibrahim that was arranged by the big boy Bashah Aziz were to discuss on how to break up UMNO using UMNO to kill UMNO in the next upcoming PRU-13 election.

These crooks in NUFAM were thinking by getting close to Tony Fernandez, they could have been promoted to managers BUT they did not realize Tony Fernandez is very capable in using MAS Cabin Crew to kill each other just like how Tony did to the Prime Minister with the help of Anwar Ibrahim.

The share swap deal was one of the strategies used to annihilate the UMNO group doctrine-d by Evil Kutty. It was a suicidal planning for UMNO to have allowed AirAsia corporate espionages stepped inside Malaysia Airlines as it is the initial phase of UMNO destruction.

Guessing Evil Kutty is still crazy to be in power even after he stepped down from all government posts. Greedy senile old Evil Kutty can never rest until he is sure his son with feeble-minded Mukhriz is set to be our future Prime Minister. Holding a post in the Ministry of Finance is equally entitled an individual to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. So all Malaysians must pray hard that Mukhriz will not win the next election.

Malaysians must unite to vote wisely for the right people to stay in the Parliament. We do not believe Anwar Ibrahim should be made the next Prime Minister because he had been planning the killing of UMNO group using UMNO’s Evil Kutty and Tony Fernandez. Not forgetting the link connected by the big boy Bashah Aziz linking the D_ _ in the involvement of  such arrangement that resorted to the share swap deal being dodged by the Men In the Black suit.

MAS recently has been awarded as the best cabin crew. Understandably, it must be hard being accepted by Tony Fernandez. Hard broken and shattered all over the island of Indonesia we presume?

Well……the only way to shatter MAS Cabin Crew from being the best and world renowned cabin crew is to break them up splitting into “disgruntled worker filled with anger” by the work of NUFAM. Don’t you think so Mr. Ahmad Jauhari?

Here’s how NUFAM strategizes it in Malaysia Airlines WITH an open forum moderated by a Lady Gangster – Yusniza Yusof instructed by the Lipas man. It’s a common sense that via this forum can there be loads of malicious, bitterness and spitefulness that can be as cancerous as venom to pollute MAS cabin crew. NUFAM is to disorganize Malaysia Airlines and to back up AirAsia Corporate Espionages – Azhari Dahlan and Aminudin Zakaria  to sign out MAE to AirAsia’s proxies.

Well stated NUFAM crooks!!! Your meaning of eradicating job victimization and to help elevate the profession to the highest level with the Government must be “To eradicate the rights to have a decent employment with Malaysia Airlines by adopting a shorter term of employment – Early Retirement Cabin Crew Posts where possible promotion for MAS cabin crew climbing ladder with the UMNO group scheming to gradually taking over the government position”. Now NUFAM wanna take over MAS unions and in the future, they wanna take over the GOVERNMENT??? You gotta be kidding!!!

So who’s that lady “Gangster” the moderator for NUFAM open FORUM?

We had some people monitoring her movement recently and it looks like she is good at performing a lip massage service for the Lipas man. Pardon us in Malaysiairlinesfamilies for our transparency. Well…….try picturing what we meant!!!

Back to AirAsia Corporate Espionages that are Azhari Dahlan and Aminudin Zakaria; they must tender their resignation with Malaysia Airlines immediately or you will face our wrath in exposing your unscrupulous “signing of MAS contracts” to the world.

The UMNO group must wake up and read this loud and clear message; we meant business and here’s one strong voice from this BOLEH-LAND;

“There are reports that TF (F***king Thief) is plotting to make a comeback to destroy MAS. This time even more severe to revenge against the employees who have successfully (through their unions) forced him to abort his grand plan of taking over MAS and dishonourably showed him the exist. He is cock-sure that BN will retain Putra Jaya after GE13 for him to make the comeback. He though by diverting to Jakarta, he could hide his evil skin but the Indonesian LCCs namely Lion Air, Srivijaya Air, Mandala and many others have vowed to discipline him and will make sure he could not do what he has been doing at this whim and fancy in Bolihland be repeated in Indonesia. He could get away with all his nonsense only in Bolihland because some evil puppet masters are behind him. That is why even MAHB could not discipline him but not the Indonesians who are waiting for him to make the first move. Hopefully if PR took control, will this pest be got rid off for good.”

If the Prime Minister of Malaysia can cancel away the share swap deal, can he also authorize for the arrest of TF and gangsters/partisans?   YES, we believe the Prime Minister can do by overruling the senile Evil Kutty and stop protecting the wrong-doers from continuously campaigning aggressively against UMNO.

How can your supporters back you up if you condoned wrong-doings in this bolihland?

We’ll be back on our next episode FOR Tony Fernandez’s laundering money businesses and more STORIES on NUFAM’s gangster flight attendants. Stay informed with Malaysiaairlinesfamilies.