AirAsia the Scams Airlines causing many stranded without refunds – Part II

Previously exposed here have been receiving very serious feedback from flyers of AirAsia.

Natasha wrote;

We have had nothing but endless complaints about the budget air line air asia even complaining to the CEO Mr Tony Fernandez himself gets you nowhere now that should tell you what type of air line this is. We are not letting this slip by and we will be seeking and taking all avenues to make this airline reimburse us what we are due. Advise to future travelers think twice about this carrier as it may be cheap but the problems you have after are what cost you thousands.

Chong wrote;

The previous article is a little outdated but still good for others to know. Scoot Airlines have already started but fly very few routes. In fact, the scam-like practices of AirAsia is even more now. I have these to share…..

(1) In the beginning, AirAsia do correspond via phone calls or e-mails. They cancelled one of my flight booking and all 4 of us lost a total of over RM2,000 due to no fault of ours. During the correspondence process, they change people and e-mail address several times and after one year, they told me they don’t have records of my booking anymore and that any seek for refund cannot be later than 6 months.

(2) Beware of their flight time change trick. Once they changed their flight time to more than 45 mins(I think now they change to 60 minutes) delay so we decided to cancel our flights and opt for full refunds. Their staffs in Malaysia will not give you any acknowledgement in black and white. They will tell you it’s standard procedure and not to worry. So we canceled the trip plan. Few days later, they rescheduled their time again to be earlier and denied that I have ever seek for refund as there wasn’t any records on their side.

(3) Now they don’t even entertain you in person for any refunds. All refund-seeking process in Malaysia must be done via their e-form, of which you will have no prove that you have submitted it.

(4) In Malaysia, they have reduced the airport tax amount and increased the “admin or other fees” amount several times so that you will not get any airport tax refund for missed flights(after lessing out their processing fee).

(5) My worst experience was when a friend of mine whom I booked the tickets for him cannot make it for the trip when he was hospitalized due to old age sickness.

AirAsia told me I can get refunds for cancellations due to medical reasons but after going through all the problems of getting the medical documents, they keep changing their requests hoping that I will give up seeking the refund. When I finally met all their demand, they told me I shall not get a full refund but have to minus some “processing fee” charges. I have no choice but to accept since a dollar is still a dollar. Guess what ? They told me the money cannot be returned to my credit card which pay the tickets but can only be returned in a form of a credit shell that must belongs to the passenger concerned and he must have an AirAsia account and e-mail address to process it.

Huh !! The passenger is already dying in the hospital and if he had an e-mail address or AirAsia account, he probably don’t need me to buy the tickets for him earlier.

(6) In another instance, which is quite similar to no. 5 above, a friend of mine purchased some tickets with his own AirAsia account but paid by my credit card. When he seek for refund due to flight cancellation, they told him the refund cannot go to him but to my credit card. See the irony?

I am sure they are other “tricks” they used that I am unaware.

My advice to anyone is “be prepared to lose your money if you fly with AirAsia and only if you can really get cheap tickets and worth your risk”.

Recently(2013) I have seen their fares on offer are the same price for the same period, offered 3 times; and some of their AirAsiaX fare is in fact even cheaper during their 2nd and 3rd time offer.

Lawrence wrote;

I recently booked 4 tickets (including 2 kids – Air Asia do not provide special fare for kids unlike MH) from KL to Langkawi at RM608. I reached airport late by 5 minutes and asked to go by baggage security (have only laptop bag without laptop) even before I went near the Airlines boarding counters and asked to go around unnecessarily instead of going through a straight path.

This took another 5 minutes and when reached counter they just go through my online ticket and kept on trying from their mobile phone and told boarding closed and pls check at another counter who can help. At the next counter he told I am 15 minutes past before boarding closed and told I should take another flight. I was astonished at their lethargic reply when I pleaded that I entered around 40mins before boarding time close so can you consider it. He informed me very cool the next flight is one hour behind and pay 1230RM.

I understood it is complete cheating with all the latest methods if you think it is legal (it may be). I am not interested to travel by another flight when my earlier booked seats sold to another 4 people who might bought it with high price and they are trying to squeeze more from me. I asked them to refund and he informed only airport tax be refunded per person RM8. My family is waiting with all hopes flying to the island and imagine my situation. So beware!

Micheal wrote;

Agreed with the details of the scam about refunds, I booked and paid in December 2011 for 3 people flying Phuket – Christchurch return, and have had nothing but lies and broken promises regarding refund… I am seeking other people to explore a class action against these scammers, cheats and liars.

Larisa Smirnova wrote;

I booked my trip online and paid for it, however after the payment my webpage went blank so I did not obtain the reservation number for the trip. My Bank confirms that the transaction went through, however I received no confirmation from Air Asia, and Air Asia reps could not find my reservation in your system (using neither my name, nor my email address, phone number). They could confirm that they charged me, and promised that they would refund me within 30-60 days. I am really scared to see this page on Fb… Will I be able to get my refund?

Yewch Lam wrote;

I’m still waitng waiting for the refund for my tax since feb,and you know what, apparently they are not going to do that.

Rain Gambo wrote;

Bought 3 flight tickets from them on April 19, 2013. May 24, they cancelled ALL their June 15 flights leaving Clark – my flights affected. They sent a generic email with no new schedules. We had to beg beg beg for them to send us updates or the next steps. Had to beg, plead and bugged them for 2 weeks before they sent us our booking status. Filed for refund as the new schedule didn’t fit well in our schedule (and who else would trust them given the quality of customer service they provide). if getting updates and schedule were a real bother and pain in the (&(*00. Wait til you file for refund! They told me refund process must take a process of 30 Banking days. BUT, the 30 Banking days would start once their team acknowledge my refund case. Unfortunately, they are not acknowledging my refund request. They won’t put it in their system. I feel robbed in broad daylight. Much like modern day theft. They got my money as early as April 19. Cancelled my flights and gave me unfavorable flights. It’s now June 7 and I still don’t have my money back. They won’t even acknowledge my refund claim!

Come to think of it, they get people’s money, they hold on to it for months. They don’t give the flights you paid for. They hold on to your money some more. You (might) settle for a schedule you hate rather than not get your money back. And, if by chance, you get lucky and you get your money back after 10,000 years, they give it back without paying interest. They don’t need to borrow from banks. The naive people give them their money — free and without interest.

Plods wrote;

Safety Concern & Excess Baggage RIP OFF- Air Asia
My first and LAST booking with Air Asia

SAFETY Concern:
Air Asia are placing monetary gain for “Hot Seats” ahead of safety!

RE: 31st July flight AK1948 departing Kuala Lumpur at 6.45pm
My seat on this flight was directly behind the 2 Emergency Exits rows, seat 15E.

Of the 12 seats within the Emergency Exit rows only 2 seats were taken, 13C and 13F.

I was one of the first to board and at NO time were these two passengers approached by Air Asia staff.

They were NOT asked whether they were happy to assist in case of an emergency…


At NO time were they instructed by staff how or when to activate the emergency exits.This is something I have NEVER seen on a flight before and I have flown with many carriers Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin, Thai, British and Tiger airlines.

These seats are charged an additional fee for the “Hot Seats”. The person in 13F was a very small lady who may not have been capable to assist in case of an emergency.

Why were these people not instructed by Air Asia staff?
What is Air Asia’s policy if no emergency exit seats are booked?

Excess Baggage – What a “RIP OFF” by Air Asia:

On my return trip from Hobart to Bangkok I booked to bring my bicycle back.

I have never transported a bike before so I was unsure of the weight. I initially booked 15kg Sports Equipment with Air Asia at a cost of $45 AUS.

I was surprised when I booked the bike in at Hobart with Virgin Airlines that it weighed 20kg. This did not impact the cost from Virgin as I had booked for 1 piece of baggage which provided for weight up to 23kg. I flew from Hobart to Melbourne on 30th July and was flying with Air Asia the next day.

I logged onto the Air Asia internet site that night with the intention of increasing the weight for my bike from 15 to 20kg. The site would not allow me to access my booking. This was a surprise as Australian airlines do not allow you to finalize your booking until the last 48 hours prior to flying.

Air Asia promote pre-booked baggage saves you 66%, so when I was unable to increase the weight I expected to pay an additional $20 – $30.

I was HORRIFIED when I was asked to pay an ADDITIONAL $200 AUS!!!!


I was extremely frustrated and spoke with a manager who advised there was absolutely nothing that she could do. All Natasha could say was “I understand your frustration, I would be extremely frustrated too”. As I was in transit I had no option but to pay the whopping $200 fee, or leave the bike at the airport.

Upon my return I emailed Air Asia requesting a refund of the excess baggage charge. Their response was the charge was in line with their excess baggage fees.

I then phoned Air Asia who responded with:

1. Why did you pay the fee in the first place?
As I said earlier I was in transit, I had two options pay the fee or surrender the bike.

2. I was told if I was an Air Asia member I could have accessed the booking.

Once I booked the flight with Air Asia they invited me to become a member and I did join. But because the booking was prior to the membership the booking was not referenced.

3. Why didn’t you phone Air Asia?
Did not cross my mind, all airlines promote do it yourself via the internet.

I wish to share my HORRIFYING experience of Air Asia with as many people as I can. DO NOT fly Air Asia, I certainly will never fly with them again.

This is how they closed their emailed response to my inquiry:

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We truly appreciate your valued patronage and we look forward to serve you better in the future.”


For more of AirAsia’s scams; please visit facebook page the community service to protect the Malaysian flyers too and everyone who have been cheated by AirAsia because AirAsia consistently misinforming and misleading people about refunds on its cancelled flights. The page is for people who are suffering from this cheating behavior to group together and expose AirAsia’s scams and lies.

Whilst updating information on our site; we’ve heard Tony Fernandez is losing more of his hairs and growing fatter each day due to the stress he has imposed upon himself by cheating many flyers and seeking to collaborate with Malindo Air as we speak. Cheers!

Do stay tuned on Malaysiaairlinesfamilies JV with AirAsiafamilies for more stories of AirAsia’s scamming strategy


4 thoughts on “AirAsia the Scams Airlines causing many stranded without refunds – Part II

  1. Air Asia like everything else in Malaysia is shabbily run by a bunch of money eyed currupt idiots who cant give a shit. A simple flight from KL to Singapore is a confusing ordeal – with wrong instructions, haphazard systems and general lack of concern for the customers.

  2. Great job. Keep it up !!
    It’s good to keep people informed.
    There are 3 main worries I am having;
    1) Safety of their crews and passengers,
    2) Being a Malaysian Company, will they ended up “heavy loss in the accounts” and get the taxpayers’ money to “bail” them out ? Just like the banks, the national car and airline companies etc ? With Daim’s connection, it’s highly possible.
    3) With so such debts and Tony crook already off the hook, they may launch a big bang sale, collect everyone’s money and take off !!

  3. I booked 5 tickets last November 2013.typhoon Yolanda struct so we decided to cancel our flight to Tacloban. When i called and cancel they assure me that it will only take 30 business day. i waited and waited for them to credit it on my account. its oven 30 business day now 1 and half months already. So i decided to call them again and they said i need to wait until the end of feb. the manager said usually it will take 30-60 business days! I was so mad because they lied to me. She only said “sorry for the inconvenience it cause you but i cant do anything!its Feb 5 today .im afraid that they wont give me back my refund.

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