AirAsia runs Malaysia Airlines with defective management skills – Episode 3

Previously, as exposed in our Episode 1 and Episode 2 on how carefully and insidious that AirAsia has its invasion into Malaysia Airlines despite the failed share-swapping strategy that was then cancelled by the Malaysian Prime Minister.

Our intention is to expose stealthy plans by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to the public of his tryst on the sly.

Earlier; Tony has his most loyal workers to provide him the most accurate account of the progress inside Malaysia Airlines on weekly basis after the dodgy swap deal was axed. We have sufficient evidence to believe that Ahmad Jauhari, Azahari Dahlan and Zaharah Zaid are paid in top dollars to sabotage the workers starting from the engineers section and the associations that includes the unions.

Through this tactic; Tony Fernandez appears to have corrupted most or all workers in engineering and cargo functions.

Today; Malaysia Airlines has just lost its engineering division.  Workers appear to be afraid voicing out their concerns. Clients are being successively lost and therefore the airlines’ revenue has decreased from RM5 billion to only RM2 billion per annum.

AirAsia invades Malaysia Airlines

It frequently appears that lately Malaysia Airlines’ flights are systematically delayed by its MAS engineering and cargo CEO – Azahari Dahlan in order to detract Malaysia Airlines loyal passengers. Consistently; the affected passengers from the planned delaying flights do not receive compensation for expenditure (accommodation or otherwise) incurred through the delay. We believe this is part of an underlying plan to divert MAS passengers towards AirAsia.

AirAsia’s proxy working in Malaysia Airlines to destroy the airlines for Tony Fernandez

Ever since Azahari Dahlan is the appointed CEO for MAS engineering & cargo functions whilst Ahmad Jauhari is the appointed CEO for Malaysia Airlines; the airlines never had a peaceful operation such as engine on fire; emergency landing; nanny upgrading to first class stories or free first class tickets for Tony Fernandez and his partner Kamarudin Meranun or the Sultan of Lanun (The Pirate King) and MAS flights commonly on re-timing recklessness of all in which it was incurring most costs than saving costs for Malaysia Airlines.

All of the occurrences were never a coincidental memoir. We believe Ahmad Jauhari and Azahari Dahlan together staged it all closely with Zaharah Zaid for avenging Tony Fernandez’s survivability take-off plan that was foiled by MAS workers.

There is currently less work in engineering section which would have justified Azahari Dahlan declaring redundancy of excess workers in that section to Ahmad Jauhari – MAS CEO and Managing Director. The engineering workers on top of lessor work provided under Azahari Dahlan – the proxy of AirAsia; nowadays are being screened thoroughly of their workplace behavior and adherence to MAS rules and regulations is tightly monitored.

Fixing-up workers has now become fashionable under Ahmad Jauhari’s clueless leadership. Anyone could be fixed-up and bribery for “unfixing” the affected worker or “whitewash” records of workplace misconduct is now popular practice for Ahmad Jauhari – MAS clueless CEO as “cash” leveraging black income opportunity to his few selected managers in engineering, cabin crew and functions division.
Oddly, MAS flight crew is not in the fixing-up program list.

Already Ahmad Jauhari’s term is expiring; he continues with Zaharah Zaid to implement such plot destroying the entire airlines slowly but steadily.

We have reliable sources informed us Ahmad Jauhari has been lobbying for an extension of his tenure through the provision of false reports and declaration to the shareholders of Malaysia Airlines that the airlines is stabilizing and performing well in preventing its aviation business from plummeting further despite MAS shares is below USD 0.30.

However, we remember precisely that the day Ahmad Jauhari boarded Malaysia Airlines; its airlines’ shares was below USD 0.70 compared to nowadays that it barely could sustain but fluctuating at around USD 0.10.

The shares speak THE TRUTH

The truth lies on the price of MAS shares where the secret is Ahmad Jauhari is destroying Malaysia Airlines gradually but progressively.  The only chance Ahmad Jauhari has is to get all MAS Unions & Associations to support him fully but unfortunately; he has no support among all workers except Azahari Dahlan; Zaharah Zaid and her co-conspirator Mr. Fauzi and those directors and managers who are in the same ploy to fix-up workers.

The truth is Ahmad Jauhari is fixing up Malaysia Airlines with the verge to delisting of Malaysia Airlines with intention to cease Malaysia Airlines’ rights to purchase new aircraft and the privileges getting easy soft loans from bankers.

MH – Musnah Harapan is real by Ahmad Jauhari – the evil descendant of LUCIFIER’s family

So is Ahmad Jauhari looking high and low for us? Try finding us as NEMO swimming in Texan’s sea. You might see us there Mr. AJ the Idiot! And cheers to Ahmad Jauhari for his permanent retirement ship! ADIEUS DUMBASS!

Let’s see what UMNO’s council have to say about you Mr. AJ the Idiot?

Umno supreme council member Datuk Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi said MAS managing director and group chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya must accept full responsibility by resigning. He urged Ahmad Jauhari to pay the RM10 million fine imposed on the national carrier by the Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) from his pocket.Puad said AirAsia, which was fined the same amount, should be made to pay more as it was the bigger beneficiary of the deal, which was ruled as unlawful by MyCC for being monopolistic.

“AirAsia, without a doubt, stands to benefit more from the share swap deal than MAS.

Tony (AirAsia group chief executive offi cer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes) is a staunch supporter of the deal, which saw an exodus of MAS workers to AirAsia.

“I can’t ask Tony to step down but in my opinion, MyCC should impose a higher fine on AirAsia.”

Stating his case for Ahmad Jauhari’s dismissal, Puad said “Ahmad Jauhari had shown that he is incapable of leading.“

He should step down immediately or the government should not renew his contract, which is expected to expire this month.

“Everybody was taken aback when MAS was fined. We understand that a consultant was hired for the swap deal and we know that consultants are there for the sole purpose of making profits.”

“Ahmad Jauhari should have spotted any weaknesses in the deal and objected to the consultant on the deal’s viability,” Puad told Business Times yesterday.

Ahmad Jauhari was appointed to spearhead MAS on September 14 2011 and his contract is believed to expire this month.

Earlier this month, MyCC – a unit under the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry – fined MAS and AirAsia for violating the Competition Act 2010.

They were found to have breached Section 4(2)(b) of the Act by entering into a Comprehensive Collaboration Framework agreement in August 2011.

The deal saw Khazanah Nasional Bhd, which owns 69 per cent of MAS, having a 10 per cent stake in AirAsia. In turn, Tune Air Sdn Bhd, AirAsia’s controlling shareholder, was given a 20 per cent stake in MAS.

The deal was called off in May 2012 following heavy political and union pressure.

Stay tuned to us for more updates on Malaysia Airlines’ defective management skills. Next upcoming episode we would be introducing some thoughts on how Malaysia Airlines could transform its defective management.


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