AirAsia Scams & Lies – Episode II

AirAsia’s scams and lies are getting crystal clear people! Tony Fucker seems to be having sleeping problem lately after the Philippines Civil Aviation Authority suspended Zest Air of which AirAsia Philippines owns 49% of the shares.


Zest Air – Philippines Low Cost Airlines founded in 1995 as Asian Spirit under parent company AMY Holdings Inc with headquarters in Manila, Philippines, Zest Airways operates from its main primary base located at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila and with hubs at Mactan-Cebu International Airport as well as at Diosdado Macapagal International Airport in the Clark Special Economic Zone, Angeles City, Pampang. The airlines operates both domestic as well as international passenger flight services, mainly feeder services linking Manila and Cebu with 24 domestic destinations in support of the trunk route operations of other airlines.


SATURDAY August 17; the MANILA, Philippines (AP) reported the Philippine civil aviation officials said Friday they have suspended operations of local budget airline Zest Air due to safety concerns.

Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines Deputy Director General John Andrews said the airline has several outstanding safety violations, including refueling with passengers on board. He said pilots also failed to check aircraft log books and exceeded permitted flying time.

A pilot once requested clearance for takeoff even though the plane’s fuel cap was missing, he said. Air worthiness inspectors later found that the fuel cap had been missing for three months, he added.

“There is something definitely wrong with their operations,” Andrews said.

He said the airline also did not have a qualified manager to ensure that all flight operations and maintenance activities met safety standards. A previous manager resigned last month.

He said Zest Air had taken no significant steps to correct the problems since it was put under heightened surveillance three weeks ago.

Calls to Zest Air officials for comment were not answered Friday night.

Zest Air said earlier this year that it operated 10 domestic and 10 international routes.

Malaysia-based airline AirAsia said in May that AirAsia Philippines had acquired 49 percent of the voting rights and an 85 percent financial stake in Zest Air.

Andrews said he had not seen documents showing that the acquisition had been completed and approved by the Philippines’ Security Exchange Commission, even though his agency needs to be informed of such steps. He said the only document he had seen was the approval of a marketing arrangement between the two airlines.


All these affected flights!


However, Zest Air/AirAsia Philippines still is very much convinced the authority may be bribed for an early lift on such ban. Plausible corruption may be involved where such ban is retractable and yes, Philippine is well-known of its highly corruptible officials. Anything can do as long as Tony Golden Pig is near for his spinning expertise. Imagines he could spin until Philippines civil aviation officials would have lifted the ban for Zest Air. Partnering with Tony the Ponzi Scheme a.k.a the golden pig is absolutely beneficial for all low cost airlines in the region.

Zest3Tony Fucker – the Ponzi Scheme became the savior! How interestingly for the man with the golden dick!

In any airlines businesses; it all depend greatly on the training particularly in maintaining the public safety; is the utmost priority for all airlines concerned. The desire to expand the airlines business must be within your staff capabilities but Tony Fucker is a dickhead who just couldn’t understand PUBLIC SAFETY is of paramount importance that can affect thousands of lives that his golden dick carries every minutes and everyday.

For more information; read this interesting article just updated from Another Brick In The Wall – Tony Fucker – you’re FIRED!

Our reader has posted on our site another lead for the authority in Malaysia to perhaps could do something for the Malaysian citizen preventing AirAsia and the golden dick from scheming against our very own locals.

I recently booked 4 tickets (including 2 kids – Air Asia do not provide special fare for kids unlike MH) from KL to Langkawi at RM608. I reached airport late by 5 minutes and asked to go by baggage security (have only laptop bag without laptop) even before I went near the Airlines boarding counters; I was asked to go around unnecessarily instead of going through a straight path. This took another 5 minutes and when I reached the counter they just went through my online ticket and kept on trying from their mobile phone a while and told me boarding was closed and I have to check-in at another counter that can help me checking in my flight.

At the next counter AirAsia staff told I am 15 mins late and the boarding is closed. I was also told I should take another flight. I was astonished at their lethargic reply when I pleaded that I entered around 40mins before boarding time close so can you consider it. He informed me calmly that the next flight is one hour behind and I need to pay RM1230 extra to travel on the next available flight.

I understood it is a complete-cheating strategy with all the latest methods and Tony Fucker; if you think it is legal (just maybe) you’re very wrong.

I am not interested to travel on another flight when my earlier booked seats were sold to other 4 people who might have bought it with high price due to last minute purchases whilst trying to squeeze more from me and my family.

I asked AirAsia to refund and he informed only airport tax can be refunded i.e. per person RM8. My family were waiting with all hopes flying to the island and imagined my situation. So please beware of AirAsia’s scams & lies.

And the bitter Tony Fernandez has nothing good to say of ‘DETRACTORS’. He says “Only negative detractors who made the most noise..” Yes, we made lots of noise but all for championing the good cause!

A major downfall is uprising! What’s going on with the attitude of Malaysia Airlines’ middle management?

Updated – Let’s find out from Yours Truly Wee Choo Keong and hopefully soon enough there will be another hit! The Seabury Asia possibly has an association with Ahmad Jauhari’s personal consultant firm. Yup! You read us right; Ahmad Jauhari has a consultancy firm.

Our anonymous readers have been posting loads of ugly information regarding an individual name Peter Gouy of S.N.P. To our readers, please elaborate what is the term “S.N.P” and the relevance to Hayati Dto’ Ali? Gracias! We do not guarantee any publishing on internal matters that could contribute to the termination of a staff. However, we are interested in Danny’s cancerous cells if there is any left-over!

Stay tuned to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies JV with Airasiafamilies.


3 thoughts on “AirAsia Scams & Lies – Episode II

    • Dear MH-J,

      We thought S.N.P. is abbreviation for SENIOR NON-PERFORMER.

      What can we be of help? Many anonymous wrote ugly stories right from insurance to biased treatment as well as ball-carrier for Hayati Dato Ali.

      Any contributions? Gracias!

  1. LOL!! That is a good one, “Senior Non-Performer”…and they have plenty of those!!! Am no longer with MH but keeps abreast with happenings especially matters pertaining the Cabin Crew and yes ‘the ‘man of the hour’ is definitely PETER GRAY…apple polisher, balls carrier….nothing new, since his Flight Steward days! Still, a blur dim wit, trying to stand out!!!

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