An analysis – BN will win the 13th General Election

This few weeks are the Election Fever and we are reproducing an analysis by People Against Opposition.

Looking at numbers on  paper, there are deductions we could infer on the actual scenario of our present political standings. We are all being programmed. With aggressive hate campaigns by Pakatan Rakyat, people in Semenanjung have been inflicted by a sickness called BNAHS.

What is BNAHS ? It is an abbreviation for Barisan Nasional Acquired Hatred Syndrom.

Why “Acquired”? Because we were not born to hate BN. Why do we hate BN? We hate BN because we were taught or programmed to hate BN. Who programmed us and how are they programming us ?

Pakatan Rakyat created and enhanced their HATE Speeches during the 2008 12th General Election Campaign. These are extremely sophisticated persuasion techniques used by PR to brainwash the people. Pakatan Rakyat are masters in the art of persuasion. Let us look at what is this art of persuasion ?

Persuasiveness is one of the most important skills anyone can learn because it is useful in countless situations. At work, at home, and in your social life, the ability to be persuasive and influence others can be instrumental for achieving goals and being happy. Learning about the tricks of persuasion can also give you insight into when they’re being used on you.

Here are 9 of the best tricks to be persuasive and influence others:

Framing is a technique often used in politics. A popular example of framing is inheritance taxes. Politicians who are opposed to inheritance taxes will call them death taxes. By using the word death instead of inheritance, all kinds of negative connotations come to mind.

Framing is quite subtle, but by using emotionally charged words, like death, you can easily persuade people to your point of view.

Mirroring someone is when you mimic their movements. The movement can be virtually anything, but some obvious ones are hand gestures, leaning forward or away, or various head and arm movements. We all do this unconsciously, and if you pay attention you’ll probably notice yourself doing it, I know I have.

How to mirror someone is self explanatory, but a few key things to remember are to be subtle about it and leave a delay between the other person’s movement and your mirroring, 2-4 seconds works best.

This is one that advertisers use a lot. Opportunities, whatever they are, seem a lot more appealing when there is a limited availability.

This can be useful to the average person in the right situation, but even more importantly, this is a method of persuasion to be aware of. Stop and consider how much you’re being influenced by the fact that a product is scarce. If the product is scarce, there must be a ton of demand for it right? In the case of Pakatan Rakyat, they throw out ideas that justice is scarce in Malaysia and on the other side, corruption is abundant.

It’s the old saying, “Do unto others…”. When someone does something for us, we feel compelled to return the favor. So, if you want someone to do something nice for you, why not do something nice for them first. In a business setting, maybe you pass them a lead. If at home, maybe it’s you letting the neighbor borrow the lawn mower. It doesn’t matter where or when you do it, the key is to compliment the relationship.

People are more likely to be agreeable and submissive when they’re mentally fatigued. Before you ask someone for something they might not be quick to agree to, try waiting until a more opportune time when they’ve just done something mentally taxing. This could be at the end of the work day when you catch a co-worker on their way out the door. Whatever you ask, a likely response is, “I’ll take care of it tomorrow.”

We all try, subconsciously, to be consistent with previous actions. One great example is a technique used by salespeople. A salesperson will shake your hand as he is negotiating with you. In most peoples minds, a handshake equates to a closed deal, and so by doing this before the deal is reached, the salesperson is much more likely to negotiate you in to a closed deal.

A good way to use this yourself is to get people acting before they make up their minds. If, for example, you were out and about with a friend and you wanted to go see a movie but the friend was undecided, you could start walking in the direction of the theater while they make up their mind.

Fluid Speech
When we talk, we often use little interjections and hesitant phrases such as “ummm” or “I mean” and of course there is the ubiquitous “like”. These little conversation quirks have the unintended effect of making us seem less confident and sure of ourselves, and thus less persuasive.

If you’re confident in your speech, others will be more easily persuaded by what you have to say.

Herd Behavior
We are all natural born followers. It’s sad but true. We constantly look to those around us to determine our actions; we have the need for acceptance.

A simple, effective way to use this to your advantage is to be a leader, let the herd follow you. Anwar Ibrahim does this very well.

Friends and Authorities
We are far more likely to follow or be persuaded by someone we like or by someone who is in an authority position. Not only is this a good one to be aware of to combat persuasive techniques being used on you, it’s also a good one to use on others because you would be surprised how easy it is to get people to like you and establish authority within groups. Again an Anwar Ibrahim specialty.

Analysis on Pakatan Rakyat Component Parties

Each and every component party in PR has a little role to play and they effectively manage to assume their roles focusing on the small area they are tasked with but the nett result is overwhelmingly potent. Let us analyse these roles of PR component parties and put them in place.

Anwar has this big ambition to be Prime Minister. PM candidate actually, should be selected among the best of the strongest party. Selected. Dipilih. But this guy  without even having a slightest degree of shame assume that others should select him as Prime Minister. He was ousted by UMNO which found out that he was not fit to be the next Prime Minister due to sexual desire sickness he is suffering. He fooled everybody in UMNO.

At last, Tun M turn the table against Anwar out of principle when facts were brought forward to Tun about Anwar Ibrahim’s illicit sexual activities. Most horrible. Normally , if it is a conspiracy and the faulted guy is sincere, he will withdraw leaving God to decide on his behalf if  he is a true believer. Then normally what will happen is that, the people will come out on their own and protest.

If that is the case, Anwar will be much more believable. If he did that, i think by now he would be the Prime Minister due to the revolt by the people. No, Anwar took to the street and paid his already ready and trained supporters among Malaysians to chant Reformasi.

That means, these zombies that were created by Anwar Ibrahim were already within UMNO, within BN itself. When Anwar was thrown out, out of the ashes of disgrace , his army of zombies came out from a black-hole. What an army of politically wrong and perverted people Anwar’s supporters are !

Anwar has few agendas of his own. If we care to study his YOU TUBE speeches, we will see , that he is not talking about how he is going to turn around Malaysia to be a better country. He has no ideas at all how to turn around Malaysia actually. What he effectively did was to repeat and repeat in the most vocal and vehement way possible, to create doubts in the mind of Malaysians about the status of the BN government. His points of attack are namely ;

1. Judiciary

Anwar must make our judiciary look bad at any cost because, this is the judiciary that convicted him for abuse of power. He will go all out to prove that our judiciary system is running kangaroo courts. He uses Tun Salleh Abbas dismissal effectively whereas the Tun Salleh Abbas fiasco is more of a personal feud the former Lord Justice had with the then Yang Di-PerTuan Agong which causes the then PM , Tun M to step in to remedy the situation. He got hold of the VK Lingam tape but my understanding is , that tape has no  credibility because no one knows who VK Lingam was talking to on the other end of the phone line. No one can proof that the person on the other end of the phone is Lord Justice Tun Fairuz. Anwar recycled all these information and sent it back to the common people who doesn’t know how court proceedings worked and bash them with these half truth…

In the matter relating Altantuya, again the judiciary was attacked vehemently despite Razak Baginda giving evidence of the purchase of some military equipments occurred before Razak Baginda meet Altantuya. Fake photos were released and fake SD’s were made by paying an Indian, an ex-royalty blogger and one high rank army personnel. Anwar Ibrahim did all that. He is a master tactician. An evil one actually. Anwar Ibrahim by hook or by crook must show to all Malaysians that our judiciary is out of control indeed. Controlled by the Cabinet and the judiciary doesn’t have its own independent thinking. This is purposely done so that, whatever historical conviction made by the Malaysian Courts upon Anwar himself will be considered null and void. Now , Anwar’s desire to become the Prime Minister is intensified so that once he becomes Prime Minister, he will re-open back all his file cases to be retried and show to the whole world that he is actually mistreated. The first 100 days of Anwar Ibrahim as a Prime Minister of Malaysia will be mired with hijacking of the judiciary system by Anwar personally. He has every intend to do that because that is the only thing that will salvage his image as a religious personality in the eyes of the people. Anwar Ibrahim then will be Malaysian first “Dictator” like Hitler who will chopped down anyone who opposed him.

2, MACC (Anti-Corruption Agency)

Anwar Ibrahim second line of attack is , MACC. MACC is the only body that could neutralise Anwar Ibrahim charged that the BN government is corrupted to the core. We all know that  we cannot have a perfect government. Government are actually made of people selected by the people. We all have our weaknesses and weak moments. The Kelantan Government sets up a Menteri Besar incorporated business entity headed by Tuan Guru Nik Aziz’s son in law. Is that not corruption ? Abuse of power ? Nevertheless, Nik Aziz is just like any one of us…”Dia pun ada hati jugak nak bagi anak beranak dia senang”….None of us spoke against this. But if it is Rafidah Aziz’s son in law, we screamed our loudest voice , AP , AP..and eventually Rafidah Aziz was removed from the Cabinet. Nik Aziz should not put his son-in-law there in the first place because that is exactly what the Opposition is complaining about BN. These are human tendencies. In BN, actually Anwar was removed because of corruption, abused of power against UMI Hafilda. Untill today, Anwar dare not file defamation suit against UMI Hafilda. Anwar dare not file defamation suit against Zulkifli Zainordin or Ezam or Datuk Zahrain. These people were very closed to him and all of them charged The Boss of corrupt practices and illicit sexual conducts. Anwar uses Teoh Beng Hock’s case which was a unique case to blame MACC officers of murdering Teoh because they have got no motive to do so. My theory is, Anwar is capable of paying someone to push Teoh Beng Hock off the 7th floor caused Teoh has evidence of Selangor State government dark practices involving millions of ringgit. The Selangor State government has a motive in the death of Teoh Beng Hock, not MACC.

3. Rasuah (Corruption)

Anything and everything with BN and the government is relative to Rasuah. This is Anwar Ibrahim’s no 1 charge against the ruling government. Everbody seems to be corrupted. The situation is very simple. If you have credible evidence about any corrupt practices, just make a police report and MACC will take care of it. If Anwar was in Singapore, I think Lee Kuan Yew will sue him for defamation till he bankcrupt.

On the sideline Anwar Ibrahim attacked 1Malaysia and ETP and labelled it as government propaganda to cheat the people. These are excellent initiatives that the government has responded to due to the opposition persistence that Malaysia is breaking apart and the economy is in a bad state  but so sorry for this ass banger, he just cant see the good side of anything at all. Anwar Ibrahim has no principle. He even opposes initiatives that are beneficial for the (rakyat) people.

PKR roles in PR are to attack Malaysian judiciary, MACC and charged the government of corrupt practices no matter how many convictions the government made of its own civil servants and ministers, BN is still corrupted. The Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya was also previously under attack but due to the 2008 Election Results, they cant attack Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya that much and also due to some by election results that favoured them. There was  insinuation that the Sarawak State Election was rigged  but no evidence whatsoever brought forward.

It is difficult to cheat (“tipu”) in  the Malaysian elections because votes are counted in front of competing parties representatives. Malaysians are geniuses at creating theories especially if it is against the government. Then PKR also played the role of blaming the government on hiking petrol price and the prices of consumer goods. No one bother to explain about basic economy of demand and supply. BN had brought the Malaysian Economy in and out of inflation, deflation, recession, boom and bust , altogether not once, but several times during its tenure as the sole custodian of Malaysian economy.

PKR serves as a bridge to bring PAS and DAP together. Anwar cheated  PAS Malays that DAP is good and he will go to DAP and cheated  Chinese over the other side that PAS is good. The recent conclusion of Sarawak State election showed that there is no such thing as Pakatan Rakyat. They were all fighting each other there.

Now we look at;

This party behaves as though they were chosen by Allah. They equate PAS to Islam. Actually , from administration point of view, PAS is one of the lousiest state administrator. Nevertheless they have created loyal supporters who are willing to starve with their government. PAS created enough zombies to support them even though these zombies knew that the state government is incapable of developing the state .

PAS’s role in PR is, tell the Malays that UMNO is a traitor and UMNO Malays are not Muslim. PR uses PAS to convert the Malays into becoming PAS supporters or symphatizers. PAS is supposed to demonise UMNO and UMNO must forever hate PAS. If PAS and UMNO unites, then , all hell will break loose for Pakatan Rakyat. This new coalition party between PAS and UMNO will be the strongest Malay party in Malaysia.

DAP has one simple role. Tell the Chinese to hate BN. The Malays of UMNO is no good. The Chinese need to be given more as they are not given enough. DAP is to influence MCA and Gerakan that UMNO is not giving enough to the Chinese. By supporting DAP, actually the Chinese got nothing out of it. The Chinese are the biggest looser in Malaysia if they support DAP.

Overall, here are an analysis of Malaysian current political scenarios. We look at the standings of all the political parties in Malaysia based upon 2008 General Election on the parliamentary seats.

2008 Malaysia Parlimen SeatsThe percentage for the Parliament seats between BN and PR is = BN 63% and PR 37%

2008 can be considered as a bad year for Barisan Nasional. Even in a bad year , UMNO still held 36% of  parliament seats. To start with 63% since 2008, is  actually a very strong number for BN. The changes done by UMNO for the last 3 years were tremendous. UMNO went through a re branding process. With the recent support from Sarawak shows that  PR could not make a dent in Sarawak. Sabah and Sarawak will deliver the 17% or more for BN. 36 + 17 =  53% UMNO , Gerakan, MCA and MIC need to work for only 24%  more to get above 70% for the 2/3 majority.

PR on the other hand will have to start with 37%. There is no way, PKR can double its Malay based support. Anwar Ibrahim has more than one  sexual allegations against him. Sarawak Election showed that , PKR is loosing ground. DAP cant deliver more than 12%. That is their max. PKR will loose 10% of its support from the Malays. Some Malays in PKR  will swing back to UMNO. Looking at the popularity of BN in Sarawak, the Semenanjung Chinese will open up their eyes about the real strength of PKR. They will have to support BN or else another five years of no progress with DAP. Gerakan / MCA and MIC must repositioned them-selves to get that 14% votes for their respective parties. They need 4.5% votes each. That is not impossible.

PAS will somehow maintain their 11%. Currently there are efforts being made to rob Kelantan and Kedah away from PAS. If UMNO can get 5% of what PAS has, that will be good enough.

Overall, Barisan Nasional Will Definitely Win the 13th General Election ! Hurray!

7 thoughts on “An analysis – BN will win the 13th General Election

  1. Dear admin,

    I respect your view on this but have you ever thought that the people are in a mood of CHANGE. I don’t think changes can be bad or it maybe not be good for us, but at least the new generation now are not willing to give face to BN anymore. Why? Look at our GLCs, such as MAS? Did PR manage it? They are too busy catching a money, contracts, projects and what not until they forgot about the staff welfares and such. Who runs MAS show all this while until AKTF dares to step into our doorstep & ruin us from within? I don’t think people hate BN but they are fade up with BN LEADERSHIP. The wrongdoings & abuse of power are done in broad daylight!

    I never hear our “Penasihat” ever give us “nasihat” on our problems especially on NB FLEETS. Cakap pun tiada guna lah. Anwar Ibrahim becomes SUPERSTAR OF THE CENTURIES due to BN’s propagandas but at least, he clears his names using the right channel, meanwhile Najib Razak just verbally denies. What happen to our AG? People hate BN Leaders just because they have forgotten who the real boss – PEOPLE

    Just some thought of mine & I hope my tiny views will not hurt others. Feel free to think critically because that is one of the essence of becoming a powerful & respected nation.

    Peace and go to hell with RACISM!

    • Dear Azizi Sahari, you tiny views will certainly not hurting anyone but we sense you hurt yourself more with your bidding – PEACE AND GO TO HELL WITH RACISM – we say to you SAME SAME HERE.

      A mature person should deliver HIS words with facts. Unfortunately, you have been blinded with facts. We never agreed that BN is perfect but we do agree BABI cannot be the next Prime Minister. He’s been lying about his morality and his daughter encourages muslim-born family to be able to choose his/her own religion. Politic seems to be their family business – father and daughter in the same basket.

      A person shall have good morale in order to be a leader. Before BABI becomes a leader; he already shows his indecent behavioral pattern to many countries humiliating our flag. In overseas; he is known as immoral HOMO leader.

      A real man don’t cheat his wife and children. A good leader uses his brain to function not his dick to run the country. Back 1998, he caused the highest interest rates for loans rose to 20% when he was just the finance minister. Change is always GOOD provided it is for a better nation. If change is based on emotional decision; then we fear you may lose your jobs very soon because changes for the country will see an influx of high immigrants with cheaper labour.

      God bless Malaysia!

  2. Always two sides to a story so best to wait and see. Not so sure about your claims of hatred as much as mistrust and plenty of good reasons for that too don’t you agree?

  3. this is the poorest and most unintelligible analysis on the impending general electino that i have read on the web thus far…and im not saying this because it predicts the victory of the incumbent government..many other international correspondents and observers did that as well but with much more well founded, compelling arguments instead of your baseless gibberish which was surprisingly long (yet without substance). i wil not begin to refute the supposed points that you’ve made above as to do that will be an insult to my intelligence….but i shall say from an objective point of view: to be more convincing, kindly brush up on your English… it’s an eyesore to keep reading grammatical errors in an already outrageously senseless piece of article (now it actually makes me wonder why did i continue reading it in the first place…perhaps i wanted to know how low would this article stoop) …so you may want to start with the British Council (they have branches everywhere….though the main one is at Jalan Ampang) 🙂 i heard they do good english programmes there LOL…

    • Dear Bernard Chandran,

      The article you read was a reprint from another blog – “an analysis only” if you have good English; you would understand it is just a prediction which then turned out to be correct actually.

      Your English is NOT good too; perhaps you may wish to learn GOOD ENGLISH than ranting “your poor English” in our forum?

      Perhaps you were right that you shouldn’t be reading this piece of unintelligible article which inadvertently transformed you into becoming the most unintelligent and immature chimps.


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