Story about Tony Fernandez; infamous budget CEO – Episode 2

The hard-work saving Air Asia has had Tony Fernandez resorted from budget airlines to swindling airlines earning him a title – Tony Fernandez the flying plunderer.

Tony Fernandez was born on 30 April 1964 from a very poor family whose mother was a single mother and a Tupperware entrepreneur who sold ice to Eskimo. Guessed that’s how Tony Fernandez learned his dexterity from his mother – Ena Fernandez.


Saving AirAsia was a sudden twist of business strategy deplorably transformed the infamous Tony Fernandez The Flying Plunderer into swindling the public of their hard-earned money via AirAsia misleading concept on NO-Frills Low Cost Airfares that can cost even more than an ordinary airfares of any Full Service Airlines.


After wrapping up a deal with Arun Bhatia and TATA group; Tony Fernandez went ahead to close another deal with Philippine counterpart just to save his little Air Asia from the tale of shrinking tower that everybody is talking about in Indonesia and Malaysia. Tony Fernandez in his tweet above admitted how amazing he has survived so far!

For Tony Fernandez who did not even know his own biological father became cruelly ambitious has been carefully editing and re-editing his latest information made available on his Wikipedia section erasing his previous unsuccessful collaboration with Malaysia Airlines to cover his blow-back and continue the investment opportunity with TATA group in India scamming his next survivability using TATA group’s most influential investors and resources.

TATA group is known of its very influential public figure, a very generous employer and an important investors in India who have every power to kick start another aviation for India.

Today, TATA group has landed with the conman of AirAsia infamously known as Tony Fernandez The Flying Plunderer will take off with AirAsia X for Chennai based.

TATA group has no idea how Tony Fernandez can swindle in and out with his sweet-talks taking the advantage to penetrate into TATA and its empire if Tony Fernandez has successfully owned AirAsia X by another 20% to 30% of holding shares.

It is evidently related that Tune Group is sinking when Tony Fernandez is eying at TATA’s empire knowing TATA group have very kind and generous employer – which mean easily conned and swindled over through a closer partnerships.

Tony Fernandez is a drug addict who relies on the drugs to deliver his goals and without it; Tony is not 100% functional. He thinks by speculating the partnerships whether he can eat you to the maximum. The partnerships that will not be successful with Tony Fernandez is when you slice him slowly and alive. Before the end of the partnerships; Tony Fernandez will fly out faster than you can imagine.

His first con-step is always manipulating the stock markets like how he rigged MAS’s shares where MAS shares plunged whilst AirAsia rose overnight.

Before he ventures into getting TATA and Arun Bhatia closed up a deal with AirAsia; Tony Fernandez engaged in his QPR games tried getting his acquaintance to bet on QPR whilst he bet the opposite knowing QPR is premier losing league. Each QPR lost game helped Tony Fernandez topping up his shares and rose as high as RM3.00 to win TATA group and Arun Bhatia’s or his next victim’s attention.

Once the deal is wrapped up successfully; AirAsia shares usually may drop to RM2.68 and lower with lowest hit was RM2.21> followed by his tweets announcing falsely on quick-growing of Air Asia’s domestic market shares. At the time of his announcement via his tweet; AirAsia’s shares was dropping quick.


Do stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies JV AirAsiafamilies for more stories on Tony Fernandez’s scammy business.

3 thoughts on “Story about Tony Fernandez; infamous budget CEO – Episode 2

  1. Saya baru jumpa anda, dan amat seronok dengan kisah2 hikayat2 TF.
    Ada tak bab yang dia pakai duit airport tax 100+million dan tak mau serah kpd MAHB, dan mintak diskaun lagi daripada,MAHB, Najib setuju ? Auditor general ada write up tak ? atau outside funds tak masuk AG punya audit.
    Dulu aku ada komen on QPR sbb coach/manager QPR twit TF… Shut the f up.
    You are my favorite site now. great stuff.
    TQ all.Aku naik MAS satrt daripada 1971 lagi..
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

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    We are a group of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche.

    Your blog provided us useful information to work on.
    You have done a wonderful job!

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