Finally Tony Fernandez has decided to let the cat out of the bag; openly sponsoring NUFAM & NUFEM- Part II

The future of Malaysia Airlines’ workers is staggering with the National Union for different categories presently being formed by the corrupted Ministers of Human Resources which is; to divide and rule the workers inside Malaysia Airlines ceasing the workers’ rights easily and effectively.

The respect for workers’ rights have never been part and parcel for MAS Human Resource Director – Zahrah Zaid; whose work is to suppress all unions in the corporate company. Before joining Danone Biscuit Company; Zahrah Zaid was from the British American Tobacco corporate company.

Today, British American Tobacco successfully celebrating its 100 years anniversary (thanked GOD) without Zahrah Zaid.

Zahrah Zaid moved on from British American Tobacco (BAT) to finally Danone Group; first at its Malaysia operations before moving on to a larger Asia Pacific-based role where she was appointed as the Director, Learning & Development Asia-Pacific at Danone Asia Pte Ltd.

Zahrah Zaid then took on the position of Executive Vice-President of Human Capital, Malaysia Airlines, effective from 8 February 2012 and promoted to Director of Human Resources Department with a monthly salary of more than a hundred thousands of ringgit increased from her previous monthly salary scale of RM40,000.

She was the asshole promoting herself to the Director of Human Resources taking the exemplary practice from her last appointment as the Director for Danone Asia Pte Ltd by introducing “The Directorship” for Malaysia Airlines. She is the cause to Malaysia Airlines hiking up the salary and wages for MAS ineffective yet most inefficient top management in the entire country of Malaysia.

Getting the salary hiked up was for setting up her early retirement scheme where she would not be able to contribute her failures to any other corporate companies in Malaysia and within Asia-Pacific.

Zahrah holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA and she also has a degree in Union Busting.

Zahrah Zaid possesses a special union busting skills in dividing the unions and associations for a corporate company and finally conquering and ruling the unions and associations the way she wanted it. For Zahrah Zaid, top management must be well-paid but the bottom level must be terminated for the loss of productivity among those who have high medical leave whilst she allows herself to be on high medical leave program citing health condition.

Seemingly Zahrah Zaid is unfair towards the lower grades of workers. Lower grades workers are covered and protected by MASEU and MAS Unions; therefore the need to eliminate MASEU and MAS Unions by Zahrah Zaid is momentous but significant.

Whilst she was still with British American Tobacco corporate level; she proposed the divide and conquer strategy to weaken the unions’ platform by deploying the yellow group to attack the unions that representing the corporate workers where she successfully terminated a few thousands of workers for British American Tobacco.

Her 20-year career in Human Resource spans across Asia-Pacific and Europe. Starting as a management trainee in Sime Darby in 1989, Zahrah worked in Sime Darby Group until 1995 where she met with MAS Human Resource Senior Manager Muhammad Fauzi Mahayudin who also previously worked for Sime Darby Group.


Together MAS Human Resource Director Zahrah Zaid and Senior Manager Muhammad Fauzi Mahayudin signed “The Agreement Letter” with NUFAM President Mr. Lipas man for conducting an election to find out how many MAS Cabin Crew are members of NUFAM.

The signed agreement above is to determine the numbers of MAS Cabin Crew that has joined NUFAM since its inception on 27th January 2012 during the share swap between MAS & Air Asia collaboration framework. Unfortunately, knowing Mr. Lipas man is the twister and the tornado; over a night he start pressuring MAS Cabin Crew who are not even members of NUFAM to vote as a member of NUFAM citing the requirement is set by the deputy Minister of Human Resources with cougar face – Maznah Mazlan who has close relationships with Tony Fernandez.

Cited by Mr. Lipas man that all MAS Cabin Crew must vote as NUFAM members; thus cheating the process to sustain NUFAM entity.

Whilst NUFAM is misleading MAS Cabin Crew of its election via the NO SECRET BALLOT PAPER as appended below as in evidence; NUFAM Union Executive Councils a.k.a. “The Sauna Expert” went on rampage promoting her Culture of Deception directing MAS Cabin Crew mostly are her friends and colleagues to vote as members of NUFAM even though they are not the member of NUFAM.

See below who’s cheating???


Now everybody can learn how to cheat from Sauna Expert – NUFAM

This is an initial stage dividing and ruling MAS workers on the grounds of workers’ rights benefiting the corporate level and that the pressure received from deputy Minister – Maznah Mazlan (who is known very closely linked to Tony Fernandez) to get NUFAM recognized by MAS by hook or by crook even including cheating votes from MAS Cabin Crew.

In Malaysia Airlines; Zahrah Zaid deploys NUFAM manipulating the platform to disrupt the in-house union by employing backstabbing and poisoning strategy to increase the disharmonious working atmosphere for the workers. This is fighting fire with the fire – a crafty way out to resolve internal issues. By this deployment; Zahrah Zaid would have a solid fact to present the evidence of what the workers want – the lower terms and conditions with short-term employment opportunity. We shall have our full-investigation revealed on our next posting on NUFAM brewing plans for MAS Cabin Crew – Part II.

Whilst MASEU is the strongest union in Malaysia and MAPA being the strongest Associations protecting the Pilots of Malaysia Airlines with the remaining MAS unions that are the strongest in supporting workers’ rights; Zahrah Zaid opted to NUFAM for weakening MASEU circumventing MASEU’s existence in Malaysia Airlines.

After she successfully circumventing MASEU, MAS Unions, MAPA, MESA; she would opt for NUFEM to weaken the high demand from MAS Engineering section employing this crafty strategy (Union Busting) by manipulating some of MAS Engineering workers with false promises of promotion just like what Ahmad Jauhari and Azahari Dahlan did. Some of MAS Engineering and Technicians are in the know that Zahrah Zaid, Ahmad Jauhari and Azahari Dahlan are working for Tony Fernandez. Unfortunately, they resort to working with Ahmad Jauhari, Zahrah Zaid and Azahari Dahlan to kill 50% of MAS Engineering and Technician workers to get themselves promoted to managerial level.

Our reliable sources informing us there is also a promise of 2 months bonuses to those who supported Tony Fernandez but limited to only 7 crooks who are willing to sell off the souls of Engineering and Technician crew.

Whilst Zahrah Zaid has health issue that slowing her down and lowering her productivity for Malaysia Airlines which her health conditions now is deteriorating; MAS board of directors is unaware of her mental destructiveness coupled with high sick leave and no-brainier directorship that she now becomes most inefficiently unable to restructure the Human Resources division as directed by MAS board of directors. Instead; she diverted the restructuring into dividing the workers in Malaysia Airlines to leverage her capacity to recruit more espionage in-line from Air Asia that has been sent by Tony Fernandez. So Malaysia Airlines has got to be on ALERT when recruiting the next management for accountability, transparency and integrity approach and succession.

Zahrah Zaid’s plan for NUFAM is very short. Once NUFAM get recognized by Malaysia Airlines through Zahrah Zaid; MAS cabin crew will be the first taken to be laid-off; following by NUFEM that will boycott MAS Engineering and Technician Crew to lay off the other 50% of its total present strength.

Her other plan also includes forming another National Union or NUAOM for the Airport Operations workers to lay off another 1,400 MAS workers station in KLIA airport.

After her success in getting the locus-standi for NUFAM, NUFEM and NUFAOM, she would be promoted by Tony Fernandez as the next future CEO of Air Asia X taking over the young but senile Azran Osman who has lost all his hairs for Air Asia X.

The promises made by Tony Fernandez to Zahrah Zaid and Alzahari Dahlan is the promotional opportunity embarking with Air Asia taking over his CEO-ships. Unfortunately, that is just the promises given by Tony Fernandez and nothing stating in paper for such promotion.

The cat is out of the bag – Tony Fernandez will successfully going back into Malaysia Airlines with the help from NUFAM, NUFEM and NUFAOM; Zahrah Zaid; Azahari Dahlan; Ahmad Jauhari and the traitors from MAS Engineering group who are working for the political party.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is very well informed of the active members from NUFAM whom are mostly working group for the similar political party.

Stay tuned to our next posting and prepare to embrace the negative waves of Tony Fernandez’s next directive for NUFAM, NUFEM and NUFAOM with the clue now getting crystallized.

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