Psy rocks Penang in Gangnam Style for Barisan National

Psy thrilled an enthusiastic crowd at the Barisan National Chinese New Year open house on Monday with two renditions of his mega hit song Gangnam Style.

It is always only Barisan National – the ruling coalition party would know how to stay Peace, Happy, Prosperous and Stable for Malaysia.

The opposition party only know how to oppress the entire Malaysia encouraging instability, riots and Bersih for more violence and protests on the street. In the future if BABI is made the Prime Minister of Malaysia – it is no surprise George Soros would own Malaysia too. The BABI is not halal vying for the premiership.

This is the time to know what you as Malaysian wants – whether to vote for continuity for Barisan National giving them the higher mandate or to vote for depressive regime for more BERSIH on the streets and more PROTESTS on the media.

Happy 2013 New Year to all Malaysians, the Prime Minister Najib and this administration and most encouragingly to PSY for rocking Penang with Gangnam Style.

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One thought on “Psy rocks Penang in Gangnam Style for Barisan National

  1. Barisan will win Majority if they give Bumiputra to all born after 1957.In all states to my opinion.I love Datuk Najib’s Adminstration.

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