Finally Tony Fernandez has decided to let the cat out of the bag; openly sponsoring NUFAM & NUFEM- Part I

Last week marked the celebration of Malaysian brand Ambassadors at the World Economic Forum (WEF) held in DAVOS Switzerland in which it named Tony Fernandez – Air Asia “Tightwad” CEO and Michelle Yeoh – The elegant rich and famous a.k.a. The Bond Girl as Malaysian brand Ambassadors. The Malaysian Night held on Friday was the highlight of Malaysia’s participation in this year’s World Economic Forum in DAVOS.

The information on Tony Fernandez spoiling the Malaysian tourism industry cheating the public with his low caste airlines was not readily available in the city of DAVOS. Yet, the small fry has the cheek to ask the Bond Girl – Michelle Yeoh to be the next Air Asia’s Embarrassed Public Figure – AK Ambassadress.

THE wicked BEAST AND THE BEAUTY with the brain – two different world!

The Ugly Big Belly Tony and the Beautiful Michelle at the Malaysian Night in Davos

An intelligent matured woman like Michelle Yeoh is not a foolish low caste woman – definitely is not falling for Tony Fernandez’s trap smearing the reputation and goodwill of others after knowing the Caterham group is planning to strike out the low caste “Tightwad” CEO for smuggling drugs into United Kingdom and contributing more losing games damaging its premier reputation.

The cat is out of the bag – Tony Fernandez has finally exposed his own strategy to which he said he shall conquer all airlines in Asia Pacific by means of controlling all unions in the region. His collaboration with Mr. Lipas man to vanquish the Eight (8) Mas Unions and Associations piece by piece via forming two more National Unions for Malaysia Airlines before Subramaniam and Maznah Mazlan’s expiring their duty as Ministers of Human Resources .

After more than his regular few drinks, Tony Fernandez boasted about his strategy to some of the politicians and celebrities in DAVOS of his ability to conquer the Malaysian’s unions and associations and his greatest dream to control the Malaysian Government for his preparation ably in selling his abnormal large Airbus planes to Malaysia Airlines (besides Air Asia) also to Eagle Express, Firefly and the new Malindo Airways.

Tony Fernandez’s failure in his share-swap strategy with the collaborating think-tank group “BABI” – Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim which could have allowed him in condition to save Air Asia by swallowing Malaysia Airlines’ profitable assets have re-coursed to employ the National Union’s strategy resurrecting the Militancy returned for his future coalition.

His public confession in Davos of his intimate relationship with the deputy of Minister of Human Resources – Maznah Mazlan and his close fraternity bond with MAS present CEO – Ahmad Jauhari who is still following his lead to break up the strongest workforce of Malaysia Airlines.

Ahmad Jauhari is well-known for heartlessly terminated 1000 workers during his tenure with Malakoff Corp Bhd. He also de-listed Malakoff Corp Bhd before joining MAS. Today, Malakoff Corp Bhd without Ahmad Jauhari is re-listing again.

Ahmad Jauhari says MAS is in a “deep crisis” due to lack of focus on the premium segment and its quality of product fell. Basically the attraction waned because of its pricing, an aging fleet, a stale product and it was not as fast as its rivals to adopt change. Ahmad Jauhari believes that by replicating the “playbook used by Japan Airlines (JAL) and Garuda International” to turn around MAS, there will be success.

“It is naivety at its highest order to do that. JAL’s recovery plan was based on making the Boeing 787 as the workhorse of its fleet, and slashing 16,000 employees 30% of its workforce. What is MAS prepared to do? The airline has close to 20,000 workers; will the company lay off a third of them now that it is downsizing?”

The last National Union for Malaysia Airlines was de-registered in 1979 after the wildcat strike action by a group of workers.

Whilst the opposition PARTY that yearning for Malaysia premiership is ca-hooting with the country’s number one’s enemy – The Unwanted Community residing in Singa-island next door to Malaysia; the top two MOHR is discharging their duty treacherously boycotting the country’s progressive development aiding for the militancy returned.

From another point of view; NUFAM’s President Mr. Lipas man is paid top ringgit by Tony Fernandez to execute Air Asia’s original plan dividing and conquering the workers of Malaysia Airlines from the inside.  Mr. Lipas man is presently sitting his ass on a hot sizzling pan facing a possible lifetime imprisonment for the criminal activity misappropriating all union’s funds settling his gambling debts and luxury millions of ringgit lifestyle.

This revenge by Tony Fernandez against the Eight (8) MAS unions and associations for ousting him out as MAS Board of Director is becoming apparent episode by episode ever since the share-swap and collaboration between MAS and Air Asia was cancelled by the Malaysian Prime Minister.

There’s evidence of NUFAM office bearers have tendered resignation with Malaysia Airlines to work for Tony Fernandez quietly.


This con-woman a.k.a. Sauna Expert Woman works discreetly for Tony Fernandez where her main task is to direct cabin crew to cheat votes for NUFAM to win in its election.  She is also the mother for fostering the Culture of Deception. A corrupted figure who calls other the corrupted mind. A reliable resource informed us (if accurately) she resigned from MAS after she was caught for having pilfered aircraft stuff and charges was not executed by Zaharah Zaid.


Whilst NUFAM is fighting for securing another voting date from Malaysia Airlines by collaborating with the department Trade Union Affairs’ officers – Roslee Sabarudin and Syahrin Said with the magical wane empowering by Maznah Mazlan ; MAS Group CEO for MAE – Azahari is funding a group of MAS Engineering Crew to oversee the new registration of another National Union for Malaysia Airlines with the backing from Zaharah Zaid.

The mother of all evils – Zaharah Zaid left Danone Factory to join Malaysia Airlines and is tasked by Tony Fernandez to penetrate into MAS strongest union and association as these stumbling blocks were the success to the unbundled of share swap between MAS and Air Asia. She is to terminate 1,800 senior cabin crew-members with the help from NUFAM’s President after which Mr. Lipas man shall make ways for Air Asia cabin crew-members whom are the right hand men working closely with Tony Fernandez shall ascend to take over NUFAM from MAS cabin crew-members in the future.

From the strongest union and association changing into a new union without any affiliation or strong muscle to protect the workers’ rights is seemingly the strategy to conquer MAS by Tony Fernandez. Tony Fernandez’s directive to Azahari – MAS Group CEO for MAE is to find ways to terminate half of MAS Engineering Crew so that Tony Fernandez can plant more of his men into MAS MAE to control the repair and overhaul services for Air Asia and the new future NUFEM for MAS Engineering Crew.

Stay tuned to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for our next episode.

3 thoughts on “Finally Tony Fernandez has decided to let the cat out of the bag; openly sponsoring NUFAM & NUFEM- Part I

  1. Good expose’, friends. The truth finally prevails.
    We have been warned since 2008 of these LCC suicidal psychos.

    ”I know Malaysians very well,” said Fernandes, a native of Malaysia. “If you put a fare low enough, they’ll risk their lives,” he said, as the crowd laughed.
    Kelleher, who was also accepting a lifetime achievement award at the conference, said the airline industry is historically risky and prone to losses. Asked whether he was planning to start another airline, Kelleher joked: “If the thought entered my mind, I’d buy a pistol.”

    • Dear Naive Brendan,

      So much about why we are complaining about Tony fella, NUFAM etc? We are very certain you’re one of the Tony Fella’s barking dogs.

      WE understood the cancellation of share swap was all all pressured by MASEU and its collaborated MAS Unions and Associations. Therefore, Mr. Naive Brendan, we do not believe MASEU is sleeping. However, we do believe you – the Tony Fella’s Dogs or NUFAM’s dogs are snoozing about your future. Please do us a favor that in your next post – You are “AWAKE” not sleeping for what you’re writing for Mr. TONY FELLA AND NUFAM’s dogs. Only then we would see you’re being NEUTRAL TOO. Cheers!

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