Child missing – Please help searching for William Yau Zhen Zhong


William Yau Zhen Zhong (poster above) went missing on 16th January 2013. He’s been missing for six days now since last Wednesday last seen at Putra Heights area. We urge our Malaysian readers to spread out this urgently on the lookout for this boy.

Please also pass the word around that everyone is looking for him. This will put pressure on anyone who may have taken him. Also pass the word around that in Malaysia kidnapping warrants a mandatory death sentence. This information too may help to frighten people and release the boy unharmed.

There are people who are going around abducting young kids. The last case was the little Indian boy who went missing when he went to a nearby shop to buy something.

Hope the Police would study these cases carefully and if the perpetrator is the same, then please do something about this. The person who abducted Nurin Jazlin and the other young girls has never been caught.

Please call 012-2197133 if you saw this boy

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