NUFAM brewing plans for MAS cabin crew

Behind NUFAM is Tony Fernandez. The evil man who instructed the stupid lipas man to organize against MAS workers burying the strong foothold for MAS cabin crew leaving them without the blanket.

NUFAM is brewing an alternative plan for Tony Fernandez to make his comeback avenging against MAS workers for having overthrown him out as MAS board of director. The evil plan designed for Mr. Lipas man is to execute via his recruited NUFAM soldiers disorganizing MAS cabin crew separating them into two group of workers as orchestrated by DON the willy old fox.

The question is how did the DON the willy old fox get involve in this organized crime? Perhaps it is just DON the hungry fox waiting in line to share a piece of the big fat pie.

DON, DON, DON, we have confirmation that your doctorate-ship is fake and was a purchased item. Isn’t that a crime to use a fake doctorate-ship certificate? Better run before the authority get into checking your background too.

For our readers information – Whilst Ahmad Jauhari is sleeping and forever in clueless state; DON become the consultant for NUFAM assisted by his right hand man – Mr. John Engkatasu. DON is seeking an alternate downgrade to become the next CEO of Malaysia Airlines forcing Ahmad Jauhari opting his early withdrawal from Malaysia Airlines. It’s all about power craziness now brewing inside MAS hottest pot.

As informed by our readers – Mr. John Engkatasu will be retiring in this year; however the DON is going to extend his retirement age to 80 years allowing him to screwing and brewing hot assess inside Malaysia Airlines.

Whilst DON is orchestrating the exit of strong foothold inside Malaysia Airlines that protect thousand of jobs for MAS workers; NUFAM on the other side is brewing poisons domestically and internationally with the advice provided by Zahrah the evil director of Human Resources. We are in the know Zahrah Zaid does not have a degree in Industrial Relation. At the time she had the interview with MAS recruitment department she simply said she has a background in Industrial Relation that fooled Malaysia Airlines management but approved personally by Tony Fernandez.

DON is the consultant whilst the ZORO Zahrah Zaid is the director for NUFAM’s every piece of action. The symphony orchestrated by NUFAM is going all out to bury the only in-house union paving ways for Tony Fernandez to crawl back slowly to MAS to save Air Asia. The training for more NUFAM combative is aggressively encouraged by Tony Fernandez with pennies compensating the time spent and the promising reward for Mr. Lipas man.


The manipulation of NUFAM election also very encouraged by both Maznah Mazlan and the paymaster. Look at this NUFAM “No-Secret” Ballot Paper.



Do we remember Mr. Lipas man is working for Tony Fernandez?


Even Tony Fernandez has left MAS as board of director – Mr. Lipas man is still very much intact communicating with him via the third-party and the sponsorship continues till this very day for NUFAM to execute Air Asia’s masterpiece plan to eat Malaysia Airlines burying it alive.


Mr. Lipas man is truly a man who screws many men’s wife and girlfriend too. However; does he also screw Maznah Mazlan for the approval of NUFAM certificate?


We are still investigating the new low-caste terms and conditions that has been laid down by Tony Fernandez for Mr. Lipas man to fool MAS cabin crew where NUFAM will change for greater heights. We have information NUFAM will metamorphose a lower package for cabin crew in Malaysia. Certain grade in Malaysia Airlines would be very happy as the budget for cabin crew would be reduced tremendously.

The initial planning for Air Asia to take over Malaysia Airlines was to sustain Air Asia’s survivability in this region. The proof of Air Asia in-sustainability rose in 2008 where the fiscal year earning dropped drastically (2 billion ringgit loss) complemented with lower revenue of less than 3 billion ringgit and higher debts of 7 billion ringgit.


Air Asia’s debt rose higher by a billion ringgit to 8 billion ringgit from 7 billion ringgit within a year’s window.



Air Asia’s cash flow badly managed since 2007. Henceforth; the only way is to have a bigger revenue corporate to bail out its bad balance sheet. During the share-swap with Malaysia Airlines in 2011; Air Asia’s cash flow suddenly increased to 2 billion ringgit whilst Malaysia Airlines declared a huge 2.52 billion ringgit loss. Air Asia subsequently has its assets increased to another 2.5 billion with its debts reduced substantially by 2 billion ringgit. AA15

The cancellation of the share-swap demanded by MAS unions was to save Malaysia Airlines. We say well done MAS unions and the Prime Minister of Malaysia for saving Malaysia Airlines. The eminent impact on Air Asia after the share swap was cancelled by the Malaysian Prime Minister is the relocation of Air Asia’s headquarter to Indonesia for running away from paying taxes to Malaysian government.

Let’s hope Air Asia’s AOC will only be extended for another 6 months by DCA after March 2013 to prove more of Air Asia’s upcoming failure. Please stay tuned to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for our next posting.


15 thoughts on “NUFAM brewing plans for MAS cabin crew

  1. i’m all for masue or mess u…hehehe. nufam can go to hell. time come 4 voting i will vote bUKAN ALHI bodoi punya new farm…ptui….ptui….ptui….also ptui to shona jasinta…her feet so smelly. sauna lady’s kena dumped by husband now resgined from mas cos her man learned fm her lah how to cheat olso. she left mas cos was caught offloading aircraft items and b4 she is charged she resigned first…bodoi punya perempuan sauna…plus her smelly feet…aiyoyo…go wash your feet lah next time.

  2. Sauna bitch is the one causing a lot of failure in nufam. 1st she introduces poisonous statement attack on the other union and she lies and lies on every flight until crew fed up and called her smelly mouth not just smelly feet she has. Yet she would realise her mistakes because she is arrogantly clueless of what she is doing. She posted out one very stupid secret ballot meant for manipulating the votes. I sent to MF mail. Please post it to the public a piece of transformation by Sauna Justsinging for Malapetaka is approaching MAS Cabin Crew because she advocates THE CULTURE OF DECEPTION. Now the liar liar pants got caught.

  3. hahaha…we however would only support MASEU’s wisdom and judgment. Well done MASEU. We are going to form in-house union for Air Asia because NEW FARM or NUFAM cannot function anymore only interesting in chasing out in-house union. MASEU…we are for you and go go go MASEU. Uphold all the rights for mas cabin crew. We in Air Asia will not join NUFAM because of their sucking tongue with that Sauna Bitch and Lipas man around we don’t want any NEW FARM farters.

  4. MF, fyi all nufam followers r problematic. For e.g. one Crew Carlmen Low Kar Mann is one side deaf. She cheated MAS during medical check-up buying examiner to pass her check up. MAS should give her another check up. How can deaf person be allowed to fly? Her ears always have waxes one. Very unhygienic crew.

  5. no nufam for me also. thanks to maseu for fighting against nufam. they shit a lot and everywhere.

    they pressured me to sign on a piece of paper without knowing what was it for. can you believe this????????????? come on nufam no one wanted you and you only pain in the ass harassing me and many others.

    the leader is sucker who beats wife. one other leader has weight problem so big and yet so arrogant about her size. lagi she thot she is pretty in that biggest arse.

    the rest of leaders in nufam are no knowledgeable but more poisonous than any snake we found on the desert.

    they told lies after lies after another lies non stop. still they think we are stupid like them. bastard son of bitches and bastardians.

  6. Dear MAF, to add to your post above, the nufam is backed up by the bar councils of which their intention is get rid of MASEU. Nothing more just getting rid of MASEU only. Nufam is double agent working for a political party. Those bunch of cabin crew did not know what they got themselves soaking into. The truth is lipasman is paid top dollars complemented as correctly presented by you sir but with immunity granted by Zaharah, Fauzi and Hayati. The Engineering site is under one similar double agent for Anwar Ibrahim complemented with immunity granted by Alzahari MAE CEO for disuniting all MAS employees. Not all MAS engineering staff are favoring the lead of Anwar Ibrahim just for your info.

    The problem with some stupid MAS Cabin Crew is that they are committing suicide opting for Nufam. What they didn’t know is that CA MAS / MASEU will cease immediate effect if Nufam is granted the recognition by MAS. From the time the cessation of CA MAS / MASEU the Cabin Crew could be transferable, terminate able, or even contractable. What the Cabin Crew didn’t want to know is that they are permanent staff now but will be non-permanent immediately after the CA ceased representing them pending for new CA that might take another 6 months to 3 years. This is the plan by Zaharah and AJ to get rid of MAS staff.

    Lipasman will be gotten rid right after his successful recognition-gained from MAS. Zaharah only promised him recognition nothing about his sustainable position as Nufam President. The rest of crew supporting him only also wanted him out as soon as MAS granted nufam recognition. That is the pipeline of nufam supporters out to screw their own rice bowls because they are uneducated in industrial relations merely emotional over what were preached by lipasman.

  7. hey patriotism u’re wrong becos it’s the work of the willy old fox. he was behind th e1979 case and now repeating the history gettng his co-right hand man JE to assist nufam so to kill all mas cabin crew. Reason is becos mas cabin crew have reached the higheest paid. new union can start from fresh and if they th new union do strke mas can go for outsourcing solution.

  8. AirAsia scraps daily flights to Colombo effective Feb 26,2013 cries Busniess Times, Tuesday 22 Jan 2013. After this which destination next? Looks like those who buy tickets in advance thinking that they have got a good deal are in for more problems with no flights and probably no refund too! Now everybody can buy AA’s tickets BUT cannot fly. Cheers.

  9. Shona Jasinta Marcus is a stupid cock sucker bitch. She only knows cock sucking Ash and who knows she also slept with Tony Fucker and got blackmailed by ash so to continue lying to Mas Cabin Crew who know nuts about what they are involving?

    SHE has no future with her husband because her husband is having an affair with another Mas Cabin Crew. What evil goes around will boomerang back! Maybe she teaches her child to lie also like nufam.

    On the other hand nufam is working for Anwar Ibrahim to shake Barisan Nasional. Those involved must be charged for treason including Shona the sauna bitch.

    • The secret ballots had been cancelled on the 11hour by the Ministry of HR. Now the MOU between Nufam and MAS Management had also expired. Nufam is suing MAS for breaching the MOU and all their expenses in preparation of the secret ballots.
      Most cabin crew seems devastated with the outcome thinking they could finally change their union rep.
      Nufam is heard to fight tooth and nail for secret ballot to be carried out and be given recognition by MAS. MAS had given a reason to be an INDUSTRIAL DISHARMONY. Follow Nufamunion tweets as you will see the frustrations behind it. Meanwhile, Mr & Mrs Lipasman still continue flying all around the world together in sins.

  10. guys if u know shona personally she’s not good person. She’s a very jealous no knowledge person who talks abt sex everyday. Can say she’s evil too. A friend whom one can never trust like friend. Shona is once my friend but because of her evil character I stayed far away from her. She also snatched the man her husband during dating time from her very close confidant.

  11. This person who create this blog is very childish and waste of time … no point keep condemning people … end of the day you are acting like a fool.. keep putting blame on others will not make you successful. GROW UP .. you should try sometime

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