AirAsia is a Cheat so is Tony Fernandez – Part 2

ask cheating airasia

Air Asia is a bloody cheating low-caste airlines. The frustration by the public flyers have gone viral since Air Asia commenced Incheon flight. A reader who’s also the Air Asia’s passenger shared with us their Air Asia’s flight of horror and fright with terror experience.

Air Asia X Flight D7 from Kuala Lumpur to Incheon; Seoul were always on delayed mode of more than 10 hours. It looks pretty clear Air Asia’s planes are facing a lot of engine problems particularly Air Asia always guarantee late payment for its airplane maintenance services and its specialty nowadays includes flight delay and unworthy treatment.

Now Every Air Asia Flight is Delayed and Everyone Can be RUDE!!!

The only low-caste airlines that guarantee FLIGHT DELAY in the Asia-Pacific region.

The chronology services by Air Asia

D7 2686 scheduled to depart on 23:00 and estimated to arrive next day at Incheon International Airport at 06:00.

At 23:00 – The Captain of the flight announced a delay was due to route change that required the plane to upload more tonnes of fuel given the valid reason that no approval from ATP for clearance to fly over Taipei.

At 00:00 midnight – The Captain further announced another route required the uplifting of a bit more fuel for the plane.

At 01:00 (am) the next day whilst the plane was waiting at the runway for take-off – The Captain made another announcement that there was clearance from Taipei.

At 01:30 am – The Captain parked the plane at the terminal and at 01:50 am all passengers were required to disembark by the Captain.

At 02:30 am – After 3 hours of having stranded inside the plane; the passengers were finally allowed to disembark to the Terminal. Everyone rushed to rest room and purchased food and drinks.

At 03:30 am – Only cold croissant and cold mineral water being distributed to some of the stranded passengers.

At 04:00 am – Some Korean passengers started requesting for blankets be given to their children but Air Asia gave the excuse the plane will be taking off at 05:00 am.

At 05:00 am – New announcement by Air Asia that the plane is rescheduled for departure by 07:30 am.

At 06:00 am – Two of the passengers cancelled their Air Asia flight and left the Terminal.

At 07:00 am – Air Asia’s Manager assuring the passengers of the plane will be leaving by 07:30 am but we were still hanging loose at the terminal. A minute later another Air Asia’s Manager approached us and assured that Air Asia could extend our flight to another day but will not be compensating for our food and accommodation.

At 07:30 am – The stranded passengers had been required to board the plane.

At 08:00 am – Air Asia X’s plane pushed back but parked in the middle of nowhere with only 2 cabin crew on board. One stupid cabin crew sat in the front part of the plane and the other one sat behind the red curtain started laughing and joking.

At 08:20 am – One of the passengers got up from his seat and approached the cabin crew to find out what went wrong and why the plane is not taking off yet? The cabin crew told him there was no pilot and the other new cabin crew said they just arrived from Delhi to take over this flight. The new cabin crew said Tony Fernandez asked them to board all stranded passengers and to sit inside the plane just to show that Air Asia X is taking off shortly. The other crew member said there was no pilot in the cockpit and he had been instructed to push back the plane to the middle of the airport.  Although he declined to comment further; it was very clear that Air Asia had the airplane moved without a qualified Pilot on board.

At 09:20 am – The plane finally took for Incheon – Korea.

The stranded passengers were very frustrated of the delaying tactics employed by Air Asia. The passengers were have to tolerate the rude treatment and rowdy behavior extended by Air Asia’s workers.  There was a disagreement between two of the passengers which one of the stranded passengers had recorded it was then threatened and browbeaten by Air Asia’s security officer.

Air Asia X’s CEO did not make any attempt to reach out to its customers nor compensating all Air Asia’s stranded passengers for the horror flight experience and terror fright from its Security department and the ordeal those passengers suffered at the wicked hands of Air Asia.

Neither was there any official apology for the delay. We’ve found out someone in Air Asia inefficiently forgotten to ask for clearance to fly over Taipei Air Space which further delayed Air Asia’s flight.

We hope this horror flight and terror fright could be shared with your readers. Was it worthy to go through all the hassles and high stress at the price of a low-caste airfares? Our answer is all the above. A resounding NO and UNWORTHY to travel with Air Asia; NEVER EVER again.

Shall we see what is the authority doing about this especially the DCA of Malaysia? Flying license for Air Asia is expiring on March 2013 and we know very well that Tony Fernandez will be buying loads of goodies for the authority to clear Air Asia’s unaudited safety operation for the last 15 years. We won’t be surprised if the authority will extend Air Asia’s license to cheat for another 20 years on the next license renewal.

Do it right Mr. Authority or else we get to report you to the higher authority.

Stay tuned to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies and AirAsiafamilies for more unbelievable stories yet to be revealed to the public.

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