Tony Fernandez is a troublemaker, pimp, money launderers and drug traffickers for AirAsia – Part II

The most dangerous human species in this world include the drug lords and traffickers. Nowadays drug addicts and traffickers have ventured into educational business. Is there a reason for it? Perhaps such move is to transform our younger generation to become the drugs users so the drugs business in Malaysia will hike.

To us, it does sounds (ringing) like a sabotage for Barisan National’s present campaigns. Better watch your back B-N rulers before Tony Fernandez bites your back another time.

Tony Fernandez is a drug addict who also provide the supply to his workers in AirAsia mainly the pretty and young female cabin crew who are used to entertain Tony Fernandez’s overseas business partners and some VIPs including KJ etc.

Today Tony Fernandez has invested the stolen money from the public for investing in Educational line. The stolen money we refer to is the inconvenience fees paid, the cutting of productivity allowance from AirAsia’s workers if they called in sick for even one day and the unclaimed refunds from all those stranded passengers who had yet to receive their refund from AirAsia after a sudden closed up on AirAsia’s routes – India, New Zealand, Europe and United Kingdom.

Age eligible for enrollment into Tony Fernandez’s EPSOM College is between 11 to 18!

Humility? Did we read wrongly about Tony Fernandez? Has he got humility or pure arrogant bastard cheap public attitude? When he was born into this world; his mother forgot to teach him one subject i.e. HUMILITY and ALWAYS RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS!

Tony Fernandez is not just a big fat liar on paper but also a very thick skin son of prostitute who would never told the truth about the grounding of his three aircrafts in Indonesia. He tweeted so much but what he would never tweet is his AirAsia crashes and accidents to his fans. We believe he paid out a lot of money to release his aircrafts in Indonesia. He now needs loads of fund for topping up Tune Group that is drying out pretty soon. His only left idea is to gain the public trust again by continuously misleading the public to buy his AirAsia shares when he launches his IPO spree in the next year.

Talking to his recruited corporate espionage!!! Where’s and who’s next he should be attacking?

We received some Intel on Tony Fernandez’s order to his men to follow closely watching two of the union leaders in Maseu and other MAS Associations. So be very careful guys!!! We do not have names of Tony Fernandez’s targets.

This is Gareth S. Eynon; the Headmaster for Epsom College in Malaysia. Epsom is a college and even Tony Fernandez is desperate to make money from those as young as 11 years of age. The student entry’s age is between 11 years to 18 years of age. Wow!!! We’re amazed with his desperado pattern to even want to make 11 years old student pays for his school.

This gonna be a slap to the ruling party given more reasons for the BABI to condemn the government for privatizing education in Malaysia. It’s another strategy from BABI for Tony BABI Fernandez to sabotage the ruling party. Isn’t this truly called “an organized crime”?

Tony Fernandez’s transformation strategy is to employ Mat Salleh only as top management or the foreigners such as Mr. Gareth S. Eynon or the Planet CON-Sultant Shane Nollan or those with Mat Salleh names or Christian names such as Bernard Francis included those irreligious characters like Rozman of whom Tony Fernandez had hired into MAS before Tony left MAS as Board of Directors. Bernard Francis was MAS corporate espionage during former CEO Tengku Azmil’s leadership. Bernard Francis was tasked by Tony Fernandez to sabotage MAS former CEO Tengku Azmil’s plans by lowering the airfares from premium fares to low cost fares for MAS and had caused MAS to declare more loses. Today, Bernard Francis has returned to AirAsia and is reporting to Tony Fernandez working as AirAsia Regional General Manager in Jakarta.

Tony Fernandez would rather employ foreigners paying them higher salary than having those who can sabotage their own kinds to work for him when he gets back into Malaysia Airlines later. Our investigation disclosed the demand from BABI – Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim to Tony Fernandez sparing PKR supporters especially MATA, NUFAM and AMALAE if he successfully securing Malaysia Airlines’ deals. What about those who are not BABI supporters? Will they be saved from termination right after Tony Fernandez took over Malaysia Airlines?

Our AirAsia confidential informants disclosed to us that Tony Fernandez feels it’s easy to employ the foreigners who will work extensively without complaining about the job they’re undertaking than employing those who would complains much about pays by making comparison with MAS. Tony Fernandez does not like his workers to have loads of complains and if the complainants have caught Tony’s attention, Tony Fernandez will ask his men to take care of those who’ve spoken sensitively about AirAsia working terms and conditions and the pay.

It’s our confidential informants from AirAsia that had alerted us about Tony Fernandez – a real troublemaker, a pimp who introduces his AirAsia cabin crew to his business partners for sex favors, money laundering and drug trafficker. We in malaysiaairlinesfamilies hope these incidents are recorded and youtubed for public viewing to save hundreds of other people’s daughter from prostituting under Tony Fernandez’s instruction.

Tomorrow will be a celebration for Deepavali around the globe and we at malaysiaairlinesfamilies wish Tony Fernandez a HAPPY DEEPAVALI even though he denied himself being an Indian descendant.

Happy Big Deepavali to Tony Fernandez!!! 

Happy Deepavali to Tony Fernandez!

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3 thoughts on “Tony Fernandez is a troublemaker, pimp, money launderers and drug traffickers for AirAsia – Part II

  1. This whole article is chock full of [citation needed] tags.

    I don’t like AA or Tony F, but you’re calling him a pimp, drug kingpin or whatnot needs some hard evidence dude. Otherwise you sound like a childish Form 1 kid name calling his classmates.

    You might want to check on MAS. Its making huge losses over RM300M/quarter & a share price which is now only RM1. Thats the result of DECADES of poor mgmt, bailouts, bad contracts and etc. Its gonna get worse.

    Another thing. Tony doesn’t celebrate Deepavali.

    • Dear Jay,

      First thing fist – thank you for confirming to malaysiaairlinesfamilies that Tony Fernandez doesn’t celebrate Deepavali. However, we still wish Tony Fernandez a Happy Deepavali!!!

      Mr. Jay just alerted us of Tony Fernandez’s religion and we’re pretty sure he needs not have to hate against Hindus celebrating Deepavali and Malaysia Airlines for kicking him out of Malaysia Airlines. We’ll keep monitoring his progress within ASEAN countries particularly Indonesia.

      On his habits of taking drugs, licking drugs and becoming a pimp for AirAsia are all well-known and talking about having evidence; will you show the public when taking drugs? Of course it will be too risky and stupid; don’t you think so Mr. Tony Fernandez…oops Dear Jay.

      Cheers to Tony Fernandez and thank you for your continuous patronage to our site under the cowardice identity.

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