Malaysia Airlines have gangster Flight Attendant a.k.a. The NUFAM troublemakers – Part IV

Aloha from malaysiaairlinesfamilies. We wanna thank those who patiently waited for our posting on this topic. We’ve investigated only in Malaysia Airlines it is permitted to form gangsterism club which we’ve written here – Gangster Flight Attendant a.k.a. The NUFAM Troublemaker Part I, II and III.

The philosophy allowing the gangsterism perhaps is to spreading its wings inoculating quietly a group of opposition party building a platform for PR inside Malaysia Airlines cultivating anti-government ruling strategy. It has already started since the day Tony Fernandez met BABI – Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim strategizing the collapse of the ruling party in the upcoming 13th General Election.

The tangible evidence is showcased by present MAS top management whom are AA cronies condoning the misconducts conducted by the gangster Flight Attendants a.k.a. Mr. Lipas man. Our intercepted information revealed Tony Fernandez has instructed Ahmad Jauhari to guard the Lipas man from being charged of his misconducts if any.

As Mr. Lipas man is given the task to destroy MAS cabin crew first as Lipas man was asked by Tony Fernandez to communicate with Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) of whom are Tony Fernandez’s gang to propose the change for MAS flight crew flight scheduling and planning with that the same with AirAsia practice.

We have received the reliable information on Mr. Lipas Man proposing to decrease the minimum rest period for both MAS Pilot and Cabin Crew to assist Tony Fernandez in his propaganda to continue operating AirAsia X into Europe and United Kingdom.

The rewards Ahmad Jauhari shall appreciate Mr. Lipas man would be more flights to Lipas man favorite places such as Los Angeles and maybe London too. Recently, Mr. Lipas man and his homewrecker bitch were seen honeymooning to Los Angeles at the expense of Malaysia Airlines.

Well Mr. Lipas man, we’re not evil after all and we’re only exposing your evil planning collaborating with Tony Fernandez and PKR against Malaysia Airlines – the crime you have not accomplished yet!!!

The government should have charged Mr. Lipas man for organizing against Malaysia Airlines with Tony Fernandez and group Pakatan Harapan Rakyat (direct translation – People’s hope alliances). We believe the group had split from PKR to PHR – Pakatan Harapan Rakyat after PAS and DAP may have found out there’s an organizing crime behind the rakyat (people of Malaysia) where BABI is collaborating with George Soros – the man who nearly destroyed Malaysia in 1998 via global financial crisis. In United States George Soros is like Tony Fernandez. So briefly stating, in United States they have George Soros; in Asia Pacific region we have Tony Fernandez. We’ll be educating our readers of the IPO launching strategy by Tony Fernandez real soon. Get ready to fasten your seat belt and tighten your seat belt as you’re about to witness the manipulation of trading in market shares. But now, let’s get down to Mr. Lipas man’s story…..

Look at what Mr. Lipas did with NUFAM funds!!! As alerted by our reader earlier; Mr. Lipas man has been withdrawing from NUFAM account with the assistance from his General Secretary by forging the General Secretary’s signature to perform withdrawal from cheques. Perhaps, the NUFAM General Secretary purposely allows his signatory to be easily forged by Lipas man.

We believe Mr. Lipas man withdrew funds from NUFAM account for paying his personal debts that he spent in his Las Vegas trip with his home-wrecker slut for gambling and shopping. Our reliable informants have tipped us on Mr. Lipas man’s gambling habits and his high personal debts. It sounds like Mr. Lipas is so broke and currently should be receiving assignment monetary program from Tony Fernandez.

Mr. Lipas man was in the casino whilst his home-wrecker slut shopped until she dropped!!!

See….she wore shortest pants!!! Madam Mcphee…..weee…..

Unfortunately, Mr. Lipas man has to kill MAS cabin crew completely before he is paid with that reward by Tony Fernandez. 

The conspiracy between Mr. Lipas man and Tony Fernandez to destroy Malaysia Airlines is termed “An organized crime”.  It is backed by Ahmad Jauhari who prepared his planning to sell out MAE and MRO to Tony Fernandez as soon as possible assisted by some thugs in the MAS engineering division.

Our informant tipped us of the home-wrecker who was living in Saraka Flat in Puchong now is hiding in Zen Residence Puchong. The home-wrecker left her 8 years of marriages and gave up on her newborn 2 years old baby to her ex-husband for Mr. Lipas man.

And Mr. Lipas man left his wife and daughter and lives in luxury condominium at Putri Palma Condominium IOI Marriot Resort that costs almost a million ringgit for a condominium (appx US$ 300,000). This is how he finds the lucrative business in dealing with the gullible MAS cabin crew who feed him with monthly dues for his luxury lifestyle doing nothing but talking like he’s doing something bigger. What MAS cabin crew didn’t realize is that they were taken for a ride by Mr. Lipas man.

Our informant demands the religious department to charge them for KHALWAT before marriage. We hope the religious department will pick up this indecent exposure made easily available for JAIS to act prudently.

“Is this what you called a credible leader who cheated his wife and family? If he had cheated his wife and family; will he not cheat on his members too?”

Stay tuned with malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more insight exciting true story!!!

9 thoughts on “Malaysia Airlines have gangster Flight Attendant a.k.a. The NUFAM troublemakers – Part IV

  1. Look at that…a senior cabin crew member in uniform conducting himself like the airline belongs to him!!! Keep your private life PRIVATE…didn’t they tell you that in your basic training classes or has seniority and position swelled your supposedly better ‘head’!!
    Shameful conduct!!

    • My oh my! Not only keeping it private, doesnt he have respect for the family he had left? Heard it was really a long years of marriage and leaving a beautiful teenage daughter. Showing off openly on social network..astho they have no value and easily forgotten? Talking about compassion as a leader! Where is his brain??Wow!! And pity the exhusband of the homewrecker too. Infact they are both homewreckers. Heard It was Lipasman 4th divorce!! Never learn Lipasman!

  2. Haaahaaaa…so so funny u mhf guys…u got no balls like wee choo keong…wtf la weii…go chk those people who have done worst things la wei…jokers..u make my pussy laugh…..

    • Dear Yus baby,

      Looks like it’s true people say you speak with balls in your mouth. 😀 Seriously, we never knew your pussy can laugh too. Your pussy must be very powerful to wreck other people’s family too. That’s a wow for us! Does your pussy sing too? Sending our love to Madam Mc Phee Weee…the one with the pussy that can laugh!!! Cheers babe!

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