The GAME is OVER for Ahmad Jauhari!

This week will begin with Ahmad Jauhari switching his course for declaratory judgment over the accounts of profits for Malaysia Airlines fearing the wrath of the powerful MAS Unions.

Either way Ahmad Jauhari has lost in the game that he didn’t know how to play!

Failing in fulfilling his obligation as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director for Malaysia Airlines has pledged himself grave consequential damages.

Stalling the recovery plan for Malaysia Airlines is a fraud fiduciary duty. Ahmad Jauhari has put his personal interests before his fiduciary duty benefiting him a fiduciary position harboring Nepotism which is his sister Roziah; who had been harboring the wrong-doers inside Malaysia Airlines department transforming the Human Resources division into Human Remains Subsection.

It goes like this – the wrongdoer gets away from being charged and the innocent gets to be the set up as the fall-guy. Setting up the righteous one as the fall-guy now is the latest business strategy in MAS Human Remains division. It’s all about dirty politics!

That is why Ahmad Jauhari fails in managing his own top management. Garnished from his failure to fulfill his fiduciary duty, he lost the control over his sister i.e. Roziah who’s managing him with wrong directions resulted from her personal political intents.

Under a separate supplementary Joint Venture, Ahmad Jauhari is collaborating with Tony Fernandez auctioning MAS MRO and MAE favorably to AirAsia. We believe Ahmad Jauhari fears of the reliance damages which can be proven occurred when the failure of one party to meet a contractual obligation. We also believe the contractual claim giving rise to the damages (breach of contract versus a tort claim) are a potential type of direct Joint Venture between Ahmad Jauhari and Tony Fernandez from AirAsia.

Henceforward, Ahmad Jauhari may face another consequential damages in cost of unfinished work on time as a result of his collaboration with Tony Fernandez.

Aren’t we so right about you, Ahmad Jauhari?

Parachuting the hairless man into MAS MAE was the agreement between Tony Fernandez and Ahmad Jauhari which also clearly oversees the evidence of collaboration between Ahmad Jauhari and Tony Fernandez from AirAsia.

The hairless man is still the loyal worker of Tony Fernandez. The minute he landed into MAS MAE he had signed the Joint Venture with Tony Fernandez of AirAsia to fully surrender MAS MAE as AirAsia new equity. Worse luck; the deal is cubed by the powerful MAS Unions.

Our investigations revealed shockingly there is another collaboration between some of the Engineering workers and MAS MAE CEO which the hairless man is leading – Azhari Mohd Dahlan; also the brother to one of MAS former CEO – Dato’ Fuad Mohd Dahlan.

Now the Avengers sent from AirAsia have just begun showing their true colors.  Some of the workers in the Engineering Division have been guaranteed a super fast promotion if they had participated in MAS Unions election or have sustained a position inside the powerful MAS Unions to unblock the transfer of MAS equity to AirAsia for Tony Fernandez.

There is evidence of Ahmad Jauhari showering MAS middle management with more traveling opportunities spending millions of ringgit at the expense of workers’ blood and sweats. Another visible evidence on Ahmad Jauhari is the promotion for MAS middle management became automatic at the turning point for garnering fraternity support with the intent to securing him the CEO position until MAS MAE and MRO have been handed-over completely to Tony Fernandez of AirAsia.

In our conclusive investigation, Ahmad Jauhari is saving AirAsia for Tony Fernandez. By 2014, AirAsia would have been down in the drain if Tony Fernandez failed to secure MAS licensed MAE and MRO for AirAsia cost efficiency project.

MAPA – Malaysia Airlines Pilot Association have not been involved in the political arena. Alas, securing experts within its division and platform – nice work!   However, still need a watch out for those in favor of AirAsia in the authority department. You know what we meant! Next year would be a year for AirAsia Avengers getting into MAPA platform controlling MAS operational requirement.

Please stay informed with Malaysiaairlinesfamilies. Upcoming post – Lipas man or BABI?


11 thoughts on “The GAME is OVER for Ahmad Jauhari!

  1. I believe you got the wrong informations about this because you got all the infos from Hj Malek and the gang.My friend was one of the representative from ATWUS told he attended that meeting.It took place at Holiday Villa Subang.The main agenda is MASEU try to lobby all unions and association in MAS so that Tan Sri Ahmad Johan(NADI owner) can buy MAS.FYI,Airod is owned by NADI .So who is the BACKSTABBER?Of course Hj Malek n the gang including Jabarullah who has been fired by the members during last TGM.They want to privatise MAS.Unfortunately,Jabarullah still runs the show because Hj Malek used his power to retain him.Hj Malek breaks the constituition.RTU should take look deeper in it.If this story goes to our beloved Prime Minister for sure RTU will be smashed back.

    This is the article from the Star

    Meeting with MAS unions and associations; is it for privatisation?
    Friday Reflections – By B.K. Sidhu

    TWO weeks ago, more than 30 representatives from the eight unions and associations at the national carrier met with the airline’s former managing director Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman.

    It is unclear who called for the meeting but it took place at a hotel near Malaysia Airlines (MAS) office in Subang.

    The agenda was to discuss the “goings-on” in the industry.

    But possible privatisation of the airline was also discussed.

    The talk about MAS possibly being taken private is not new; it is a long standing rumour and several names have been linked to it including Nadi Sdn Bhd boss Tan Sri Ahmad Johan who recently set up Malindo Airways with Indonesia’s Lion Air.

    There is going to be a second meeting.

    Those who attended the first meeting have been told to keep themselves free on either Oct 28 or 29 for a second session with Aziz.

    The venue has not been decided and the agenda unknown.

    However, those in the know are saying it has something to do with privatisation.

    Officially, there is no word on taking MAS private but the unions/associations are being courted.

    Perhaps the interested parties want to make sure they have the “buy-in” from the unions/associations in the event of privatisation.

    Why the unions/associations? To recap, this was the group that objected furiously to the share-swap deal with AirAsia.

    Perhaps the “buy in” is seen as necessary but past successes did not guarantee future achievements.

    Whatever the agenda, the crux of the matter is that MAS is in a turnaround mode.

    Those in charge of the turnaround should be given enough time to make it happen so that there is tangible results and value accretion.

    MAS will be part of the oneworld alliance by year-end which promises more passengers and more routes.

    And the airline will have one of the newest fleets as it takes delivery of new aircraft, and with all the positives, there is a higher price to pay.

    From all “sell” calls on the airline, there are two brokerages – Maybank Investment and OSK Research – that have called a “buy” on the stock.

    Although the return to profitability is still distant, the break even point could well be in the third quarter of this year, according to Maybank in its report.

    Whether another privatisation is good or bad is really up to those who know what is best for the airline, but whoever is plotting the future flight path should take a page from the previous privatisation and see whether it is really a fantastic idea.

    What value can this group bring to the table and how much better can the airline be?

    Do they have the expertise and more importantly, do they have the financial muscle, or are they only interested in the engineering and maintenance units, which have all the accreditation and certifications?

    Privatisation is a nice thought but is it really do-able at this juncture and can it create value?

    That is a major consideration and whatever good intentions some may have, they have to think hard this time around.

  2. Dear So Sweet but Bitter Facts,

    Your belief is within your own perception restricted by your world of inaccurate information that contains defamatory. In our world, we have independent group of investigators who are THE PROFESSIONALS. Our investigations are 99% independent and in full accountability which you can view here in our blog where some of our posts have transparently proven with genuine photos. So save your time for defaming others and our credibility.

    Either you’re born retarded or a foolish informant ever we had so far. However, we still thank you for your continuous flow of supply of inaccurate information and we wish to remind you WE ARE NOT THE FOOLS of the FOOLS. We already know Ahmad Jauhari is afraid of losing his position with MAS that pays him RM90,000 per month. His task is to stall MAS recovery plan by delaying the alliance with ONEWORLD with intent to provide AirAsia the space to restructuring their survivability and the hand-over of MAE and MRO complete to Tony Fernandez as soon as MAS Unions is crippled.

    We believe Ahmad Jauhari is paid top-dollars by Tony Fernandez for stalling MAS recovery plan and replacing MAS top management with AA proxies before the Oneworld full membership is accomplished. We also believe you are paid to feed us defamatory facts.

    Thanks but no thanks to you for your deceit and lies. Please send our regards to Ahmad Jauhari and your comment is published for public viewing including delivering the message to the person you’re defaming about. Cheers!

    • D idiot sweet guy must be Hamidon & Mujahid Arab!!! Gosh! They got paid by azhari m. dahlan to sabot maeu election. They got promotion oredi but got stagnant cos lost in the election..hehe.. Friends in RTU reveal they wanna form new union for mae & mro. They r oso anti-najib 2. Bodoi punya mas staffs!!!

      • Dat’s Mujahiddin Arabie not Arab….2nd head Mohd Alizam Kusrin ex-VP maseu got 3 wives 1 of them is ex-maseu exco old chicks oso a widow…de rest r mohd sharil osman…Hamidon ismail…mualimin mohd zain…azahari ismail….nik muhainan…mohd zuhir…all spies 4 Pakatan Rakyat Anwar Ibrahim….mati lah mas…

    • We believe?That’s mean its not true.It just based on belief only.Anyway please provide with fact at least a newspaper article.This is serious issue.Nowadays people are very smart.They can judge which true and which is not.And to mas got traitors,the way you’re pointing at other people reflects the true image of your nickname.No prove what…Okay let Ahmad Jauhari lead the way.Tony already left us

      • Dear So Sweet with Bitter Facts,

        Whether it is true we shall see the upcoming declaration by Ahmad Jauhari. Anyone who have good sense of mind would’ve known Ahmad Jauhari will lead MAS to bankrupt. You said “Okay, let Ahmad Jauhari lead the way. Tony already left us”. We said “You’re an idiot who cannot compare between black and white and that’s why your email add is with IP address

        Either you’re really the idiot or you’re Tony Fernandez himself the “blacksheep” who called himself “I am not Indian”. Why is Tony Fernandez not recognizing his own descendant? We won’t waste our time on you anymore Mr. So Sweet but So STUPID.

        However, we believe you’re Ahmad Jauhari himself showing support for your own clueless self! 😀 Hah….of course you’re not that intelligent after all.

        Ahmad Jauhari promises to the head of MATA and AMALAE a huge opportunity of promotion from Manager to General Manager. Who does not want that cake opportunity? The question is will Ahmad Jauhari i.e. you will last long in MAS and will you be able to carry out your promises for MATA and AMALAE?

        Cheers to the STUPEFYING CEO!

  3. i have been told that MASEU has been investigate by RTU..hahaha..MALEK and the gang now panas punggung..comments from zz, anony 29 okt, and mas got triator are rubbish dont let MALEK make u as his donkey.hehehehe.

    • Dear IP address,

      We know you’ve been posting comments under different personalities. Perhaps, you’re so unreal and confused. If your aim is to help Tony Fernandez for coming back into MAS thinking you can have promotion. Well! Either you do not know Tony Fernandez is Master of MANIPULATORS and a pirate who robs and loots other people’s property and belongings. You think Tony Fernandez would have made you a manager if gets back to MAS then you’re in deep shit!!!

      We have investigated the existence of MASEU is the stumbling block for Tony Fernandez’s comeback and you’re helping Tony Fernandez to complete his MAS Heist which he failed and blocked by MASEU and MAS Unions and Associations. Then you’ll be out of the job soon when Tony Fernandez gets back into Malaysia Airlines.

      So we say you’re very confused idiot who’s gonna lose your job with MAS very soon!!! Good luck for finding new job. Whatt an idiot!!!

      Whether MASEU is being reported or not we’re not interested as long as they function to block Tony Fernandez away from MAS. For your information, we’re interested in Tony Fernandez’s strategy that included using the stupid you!!! Cheers!

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