Malaysia Airlines have gangster Flight Attendants a.k.a. The NUFAM Troublemakers – Part III

Introducing the Mr. & Mrs. President of NUFAM – the wife beater and the home-wrecker a.k.a. The Troublemakers!

The Lipas Man and the gangster lady in charged of NUFAM Open Forum were caught of their public indecent acts. In Malaysia, muslims are prohibited from displaying their public indecent acts such like the above act. It’s called closed proximity and usually a muslim woman is encouraged to dress up decently without showing her bra or even her smallest breast to the public.

Howdy Mr. & Mrs. President of NUFAM! We’ve got more story to tell after our intensive investigations. They are both are Muslims and officially an unmarried couple. The religious department needs to get down on these two Troublemakers and shameful indecent couple. Those MAS cabin crew in the picture above who have been assisting in funding Mr. & Mrs. President should have been terminated too.

The gangster lady a.k.a. The Home-wrecker is also one of the prostitutes Tony Fernandez had before and here is more pictures we uncovered recently.

Madam McPhee…weee!!!

But where is the breast?

OMG!!! Flat chest home-wrecker?

The home-wrecker showing off her sexiness to the world!

Next time do send us your nude picture please!

Exposing her bra to the world without respecting the religion as a muslim woman! Shamefully she is a mother of one child and the wife of another man! The MEDONNA-dressed up slut!

Is this the same home-wrecker? Let’s find out on our next episode Part IV!

The wife beater and the home-wrecker both shacking up in a luxury condominium while the Lipas Man is paid top-dollars by Tony Fernandez to max-up his plan sabotaging MAS cabin crew inside Malaysia Airlines.

Our reliable sources affirmed the Ministry of Human Resource gave affirmative to NUFAM where it has no locus-standi to represent MAS cabin crew after we exposed Maznah Mazlan and the Lipas Man’s underground jobs to the world.

The Prime Minister must take drastic measures to SACK Deputy Minister of Human Remains – Maznah Mazlan before she screws another Government Linked Company (GLC).

Despite the affirmation received from the Ministry of Human Remains under Maznah Mazlan, the Lipas Man and his home-wrecker continue lying to NUFAM and MAFAA members whilst enjoying the members’ monthly contributions settling the condominium the Lipas Man has bought for his home-wrecker.

Wanna know what’s the address? Stay tuned to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for Part IV.

28 thoughts on “Malaysia Airlines have gangster Flight Attendants a.k.a. The NUFAM Troublemakers – Part III

  1. SHOCKING!!! Both are married with children!!! These are the kind of parents who contribute to a lot of problems in our society now, not even fit to be called parents…am not judging but by any standard, religious, moral….it is just wrong!! And to hold positions in the pretext of leading and safe-guarding other people’s rice-bowls…definitely not role-models and of leadership material!!

    • Dear MH-J,

      It is a shocking revelation to us as well. Somehow the truth needed to be told to the public and let’s see what’s the actions that will be taken up by MAS Human Remains lady minister Zahrah Zaid who is known to be SEEING NO DEVIL and HEAR NO EVIL. Cheers!

      • Dat bitch Zahrah Zaid also 2 peas in same pot with Azhari n AJ. Dun dream any involvement wat more to say wat action needed to take on these KHALWAT!!!

  2. Sowhat,u lived in a society with plenty of other worst things..u need to show ur true objectives MF…dun behaved like cowards n use personal agendas to fight..u r attacking the persons…so u think the politicians dun have fotos with their loved ones…u use personal pictures to attack, these are private fotos which u posted n tats invading ones privacy…dare u to come out in opeh la…u shud hold credibility than to go on personal attacks…what la MF!

    • Dear KK Leong or shall we say Greetings Ismail Lipas Man?

      The truth in photos are self-explanatory taken from the leaders who have been cheating it’s members since the inception of NUFAM. Mind you, we did a favor exposing your inner truth to your members. However, we do understand you would continuously attacking us with all sorts of emails just like the way you’re attacking your own peers and your family members.

      What people see now is your inner self centeredness and most greedy MAS cabin crew on earth. How Tony Fernandez paid you and your peers to destroy others is how he’s paying to your peers destroying you. Cheers!

  3. How can one be a leader when own family not taken care with all fairness, commit adultery with another men’s wife. What’s sought of morale this president is trying to reveal. And why are the members so blind and not question his credibility. if he cheats and lie to his family, chances are he is cheating on the members too. Duhhhhh

    • Dear AntiNufam,

      Well stated and it’s part of the reality where we do get affirmative tmany out of blind judgment many have become victims of treacherous act where deceits clouded it’s members judgment. However, the truth always prevails and not for long this NUFAM will soon be charged of criminal breach of trust by the Ministry once Mukhtiz lost in his upcoming election while Maznah Mazlan is terminated from the Ministerial level. We do somehow got emails confirming Maznah Mazlan could’ve been involved too with the Lipas Man. Cheers!

  4. I note the blog has good objectives but encroaching into ones personal library of photos and exposing it to the public, is a NO NO. You just make others wonder how non credible your site is now MF.

  5. Dear Mohd,

    We appreciated your comment. Fortunately, we have many fans and supports who have been looking forward for some juicy evidence of treachery – here the case included commited adultery whilst both were still married. Get ready to view our sequence on next postings. Now everyone know Malaysiaairlinesfamilies meant business when we say we’re gonna expose the inner truth. However, despite your difference in opinion we now know we’ve gained a guaranteed reader.


    • Yes MH-J “not a leadership material.” Mr KKLeong, private fotos u said? If as a muslim they think its private? Allah melihat setiap perbuatan. Nothing is private okay.. Want to be a leader and dont know about halal and haram? Mr Lipas man would probably think makan duit members as HALAL. N all nufam excos can share and bersubahat with their beloved president!! Fools!!

  6. MAF, taniah kerana berjaya membongkarkan niat NUFAM. Lipas man & his union excos sama-sama makan duit member ajerr..seronok kerana keselesaan mengutip duit-duit dari anak-anak kapal yg buta dan bodoh.

  7. Syukur, many cabin crew are only SPM holders with not much of education. Not suprise many cannot even write a piece of letter too but still pity them for falling into booby trap led by lipas man. MAS Cabin crew should appreciate now is they still have jobs unlike Air Asia cabin crew no jobs anytime Tony says. Must carry Tony’s balls if want promotion. Promotions are fast in AA but only in position. Pay in AA sucks cos promotion or no promotion pay still the same. Better don’t come to AA.

  8. Aiya, this guy- shish! got no respect for authourity. Thinks he is above all. Pity the poor junior girl- got conned n now HR may have to intervene. Should it happen, lets see how MAFAA can help her.

  9. ‘memang benar tidak baik selongkar peribadi orang,soalnya kenapa lipas man postingfoto2 peribadi untuk public viewing,dan apakah tidak malu atau lipas man merasa sedikit bimbang andai foto2nya nanti akan disalahguna?bagaimana dengan lipas woman?apakah beliau juga tidak dapat memikirkan keadaan dirinya juga atau mengharapkn lipas man melindungi lipas woman selama ini..nampaknya syarikat shelltox atau dettol dapat menghilangkan ‘lipas2’ ini segera tetapi masalahnya serangga lipas adalah paling sukar dihilangkan walaupun pakai ubat serangga jenis nuklear..simpati atas keadaan ini..namun pencegahan kemungkaran melalui MF adalah usaha yang berani dan mulia..walaupun dicela..adakala ia wajar dilakukan jika tidak orang ramai akan tertipu,actually ahh..imej akhlak pemimpin adalah penting..islam tak malu..orangnya lah yang tak malu..nak jual ‘ubat’ tapi ‘ubat’ sendiri tak tak pakai..maka jadilah penyakit..cakap mesti serupa bikin..nampak gayanya dia bikin lain.

  10. well lipas, he is the president of so called NATIONAL UNION.. im sure ms lipas has no worry or fear as mr lipas is there to fight tooth n nails for her. fr wht i heard she is not affected a bit by MF blog.. Mmmmmm, we shall see

  11. Ehh, that last poolside photo where I live lah… Puteri Palma Condo 2. Same complex that TF has condo for his ‘favourite’ ones. Damn, there goes the neighborhood – time to move out $%#&¥@?!

  12. keep it up MF!!!now everyday i open MF blog..unfortunately u keep us waiting and waiting for your new entry of bout the lipas man..

  13. Pergi lantaklah berapa banyak dosa dia orang nak buat, dia orang dah besar tahu dosa yang ditanggung. For the NUFAM pulak asalkan semua kerja dia buat tak diabaikan sudah. Kalau nak cakap pasal duit NUFAM tu ada bukti ke? You tahu ke apa dosa mengfitnah orang, lagi pulak ada tukang audit bagi setiap syarikat so auditer tu ada untuk apa? Korang rasa boleh nak suka-suka belanja duit ikut suka komiti yang ada tu ingat nak diam je. I nasihatkan pergi lah belajar benda yang tak tahu tu baru lah boleh nak cerita banyak-banyak. You all yang sebok sangat ni no life ke? Kalau dah tak serasi dgn pasangan masing-2 lepaskan dan cary on with your life. Pasal Tony pulak kalau dah terjumpa kat tempat kerja takan nak menyombong pulak, kalau orang ajak minum kita minum lah. Kalau nak ikutkan I pun ada buat macam tu dalam airline ni. Sekarang ni kes I dia orang bawak bagi pihak I jalan dgn lancar tak ada masaalah dgn personal life dia orang. Apa ada kena mengena personal life dia orang dgn apa yang dia orang buat kerja dia orang sekarang ni yang ada setengah orang tu tak boleh nak buat langsung. Ok terima kasih kerana membaca cerita I diatas ni.

    • If the auditors are paid by them.. Anything could be adjusted. Btw, this really sound like the flat chested stewardess as a lot in the airline said, “she speaks like a crook”.!! Hahahaha.. ! It is normal to sound sour when you yourself being a homewrecker. Wait, one of these days a member will bring in an independent auditor. As it is now, information close from Kayu Nasi Kandar regular client, Nufam President are frequently seen at their Maybank branch withdrawing and signing his own mafaa/nufam cheque. Heard that even his sec gen signature he could duplicate easily..Oh wow!! Amazing Conman..

  14. You people are a pathetic group of hens clucking at other people. To think such backwards and stone age thinking is still populated among the minds of people after we have landed on the moon. Grow up, get with the times, and stay out of other people business. Just because you do not like something, does not mean you are right, you conservative hive mind religious nuts.

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