Malaysia Airlines have gangster Flight Attendants a.k.a. The NUFAM Troublemaker – Part II

The troublemaker NUFAM got baffled after receiving official warning letters from both the Ministry and Malaysia Airlines. Warning letters included the barring of NUFAM’s activity within Malaysia Airlines territories have been issued to Lipas Man last month.

We have been informed NUFAM has issues with its constitutions that (if being granted of recognition by MAS) would have categorized MAS cabin crew under non-negotiable workers without the power to negotiate for the Collective Agreement with Malaysia Airlines.

Although at this juncture, NUFAM has failed to be recognized by Malaysia Airlines, the Lipas man continues to bamboozle both MAS and AirAsia cabin crew with what NUFAM can offer. Our reliable resources informed us which NUFAM supposedly is having its re-election affair however has been postponed indefinitely after the Lipas Man is informed of his own peers will be overthrowing him out of NUFAM in the upcoming NUFAM election.

From our centre of intelligence, NUFAM will be ca-hooting with AMALAE while AMALAE will be ca-hooting with MATA come together defeating MAS Unions putting together efforts (NUFAM. AMALAE & MATA) to bring back Tony Fernandez into Malaysia Airlines. Whilst PKR’s followers are conquering MATA, Tony Fernandez is said will be conquering NUFAM and AMALAE.

We have received confirmation NUFAM is officially formed by Mukhriz through Maznah Mazlan to change a new Government boycotting present Prime Minister of Malaysia wielding the opposition party as the instrumental measures to collapse the present Prime Minister in the next GE-13 election.

Now we know the actual mastermind behind NUFAM is Tony Fernandez and he has been commanding the Lipas Man to execute of his evil plans inside Malaysia Airlines. In a way, Ismail Nasaruddin a.k.a. the LIPAS Man is executing MAS heist for Tony Fernandez after Ahmad Jauhari stop taking calls from him.

The two peas in a pot – Tony Fernandez’s evil plans including collaborating with BABI – Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim where Tony Fernandez will own Malaysia Airlines while the BABI get to ascend to the throne gradually demolish the UMNO group.

Destroying MAS best cabin crew by cutting down their wages and benefits is one of the evil plans by Tony Fernandez. One of MAS workers’ benefits was withdrawn during Tony Fernandez’s reigning days in Malaysia Airlines that lasted for eight months. Tony Fernandez has seen the danger of which it could have easily wiped out AirAsia X and had it abolished before he resigned as MAS board of directors.

Avenging against MAS Unions is also Tony Fernandez’s next plan getting control of MAS Union so to allow his new Johnny Fernandez – Azahari Dahlan to sign over MAE to AirAsia. MAS MAE’s equity will be shared with AirAsia (20%) and AirAsia X (30%) putting together MAS MAE as MAS/AirAsia MAE.

MAS MAE under MAS/AirAsia collaboration will allow MAS Engineering workers be pulled out from the Collective Agreement between MAS Unions and Malaysia Airlines leaving MAS Engineering workers without any benefits to safeguard of their future with Malaysia Airlines.

The Malaysians have lost faith in Muhkriz after Evil Kutty blindly endorsed the marriage of MAS & AirAsia via share swap that was annulled by the present Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Feeling full of vengeance – Tony Fernandez is setting his eyes watching the present Prime Minister stepping down after the GE-13 election.

So MAS Unions, do what you have to do to stop this Evil Tony Fernandez from going back into Malaysia Airlines.

Stay tuned to our Part II of Tony Fernandes making a comeback to MAS with the help of bent politicians and a few of MAS workers


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