Tony Fernandez is a troublemaker, PIMPs, money launderers and drug traffickers for AirAsia – Part I

Everyone now knows Tony Fernandez is direct bloodline of Indian descendant even Tony Fernandez tries very hard to conceal his true Indian ascent.  Perhaps he’s embarrassed of his own wrong-doings being a Malaysian-Indian that has been cheating tourists whilst continuously misleading our Malaysians with his hidden charges including the convenience charges. Tony Fernandez only created 5900 jobs (not anymore 9000 jobs) in Malaysia and boycotting the ruling party B-END in increasing higher unemployment rates for the country and poverty for our citizens.

Compared to Malaysian Government, the ruling party who backs Malaysia Airlines with 20,000 sustainable jobs, Tony Fernandez is not a hero as claiming by many. In reality, Tony Fernandez creates agonies and suffering among his co-workers who’ve worked for him.

The recent information we received which is because of Tony Fernandez that bloggers are now become available providing information on AirAsia’s fraud and scam that many tourists included our own Malaysian travelers have encountered with the fraudulent practice as adopted by Tony Fernandez for AirAsia making everyone defenseless and duped.

It may be true that Tony Fernandez does provide a low-cost airfares which everybody can fly but he also provides the SHOTS where everybody can die SOONER and younger.

Tony Fernandez, the son of the prostitute has transformed most AirAsia’s female workers into prostitutes. Even in Japan, Tony Fernandez gave his commands crowning AirAsia X Japan’s cabin crew as the In Flight GRO providing not just entertainment but free sex services. It’s like SEX IN THE AIR above the ground. Why not? That’s very creative of Tony Fernandez. Unfortunately,the plan isn’t going well because of the strong unions surrounding the Japanese island.

The actuality about the amazing gullible AirAsia’s workers is that they are defenseless, gullible and hopelessly helpless because of Evil Kutty’s standing by Tony Fucker to continue his criminal activities in this region. We assume Evil Kutty is used to camouflage Tony Fernandez’s criminal conducts.

Today, we could say Tony Fernandez is not only a CEO of AirAsia but also the AirAsia PIMP/CEO. AirAsia’s cabin crew are used to transfer a lump sum of cash during the transit from certain destinations AirAsia flies into. The cash is unfathomable to be laundered as AirAsia’s airfares embedded as other hidden charges. Now we know how Tony Fernandez does his money laundry worldwide.

Tony Fernandez did control KLCCT and his relocation of his headquarters was the reason of his loss in the control of KLCCT. Whilst he was controlling KLCCT, he controlled the security. There’s where he indirectly assisted drug lords easily by-passed KLCCT smuggled in Ecstasy pills for his slaves to entertain his guests coming from overseas.

His lavish lifestyle is of high maintenance almost paralleled to Donald Trump’s superstar lifestyle. His ideology includes owning Malaysia Airlines and finding his nemo finally the BABI – Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim who has history of sodomy and explicit sexual conversation in the recordings tape involving BABI’s sexual activities that has been circulated well worldwide. Tony Fernandez has arrived with his resolution to collaborate with BABI and some PKR’s followers for controlling Malaysia Airlines after his failure to possess MAS MRO.

Whilst Tony Fernandez laid his eyes on capturing Malaysia Airlines; BABI laid his upbeat dreams to oust UMNO group to become the next ruling party. Eventually, such political moves have birthed MAFAA to NUFAM and then AMALAE and MATA.

Let’s us introduce who is MATA – Malaysia Airlines Technicians Associations. It is an organization for MAS Technicians workers but in collaborating with PKR group to overthrow MAS Unions that is supporting the Malaysian Prime Minister.

Previously, MAFAA failed to deliver its promise to represent a portion of MAS workers owing to the fact Ismail Lipas has been enjoying the fund for  his personal consumption for almost a decade until the association run dried with all members stopping the payment.

We’ve found out AMALAE – Association of Malaysia Airlines License Aircraft Engineers has suffered the same fate as MAFAA.  During the share swap period, an association was formed in conjunction to this political moves planned by Tony Feranndez. It is MATA – Malaysia Airlines Technician Association that has established by a group of PKR’s followers.

This forming of another association can go on and on and on until MAS workers themselves have woke up from this bolih-dreamland where Tony Fernandez will play a bigger roles helping BABI to rise to the throne.  It is Tony Fernandez’s greed that has grown deep and now Tony Fernandez is collaborating with PKR and BABI to overthrow the ruling party.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies says this is an organized crime of Tony Fernandez. A criminal who has been given the license to KILL workers in Malaysia.

The authority should have investigated on the formation of such associations; MAFAA, AMALAE and MATA. These frustrated PKR followers are now joint venture to topple the UMNO followers in Malaysia Airlines.

We shall reveal the selected ring leader among these 3 associations soon in our next episode. Stay tuned for our story from Malaysiaairlinesfamilies.

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