Who screwed Malaysia Airlines? What goes around comes around and now AirAsia share price dips – Tony Fernandez must thank Anwar Ibrahim!!!

AirAsia share price dips


PETALING JAYA: AirAsia Bhd‘s share price predictably took a beating yesterday, shedding 17 sen to close at RM3.02 following the formation of a new low-cost carrier (LCC) Malindo Airways which will start operation by next May.

The stock was also the second most active counter with 42.7 million shares changing hands yesterday.

Malindo Airways was formed by National Aerospace and Defence Industries Sdn Bhd (Nadi) and Lion Air’s owner PT Lion Group.

Under the deal, Nadi will take a 51% equity stake in Malindo and PT Lion the remaining 49%.

It was reported that Malindo would operate from its transit hub at the soon-to-be-completed KLIA2 and initially ply major routes between Malaysia and Indonesia. It also wanted a slice of the domestic market, including flights to Sabah and Sarawak.

Malindo also planned to fly regional routes within the four-hour radius from KLIA2 to cities such as Manila, Bangkok and Hanoi.

OSK Research said with only 12 operational aircraft in the start-up phase next year, it didn’t see this as an immediate threat to AirAsia andMalaysia Airlines.

“However, as Malindo’s scale of operations grows, this could further intensify competition and put downward pressure on yields across the board as the airline intends to price fares as low as those of AirAsia,” it said in a report that maintained buy calls on AirAsia, MAS and Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB).

The report said Malindo had an added advantage in its cost structure, as its new generation Boeing B737-900s had a comparably higher seat capacity of 220 seats compared with AirAsia’s 180 seats.

“Furthermore, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services will be done by Nadi subsidiary Airod. The key beneficiary to the JV set up is MAHB, as KLIA2 and KKIA will be its operating hubs in Malaysia.

“Nonetheless, competition is good for consumers, thus further stimulating the demand for low-cost travel,” it said.

Meanwhile, MIDF Research believed that it was too early to conclude whether the establishment of Malindo Airways would pose a serious threat to AirAsia.

“The premium LCC concept has yet to prove that it is sustainable in the long-term. For the foreseeable future, we expect that AirAsia will focus more on the booming Indonesian market instead of the already saturated Malaysian market,” it said. While there may be knee-jerk reaction to the news, the research house said AirAsia’s growth remained intact given its continual efforts to strengthen its footprint in other Asian countries.

8 thoughts on “Who screwed Malaysia Airlines? What goes around comes around and now AirAsia share price dips – Tony Fernandez must thank Anwar Ibrahim!!!

  1. As usual, when this thief is threatened, he resorts to talking big again. Yesterday, he said Malindo is no threat to AA but more for MAS to worry but see what he said in the press today? He is again quoted saying that he will given Lion Air a run for their money. Typical of this Indian boy! He never seemed to learn, don’t you agree with me? The last time, he said he will give SQ a run for their money too. Did it actually happened? I hope the Indonesian will not give him a run for his money but instead chase him out of Indonesia for good. Evil Kutty will never be able to assist him on the sly in Indonesia. Good job, Najib.

  2. Lets be gentleman for once always admit your weakness and mistakes dont point fingures especially malaysian airlines leaders and staffs,no body can save malaysian airlines unless untill they the government policy changes,and in honesty mas vendors made millions especially the agency supplying enginners while mas was loosing money contract and expatriates all over the developed world minimum 3 months maximum 2 yrs in mas we employ contractors for 2 to 4 yrs and expatriates for 30 over years with tax free,free housing,children education taken care,42 days annual leave, as a strong believer in faith we malaysian have never be sincerer to one another yes,because of its policy,we all will sink soon if we keep blaming others for your own evil doing,vendors in malaysian airlines is an failure, the vendor agency are smilling because they made millions out of malaysia airlines the staffs are filling neglected, not wanted,not accepted ,because the expatriates i hope a honest leader will check on the contracts and expatriates regrets.

    • Dear the No-HOPE loser,

      You’re trying to get MAS MRO by collaborating with Azhari Dahlan bribing MAS workers to take over MAS Unions. Haven’t you know that we’ve found you Mr. Tony Fucker had greedy heart to eat into MAS MRO dividing MAS property to AirAsia with 30% of MAS MRO signing out to AirAsia and 20% of MAS MRO equity be signed to AirAsia X?

      Can’t you see you Mr. No HOPE Tony Fucker licking Tony’s balls that nobody wanted you near MAS?


  3. hi little john lowe with small brain, you must be one of the born looser always blaming others for your own doing,change your out look tony is no indian he is a true malaysian,he brought in tourist in millions,he gave job in thousands,he feeds families with good food,clothings,education, and ordinary people can fly what have you done little john lowe,are you coward dont talk just do it, malaysian dont talk they do eg lawyer ambiga

    • Dear No Hope again,

      Everyone now knows Tony Fernandez is direct bloodline of Indian descendant. Perhaps he’s embarrassed of his own wrong-doings cheated tourists whilst continuously misleading our Malaysians with his hidden charges including of convenience charges. Tony Fernandez only gave 5000 jobs and it’s not 20000 jobs as compared to Malaysian Government who backs Malaysia Airlines.

      We have facts received from many party you poor No HOPE and hopeless Tony Fernandez. One of the blog that you should have bought is airasiaannus.blogspot.com.

      It is because of Tony Fernandez such blogs have become available providing the information on AirAsia for many tourists and our own Malaysians. It may be true that Tony Fernandez does provide low cost airfares which everybody can fly but he also provides the opportunity where everybody can die sooner. His greeds has grown deep and now collaborating with many PKR and BABI – Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim to collapse the ruling party.

      We are pleased to inform the hopeless individual that you, Tony Fernandez has been reported unable to get aroused and that’s why you’re here. Aren’t you Mr. Tony Fucker?

      Cheers from Malaysiaairlinesfamilies

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