Who screwed Malaysia Airlines? It’s the BABI man behind it but the tax payers did not stop blaming the Men In Black in Khazanah too!!!

Please reinstate Firefly Jet Operations and kick OUT Tony Fernandez and Maznah Mazlan who sabotaging Malaysia Airlines and Firefly




18 thoughts on “Who screwed Malaysia Airlines? It’s the BABI man behind it but the tax payers did not stop blaming the Men In Black in Khazanah too!!!

  1. Dear MF, are you sure DSAI is involved? Just cannot image he is one of them being the greatest enemy of Evil Kutty and the fuck-up TF has always been running down the PR. The son of the bitch even campaigned for BN during the last election in Nurul’s constituency. I think you better do a deeper analysis/investigation on the people involved in the failed collaberation. By the way, what has Dr Don been doing since joining the BOD of MAS?

  2. You’re quoting from a blog who quote from another blog. Really? a lot of people want MAS to go down, even from within MAS? other persons you mention in previous posts do make some sense. but this one, care to explain how you relate his involvement? i’m starting to doubt the whole thing

    • Dear MB Othman,

      To be more sensitive about this whole issues we suggest you try figuring out how to become the next Prime Minister emphasizing yourself as Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim. You’ll reach near his enlightenment if you studied how he moves, acts and reacts. Even the CIA is staring to doubt at him. From our sources, he’s been meeting with Tony Fernandez before the share swap was formulated.

      Only after Toni met BABI, he went ahead proposed to Evil Kutty for endorsement that later was implemented by the ladies in Khazanah. Though Khazanah may not be very directly involved in the decision making but we still blame Khazanah for having allowing it happened to our people. Cheers!

  3. Dont call names la u immature unidentified blogger.
    By this acqusation, u tell me Najib the PM has no power over MAS and Anwar is?

    Seriously this blog has been taken over by the troopers…..too bad….

    • Dear Andy,

      Being professional is our job to expose the real man that has been masking his true colors to all Malaysians. We never did call him a name actually but it was only his famous identification by foreign partners. The title of BABI is an abbreviation of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim. It actually in honor of addressing our country’s most treacherous and yet most cunning politician who kills first but then pretend to be the savior of the greatest all.


  4. Dear MF,

    It is rather mind boggling to read in the MSM that the big con & most hated TF is again up to his entic boosting about another 100 new A320 jets worth USD9Billion! Is his outfit really doing so well that despite his huge unsettled debt is now into another multi billion fresh debt? I hope he is not trying to make a fool out of the rakyat to pay for his commission via MAS bearing in mind his last order of A330 which MAS was forced to take over (of course at the expense of the tax payers lah!). At this rate, he out beats everyone in the world in his purchases even those parents who are buying toys from Toy R Us! Or is Airbus really a toy as Christmas is round the corner?

    It will be interesting to hear your view over this matter.


    • Dear John Lang,

      The stint TF is heading nowadays making quick bucks influencing the gullible rakyat to buy AirAsia shares with new information on AirAsia buying new A320 jets. Each time TF announced new order from AirBus, AirAsia’s shares would’ve jumped higher. Perhaps, Airbus guys are buying AirAsia’s shares too.

      TF has learnt from SIA by maintaining newest fleets in order to be cost (fuel) efficient.

      The problem with MAS is that aircrafts are old and not able to be renewed due to leasing contract signed with PMB. As such, MAS is losing out at this level allowing older aircrafts that consuming more fuel to be in operations.

      Tune Air Group is no longer the shareholders of AirAsia and TF needs to have Tune Air Group keeps buying Airbus aircrafts and disposing their AirAsia used (older) aircrafts to Batavia Air and dumping older Airbus into MAS if he could while AirAsia continues to operate with newer aircrafts. This as based on some information received from our readers, TF is also eyeing at becoming the board of directors for Airbus Industry after he successfully ordered 500 Airbus aircrafts.

      TF has asked for aircrafts without seats like coach transporting passengers where the passengers would be holding the handrail from take off until landing landing at destination.

      See this plannings;

      (1) Tune Air Group buys AirBus Aircrafts
      (let’s say each A320 is USD 100 million)

      (2) Tune Air Group sells AirBus Aircrafts
      (this time he increased the margin to make extra quick bucks so let’s say he sells to MAS & Batavia Air each A320 at USD 104 million)

      (3) Tune Air Group makes profits by selling AirBus Aircrafts to MAS & Batavia Air earning USD 4 millions per aircraft meaning 100 AirBus aircraft will be USD 400 millions commission for Tune Air Group.

      (4) And bear in mind, a conman like TF would also provide package for Batavia Air & MAS on aircraft purchasing contract with Tune Air Group to order spare parts at a discounted pricing. This is where the whole packages looks attractive. However, do understand conman will sell new aircraft but supply second-hand engine.

      That is what he did to AirAsia.


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