Are you real Ahmad Jauhari? Prove to us your sincerity to Malaysia Airlines

Dear Ahmad Jauhari,

Today we have stumbled upon an email from our reader and it read:-

Dear Colleagues,

Integrity at the Workplace

Becoming The Preferred Premium Carrier not only sets high benchmarks for product and service delivery to our guests but also requires us to uphold integrity at the work place. Integrity is a priority for Malaysia Airlines, and requires everyone’s commitment to understand and uphold. Transparency and doing the right thing for the Company, the right way, so that we can move forward together to turnaround our Company is important.

With your support, together we can build a healthy working culture of high integrity in Malaysia Airlines to protect our reputation and strengthen our Company.

Thank you.

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies wish to congratulate you for finally dropping your previous hats and come clean and together fully supportive in rebuilding Malaysia Airlines; reshaping it to a greater height.

However, to convince us you’re that really sincere in this reshaping (we’ve heard too much of transforming and didn’t like that word anymore); you gotta remove Azhari Dahlan, Hayati Dato Ali and Zaiton Shaari immediately from holding any positions in Malaysia Airlines.

Perhaps, you could put Hayati Dato Ali as Stewardess for a start for she was stealing the credits from many others. We have readers written to us branding her as the empty talking can. Let’s see if Hayati can survive as Stewardess.

Zaiton Shaari is well known among her own colleagues whom has no back bone and always plays politics backstabbing her own colleagues whilst removing MAS staff benefits quietly. She is also popularly known as MAS Rhinoceros that has no mercy for MAS workers.

Simply put, Zaiton and Hayati have no compassions for MAS workers. Therefore they should be gone with the wind for good.

MAS management have failed because most of them have no compassions towards other MAS workers just like both Zaiton Rhinocerous and Hayati Dato Ali.

Speaking about Azhari Dahlan, he has no absolute business left in Malaysia Airlines since he had been parachuted from Air Asia by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.

To reward you in return, we are ready to support your leadership by advertising Malaysia Airlines and Firefly on our blog.

Our blog comes with very high traffic from all over the world. We usually get 150 to sometimes as high as 700 comments on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate all because most of them were coming from NUFAM a.k.a. MAFAA under the disguise of many different names using the same IP address. Some comments were from your disgruntled employees which we find an absolute irrelevancy to our postings. As such, it was all contained.

Prove to us you are for Malaysia Airlines all the way.  ^Y^


3 thoughts on “Are you real Ahmad Jauhari? Prove to us your sincerity to Malaysia Airlines

  1. I read in the Malaysian Airline Family blog that MAS lost its subsidiary’s Firefly ATR72-500 maintenance contract to SAE. It is puzzling to learn that MAS Engineering who has the capability and has been doing maintenance on the aircraft, besides other aircraft it operates and even bid maintenance work on the ATR from other operators, now out-sourced its own subsidiary ATR 72-500 to other maintenance organization. MAS Engineering has the best organized facility in Asia and a few years back it was among the top 10th MROs in the world. As a minority shareholder that it is very disappointing to know that it has now fallen in the hand of people who are like monkeys being given a bouquet of flowers.

    MAS management has been saying MAS is overstaffed. Moreover, at time like now when it is in the red, MAS is not making full use of its human resources to save cost? What valid reason could it be that it has to reach such a decision?

    (a) Is it that MAS Aerospace Engineering is so inefficient, in spite of the low salary generally paid to most of its staff (other than the top management, pilots and LAEs) that it would be cheaper to out-source? If this is the case, then the Head of MAS Engineering and the CEO have to be fired for allowing it to happen. Otherwise the situation will remain as it is and there will never be any improvement.

    (b) Or is it that MAS Aerospace Engineering has no capacity to cater for the ATR maintenance?
    If this is the case, considering the number of maintenance lines it has, the number of aircraft it operates and human resources MAS Engineering has, it points to inefficiency and low productivity thus taking longer down time than normally required by the industry which result in the lines being occupied all the times. If this is the case, besides the Head of MAS Aerospace Enginering and CEO, the head of Maintenance should also be fired for not able to manage and taking necessary action to correct the situation.

    (c) Or is it, MAS or Firefly is in a situation where there is someone in the Company subtly solicits for such decision. From my experience such person, usually in the higher rung of the management, has a hidden motive and he or she is not a team player in trying to help the Company to achieve its economic objective. Such a person cares only about getting his or her salary.

    (d) Or is it that the CEO is taking the easy way out instead of managing and resolving whatever problem it may encounter to have the ATR maintenance done in-house in order to save cost?

    As a outsider who does not know much about what is going on in MAS, I can only speculate the possible reasons. Anyway, whatever reason it may be due to, the MAS CEO, who I was told is also the Chairman of Firefly Sdn Bhd, is accountable for such a decision and in my opinion the decision is not smart – not worth what he is being paid for. As reported in MAS Family and Wee Choo Keong’s blogs, no wonder MAS staff has awarded him the title of “Clueless AJ”. It is also surprising that MAS board of management does not intervene. MAS staff in the above 2 blogs has been asking them to resign. It appears that what the staff has been asking is justified.

    I, as a minority share-holder have no confidence in the present management. I have dumped today at RM 1.10 my MAS shares, which I have been holding for a long time and bought at a high price. I rather take a big loss rather than hoping for these idiots to turnaround MAS. It will never happen regardless of what they projected. Mark my words that they will give excuses after excuses when the time comes to deliver.

    • Dear Sir,

      Greatly appreciated your valuable comment. So Ahmad Jauhari should reinstate whatever is being written by this gentleman ASAP.

      If this justifies the firing of Ahmad Jauhari, we would not be stopping the PM to do the necessary.


  2. In WCK blog, its was alleged that AJ has 2passports, malaysian and British! British law may allow dual citizenship, but malaysian law does NOT. its illegal. someone should inform the immigration dept and the home ministry. (a malaysian can have PR in another country, its allowed but not another passport or dual citizenship)

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