Ahmad Jauhari should’ve known better with REBRANDING; it bleeds MAS consistently!

This article is reproduced from YB Wee Choo Keong’s blog for our fans and followers about MAS inside story. The saddest part is with the new faces of new management; MAS continues to declare losses in each quarter. Rebranding supposedly is a strategy to cease bleeding but it did not work the way Ahmad Jauhari wanted it. Perhaps, the new set of MAS management should be more proactive, efficient and competent.

YB Wee has written about the original logo/livery and corporate colour of MAS that was established on 1 October 1972.

MAS is founded in 1947 as Malayan Airways. on 1st October 1972, it changed its name to Malaysian Airline System (MAS).  MAS is the nation’s flag carrier that owned by the government of Malaysia with majority of golden shares.  MAS operates flights at its first base in Kuala Lumpur International Airport based in Subang with its secondary based was in Kota Kinabalu.

For the newcomers; referring to Ahmad Jauhari and those few hybrids (Tony Fernandez’s gangseters) in Khazanah, please take note that the original corporate colour of MAS was bright RED. Therefore, red was never an exclusive colour to another airline as claimed and supported by those hybrids in MAS and Khazanah.

The re-branding was decided by those little hybrids who inclined towards AirAsia and Tony Fernandez’s strategy to cost killing MAS workers late last year or early part of 2012 and subsequently “rubber stamped” APPROVED in May 2012 by the Board who were the Tony Fernandez’s gangsters.

That hybrid board must explain to the tax payers what was wrong with the original logo of MAS that signifying the true Malaysian Hospitality. And Ahmad Jauhari must explain on behalf of the board how possible that MAS could be turnaround-ed with the new re-branding exercise and its pale blue corporate colour?

By changing the original MAS logo and its corporate colour to BLUE is totally unnecessary especially at a time when MAS is still BLEEDING.  The said thoughtless decision should have been rejected by the Board of Directors of MAS as there was no consultation with the stakeholders before the hybrid board embarked on such decision without sound justification except for pleasing their ex “MASTER” – Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun.

Changing the corporate colour and re-branding have cost millions of Ringgit and without the Board prior approval, it is a serious act of offense and the culprits who made that decisions should have been made to personally be liable for the total cost of the re-branding exercise. Instead of taking disciplinary actions against the culprits, the Board have been sleeping on it and perhaps sweeping under the carpet as if it was an one time off offense.

Below are the five objectives which MAS was established in 1972:

  1. To provide the people of Malaysia with an efficient and profitable air transport system which enhances the standing of the Nation and the policy of its Government.
  2. To develop an efficient domestic service within Malaysia which directly links Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia and contributes to the economic and social integration of the country as a whole.
  3. To provide simultaneously competitive and profitable international services in South East Asia which support Malaysia’s trade, tourists and other activities.
  4. To select, train and develop personal using the most up to date and appropriate managerial techniques.
  5. To contribute meaningful to national aspirations and foster an organization which is harmony with the multi-racial objectives of Malaysia.

The rubber stamping MAS Board of Directors must examine themselves whether all their rubber stamping decisions have met with the above original five MAS main objectives. Until this day, MAS top management and/or the Board still refuse to reveal the total cost for MAS current re-branding exercise.

YB Wee said he will table all the questions to the Minister of Finance to inform the members of the Parliament of which those hybrids in favor of Tony Fernandez had made the decision for the re-branding of MAS without revealing the actual cost. YB Wee said “Let’s see how those little Napoleon in MAS and Khazanah are going to cover up again.”

Mr. Prime Minister, Malaysiaairlinesfamilies urge you to step up fast to crack the hybrids gangsters from destroying MAS any deeper. Those inefficient crooks must be charged for their conspiracy to destroy the nation’s flag carrier.

2 thoughts on “Ahmad Jauhari should’ve known better with REBRANDING; it bleeds MAS consistently!

  1. hiya, MF should ignore that bodoi Wee choo keong’s blog. All participants r written by mas stupid cabin crew esp the nufam fellas. They hate mas so much they wanted to boycott mas many ways including helping toni pariah to kill mas management. nufam fellas have been briefed by tony pariah how to boycott mas maaa…..hhh……! nufam r mas fed up cabin crew who can’t get promoted to managemnet level now took revenge bombasting the management level. maybe it’s true mas management need to buck up but this is no way to hammer mas management by working with tony pariah. that ismail nasaruddin is a hypocrite for boycotting mas with nufam. now mas got headache dealing with them oooo…….wee choo keong only know how to help nufam cabin crew bantai mas management n wee choo keong also sendiri tulis and reply blog sendiri maaahhh…bodoi punya MP. he think he can get elected by doing all this maaahhh…but i think he won’t win la…..this upcoming election. really want to see nufam fed up cabin crew leave mas asap or resign la cos mas don’t want them also banyak kacau and cucuk n poisoning mas cabin crew. new farm (nufam) only want to break up cabin crew who joined maseu je……n when they cannot get support from the management level they stole info from azmi wahab n passed to tony pariah to get mas management continue to drop in sales n increase loss maybe!

  2. Now with hayati is back in inflight services, lagi senang to kill cabin crew cos hayati is danny rashdan’s cousin maaahhhhh. This time the cabin crew going to work until die oh…….stupid cabin crew. Tak ada otak ke bila nak stop bickering ni? Gaduh sesama sendiri dan sekarang pula gaduh dengan mas management. Bila ni nufam boleh tutup kedai? Good job MAF.

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