NUFAM a.k.a. MAFAA uses lies and cheats to accomplish their hidden agendas inside MAS – Part II

A lot has been and had been said by NUFAM a.k.a. MAFAA about their establishment. In our investigations, we simplified the whole she-bang of NUFAM is that they were instigated to upgrade to National Union with hidden agendas to continue the legacy that left by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.

What could be that LEGACY being left by Tony Fernandez? Well, simply put, it is a strategy to downgrade the terms and conditions of another group of workers so to KILL an employment opportunity. It’s a long story to be told but let’s us connect you to a few culprits behind this establishment.

In the beginning, we’ve exposed the mastermind behind Tony Fernandez is Dr. Evil Kutty who seems to do anything just to save his imbecile son who almost went bankrupt whilst running his business. Dr. Evil Kutty’s son that is Mukhriz is not as bright as his other son whose a business man driving luxury cars in the town.

Everyone in town do not like Mukhriz because of his father – Dr. Evil Kutty and so this future of next Evil Kutty will need to get hold of some independent organizations especially the NGOs to get into securing a political post to sustain the livelihood for his father and family.  In Malaysia, simply put – without a political involvement, a businessman cannot be like the “DONALD TRUMP” who can own a big empire of business.

This reminds us of one big boy vizly Bashah Aziz who once were a successful businessman in the 90s because of Dr. Evil Kutty. When Dr. Evil Kutty were given the ultimatum to step down as Malaysia Prime Minister by the former President of United States – George Bush; the baton to carry on the independency was then passed to the Bodowi who actually blocked the big boy gang Bashah Aziz from dealing his business in Malaysia and this had led the big boy being blacklisted by most bankers in Malaysia.

Today the big boy has become the negotiator for business dealings between Malaysia and overseas counterpart. One of the tasks given to the big boy was to close a deal with Malaysia Airlines where bribes were one of the ways to get into MAS to sign a big contract with big boy.

Knowing business isn’t good for the big boy; he then has resorted to meddle in Malaysia political arena by arranging a meeting between Anwar Ibrahim and Tony Fernandez prior to the share swap deal that was dodged by the MIB in Khazanah (MIB – Men In Black).

The big boy isn’t playing with politics between the two prominent figures but also playing as CON-sultant prescribing the best antidote for Malaysia Airlines that is to adopt his introductory business transformation strategy which he could sell to MAS for millions. The big boy became the negotiator for Tony Fernandez and linking Tony Fernandez to the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

That way, the big boy can even introduce more and more crooks who have funds to screw the government linked companies for over a peanut of fees. Whatta desperado?

Both the big boy and Tony Fernandez were seen golfing together before the share swap deal was dodged. The big boy isn’t just a big boy but a big CON-man who sells Ecstasy pills to Tony Fernandez helping him providing the supplies to the needy.

At this point of time, the big boy makes a few bucks surviving from selling Ecstasy pills and all the introductory fees collected from some overseas businessmen who wanted to invest in Malaysia by linking them to the Deputy Prime Minister’s department.

Tony Fernandez had been discussing about Malaysia Airlines issues with the big boy and finally got some links to MAS workers directly where the big boy played a very big part by introducing the co-founder of NUFAM who at that time is the President of MAFAA. How did the big boy get to know this Ismail Lipas?

Well! Ismail Lipas is the brother-in-law of Mukhriz’s school mate – Mazlan M. Through Mazlan, a close friend of the big boy, there Bashah Aziz had introduced them to Tony Fernandez. Mukhriz and the big boy together with Mazlan M are schoolmates.

The plan for this secret rendezvous was to get rid of Tengku Azmil who had been the obstacles in controlling MAS contracts away from the big boy who’d has been trying to find ways to get into MAS management to get a piece of deal for a piece of bribery fees. That is what the big boy does all the times and it’s the fees he pays for each successful deals and each successful introductory to the DPM’s department, he receives a few bucks from the overseas investors.

So the links between Mukhriz, Bashah Aziz and Mazlan and Ismail Nasarudin a.k.a. Ismail Lipas, are not that so simple. The Lipas continues to get the big boy – a consultant’s ideas on how to get into MAS so to get his pockets improved with 5000 cabin crew swimming to fill it for him with monthly dues for MAFAA’s fees that is RM15.00 per month. Imagines 5000 x RM15 = RM75,000 per month. What a great deal!

So why wouldn’t the big boy be of help to Ismail Lipas? Simply put, the deal was to get big boy to be introduced to MAS top management for a piece of contract – MAS transformation plans and accommodation for Air Crew. This is a promise by Ismail Lipas if the big boy contributes his CON-sultant ideas for NUFAM.

For the public information, the big boy is sharing his office with NUFAM in KL Sentral. It is a virtual office with secretariat address and telephone services. The rental ranges from RM300 onwards per month.  Now we know the big boy isn’t a millionaire as he claimed so far because a millionaire would’ve owned a big building and not renting a virtual office for his business and this Ismail Lipas is collaborating with Tony Fernandez through the big boy. They meet occasionally at KL Sentral to avoid publicity recognizing them being together where the Big Boy will pass instructions from Tony Fernandez to the LIPAS man.

This is a real organized crime by the big boy and NUFAM a.k.a. MAFAA inside Malaysia Airlines.

Now back to Mukhriz, what would he get in this links? We’ll let you pondering a while………but do stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for load of untold story!!!

12 thoughts on “NUFAM a.k.a. MAFAA uses lies and cheats to accomplish their hidden agendas inside MAS – Part II

  1. watta joke this blog is…u guys sure can twist stories….just for laugh is it?? where did u buy tis idea of stories from??

    • Dear Hashim,

      Please help yourself finding the two jokers i.e. the big boy and NUFAM are sharing the same office address in KL Sentral then tell us if we’re joking with the public. The other joker who jokes with the public we assume must be you yourself (?) Cheers!

  2. Greetings MAF,
    Bravo for the job well about debate with nufam n maseu?mayb maf can be the witness of all DEVIL.

  3. The plan for the CCF was started 2years ago, not 9 months!
    The Gomen, Khazana and some in “MAS management” at that time knew about it.
    The initial plan was for a “quick kill” of mas, but spoiled by the union protest and public outcry.
    The plan is still ON, but now the plan is for a “slow death” of mas. Look around you.
    Why the mas pilots new uniform is very similar in design to that of AA…..what is the link?
    was there a plan to move mas pilots to AA cheaply? AA still advertising for pilots today. did someone already know of this plan beforehand?

    • Dear Anony,

      The correction is “MAS management” at that time was actually the crooks in ‘MAFAA a.k.a. NUFAM’. It was not the MAS management but those the little men in MAFAA a.k.a. NUFAM (the co-founder).

      The uniform for MAS Pilots could be the standard compliance with Malaysia DCA requirements or the international regulations. Your only correct information is that the plan is ongoing with the help of some bent politicians who needed MAS to fund their political activities and only via NUFAM, can the bent politicians get into MAS for more funding and spreading their dictatorship in Malaysia.

      Next post will be on the culprit who created NUFAM. Stay tune to us soon!

  4. Why is there no report on the sudden change of the effective and proven MAS Intelligent Crew Manaement System (Duty Roster) to the ineffective and outdated AA disposed crewing roster system?

    • Dear John,

      We heard problems from a lot of areas in particular to new system generated in MAS but we have no clue of the system for crewing roster that MAS as according to your sources has bought from AA. Can you please elaborate more? It’s such an interesting subject to investigate.


  5. Dear MF,

    The recently stopped ‘icms” intelligent crew management system was “in-house” developed by one Capt. Dr. OOi T.S. for a minimum sum of not more than a couple of million ringgit and has been in used for many years BUT immediately after the so called stupid collaboration with AA, MAS was forced to discontinue with the use of this highly efficient and well proven icms crewing rostering system. In its place, MAS was forced to implement the highly inefficient, out-dated MH Crew Portal which was previously used by AA and discarded for obvious reasons. To add insults to injuries, MAS was made to pay RM46M to takeover this stupid and highly inefficient portal which is currently being aggresively rejected by the crews for its stupidity. Based on feedbacks, the stupid MH Crew Portal is mainly used in the past by low cost carriers only. I believe you can get more informations from the tech crews.

    Please investigate this allegation and if proven true, you should expose the pariah robber and his team of merry crooks.


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