Mr. Prime Minister YAB Najib Razak – S.O.S Please SAVE Malaysia Airlines

Many have written about Air Asia’s hypocrite and stinky, and stingy bastard boss Tony Fernandez who does not possess the intelligence to sustain his budget airlines. As a result of his defective judgment, Tony Fernandez has contributed to Air Asia going down the drain.

Article retrieved from MAS TROUBLESHOOTERS
The share swap was the bureaucratic conspiracy which we’ve written many moons ago and is a plot with well-designed planning to sabotage and destroy Malaysia and its subsidiaries by first killing off FIREFLY; the only painful competitor to Air Asia in Malaysia.

The PARIAH i.e. Tony Fernandez got his armies that were Ahmad Jauhari, Danny Rashdan, Azhari Dahlan, Rozman, Amin, Zakiah, Shane Nolan, Zahrah Zaid, Rohana (Board of Directors) and quiet a few more whose names were protected from Malaysia Airlines board of directors; to execute the plans carefully and stalling the progressive transformation plans for Malaysia Airlines.

As MAS Troubleshooters wrote “The armies are on “search and destroy missions” to force MAS swallowing poison pills so that MAS will become sicker, redundant and will not be able to compete in the segmented market with Air Asia in Malaysia for at least 10 years to 20 years down on the road.

The list of conspiracy and sabotages for bleeding MAS to death are;

  • Killing off FireFly B737-400/800 Jet Services since it is directly  competing with AirAsia as a low cost community carrier and AirAsia has taken over some of Firefly routes.
  • Cut/Stopped MAS profitable routes (Bandung, Surabaya, Sydney etc) so that AirAsia can take over the routes and mounting additional flights for AirAsia. The rakyat had no choice but to pay whatever price AirAsia has put in this monopoly markets.
  • Re-scheduled/re-timed MAS flight to odd hours (Hong Kong, Beijing etc) making ways for AirAsia to take the prime slots and causing MAS seat’s load factors dived into smaller aircraft.
  • Signed the so called an AAX’s 35,000 passengers re-accommodation at  a very low fare.  MAS lost out at least MYR 1000 per AAX’s passengers carried and lost of sale able seats that would have been the full paying MAS passengers.
  • Logo and re-branding, con-sultan fee’s paid, aircrafts re-painting of more then 115 aircrafts which have cost at least MYR 900,000.00 per aircraft that requires down time of at least 10 days.

It will cost a whooping MYR 100 millions. Lost of aircraft utilization will cost money too to MAS. Luckily the change of logo and re-branding were restricted to A380. Even that will still cost money for the respraying of the 6 A380 aircrafts!

  • QPR sponsor worth MYR 10 million when Ahmad Jauhari is crying MAS is bleeding.
  • A380 seats were re-configurated at the wimp and fancy of the Pariah which had cost MAS at least MYR 4 million per ship set . With 6 units of A380 has been ordered , this will add an additional cost of MYR 24 million to MAS and the “old seats” to be scrapped.
  • The A380 ferry (joy rides) flight from Toulouse to Kuala Lumpur with some joy riders on board who are not related at all to the ferry flight formalities, incurring additional cost of sending them to Toulouse , hotels , daily allowances and lost of sale-able commercial seats, Kuala Lumpur – London and Kuala Lumpur – Paris .
  • Lost of UN UNIFIL Lebanon lucrative charter flight to AAX. Giving an excuse of MAS don’t have any aircraft available to do it where’s else many aircraft laying idle due to routes cut and excess cabin crews had to be deployed to Golden Lounge to work.
  • Lost of FireFly ATR 75-200 maintenance contract to SAE.
  • Lost of Batavia Air and Lion Air B737-300/400 maintenance contract to AIROD.
  • The would be B777 seat and IFE retrofit worth at least MYR 150 million for all 15 unit MAS B777. This B777 will be phased out in 3 years time yet a retrofit is initiated and as it is the seat and IFE served its purpose well.
  • B737-800 steel brakes changes to carbon brakes which cost millions. AJ had issued a direct LOI/LA to one of carbon brakes manufacturer without going thru’ a normal company procurement procedure and WITHOUT Board approvals!!!

Using a carbon brakes is only economical if you use it since day one you buy the aircraft. Now MAS got to buy the new carbon brakes and discard/throw away/scrap the steel brakes inventory worth millions and MAS got to change tyre type from radial to bias tyre!!!

  • Two weeks ago in London Farnborough airshow,  AJ signed a MYR 5 billion contract for A380 Trent 900 Engine Total Care Maintenance Program with RR for as long as MAS is flying this A380 aircraft . No engineering and financial evaluation was carried out and NO BOARD approval sought. All decide by the TRIO , AJ , Azhari and Amin.
  • Approximately 3 years ago MAS/PMB had sold 17 unit of their B737-400 classic aircraft to AAR and MAS leased it back (Sale and Leased Back ) from AAR until such time that all MAS new B737-800NG is delivered as replacement.

Two weeks ago , during Farnborough Air show in London too, MAS Airlines Engineering Group (AEG) and someone had signed an agreement with AAR to purchase back 6 unit of this B737-400 classics.

The surprising deal is that the purchase price per aircraft is MYR 19.8 million (USD 6.4 mil). The market price is only USD 2.5 million (MYR 7.75 mill) each . (Pls refer for aircraft prices)

MAS is paying 2.5 times more then the market price !!!  AND what is the logical explanation buying back this junk ??

MAS will be milked by a whooping MYR 118.8 millions for this deal. As usual no engineering and financial evaluation was carried out and NO BOARD approval sought. All decide only by two persons and one of whom is an ex GE Man.

  • Early this month (July), against all MAS procurement procedure and the first one in MAS history, Azhari had issued an LOI (Letter Of Intent) to LHT a contract worth MYR 500 million for the A330 Aircraft Component Support PBTH (Power By The Hour) , knowing that there is other bidders who had offered a lower price then LHT .

Azhari is the first CEO of MAE (MAS Aerospace Engineering) history who issue LOI without Board Approval.

He doesn’t have such authority, only tender department who can issue LOI/LA after BOD had approved it.

A wrong procurement procedure, Azhari will bull doze this A330 LHT contract during this coming BTC (Board Tender Meeting) on Wednesday / 25 July 2012. He will try to shove it to the BOD throat.

  • In the making, Azhari and Amin is now trying to do something about the B737-400 engine CFM56-7 PBTH (Power By The Hour) contract worth at least MYR 1.5 billion (minimum 10 years contract)( more then 200 engines) and source said it may be a direct nego again. One can expect where it will go. Just think who is maker.
  • In the making think,Azhari and Amin is trying to figure out who will get the B737-800 / B777 / A380 / B747-400 APU maintenance contract worth more then a 1 billion ringgit . A total of more then 150 units of APU (Auxillary Power Unit) is to be contract out for maintenance soon.

With 18 on the list above , My dear PM and BOD of MAS and Tan Sri chairman, YB YB , you must not stand still while MAS being screwed to death. MAS is BLEEDING to death ok!

This will be the way to kill MAS as MAS be will be liable and inherit a long term high engineering operating cost, too high to sustain the business for at least the next 10-20 next years from now , how MAS will survive like this ?

A procurement manual is there to be followed so the tender and bidding is carried out in a transparent manner,how come one person or a TRIO are allowed to decide on this multi billion ringgit contract.

At least least 3 bidders must participate to make the bidding process to be an advantage to MAS bottom line. Direct negotiation is suicidal!!

The remaining parachuted fellows are the share suap parasites and should leave MAS, so much damaged done in the last 11 months.

Mr. Prime Minister and MAS board of directors, please sack Ahmad Jauhari, Amin and Azhari – the TRIO.  We believe the TRIO is up to sabotage UMNO upcoming election because they know this sabotage will leak out to the public.  Please do it asap. 

The Board of directors should have reported such suspicious activity brewing inside MAS by the PARIAH Tony Fernandez and Ahmad Jauhari (The TRIO) and let the police investigate whilst pending termination of their contract of service.

10 thoughts on “Mr. Prime Minister YAB Najib Razak – S.O.S Please SAVE Malaysia Airlines

  1. Stomach churning information here…shocking is perhaps too mild a word to describe the rot occurring in our beloved national carrier….when will all this END….when they call it a day for MAS!!
    Thank you for this expose’, I hope Y.B Wee picks up your info and demands for explanations in Parliament.

  2. I am not a fan of TF, but why are we are all cursing TF. IS HE THE REAL CULPRIT?

    Who gave him the opportunity to rape MAS?
    Who is doing his bidding to sodomise MAS now?
    The person who gave him the green light for the CCF is the real culprit!
    Those in the current management that is doing his bidding to rape and sodomise MAS are the real culprits!

    TF is a business man (unscrupulous…maybe) – period.
    Like any other business man, he will grab the opportunity to make money,
    and he did say that he is here to make money. He doesn care who gets hurt.
    Those that should have cared are the PM, BOD and AJ and the various ministries
    and regulatory commissions and government watchdogs.
    No use calling him pariah and all other names as the real pariahs are those
    that should have cared about MAS but did not do so, and the irony is that they are our own people?

    Do you all realise one very common factor here!
    All those people that have screwed up MAS over the years have one very common factor- Melayu.
    All those people doing TF bidding now to destroy MAS have one very common factor- Melayu.
    The majority of the staff in MAS are melayu, and we are being screwed up by our own kind.

    Cara ini ke ketuanan melayu, tapi jadi buruh suruhan kepada orang lain dan menjahanamkan melayu sendiri.
    Cara ini ke kegemilangan dan kemegahan melayu di management BOD?
    Bukan TF yang buat celaka tetapi orang melayu kita sendiri di management BOD yang buat jahanam!
    Kalau la management kita telus dan ikhlas, benda macam ni tak kan jadi.
    Sekarang siapa lah pariah yang sebenarnya, TF or management kita sendiri !

    Selamat berpuasa dan di bulan Ramadan ni, sembayang la dengan sesungguh dan
    sekeras kerasnya supayah tuhan membuka mata mereka mereka ni,
    atau menetup mata mereka ni untuk selama lamanya sekira mereka engkar dan
    masih nak menipu pekerja mas dan orang awam.

  3. TONTO

    Care to explain how did TR started the rot?

    Be specific.

    If without proof, at least show an argument “without reasonable doubts.”

    Otherwise, you’ll be making the accusation like former CCID Chief Dato Ramli Yusof.

    Such accusation without substantiating was his work as orchestrated by twisted MAS’s out-source lawyer, Rosli Dahlan.

    Accuse of something but not substantiated. The rest of letter talks of something else.

  4. Hoi Kimosabe, if you have no knowledge or refuses to know of what is happening in MAS please keep your mouth shut! Do not link Dato’ Ramli or Rosli Dahlan. They are good people unlike you whose words show that you are part of the pariah gang.

  5. It was reported in the Business Times of Wednesday 1 August 2012 that the recently announced acquisition by AA of 49% in Batavia Air is now under investigation by the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) of Indonesia. TF the pariah is known to shoot his foul mouth freely, how come this time he is so silent despite the problems posted by the KPPU? Why didn’t he challenge the KPPU like he did with MAHB? Why didn’t he threaten to pull out of Indonesia? Come on man, prove your manhood like what you have claimed to be doing in Malaysia. Afraid? The Indonesians are waiting for your famous outburst. He may be able to get his way around in Malaysia but not in Indonesia. Now is the time for him to prove his capability without any hidden hand assisting from behind.

    • Dear John Lang,

      We’ll post another posting on this subject pretty soon. Thank you and we do know TF has no balls to speak out loud in Indonesia especially after their aircrafts were grounded by Indonesian Custom for suspected drug trafficking. Cheers!

  6. hi john lang,lang,you are very frustrated you must be the true true lang lang take it easy lang,dont loose your head lang tony dont speak,he delievers thats is true malaysian style, what have you done my lang all the time complain,dont need to use f that shows your brain development,not matured enough to understand business in this world we malaysian must deliever not just talk

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